Predictive Programming?

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There is an interesting theory, the jist of which is that the populace is conditioned to accept a desired future outcome (in politics and culture) via TeeVee shows that habituate or normalize the desired future outcome, effectively making it inevitable.

Or at least, moving things along in that general direction. 19th International AIDS Conference Convenes In Washington

One example: The TeeVee show 24 – which famously featured a black president, pre-Obama. Is it coincidence that just before the Illinois senator came out of nowhere to become America’s first black Dear Leader, an extremely popular TeeVee show popularized the idea?

A current example may be the new TeeVee show, Madam Secretary. Have you seen the promos? Who does the lead character remind you of? That billowing blonde hairdo. The pants suits. The poses. Just happens to secretary of state. Hmmmm… who could it be now?


Granted, Tea Leoni is vastly more appealing than the person she is predictably programming into the minds of the masses. You know.

tea leoni pic



I think they are laying the groundwork for her Dear Leadership. It has been decided. The show is intended to make it real in the minds of the masses before it actually becomes real.

It is an incredibly effective tool in an era when people are programmed by what they see on the TeeVee.

If you don’t believe me, here’s Dennis Haysbert – the guy who played President David Palmer on 24:

” “As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along… that a black man could be president of the United States,” Haysbert, who believes that Obama is the “right man,” said in the January 21 issue of TV Guide.  “People on the street would ask me to run for office… when I went to promote [24].” ”

Hillary’s a harder sell, of course.

But, they are working the problem.

I think they stand a very good chance of success, too.

Which ought to worry people who aren’t so easily programmed.

Though none of the Dear Leader prospects are appealing, Hillary is especially alarming. She seems in thrall to a barely controlled blackness of soul – a vengefulness against perceived enemies – that recalls The Chimp.

Only she’s smarter.

And a smart psychopath is more worrisome than a simple-minded one.

The Chimp enjoyed torturing frogs as a kid.

Hillary’s more sophisticated than that.

I’ll modify the sage of Baltimore’s prediction – that one day, Americans will get their wish and an outright imbecile will occupy the White House. That has already happened.

Next time, we’ll get an outright sociopath. Because America has become sociopathic. There is a meanness afoot. An indifference to horror. So long as “we” aren’t on the receiving end.

Hillary is the woman for such times.

And that programming is very predictable.

Throw it in the Woods? 


  1. this would have been a good article to post to /r/conspiracy, but it’s not likely that’s going to happen now.

    I see 4chan is the 272nd most visited website in the US, yet even it grosses less than $150K per year. Providing value just doesn’t seem to pay.

    Posting bookmarks to reddit is free, but even that small gesture is a rarity these days, it seems. That leads me to the following:

    And if you try to interfere with the PTB online surreally, you are a spammer.

    if = you have a passion to attempt to mitigate any of this programming
    and if = but do not have the means to do one of the following:
    1 pay for your own website
    2 financially contribute to a website
    3 become more than a mere user of a website
    4 abide by the myriad conflicting stifling rules proscribing how you may combat this programming
    101 then you will be deemed a spammer, silenced by an admin, see whatever you’ve spent your time on flushed down the memory hole.
    102 and then you will enjoy the taste of authoritarian flavored jackboot. You will realize you are of equal status as a clover. Both just garden variety gadfly annoyances who breach the bylaws or accepted norms of a website.

    201 That’s why I’ve decided to hitch my star to established voices of freedom. Mencken, Rand, Heinlein, Zamyatin, Wells, Orwell, Huxley, Burgess, Rose, Molyneux, Menger, Mises, Hayek, Reed, Keirkegaard, Sartre, Royko, Shepherd, Boulle, Lem, Vonnegut, King, Hitchcock, Dostovesky, or Hugo.

    202 I intend to post something more substantive regarding 201 that is of general use to everyone. But that takes discipline and concerted effort. And that still includes the risk that it too will end up being yet another cloverian circlejerk timewasting distraction. No one cares that you’ve tried to create something unique or individualistic, unless you’ve succeeded in doing so. Especially when you are lacking capital, market power, and an unquestionably compelling level of genuine literary talent.

  2. just something ‘out there’ to ponder:

    They say that life and what happens occurs from “the field” or as others might call it “the ether” or various other terms. The way to manipulate things here in this world is to think as if something already is and then it will manifest itself. What if this is real and the secret to making it work is getting people to think it has already happened? And of course the powers that be understand this.

