How to Handle a Hero

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In the video below, a guy is stopped for a “license check” – that is, a random and probable cause-free interrogation and inspection – which by definition is unreasonable and so ought to be unlawful but isn’t any more because of a despicable Supreme Court ruling that effectively rescinded the Fourth Amendment’s protections.

The armed government worker conducting the random interrogation and search then proceeds to violate laws still in force. The man stopped asks whether he is being detained, whether he is under arrest. The armed government worked answers no to each but when the man asks whether his is free to go, the armed government worker says no  – which is an abuse of his authority under the law:

When you are told by an armed government worker you are not being detained and are not under arrest, you are – legally speaking – free to go.

Or should be.

The armed government worker – they style themselves, rather ironically, law enforcers  – is apparently confused about the law. So he makes up his own. He accuses the man (first) of having a “modified” exhaust. Then (second) that the vehicle’s exhaust is “broken.” The man asks the armed government worker whether he is a mechanic.authoritah

The armed government worker uses the “modified” and “broken” exhaust as the legal pretext to demand the driver’s “papers” (ID, insurance/registration) and then demands the passenger’s “papers” as well. Which – again – he has no legal authority to do.

The armed government worker asks, “Is that your girlfriend?”

“It’s none of your business,” replies the  courageous driver.

“How do I know she’s not wanted?”

The driver correctly (legally) replies: “You don’t.” In other words, it is not the legal obligation of the passenger to disprove she isn’t “wanted.”

Hilariously, the driver then asks the armed government worker whether he “has a warrant.”

The armed government worker does not like being interrogated – the same insolent, prove-to-me-you-are-not-guilty of something techniques applied to him.brutality

The driver then advises the armed government worker that his passenger hasn’t broken any laws and hasn’t given the armed government worker any reason to suspect she has – demonstrating a knowledge of the actual law superior to that of the armed government worker (the law enforcer).

This flummoxes – and annoys – the armed government worker, who smirks and then attempts to get more information out of the driver:

“Did you have any interactions (with other armed government workers) earlier today? Did you already give your license to somebody.”

The driver does not engage and advises the armed government worker that “he doesn’t have to answer that.”


The armed government worker makes another desultory attempt to elicit “cooperation” – that is, to get his victim to provide information under duress that can and will be held against him – but fails magnificently.

Kudos to the driver for knowing the law more than the law enforcer. And for taking a stand for his rights against a thug given legal sanction to threaten and harass innocent people and to make up laws on the spot.thugs-in-blue

This is the way to go.

Give them nothing.

Submit – because we don’t have much choice – but do not play their game. Know the law – even if they don’t (or just don’t care). Politely decline to “cooperate” a millimeter farther than the law demands.

Politely decline to answer their questions. Politely refuse to consent to anything you are not obligated by the law to consent to.

Remember who they are – and what their “job” is.

They are not there to “help” you. They are there to “bust” you. By hook or by crook, using whatever tactics they feel like using, the law be damned.

Our only protection is to not help them.

They can – and will – do whatever they like to us.

But we have it in our power to make it a little less easy for them to do it. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

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  1. You don’t understand what gives the police their authority. Fortunately neither do they. In fact there are few people who actually know the reason that we can be tyrannized. We unknowingly give the tyrants their authority. We accept government benefits but fail to investigate the strings that are attached. Did you read, and UNDERSTAND, the fine print when you received a Social Security number, or some other benefit from the government? In this case, did you read, and understand, the entire statutes regarding the drivers license that you acquired? Why does a sovereign individual need a drivers license to travel unimpeded on the highways? It’s because you signed up for it. Read how you have been tricked into compliance with the tyranny:

    • The government’s courts have ruled that if we don’t know the exact incantations we are subject to being legally abused and people accept such nonsense. I can’t keep them all straight and if tried to do it I’d probably end up dead.

  2. Completely agree with not engaging in conversation. In addition i found that I can reduce their aggression by relaxing, keeping my hands where they can see them, having my papers ready by the time they approach my car and not looking into their eyes. When accused, don’t get defensive. Say nothing or as little as possible.

    • Spirit,

      So basically you’re telling us to treat them like vampires?

      Because the rule about never inviting them into your home certainly applies.

