They’re With Her

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I often tell my Republican friends – the few I still have – that if they are unhappy about Obama, they ought to be very unhappy about the Bushes – without whom President Obama would probably never have happened. It was from the wreckage of eight Bush years that President Obama became inevitable.bush-leade

Now the liver-spotted family patriarch – who gave us Bill Clinton – is doing what he can to give us Hillary Clinton.


It makes the victory of Trump a bit more likely.

It is beautiful to watch the American version of the Soviet Politburo attempt to noblesse oblige the imbecile masses (as they regard them) in the “proper” direction.

That is, in Hillary’s direction. Which, of course, is also their direction. They are coming clean – out of necessity.

It reveals their desperation.

The teat is withering; the IV connection to the lifeblood of the populace they prey on is in real danger of drying up for the first time in generations. Visualize a tick on a corpse.


The Bushes and the Clintons see themselves as a kind of elected Politburo – no real disagreement among themselves as they wave robotically from atop Lenin’s tomb.

This is why The Chimp can pal around with Obama – and The Chimp’s sire snuggles up to Hillary.

At all costs, one of them must keep the reigns of power in hand.

Trump is not one of them – which is why is anathema to them.

And it is why – again – supporting him is essential.

If only to give the rheumy, loose-toothed old mummy a few unpleasant moments before he – at last – shuffles off to Buffalo.

But, more seriously, because it may throw a wrench in their machine.

Trump may prove to be – I believe he is – the first man since John Kennedy not owned by them. They are clearly worried about this. Frantic with fear captures it better.  bush-3

He may not do as they say. He may do something… unpredictable. This quakes the Bushes and the Clintons and the lampreys that cling to the flanks of both. The fact that Trump is taking heavy fire from Team Red and Team Blue (both being the same team) should have every person who’d like to see that team lose stampeding to the ballot box come November.

Like JFK, Trump is rich on his own; he does not need the shabby lucre of the office. A billionaire doesn’t have to worry about being paid-off, post-office, with heavy-sounding (but work-light) seven-figure appointments to corporate boards and six-figure speaking fees.

He doesn’t need their money.

Like JFK – but for different reasons – Trump is also his own man. He doesn’t care what they think. Listen to him speak. Agree or disagree with him, it’s not Tele-Prompter pabulum. It’s authentic. Unscripted.

Politically incorrect.hildery

This is unprecedented  – at least at this level.

At least since the early 1960s.

I’ve read that JFK knew he was very ill (Addison’s disease; not curable at the time) and that he was aware he probably would not live long, Lee Harvey Oswald and co. notwithstanding. He wasn’t afraid to die. He knew he was going to die.

It freed him.

It made him very dangerous.

To them.

Trump is dangerous, too.

They do not know what he might do. They fear he’s not going to do what they want him to.

And that drives them to carpet-chewing conniption fits.old mummy

They are united in their loathing of Trump. This is not the usual kabuki theater disagreement. It’s real. They despise him.

Which ought to unite us.

In favor of Trump.

To witness Hillary, hate radiating off her person, choke out a concession speech six weeks from now would be as delicious a moment – almost – as the moment back in ’89 when the Ceaușescues met their moment.

This is not to say a Trump victory will usher in a freer age – though it might. Trump could surprise us.

Hillary will not surprise us – and Libertarians especially ought to consider that. More here.

Regardless, if Trump does win, it would be like pouring salt on a slug as far as the inbred cabal that has run the show at least since JFK’s time.

Isn’t that worth a roll of the dice? depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The Clovers hate us!

Goo-guhl blackballed us!

Will you help us?

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  1. Clinton’s delegate lead is down to 23 now.