    Many people, adults even, think TV is real. So if the TV says something is, then people’s minds think it is, and thus it manifests itself. Of course plain old conditioning works very well all by itself.

  3. The MSM and rich Democrats love Hillary. Everyone else can’t stand her. The next Democratic party nominee will be a woman, but it won’t be Hillary. It will be Elizabeth Warren.

    But voting doesn’t matter, either way, we’ll continue to meddle in the middle east, saber rattle with Eastern Europe, and continue to turn a blind eye to everything China does.

    Our “energy policy” will continue the policy that we’re running out of it, while ignoring nuclear fission as a replacement, in order to prop up the price of oil (and keep the dollar relevant).

    The Internet will be regulated. Sites like Eric Peters’ Autos will be marginalized as poorly coded, bloated MSM backed sites will overwhelm the Internet. A bill requiring bloggers to be “credentialed” to video tape in public will be narrowly defeated.

    Detroit will continue to flounder, with no end in sight no matter how much intervention by government happens. Auto manufacturing will continue to expand in Mexico. China will successfully build an import.

    • As I’ve seen elsewhere (and possibly here too, but forgot):
      If you want the gunvermin to interfere domestically, you are a liberal.
      If you want the gunvermin to interfere internationally, you are a conservative.
      If you want them to interfere everywhere, you are a moderate.
      And if you want the to interfere nowhere, you are a radical.

  4. My prediction of future programming. UN planning meetings, all the way down to the population 50 people planning meetings. Those will all continue uninterrupted. The people doing them will get the money in a nice way or a brutal way. But that will continue.

    What’s not looking good in the future. What I predict is a dying form of programming. Is anything spontaneous. Voluntary. Anything peaceful and free market. Where some set of customers will pay some performer or blog owner to perform for them.

    Here’s comedian Todd Glass. He’s making some sort of living possibly. But its probably hard work. Town to town. Gigs in horrible hellholes with people he rather not deal with. But he needs to make a living. He needs to go wherever he can to get paid and put food on his table.

    Its probably a huge struggle. Regardless of how he gets from gig A to gig B. He is under threat by a UN or Township planning committee. Or one of their highway revenue collection officers. That system is still working. It might even kill off traveling comedians altogether at some point. It won’t care. Do it on cable TV or as a podcast, they’ll say smugly from their mahogany ivory tower meeting rooms.

    But Todd Glass has about had it. He’s giving up on it all too. He’s throwing in the towel and pushing back at the hecklers. The disruptive freeloaders. He’s done being a good little worker bee keeping 1% of the honey for himself. And giving 99% of the honey to the hive owners.

    Everywhere you look, the Agora is dead. In Portuguese, Agora simply means “Now.”

    And that’s ideally what the market should be. It should be, leave your dwelling go to the nearest agreed cooperative meeting space and sell goods and services to willing buyers “Now.” But the Agora is perverted. And 100s of miles away. Regulated and restricted beyond redemption. Agora is become impossible.

    There is soon to be no more Now if They have Their Way. There will be only They. And whatever They say there is. When and if They decide to allow anything at all.

    – You’re attacking the effect and not the cause if you discuss what Todd Glass is doing right or wrong. If you talk about whether the lady should be sober. Respectful. If she should follow the rules of watching a comedian. That’s an effect. The rules say you can’t handle her the way you need to.

    The rules are in charge. Not the comedian. Not the club owner. Not the drunk lady. Not the drinking age or limit on number of drinks. Not whether there’s smoking in the venue or not. Nor whether the audience is forced to wear clothes and to take showers and not bring in outside food and drink. Not whether the men on stage are allowed to curse, to blaspheme Allah or Yahweh or Jesus.

    It’s not about the builders of microphones, stages, video equipment, tables, glassware, distilled spirits, chairs. None of those who want to be in the Agora. Who want to be doing the Now. None of them are gonna be allowed to peacefully do it by the They at the UN and the local Township Rules Committee. These Rule Makers want their cut. And they want certain things gone and buried. Or they’ll fine you. Put you in a cage. Hang you from a rope. Kill you with a drone. Bury your whole village with a war.

    Times are bleak. And just as in the Great Depression, fantasy and programming are everything. In the darkest days, the line to the Cinema was far longer than the line for the Dole or the line for the Bread handouts. When reality fails, fantasy prevails. That’s why programming is so important right now. That’s my prediction any way.

  5. These compulsory actors that stand at podiums and read what they’re given aren’t the scariest things to think about. Not even close. Look at this guy: Mr. Christian Friis Bach of Denmark.