      • T, a couple months ago when my wife and I were raided(sure glad I wasn’t working that day), they came with a big helicopter and ground forces, all dressed to do battle…..on two old people. I met them on the porch. The head honcho holds up some document and begins he spiel about how they’ve come on a “rumor”. No shit? You have all come out here loaded for bear on a rumor. Well, says he, you never know. I said that’s doubly true for you. I didn’t have time to get my deuce and a half with my mini-gun in it out of the barn. He can’t possibly take it any other way than sarcasm so he goes on about me signing this paper.

        I didn’t even look at it, didn’t have my ready specs on and didn’t give a shit what it said. He admitted they had no search warrant and that was good enough for me. They had no search warrant but most of these guys are wearing double handgun rigs along with all their bulletproof shit. I’ll show em bullet proof when they finally trip my trigger.

        I told em I knew all about the rumor and wondered what had taken them so long…..the fact it was a baseless rumor by a friends ex-wife who thought somehow she could get out of 5 felony charges by dropping a dime on us and somehow she thought it would get her ex also.

        I told em “There’s three horses right there. Just get on them and cover every inch of ground here….it’ll be good for the horses and maybe one will buck your ass off. They declined that offer. So they get a drug dog and run it through the barn and around the house(I told them they weren’t about to get in my house). The head piece of shit asked why not. I said I’d already seen them go into other people’s houses, reach into the couch and pull out drugs and handguns that hadn’t been there before they came. Oh, we wouldn’t, there’s just no way. Yeah, i’ve heard that before and saw some people go to jail back when any amount of pot was a felony and lose everything they had getting set up.

        We go round and round and I warned them not to get too close to one window on the house, a 100 lb pit bull was watching everything and we’d already been through the dog through the window deal and didn’t need that again since they’d just kill our dog and then charge us with some bogus crime. Of course they did just what I asked them not to do and luckily Cholley Jack couldn’t see the dog. Then head narc says he’d have no problem of someone walking through his house. I asked him for his address, said we’d stop by some time and look it over. He didn’t reply to that. Then he started in on police killings and I said it’s a shame those will never reach the level of police killing civilians. He asked, and when was that? I said yesterday is the last I know of and quoted him the details of the kiling of a guy in Detroit, unarmed and committing no crime. He turned away, didn’t want to hear specifics after he asked. Then he finally turns and asked where my bunker was. Bunker? You gotta be joking. If I had a fuckin bunker we wouldn’t be having this conversation. First off though he was miffed we didn’t come outside for the 15 minutes of helicopter circling. It was 100 degrees at the time. I said why in hell would we come out into the heat when we could see it fine in the house. Yeah, I guess so the MF says.

        So now I’m thinking about building a bunker. I was hoping to get time while I had a backhoe available to build a cellar but a bunker sounds better even though I don’t have that sort of money to spend on a root cellar. Bunker, man these guys are so stupid. I was amazed they left. No doubt they’ll be back. That makes 3 times in 9 years we’ve been raided, searched and no charges filed. They must think that truck drives itself 15 hours a day. And all this shit started when I was 21 and got on the FBI’s list for subversives when I was big on organizing war protests. They’ll keep my file long after I’m gone.

        But the truth is, they are really stupid people with absolutely no morals of any sort. Only a badged thug would come prepared to kill two old people for the possibility of having a pot plant, the rumor This Time. Oh well, guess the DA will have to prosecute the friends ex. She is pretty good looking though so she might find a way to get the charges dropped.

  3. Those trooper hats…or “campaign” hats…they wear those as an act of intimidation. They take those hats off, and their demeanor changes immediately.

    Those freak’n hats: Only a coward and a sphincter would wear one of those laughable things.

      • eric, My wife and I were speaking of the fucked up corporation I once worked for. They, along with Texas Asshole and Military University….that turned out supposed engineers, teamed up to create managers out of engineer degree graduates.

        Of course nothing like a 22 year old treating people 3 times their age like shit since the corporation was set up to have salaried employees as officers and hourly wage employees as enlisted men just like the military.

        One child that had just started work had his 22nd birthday and he was so proud. A guy twice his age said “Shit son, I have boots older than that”.

        The corporation based their entire structure like the military, a not so good thing since the capable people were hourly wage and the salaried were almost to the last man(woman), useless. Their older engineers had degrees such as ME but the young ones were civil engineers at best. Mostly what they knew was how to operate a PC with 0 work experience in life.

