Reader Qs (July 25, 2017)

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Here are the latest Reader Qs – along with my answers: 

Graham asks:

I read the review here but no mention of how well the ten speed transmission shifts are executed and if it sometimes bounces back and forth between gears depending on load vs partial throttle. Have you driven the truck (or mustang) and tested the transmission performance in the real world?

My answer: 

I haven’t driven the 2018 Mustang yet but have driven the F-150 with basically the same ten speed transmission. The transitions are generally imperceptible during part-throttle acceleration but there is sometimes a noticeable lag during WOT downshifts from steady-state cruise – probably because the transmission/ECU has to ponder which gear to pick and then the transmission has to drop down as many as three or four gears. 

The main concern I’d have with this transmission, though, is long-term durability and repair/replacement costs. It’s a general rule that the more complicated something is, the more likely something is to break. And the replacement cost of this transmission is apt to be titanic. 

Hope this was helpful!


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  2. Drove a Chrysler 300 in the last couple years. Don’t recall the gear it was in at a steady 70mph, 8th or 9th seems like. I floored it dropping all the way to 3rd. Something about that seemed illogical. Got up to 115 mph or so, seems like it was in 8th and let completely. Then I saw 10th briefly till I went back to a small portion of throttle. I think it was in 10th briefly one other time when doing about 85 and dropped off a steep hill and took my foot off the throttle. Evidently, 10th is just for coasting. 50 miles and I see 10th twice. Talk about useless as tits on a boar hog……


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