    He’s the head of the bureaucracy that decides what products the world’s manufacturers will be allowed to make. Every important detail of them really. One of those “products” is your own children.

    Christian Friis Bach
    Here a short vid of him:

    “Education is a basic human right for all children. Next year in Denmark we will celebrate 200 years of free compulsory basic education. And education in Denmark has paved the way for progress, for equality, for democracy.

    When you build a school, you build a state… It is not enough. Millions of children are still not in school. So next year lets give it a big push. So that next year we have the funds. So that no kid is left behind.”

    This is the real life President Snow. The vampire Thomas Eichorst in The Strain. Voldemort in Harry Potter. The new Stalin. The new He who must not be named.

    What must not be named is the nature of the 56 Countries of the UNECE which includes the United States. What must not be named is the true world system that sets the parameters of production for the entire world. The deciders of anything of importance we might buy, might produce, might offer as a service, might engage in as a father or a husband.

    This Executive Secretary of UNECE. This Mr. Christian Friis Bach of Denmark. This is our Stalin of the moment. Mr Bach brings to the position a combination of deep knowledge in international economy and development affairs coupled with innovative and results-oriented leadership. Right, I’m sure the same was said of Stalin.

    This Stalin dictates yet asks very little in money or appearance of wealth. He is content with the immense raw power. Mr Bach is content to slave harness the world while remaining married and having three children. While also manning a family that lives on a small farm outside of Copenhagen. Every bit as chilling as the first Stalin. Yet he is a Stalin available on the cheap.

    UNECE -Executive Secretary

    The New UN Horror Show Thomas Eichorst Christian Friis Bach

    UN Production Czar – Thomas Eichorst Christian Friis Bach – Bad Moon Rising

    Welcome to “UN WP 29” type whats in quote in google, see what you get.

    There are hundreds of UN Agendas. This is the one for all transport throughout the world.

    Transport Home UNECE

    Welcome to the UNECE

    Main areas of work: Economic Cooperation and Integration, Environmental Policy
    Forests, Gender, Housing and Land Management, Population, SPECA, Statistics
    Sustainable Energy, Technical Cooperation, Trade, Transport, Climate Change
    Development Goals, Transport Health Environment, Green Economy

    Agricultural Standards, Dangerous Goods , GHS, Statistical Database
    Trade Standards, Vehicle Regulations, Road Safety

    Read these UN links just to get a feel of the vast scope of unworkableness. There is no real understanding of any of this. When you discuss your insurance policies, don’t you get the nagging suspicion your every word is a farce. A total meaningless lie.

    If you really think you’re smart because you’ve read your policy. If you don’t realize your like the guy at Hannibal Lecters dinner being fed his own brain tissue. If you don’t realize your a castrati reading the transcript of his singing voice optimization procedure.

    If you don’t realize in the main, its a con, you need to think deeply about it all. You need to consider waking up to the con. To the pyramid of cons with Christian Friis Bach at the very apex, at least for the moment until someone new ascends.

    It’s not some college discussion either. Don’t affect a superior air as you become wiser to it. Its more of a level of realization of being in the presence of inhuman monstrous vampires. Of committees of vampires regaling each other with tales of sucking the blood of you, your family, and every wouldbe productive human on the face of the Earth.

    • And you stake vampires and leave them for the sun.

      “By becoming a monster, one learns what it is to be human.”
      However, we can’t revert back afterwards. I think this might be why we have this assinine mess, courtesy of the “Greatest Generation” who came back from war determined to make things “perfect” by pretending “it can’t happen ehre.” “We’ll just make the world never reflect cause & effect, and everything will work out fine.”

      Think of it like Mites in a beehive. The mite merges with the bee larvae, eating the bee, and ultimately destroying the hive. You can see it from the red dot on the ebe’s back, but by then, the mite is permanently embedded in the host.
      Much like the Strain’s worms, and much like what we have in our gunvermin. Fight it now, or – like fighting cancer, if you delay, the fight is harder, and costs more. The difference is, this isn’t a disease, these are intelligent (cunning?) beings – we give them time to fortify, they dig in, and the masses accept the mites in their head, and never wake up… And are happy that way, it’s always easier to take more Soma than to get up and face your problems.

      • MMM Jean,
        I loved Band of Brothers as shown on HBO. But philosophically, it might better’ve been named: The Band of Butchers. I think you have uncovered a great truth. They truly were the Greatest Degeneration.

