Latest Reader Q (Aug. 8, 2017)

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Here’s the latest reader Q – along with my reply!

Kate asks:

Just got a notification from VW that the “fix” is out for the 2.0 liter manual transmission TDIs.  Have you heard anything from owners about this?  I know it’s not available here in the USSA until the 11th of this month, but it’s been performed on European vehicles for awhile now.  I’d really like to keep my car but don’t want it to turn me into a clover on the highways or have it creep along the interstate like a crippled cow.

My Reply:

The “fix” is not mandatory, so you have the option of keeping your car as-is. Your car should still pass any smog test you have to deal with to get or renew your vehicle registration.

If anything, “fixing” the car will transform it into a crippled cow! That’s an overstatement, of course – but you will probably see a reduction in performance and mileage, post-“fix,” as a result of the adjustments/changes performed to make the car meet the emissions standards VW end-ran.

Given that there is no requirement to “fix” the car and no penalty for not “fixing” it, I would not “fix” it if it were my car.

The only downside is resale value – if you care about that – because some potential buyers will be horrified that the car emits fractionally more N0x than a “fixed” VW TDI. But if you plan to drive the car until its wheels fall off – that is, for many years, until it is basically worn out – resale value is a non-issue.

These are great cars – it’s tragic what’s happened to them!

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  1. David, the SJW crowd doesn’t acknowledge the pollution caused by Manufacturing a new one although they’re hell on wheels for all other manufacturing it seems. It’s the pro-NAFTA bunch, the reason the economy is always on the verge of collapse.

    Maybe I can get some target practice when they come to my farm seeking, as Bob says, shelter from the storm….the shitstorm. Martha, put on some tea for the nice folks.

  2. Because this likely falls under a recall of a regulated system to not have it done means never having the car at a VW or related dealership again. They will check the VIN and see it hasn’t been done and they’ll do it. You probably won’t get a choice and won’t know until you see the fix as a zero cost to you on the invoice in addition to whatever it was there for.

  3. I also have the 2.0L TDI and just got the details of the “modification.” The issue with not doing the mods is that you are not eligible for the court restitution payment which for my car is in the 5k range. It’s a shame really because it’s a great car that performs great. I routinely get ~42MPG on the highway and ~34 in city driving. If I do the sellback option I’d have to replace it with a gasoline car that gets somewhere in the low 20s. I don’t see how that’s better for the environment.


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