Reader Qs (Aug. 4, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader Qs, along with my answers:

Mike asks: 
I’ve noticed that $15K seems to be the bottom of the price range for the Honda S2000 roadster, while I’m seeing a slew of Porsche Boxsters in the $10-$15k range, some comparable in age and miles to the S2000s in the listings. I have my suspicions about why the Boxers depreciate more rapidly, but would like your insights.

My reply: 
Part of this is simply supply and demand. There is a very limited supply of S2000s as they are no longer being made. Boxsters, on the other hand… .
The rest I think you can – and have -guessed. Porsches are not only expensive to buy. The are expensive to maintain. And a used Porsche that needs This and That . . . The Boxster (among other things) has a very elaborate cooling system.
As OJ might say, look out!
One of the things I like about the S2000 – and Hondas generally – is that even the very high-performance ones do not cost a fortune to maintain and tend to not need elaborate maintenance protocols. The S2000 (and NSX) are excellent examples of this. In a very real way, they are like Accords ad Civics … just a lot more fun to drive!
Porsches, on the other hand….



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