    Electoral College Delegate Status
    Clinton (188)
    Toss Ups (185)
    Trump (165)

    Break Down By State/District
    Solid Clinton (104)
    New York (29) California (55)
    District Of Columbia (3) Hawaii (4)
    Maryland (10) Vermont (3)

    Solid Trump (63)
    Alabama (9) Alaska (3)
    Arkansas (6) Kentucky (8)
    Idaho (4) Nebraska (4)
    North Dakota (3) Oklahoma (7)
    Tennessee (11) West Virginia (5)
    Wyoming (3)

    Likely Clinton (31)
    Rhode Island (4) Washington (12)
    Delaware (3) Massachusetts (11)
    Maine CD1 (1)

    Likely Trump (33)
    Utah (6) Mississippi (6)
    Montana (3) Louisiana (8)
    South Dakota (3) Kansas (6)­
    Nebraska CD2 (1)

    Leans Clinton (53)
    Oregon (7) New Mexico (5)
    Connecticut (7) Illinois (20)
    New Jersey (14)

    Leans Trump (69)
    Maine CD2 (1) Missouri (10)
    Indiana (11) South Carolina (9)
    Texas (38)

    Toss Up (185)
    Florida (29) Ohio (18)
    Pennsylvania (20) North Carolina (15)
    Colorado (9) Nevada (6)
    Minnesota (10) Wisconsin (10)
    Michigan (16) Iowa (6)
    Virginia (13) New Hampshire (4)
    Maine (2) Arizona (11)
    Georgia (16)

    Clinton wins by 46 delegates if all states go exactly as predicted, with all virtual toss ups going to current leader, no matter how small the lead currently is.

  2. Video of Clinton’s handler taking her cheat sheet off the podium after the debate.

    Pics of Hillary’s cheat sheet. She didn’t write anything at the debate. Trump wrote several times. You can see his scribbles. Hillary has far more neatly written notes than Trump, though she wasn’t seen writing anything during the debate.

    there’s also a video showing she probably had a teleprompter running at her podium during the debate.

    is that notebook important, Hillary?

  3. Don’t you find it just a little odd that you’re selling point here on Trump is that “he’s not in the pockets of big business”, when by definition being a businessman billionaire, he literally *IS* the bis business you’re referring to? Clover

    Trump’s money didn’t come out of nowhere (well some of it did, but that’s irrelevant). He made business deals with other businessmen. The very same ones that you’re claiming are bad to have involved in politics. He’s MORE tied to pleasing his businessman masters, since those business deals that made him rich now affect him personally if he doesn’t do as they ask.

    You think those deals aren’t political as Trump the businessman? Agreed…but the moment that Trump gets into office, those business deals become just as political as the ones you’re against when it applies to politicians. You think Trump’s going to piss off his rich friends…for lowly Americans? Not a chance…he’s going to be just as cozy with their cash as any other politician and you know it! If he’s not, his personal businesses will suffer, his wealth will diminish, his reputation will suffer, and that’s the only think he truly cares about.

    You either let your justified hatred of Hillary blind you to the alternative, or words and facts no longer have meaning to you. 🙂

    • Clover,

      Do you know what defines a Clover?

      I mean, aside from being an authoritarian collectivist?

      It is an inability to be precise. To argue against points not made.

      I wrote that Trump is independently wealthy; that he accordingly does not need other people’s money and so is independent of them in that regard.

      You take this clearly expressed statement of fact and come up with ” being a businessman billionaire, he literally *IS* the bis business you’re referring to”

      Unintelligible gibberish. But I assume you were trying to argue that Trump – by dint of being a businessman himself – is sympathetic to the interests of other businessmen. Well, maybe so. But it’s not what I wrote.

      I wrote something else entirely.

      I am happy to discuss/debate about that – things I wrote. But not the things you claim I wrote but didn’t.

      • eric, I agree with what mamba wrote to some degree. I do despise Clinton but it’s because of the very things she’s done, things that are a matter or record. Has the Donald done the same things? Maybe not exactly and I doubt he’s going to be any sort of savior. He once said he had invited Hil to his daughters’ wedding and was asked if she’d come. He said certainly, I’ve given her money so she better show up. The same could be said about every politician there. He’d given all them money, not enough for him to miss but politicians are bought for chump change every day.

        Do I think there will be any significant difference in the two of them. Not a great deal but if Trump finds he’s bound in some way to the gun control crowd he’ll support it and try to cover it up. For decades, hell, half a century Republicans have supported gun control through various back door methods and RR went way over the top to have a clearly unconstitutional bill passed cause he was scared o’ dem darkies. Of course race couldn’t be included and when the feds mimicked what he had done, it covered all of us, completely unconstitutional as it was.