        But this got us on the subject of these engineers from A&M and the bullshit they wore. Hitler style riding boots, German styled riding pants with those same “high command” caps and even spurs and riding crops. Of course none of them knew one end of a horse from another. We always laughed at the A&M Corps and queried every one of them we got near as to what Hullabaloo Kanek Kanek,(how the fuck ever you spell it) meant.(their fight song) They even have part of UT’s fight song in theirs, stranger than fiction. There are some seriously warped people out there.

        • 8man,
          Having served time at that particular maligned institution in the early 80’s, I have to agree with you on the corps turds. I personally hung out with the stoned surfers in the ghetto dorms, but you have to admit the waggies in their shiny boots were kind of hot… And i left for a school less cultish but can fully sympathize with how they try to turn out engineers.

  4. Good for him. Way braver than me, though.

    If you’ve never seen it, James Duane’s video Don’t Talk to the Police is worth the time.

  5. If you have been feeling as if you were under an occupation in America, your feeling is not unwarranted – The Irish Republican Army published the Green book for its members with a section specifically dealing with police interrogation that is just as appropriate to American Citizens traveling to the supermarket as it was to IRA guerrillas. In and of itself that is terrifying. What the IRA stated is very similar to what now is accepted as the “proper, legal” way of dealing with American police who have morphed into an occupying army, quite similar to British Soldiers occupying Northern Ireland.

    Irish Republican Army

    The Green Book II


    The best defence in anti-interrogation techniques is to understand the techniques as practised by police forces. The purpose of interrogation is to get a confession. If the interrogators knew what they were searching for there would be no need for interrogation, therefore interrogation is necessary only when the police are unaware of information, which would lead to a conviction. The best anti-interrogation is to SAY NOTHING. All police forces work from a story, suspicion or clue, therefore when a volunteer is arrested they strive to build on that clue, on that suspicion and the only way that can be done is to obtain information from their victim. They usually start by questioning their victim, writing down a recording of what he says, comparing this information with information already in their possession, looking for differences which contradict the information previously gained, going back to their victim, pointing out these differences, resulting in the victim changing his alibi in order to suit this difference. The police will again check this new story with other information and again look for a difference or mistake narrowing the prisoner’s alibi down until finally it breaks. All of these changes in his statements will be recorded and used as evidence against him, evidence which will without doubt be accepted by the court and so lead to his conviction. This cannot be over stressed: when arrested SAY NOTHING. Ask to see your solicitor and doctor immediately and keep on doing so.


    After the prisoner had been placed in his cell, we have seen earlier in the lecture how the police had crowded outside the cell door shouting insults and banging on the door. The purpose of this exercise is to frighten the prisoner and so arouse anxiety in their victim. When anxiety has been aroused all natural, rational defence barriers break down or weaken. When this happens the prisoner becomes irrational and becomes more prone to interrogation, in other words an anxious man is easier to intimidate by interrogation than a cool, calculating person. During the time the prisoner is left alone in the cell he should, in as far is as possible, ignore the police, the threats and the insults and he should marshal all facts surrounding his arrest. He should bear in mind that he can be detained for no more than seven days if he remains silent or possibly years in prison if he speaks. Most volunteers speak from a sense of fear thinking mistakenly that if they speak, torture or ill treatment will not be used. It is a recorded fact that interrogators are guided by a simple rule of thumb: `If a prisoner won’t speak he may be innocent and interrogation may be a waste of time, if he speaks a little there is always more and so interrogation is necessary`, therefore the prisoner who speaks a little in order to avoid abuse is in effect inviting more abuse from his interrogators who will always assume there is something more. Therefore the best defence is to remain COOL, COLLECTED, CALM, and SAY NOTHING.

    • Another time, another place. My personal experience is that in totalitarian america, the cops will simply lie, and fabricate evidence, and coerce testimony from other liars. As will the supporting cast of persecutors and judges.

      The brits, the cops in northern Ireland, were more civilized than the buzzcut nuts in american cop costumes.

      • Hi Ernie,

        I agree with this.

        One of the most egregious imbalances we’ve got to address is this business of a Hero’s mere statement (his “testimony”) being legally considered dispositive while our testimony is “hearsay.”

        A Hero should have to substantiate every accusation made with tangible proof subject to examination by the accused – and his mere “testimony” by itself should be as insufficient to convict us of any crime as ours currently is as a defense against such.

        • Eric,

          Part of that is simply being a professional witness.

          If you write complete bullshit about a car, and I write absolute truth about the same car, who comes off as more believable?


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