Reader Qs (Aug. 8, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader Qs – along with my replies:

Frank asks:

What we need in this nation an org.  to stop police from shooting (murdering) innocent citizens when stopped for minor traffic violations. Thoughts?

My reply:

I think a better solution would be to (a) return to the ideal of keeping the peace rather than enforcing laws and (b) holding police to at least the same standard as everyone else. Ideally, a higher standard. After all, they are supposed to know the law and given authority to enforce it. When they exceed or abuse this authority, shouldn’t they be held more accountable? This – in my judgment – ought to include both criminal and personal civil liability. Meaning, the taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag when a cop abuses a citizen, who successfully brings a civil suit. Rather, the financial damages come directly out of the hide of the guilty cop.

The Cult Officer Safety needs to be disbanded, too. It used to be that the safety of citizens was paramount and cops were expected to put their safety at risk to protect the public. How this got reversed – and how it became “heroic” for cops to be neurotically obsessed with their safety, to the exclusion of ours, is something I do not pretend to grok.

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