        As a sinophile (The Japanese were once mainly Koreans who were once mainly Chinese), I’m intrigued by your mention of Herbivore Men, Grass Eaters, or whatever the right name is.

        I should look into what the sinokoreanojaponian philosophers say regarding the phenomenon.

        JPL Journal of Philosophy of Life

        • The media overseas has been reporting a shocking recent phenomena in Japan for some time. According to their report, soshokukei danshi (草食系男子) -herbivorous boy – refers to men who are not interested in dating, sex, or marriage. These men have decided to live a life without a partner or even a romantic relationship as a way of turning their back on “macho ways.” They find it safer both emotionally and financially to stay single and celibate. This is a serious matter, they say, because it’s contributing to the rapidly declining birth rates in the nation.

 <– The idiot might post on HuffPo, but in this case, it only ADDS to her credibility…

          • Why care even a little about what effect you have on your city, state, or nation? The mandated cosplays of society exist to use you the way an ox is used to plow a field.

            I don’t know if its worked or not, but back in my younger days I always maintained a grass-eater policy for women I knew were way out of my league attractiveness wise, or financially social statuswise.

            It increase my chances with the hot rich girls anything. But generally it improved my prospects with girls that actually were in my league, that I might have some kind of chance with.

            As BrentP pointed out: The way to manipulate things here in this world is to think as if something already is and then it will manifest itself. This is real to some degree and the secret to making it work is getting women to believe it.

            These women didn’t know why, but because they rely on men’s behavior to tell them what their status is in the world.

            Whenever I came around, the average girls and 2nd Tier girls suddenly felt prettier than usual. Prettier than even the prettiest girls of all. That made them like it when I came around, to the degree I actually pulled it off, I was a micro PTB. I changed the perception of reality in some small way.

            I think this principle can be used against government workers in general. By effectively making clear, that they are the lowest scum in the world. And that anyone that doesn’t use force on another, no matter how bad their other issues are. Is still hundreds of times more welcome and appreciated than anyone who works for the government.

            Japanese grass eaters eschew consumerism, social role playing, and pursuing women, to instead Go Galt.

            Excess radiation creating “Herbivorous Men” in Japan?

          • Hi Jean,

            It is understandable. In Japan (Dom may chime in here; he’s lived there) the cost of living is so high that to marry and have kids is a daunting prospect. The same factors apply here to an ever-increasing extent. It was tough enough when things shifted from one wage earner to two being necessary to maintain a modest middle class standard of living. But now, jobs are fewer, pay less – and as stable as a Jenga tower. The cost of college has at least doubled since the ’80s. But of course, incomes have not.

            Add to this that the state has assumed the role of uber parent. You are the contributor of biological material and responsible for the material care of the resultant progeny. But you have increasingly little to say about how said progeny will be raised. You’ll be caged if you allow junior to play outside “alone” (even if you can see him from the kitchen window) and the state requires a 5-10 minute ordeal of strapping in Baby Finster in his “safety” seat every single fucking time you go for a drive.

            No wonder people are electing not to reproduce.

            Or marry, for that matter.

            Jack off to porn – or hook up – every now and then, when the urge strikes.

            And (metaphorically) fuck all the rest….

  6. Eric,

    I never watched 24, but I have heard the radio adverts for Madam Secretary. Eight more years of a psychopath in command is not reassuring.

    Sounds like 8 more years of WAR that no one needs nor can afford.

      • Agreed!
        And even if Ron Paul somehow got elected (never gonna happen) he would still have to deal with 535 Congresscritters and the 9 Nazgul.

        • That part is easy, you just NDAA them and demand new elections, with the stipulation that, since they cannot be located, no incumbent can be on the ballots.
          AFTER the election, you can let it out that it was an experiment in NDAAing American Shitizens, and put it to the public that this shows how dangerous it is to allow “da gubbermint” to run unchecked.
          Because it could have been EVERYONE…

          And see if the new incumbents have the cojones to (try) and impeach you…

          As to the previous batch of villiany and scum? Devil’s Island, maybe, staked out for the sun…

        • I’d propose adding the 18 Executive Ordnung(federal executive departments) to that list:

          Total outlays $2,311B, Total employees 4,193,144

          Name, Year Established, Budget in Billions, Employee Headcount:

          State 1789 16.39 18,900; Treasury 1789 19.56 115,897; Justice 1870 46.20 112,557; Interior 1849 90.00 71,436; Agriculture 1862 134.12 109,832; Commerce 1903 15.77 43,880; Labor 1913 137.97 17,347; Defense 1947 651.16 3,000,000; Health and Human Services 1953 879.20 67,000; Housing and Urban Development 1965 40.53 10,600; Transportation 1966 73.20 58,622; Energy 1977 24.10 109,094; Education 1980 45.40 4,487; Veterans Affairs 1989 97.70 235,000; Homeland Security 2002 40.00 208,000

    • Roddy Piper recently tweeted, “They Live was a documentary.”
      “The Walking Dead” is “days of Future Past.” It’s already happened. People are worthless, mentally, and they – especially the younger generations – don’t understand, nor care.
      You might remember, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old”?

      Same thing here: You DON’T spend all day in phone-zombie mode, there’s something wrong with YOU – you’re TOO OLD, NOT HIP.

      Please bear in mind, I’m the one who TESTS these networks and applications – I’m not a luddite, per se, though I’m tempted to re-enact the origins of that word sometimes. Nascent “Snake” Pliskin, I guess, at least in my dreams… But the end of the world via EMP? Done correctly? Awesome….

      [Of course, how it WILL be done, the old stuff will be toasted, but the gunvermin sanctioned Big Brother Tell-a-Vision will still work – having JUST BY ACCIDENT been built EMP-proof, or JUST ACCIDENTALLY stored in a farraday-cage approximating warehouse… And we’ll be REQUIRED to buy one each, at least, to tie in to the Internet of Things, to stimulate the Post-Apocalypse economy, and there will be a law passed to mandate it, just like Health “Insurance” – which only insures that the insurance companies get more money, under the guise of “a free choice.”]

      The sad thing? As Eric’s writing show WRT autos – I’m probably still on the OPTIMISTIC side.

      • EMP…

        If it’s a big one, I put my money on it ending civilization. Not directly but as a trigger.

        There are enough old style (GE type 1) nuclear reactors in North America to make everyone glow brightly. Same problem as Fukushima, they require external power to shut themselves down. No power = meltdown.

        With every grid transformer, transfer switch and generator control fried, there will be no power for several days at minimum. Picture 30+ Fukushimas spread across 20 states. Mmmmmm, radiation.

        • Ooh, yummy all the TV dinners will be cooked inside the freezer!!! 😉

          Then again, at least the cockraoches in DC would die…. Or would they all be at the South Pole, safe and sounds, waiting for it to turn into a southern exposure beachfront property? With our luck….
          Tail end of the original “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Universe.” The BBC one… Where we found out what humans REALLY came from…

  7. Electromagnetic radiation
    The notion that a tin foil hat can significantly reduce the intensity of incident radio frequency radiation on the wearer’s brain has some scientific validity, as the effect of strong radio waves has been documented for quite some time

    A well-constructed tin foil enclosure would approximate a Faraday cage, reducing the amount of (typically harmless) radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation passing through to the interior of the structure. A common high school physics demonstration involves placing an AM radio on tin foil, and then covering the radio with a metal bucket. This leads to a noticeable reduction in signal strength.

    Speaking of conspiracies, they’re deleting wikipedia content like banshees lately. Possibly they’re paid. Possibly they’re Hilary Loving Ideologue types. Any article that wouldn’t have been found in the old Britannica Tome is challenged and deleted unless vigorous defenders with lots of time and ability come to its rescue.

    The Tinfoil Tuque Test: Do Tinfoil Hats Work?

    – Gird your loins and noggins gentlemen?

  8. Spot on Eric, the MSM has already pronounced Hillary as the candidate, even the eventual winner, of an election that is still a full 2 years away. I almost fell off the chair the first time they ran a promo for “Madam Secretary”, couldn’t believe how blatantly obvious the similarity was. The prospect of her becoming el jefe scares the crap out of me, will be like Dick Cheney in drag. You just know she’s going to prove she’s tougher than any of her male counterparts by dropping bombs all over the planet on anyone who doesn’t see things her way, while letting the PTB crush any of us serfs who might voice a contrary opinion.
    I hope I’m wrong, but like your article pointed out we’re already being set up to accept their pre-ordained outcome.

    • Back in the day when Monica was occupying the Oval Office carpet, I started to feel sorry for Hillary. But then I realized that she had known for many years what kind of man Bill was and chosen to remain with him and close to power.
      BTW, we already had a female president in “Commander in Chief” but Geena Davis is way better looking than Hitlery also.


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