        Trump’s been greasing the skids of govt. for his own benefit his entire life so for all purposes, he is involved in politics as much as the politicians……since he’s buys them for things he wants. I have no illusion what we’ll get from Trump will be anything very different from what we’ll get fom Hil. Now, gun to my head, I’d vote for him instead of Hil. The chance that I’ll waste the fuel and time to vote is not high anyway. If I do vote it will probably be as a pre-voter. I haven’t voted in a while. I couldn’t vote for lots of elections although I was sent a voters registration card. I viewed that mostly as inept govt. but couldn’t rule out the chance I was being set up.

        After being able to vote again, I’ve noticed the races didn’t seem to reflect my vote one way or the other. I don’t think they ever have. I worked right through the last couple elections since I needed to get a job done and needed the money too. If this election finds me moving freight I’ll be happy to do so. This is another area of my life I’d consider myself jaded. FEFEFH’s

  4. I love that the entire Establishment is scared of Trump; I’m not entirely convinced he can make any significant changes in how the Deep State runs everything but I’m voting for him hoping he can play the role of Samson and pull down the entire corrupt temple on the PTB.

  5. What to do about Hillary and her email server? Schließt sie ein! Lock her up, says Lt. Gen Michael Flynn

    Maybe the Trumpian basket of deplorables are all brutish and disgusting.

    If there’s really only two choices in this grand psyop, being strong and deplorable sure beats the alternative of being weak and fragile, graceful and beautiful, in a subjugated underclass.

  6. Pastor Darrell Scott Speech At RNC Cleveland

    Trump Speech At Ohio Church

    A sane economic system has all able bodies employed in a enjoyable balance of work and play. It’s not something to be imposed, but rather something we could voluntarily insist upon as a first principle of healthy productive human nature.

    In Praise Of Idleness – Bertrand R.

    • New England is full of Clovers. Density correlates with Cloverism.

      Minnesota is lousy with them, too. And California.

      Truly, the country is irreconcilably divided.

      It can only be held together by force at this point.

      • “Minnesota is lousy with them” – home of former VPs and (losing) Prez candidates Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale. Current Senator Al Franken. The wonder is that they ever elected Jesse Ventura as Gov.

  7. Clinton still has a comfortable lead over Trump and will likely win. One good thing that could come of this, is the altruistic transfer regime might be coming to end.

    Right now we have degenerate predatory Morlock class taking from the good and productive people and building a hopeless docile harmless Eloi underclass.

    I see Trump as a member of a new class I’d call the Morloi. There will probably be more unrest and struggle ahead. But he wants to shut down the transfer from good capable people to degenerate helpless people. What you’ll then have is a nightmare class called the Elocks.

    Elocks, left to themselves ideally, will regress and devolve into all kinds of Epsilon Minus type ugliness. The trick would be to live and let live, and give them space and freedom to do whatever they can to find a way to exist without all the resource transfers.

    If things stay the same, the Morlocks will have to find some new way to sustain themselves, since they can no longer take their cut of the wealth and resource transfer. This will probably include further weaponizing the Elocks, taking their Muslim dehumanizing protocols to a whole new level of malice to seize back the reigns of power.

    Morlois could win I think. Their best tactic would be to open new frontiers of opportunity for all. Allow new developments in currently restricted lands. Speed up development of the oceans and space. They need only find a new world and a new Columbus and they might yet make the idea of America great again. An idea that can be tried anywhere in the galaxy if its done right.

  8. If Trump does win the election, the first thing he needs to do, if he has not already done so, is assemble his own security detail, consisting of men whose background he is thoroughly familiar with, and kick the Secret Service to the curb, keeping them as far away from himself and the White House as possible. The SS (how appropriate, those initials) were, after all, the ones who set up JFK’s takedown, like the ancient Roman Praetorian Guard.

  9. I see he’s leading in a few of the so-called battleground states. Two questions: Should the election be decided on popular vote instead of what the people in Ohio and Florida decide? What is your opinion of our libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson?

    • Hi Amy,

      Johnson’s not my Libertarian candidate – because he’s not a Libertarian! His running mate certainly isn’t.

      Both are – in terms of their policy views and apparent philosophies – species of Republican. Johnson is more socially liberal (e.g., he favors ending the war on some people who partake of some arbitrarily illegal drugs) but he still favors coercion for the sake of what he considers to be “wise” policy, such as forcing people to vaccinate their kids as he deems appropriate, carbon taxes to fight “global warming” and so on.

