SEAL Team 6 Parents to Obama: ‘It’s Time for You To Step Down…’

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Holy crap, check out this article on Infowars!

“You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it”
The parents of a Navy SEAL Team 6 member, who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011 along with several others, have issued a scathing letter to President Obama, labeling the Commander-in-Chief’s presidency an “out-of-control thug-fest” that needs to be reined in, and demanding his resignation.

“As Commander-in-Chief, your actions — or lack thereof — Mr. President, cost lives,” write the parents of Seal Team Six member Aaron Carson Vaughn, Billy and Karen Vaughn. “As you bumble about in your golf cart, slapping on a happy face and fist-pounding your buddies, your cowardly lack of leadership has left a gaping hole — not only in America’s security — but the security of the entire globe. Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.”


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    • Hi Tor,

      There has been some weird issue lately with regulars having their posts held up as Spam. And Spam getting through to the “pending” area. I have no idea why.

      It’s exhausting, frankly.

      Spending hours on this stuff every day… and just can’t seem to get any real traction. I think about just bagging it a lot these days. If I can’t make a living doing this, it’s just not worth spending most of my life doing it.

      • A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – OST – Drive

        Real human being. And a real hero

        Back against the wall and odds. With the strength of a will and a cause. Your pursuits are called outstanding. You’re emotionally complex. Against the grain of dystopic claims. Not the thoughts your actions entertain. And you have proved to be.

        A real human being and a real hero

        A pilot on a cold, cold morn’. One-hundred fifty-five people on board. All safe and all rescued. From the slowly sinking ship. Water warmer than, his head so cool. In that tight bind knew what to do. And you have proved to be.

        A real human being and a real hero
        – – –

        I was thinking it might be fun to let in a little spam. But perhaps not, they’ll get into every post and drown out everything. The gatekeeping isn’t much of problem for me. I still have my copy of whatever posts straight into spam cue and doesn’t make it to the land of the living.

        What problem do I have is misplaced seething anger at most everyone here and certainly almost all property owners. Because shit keeps getting worse and you have to channel your emotions somewhere. Including towards everyone that comes to this forum, sits around watching you do all the heavy lifting, and takes no risks nor pursues any original thoughts.

        Perhaps it’s a compliment, that I think your forum might actually accomplish something. If only 1% would contribute to you. If only 1% would make the effort you do in their writing.

        I’m sure you’re aware, whatever a man creates these day. Some other man quickly waltzes over and takes command and control of it. And often starts to make the original property creator suffer and serve his ends, or causes him endless grief.

        Neither women nor clovers conceived of or built this internet. But everywhere their concerns are voiced about what happens on the interwebs. And there’s always hordes of gladhanders happy to accomodate their usurping asses.

        And to add insult to injury. Smart in their specialization guys come on here and revert to braindead zombies, start gossipping about the masters and their whipping squads and talk about what’s wrong, and then pull a dick move and say their role is to judge who is of higher moral standing the creators or the usurpers. That’s a huge part of the problem mang.

        I just don’t have as much articulation ability as I’d like. I get what you’re saying about Spam. But junk mail sent to your home might also be considered spam. Yet think of all the additional commerce it inspires. How else would my family know about all the things they don’t yet have, but sorely need. If it weren’t for junk mail.

        If all the shopkeepers abdicate their participation in a free market. Then it does disappear. And all that remains is oligarchs that create goods through unknown alchemy and magic. And thralls of proles who have no concept of manufacturing and natural processes, and instead are nothing more than braindead consumers.

        It does no good to yell at the masses at reddit and the wider web. They have a canned glib response to everything at the ready. Most of them can’t be reached, and maybe that’s a good defensive move on their part, I’m unsure.

        I come here, because at least a few seem to get some of what I’m saying and at least consider it. That there’s still some coherence left, after all the dumbing down, that’s gotta count for something. You’re a stand up guy amid spineless snakes: some docile, some poisonous; but all with little possibility of ever standing up. All you can do is charm them and watch them slither this way or the other to whatever tunes you’re playing.

        Your being a cut above the House of Slytherin really shows when you do radio interviews. All that knowledge has to have a place somewhere, I believe. It’s a dirty business, doing this cyberbusking, but I have faith it’s going to lead you to something better down the road, if you can continue to stomach it all.

        • Thanks, Tor…

          The troof is I’m getting tired. I’m not 25 anymore. I know there are only so many sunny days left. It gets harder to spend one in front of a keyboard (or doing a radio show) when there seems to be no point to it beyond whatever personal satisfaction I might get from venting. And I no longer get much satisfaction out of that.

          I wrote a note to Dom earlier today in which I mentioned that I may have made a mistake putting everything in this basket. It might have been smarter to just shut up about politics – at least, to shut up about unorthodox politics – and keep on being a good MSM journalist. The work was less and the pay was a lot better.

          I wonder whether anyone can make a go of web publishing without selling out/becoming a corporate poodle?

 (used to write for them), the car (ditto) and AOL/Yahoo Autos (ditto again) are multi-million dollar operations with staffs of salaried employees. This is apparently what people want – or rather, what they are willing to pay for (via advertising). When I worked for them, I made a decent living. Now I work for myself and it’s just not working. The reasons why could be several. But the bottom line is I am beginning to think it’s just not doable and it may be time to throw in the towel, knowing I gave it my best shot.

          As you rightly note, if a mere 1 percent of the thousands of people who regularly visit EPautos every month sent us $5-$10 a month, it would be doable. And worth it.

          But the defeating, depressing fact is that we can’t get even half of 1 percent of the appx. 70,000-100,000 people who read EPautos to send us $5-$10 a month.

          People – an overwhelming majority – will not pay for that which they can get (and expect to get) for nothing.

          Publishing – outside of the corporate Nexus – is a dead letter.

          You either sell out. Or you starve.

            • Even the Ebonicized name (does she bounce? Is she “beyond” bouncing?) makes my teeth hurt. Bup dup tup… muhfuggin bix nooood!


          • “seems to be no point to it beyond whatever personal satisfaction I might get from venting. And I no longer get much satisfaction out of that. ”

            Sounds like ever time I try to engage in meaningful conversation with those around me. If there are 10 people in the room, at any time, six are pecking on a device oblivious to all, three can’t be bothered to pay attention because they are discussing the high science of some childish sport and one listens, but only because nobody else is paying attention to them.

            As to the financial viability around here. I know it would be more work but maybe keep this place as your hobby and run a second ‘sell out’ site. It could be a ton of fun as you could run it as more of a Clover Zoo and inside joke. Tongue in Cheek articles that pander to the idiot masses but with a deeper message that only those with eyes open will note.

            Just build it up by whatever means required, then sell it. If your morals are an impediment, just remember Carroll O’Connor just played Archie Bunker.

            • If I were younger, maybe.

              But I’m at the point of just not giving a fuck anymore. About any of it. I don’t want to play the game anymore. Writing, for me, means writing about the things I care about. I can’t write about the things I don’t care about. That’s the main reason I stopped writing for AOL.

              In any event, the thing that sucks the wind out of me is not the success or failure of this site per se. It is the failure of non-corporate media generally.

              Yes, the MSM is dying.

              But the alternative media is not living.

              Most of the people doing it are doing it as I am – by the skin of their teeth, just trying to hang on (or they are financially independent and making a living is no longer an issue; for example Lew Rockwell).

              And why? Because the Internet is “free.”

              Pre-Internet, if you wanted a newspaper or magazine, you had to buy the damned thing. Or at least, someone had to buy it.

              Pre-Google, if you had a a publication with circulation in the tens of thousands per month, advertisers who wanted to publicize their products had to pay commensurately for advertising slots. Now, advertisers can pay cents per month because Google controls pretty much all Internet advertising and that’s how advertisers advertise now. Its’ a kind of electronic age feudalism.

              Sites like this could work – meaning, they could afford to have full-time writers (and editors) doing work that people seem to value… if a mere fraction of the readers would support the work… but (perversely) very few people are willing to support it so long as they can get it for free. I use the word “perversely” because it is perverse that people who ostensibly support non-coercive/non-corporate news and opinion are not willing to support non-coercive/non-corporate news and opinion.

              The problem, of course, is that one can only work for nothing for awhile. At some point, one either accepts poverty – or one moves on to something else.

              I understand why people sell out.

            • One thing I’m considering: Vintage motorcycle repair. I love old bikes – and I know how to work on them. Many dealers will not touch old bikes – and the techs often have no clue how to work on carburetors, points, etc.

              Might be able to make a decent living that way – and might be able to do it out of my garage… if the gunvernment doesn’t shut me down.

          • I hear you. Different issues but my work (industrial/mechanical design) became unbearable due to bureaucracy and the influx of barely-capable-but-will-work-for-peanuts ‘engineers’. They know they are engineers, it says so on the laser print they were given after Twitfacing their way through University. My job became more checking boxes, filing reports (never to be read), correcting those who were supposed to be superior and were certainly higher paid. The fun was gone and the pay did not make up for that.

            I pulled the plug a little over two years ago and pretty much left ‘normal’ in the bin on the way out the door. Not a huge break as I had been heading in that direction for years. Now I just take the occasional contract job.

            So now I have land and spend the day, farming, cooking, reading, tinkering. Everything paid for, buy nothing unless essential. Use a shovel if possible instead of the tractor, Swede saw instead of chainsaw. Diesel and gas are expensive, fat is free.

            By 2014 ‘normal’ standards I am poor (income below Canadian poverty line) and drive a vintage vehicle. Yet I wake up every morning and ask myself ‘what do I feel like doing today?’ instead of ‘what do I have to do today?’ and money never seems to be an issue since I service no debt and need to buy little.

            Unfortunately I fear this lifestyle will be deemed subversive and unacceptable by TPTB before I shuffle off. Can’t have sheep outside the fence…might give others ideas.

          • Re: vintage bike repair.