      Johnson’s presence in this election serves just one purpose – to draw votes away from Trump, in order to facilitate Hillary’s victory.

      He’s not a legitimate candidate, in my opinion, because he’s not honest about not being a Libertarian. Ross Perot wasn’t a Libertarian, but he didn’t he pretend to be. So I was ok with him, even though his presence did swing the election to Clintigula.

      On your other question: The problem isn’t how the votes are counted. It’s that people are given legal power to vote away other people’s rights and property. Libertarians don’t approve of theft – by an individual directly or by proxy – and don’t believe that groups have rights.

      Voting presumes rights can be delegated to others to dispose of. This falls apart under scrutiny because every single person voting would have to specifically consent to his rights being delegated. This of course never actually happens. What actually happens is that some people vote for X and other people’s rights are disposed of thereby.

      Voting is only acceptable when the outcome doesn’t mean that innocent people will be deprived of their rights.

      An example of a legitimate vote: You are a member of a club you voluntary joined and are free to voluntarily leave. The members wish to vote to buy a new clubhouse. You’re free to vote Yes or No. But they are not free to force you to “contribute” to the purchase, in the event you vote no. The other club members may make your continued membership contingent on agreeing to abide by votes taken, and on paying dues voted by the majority. But you are free to say, “no thanks” at any time – without fear of physical violence.

      • Thanks. I wondered what you think about Johnson. I happen to agree with you and have a lot of respect for your opinion. Despite what Reason magazine editorializes, he is not our utopia. I think Trump shows some promise of at least leaving more of us alone in some areas of our lives. I am so tired of problem solvers, which usually turn out to be anything but. Maybe government could give us a chance to solve some of our own problems? Worth a shot since their way hasn’t been doing so well?
        Your last graf reminds me of one of my fave columns of yours, where you said that very thing: we should be able to say No Thanks. I also want to donate. Can I send a personal check to the address on the site? I don’t do paypal.

        • Hi Amy,

          You bet!

          Johnson is no Ron Paul, who is a Libertarian. 🙂

          The difference between the two is striking. RP always argued from Libertarian principles to a specific conclusion. Johnson’s arguments are typically utilitarian – what “works,” as he sees it – and if what “works” means coercion, then so be it. He seems more Libertarian because – compared with typical Republicans – he doesn’t seem much interested in whom you sleep with or whether you are a “good Christian.”

          I could not agree with you more about problem solvers. I always ask: Whose problems, exactly? Notice the “solvers” always presume everyone has the same problem (which they don’t) and everyone is morally obligated to accept the solution ginned up by the solver (they aren’t).

          The solvers – Hillary is an excellent example – regard themselves (with little, if any justification) as our betters, possessed of superior intelligence and wisdom. It’d be hilarious were it not so appalling.

          I mean, look at Hillary – and the rest of them. What are they? For the most part, they are flabby nonentities with no real skill or talent or knowledge. They are liberal arts majors; paper pushers, bureaucrats and lawyers. Slick talkers, manipulators.

          Their arrogance is stupendous.

          Just one example from my own neck of the woods will suffice. A clown like Obama – a failed lawyer (did he ever actually practice? No, he suckled the teat from the moment he left school) propounds to engineers “standards” they will comply with regarding the fuel economy of the vehicles they design.

          Cuing Seinfeld: Who are these people?

          PS: Yes, main-in donations are great! Send to EPautos, 721 Hummingbird Lane SE, Copper Hill, VA 24079

          Thanks, Amy!

          • “Johnson is no Ron Paul, who is a Libertarian.”
            Actually I believe RP is a constitutionalist. But that is so much closer to libertarianism in practice than all the rest of the ‘pols,’ even the so-called libertarians, that it’s not funny. Forget Gary J, remember Bob Barr? Yikes. I often feel like the Libertarian Party is a contradiction in terms.

    • Hi Willy,

      I’ve wrestled with this a long time. What sways me is the virulence of Trump’s enemies – especially the “conservative” ones. That is persuasive.

      If the Bushes and their lampreys hate him so much, he can’t be that bad.

  10. America is bankrupt,both from a fiscal and moral standpoint. There is no doubt in my mind that when the economy collapses,when the money is worthless,when there is chaos in the streets,especially in the inner cities,that is when the Power Elites who control the “Deep State” will start a major war. There is no doubt that these megalomaniac elites,ensconced in their blast proof bunkers,will sacrifice millions in order to hang onto their power. Sad to say,that what is happening today to America has occurred over and over again throughout history. Nothing changes. Only the actors.

    • Hi Jerry,

      I worry about that also. I suspect it’s likely to occur regardless, but probably more so if Trump wins. Hillary’s (s)election will cement American “democratic socialism” forever. Trump might throw a wrench in the works. This cannot be allowed – from their perspective.

  11. The only difference you ever had between the Bush and Clinton bunch was, one of them walked leftward, while the other ran leftward.

    Only the speed at which leftism went forward was the difference.

  12. One thing that I never understood is why the American people ever put up with TWO Bush presidencies and a potential 2nd Clinton. Why would anyone VOTE to keep the same corrupt people in power?

    It boggles my mind how just a tiny bit of peaceful resistance would change the entire system. Yet the american people elect to sit on their asses contributing a system they know is rotten and is screwing them.

  13. Bobby Kennedy and MLK Jr. were also dangerous people to TPTB. While these men are most known for their staunch support of civil rights, what’s also noteworthy is that both these men were strongly opposed to the Vietnam War, and strongly supported policies that would benefit the working classes and poor. Both men had mobilized and galvanized We The People to follow their lead. They also had no need of The System and its filthy lucre, and were their own men. Methinks these were the reasons these men met untimely ends. Not so much because of their stance on civil rights, but because they were not part of The System and they mobilized both black and white people against The System. Methinks also had Bobby Kennedy survived and won, the malaise of the 1970s might not have happened.

  14. I’m not so sure it’s not all a ruse and Trump’s in on it as well. Let’s not forget he used to support the Clinton’s and there are many pics of him socializing with them. He also pimps and supports Israel vehemently. He even endorsed Netanyahu in a campaign ad a few years back. Tells me all I need to know about him.

  15. I don’t want to say this, but I will anyway. This election doesn’t matter. America is in for some very painful times in the near future, and regardless of who is “elected”, there will be civil unrest. Too many people despise Hillary, and too many people despise Trump, both with a vengeance. But that’s not the why it doesn’t matter.

    Why it doesn’t matter is because we’ve already strayed so far off from our roots that we’re destined to fall regardless. Trump is just pulling back the curtain from the shadow government to reveal to the world and the newer thinking generation that wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to know, what the elites in America are doing and the “sins” and atrocities America commits and has committed over the world.

    America is without a doubt the most hated country in the world, our economy is on the brink of collapse, the elite bankers are loosening all the stops to put out the populists, and Americans are divided right down the middle with both sides baring their fangs at one another, ready for a fight.

    I may called be a pessimist, but so be it. I think America is heading for one big massive and nasty catastrophe, I’m just hoping more people wake up in the meantime and prepare themselves accordingly.

    • It can get a lot worse before people start waking up – look at Greece, whose government sold them all out to German banks, or Italy, who is heading down that route. Venezuela was a prosperous country, socialists killed it, and yet, people are trying to survive versus hanging them from trees. I’m a pessimist too, but I don’t think people will wake up, I think we’ll have to go through horrible times until the system implodes under its own corruption, like the Soviet Union did.

      America, despite being hated, has many working nuclear bombs, ships, and fighter planes. That will carry it on the current course for a long time, especially if these weapons are turned inward against dissenters.

    • I think he has to… in order to get to the finish line

      But even if he turns out to be another Establishment Tool, it will have been worth it, to send the Bushes and the Clintons scurrying…

  16. I will be celebrating when that mummy stops taking in oxygen. He is the reason that ozone pollution remains stubbornly high in Houston. He and Bill are currently worse than the Hillster. I despise the Hillster, but I believe that she was assaulted when she was younger by an older woman, which might explain how she converted from being a “Goldwater Girl” to the dreck she is now. On the other hand, there’s really no excuse for Bill and George HW. Here’s to rheumy the loose toothed mummy making his shuffle soon.


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