            There was a guy in Vancouver years ago who had a cube van set up for bike work. He was awesome. Came to you, had a lift on the back and a pretty decent shop in back. I never used him (had a bulletproof Honda) but many of my never-quit-fiddling-with-it HD buddies did repeatedly.

            Might be a way to stay of the radar as well as keeping folks you know nothing about away from your garage.

          • re: Vintage bike repair….

            Word of mouth advertising, cash-only business, and as Me2 said, a customized work van (with, say, a baker’s logo on the side.)

            Stay under the radar, make road trips, get paid in cash… Just don’t overspend for your “reported” income. And of course, if at all possible, report something below the poverty line… 😉

  2. I am the walrus. I am the seal team. Coo coo cuchoo.

    This is for all the sold-yers. Real Human Beans. And a Real Hero.

    This is based on a real meatspace tragedy. My corporeal heart truly goes out to all involved. But among the dementium of cybermen of mind and mindlessness. It’s a tragetunity. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together see how we run like pigs from a gun see how we type, I’m crying. Elliot. Ouch.

    Semolina pilchard climbing up both the twin towers. Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe. I am the seal team. They are the seal team. I am the walrus. They are the walrus. Coo coo cuchoo…

  3. Seal team, schmeal team.

    Ten minute vid of Bill Still regarding bankers working feverishly to consolidate their power.

    New World Order – Bill Still vs Bill O’Reilly & Dennis Miller

    Bill O’Reilly took a slap at those who believe that the New World Order is a bad thing. Bill Still responds.

    Please circulate these around to your friends. Let’s see if we can get a big audience going all around the world. This is what you can do to help out.

    • Yes, and if only Seal Team 6 and the rest of the military would live up to their oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”
      Not that the Constitution is good, but it’s a whole lot better than what’s going on now.
      BTW, the vaunted Seal Team 6 is either guilty of the murder of Osama, or of assisting in the cover-up of the fact that he has been dead for several years.
      Bin Laden was a criminal who could and should have been captured and brought to trial.

      • Phillip, I won’t argue Osama bin Laden was a criminal. I would argue that the banksters and politicians who encourage the fabulously rich bin Laden family to live in GB and the US for the main part(although I suppose they live all over the world)and use their money to fund terrorism in the very countries where they live and make their living are worse.

        OTOH, I DO understand anyone wanting to remove the US from their country. Hell, I’d like to remove it from Texas and after the news this morning of the 4th Circuit Court in Texas(San Antonio, the usual suspects)ruling that cops could access your phone metadata(time, location, etc.)without a warrant, I’ll include that govt. also. Did I mention I’d also do away with our county govt. too? Govt…….I just don’t see the upside.

      • Agreed, Phillip –

        The OBL thing is like the JFK thing. A Byzantine pretzel of intrigue the depths of which we’ll probably never be able to plumb.

        What I am certain of with regard to both is that the Official Story is bullshit.

          • Rev, absolutely true, no matter if war was required to assassinate him. What everyone seem to miss in all the fracas, and I might have had I not been day trading stocks at the time, was Saddam had gotten several Arab countries on board to trade oil in dinars. He probably didn’t realize he was sealing his fate. Now Russia and China are doing their oil thing sans dollars, hence all the talk of war with Russia. Re Forrest’s mama.

            I have a strange playlist going with nearly 11,000 files. Somehow David Matthews and Emmy Lou doing Long Black Veil, on of my favs, is followed by DAC doing Three Biggest Lies. A hell of a transition.

          • It’s a valid supposition, Rev.

            Kennedy made a lot of enemies – and perhaps worse, was viewed as a loose cannon. Unpredictable, uncontrollable. He might have done something “crazy” – like have the government (rather than a private banking cartel) issue debt-free money….

          • So we need one who will send the SEAL teams to the banker’s homes and raze them.
            I’m on board!
            In the immortal words of Casey Jones: “MMMMmmmmm!! Leftovers!”

            (Yeah, no way I’d EVER make a SeAL. 😛 But I will take a support role, sure! Leave someone more capable for on-the-ground work.)

          • Rev – There were a LOT of issues w/JFK. Along with Silver Certificates, there was the failure to invade Cuba after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and his refusal to escalate in Viet Nam.
            Not to mention that LBJ wanted to be Prez, and was due for a heap of hurtin’ re: Billie Sol Estes, et al.

          • JFK was scared shitless over how close we came to nuclear war over Cuba. All the military gung ho types were ready to nuke the world (Curtis LeMay: if one American survives we won) while they hid in their Fuehrerbunkers. I was in high school at the time and still remember how my parents were ready to head for our cabin in (way) upstate NY if things got dicey.
            After realizing how he’d been snookered by the CIA Kennedy actually fired Dulles, the director at that time and was getting ready to break up the agency and “scatter them to the four winds”. Needless to say they got him first, and notice how to this day no agency head ever gets fired, no matter how big a fuckup or criminal they are.

          • Mike, as a footnote to your comment, note that Dulles ended up as a member of the Whitewash Commission…I mean, the Warren Commission. One who is inclined to cynicism might suspect that the commission was just a bit crooked: why else have a prime suspect doing the investigation?


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