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The Left spent a lot of time urging that police – that is, the enforcer class – be “de-funded.” Until the Left acquired political power. Suddenly, it was very much in favor of funding the enforcer class.

Just the same as the Left pretended to be in favor of free speech – and pretended to be alarmed by the power of corporations to buy (and so own) the government . . . until the Left acquired power to suppress speech and had control over corporations and thus found itself in a position to buy all the government – brought to you by Pfizer – it wanted.

It is no surprise, accordingly, that the Left’s view of funding the enforcement class changed similarly once the Left acquired charge of it.

This business of “funding” the enforcement class is of course another example of the etymological outrages perpetrated upon the victim class. That is, upon those who are forced to “fund” what they not only do not want but very much object to. Jefferson thought (and wrote) that it is particularly obnoxious to compel a man to hand over money that will be used to propagate ideas he finds contemptible.

How about actions?

Enforcers are paid money taken from those who are forced to provide it – who are then obliged to deal with what are in everything but name an occupying army that regards them as “civilians” – a term used with the same taint of derision that accompanied use of the term “indig” in Iraq (and “gook” in Vietnam).

Never mind that these enforcers are civilians, notwithstanding their Cracker Jack-issue “sergeant” (and four-star “general”) “ranks.” Which nonetheless serve to enhance the dangerous delusion that they are serving in some sort of war. A delusion exacerbated by the military costumes they wear, which are almost identical to the Battle Dress Uniforms worn by the actual military. High-powered pistols strapped to the thighs. Utility belts with multiple extra magazines. Body armor. “Operator” baseball caps. They appear ready to go to war.

And they are. Because it is a war, in fact. But they are “serving” in the same way that the EyeAreS “asks” you to pay what it says you “owe.” Be grateful it does not “ask” for more. For everything. Which of course it inevitably will, the principle having been established that you “owe” them anything at all.

Back to this business of policing.

That would be a start.

Disabuse these policemen of the dangerous idea that they aren’t civilians, just like the rest of us. A beginning toward that end would be to stop dressing them up as the soldiers they’re not. Or at least, ought not to be. It is not merely absurd for a traffic cop to wear BDUs, web gear and body armor, it is  . . . dangerous. To us. Because of the paranoia it imparts that we – the “civilians” – are a “threat” to the “safety” of traffic cops. It causes us to dread them and it encourages them to fear us. It escalates every encounter by emphasizing the separation between the “civilian” and the soldat. It is much easier for the latter to regard the former as an indig – or a gook – and to treat him accordingly.

Shorn of their military regalia, they become civilian police once more. And by dint of that, less apt to treat their fellow civilians as indigs and gooks.

It would be a start, at any rate.

A next step would be to deal with – to end – this dangerous madness of enforcement. Not all laws are good. Some are evil. Enforcing evil merely because it is the law does not make it good. At Nuremburg, all those years ago, men who enforced the law were convicted – and some hanged – for the evil acts they perpetrated in the name of the law. It was established – well, it was said – that the law is no excuse for the doing of evil. And yet, it has become exactly that and in ways all-too-obvious to bother enumerating. Soldiers are obliged to not obey illegal orders – which overlap evil orders. The same ought to be so for civilian policemen, though getting them to recognize evil would require them having a moral sense to begin with and that is something purposely trained out of them, long before they become policemen.

So perhaps that is asking too much, for now.

But holding them accountable when they violate the law – and the rights (such as remain) of civilians – to at least the same degree that we are held accountable when we violate the law ought not to be a bridge too far. If it is illegal for us, it ought to be equally illegal for them. There ought also to be far less tolerance of them acting illegally as they are empowered and we aren’t. Abuse of authority is a worse and more dangerous offense than affronting it.

If a policeman is found to have violated the law in any serious way – e.g., something more serious than “speeding,” say – he not only ought to be made to suffer the same consequences as any of us who did the same but also no longer be able to “serve” as a policeman, ever again.


That – and the shedding of battle regalia – would at least be a start.

. . .

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  1. I notice the Merced SO sports a six pointed yellow star. Interesting.
    Isn’t this a religious symbol? If so, why is it “legal” for a government agency in the U.S. to use a religious symbol as part of their official regalia?

  2. My solution would be to make any money awarded because of police misconduct be taken from the pension fund of the department they work for. This, more than anything else, would make fellow officers weed out the really bad ones.

    • How would fellow officers “weed” out the bad ones? Frag them? Police departments aren’t small democracies were you get to vote on things. They’re government bureaucracies controlled by unions. Their pensions, like anyone else’s is a matter of contract and should not, and is not, subject to the actions of random members. I doubt that anyone would want the conditions of their retirement benefits subject to what some other guy does.

      • Hi Cashy,

        My take: The profession – for want of a better term – tends to attract the same kinds of people who joined the Gestapo or the NKVD. These were also “law enforcement.” The very term says it all. Enforce the law. Not – is it right? Is it fair? These considerations do not matter. Just enforce the law – because it is the law. Most of these laws are wrong and unfair, of course.

        And so what – predictably – happens?

        • They are the enforcement arm of the government that assumes authority to kill you if you disobey. That does not attract sane moral people.

        • I agree with your main point. Most cops are dicks. But can you blame them? They are supposed to police the scum of society, idiots that think it’s nothing to put a bullet in another person’s brain. In that environment you would strap on a flak jacket, carry as much gear as possible, and be a prick to everybody too.

          Most cops outside of the sh*t holes are okay to deal with. And anyway you should soon get BLM style policing everywhere, ie. none at all. We can then all rejoice in the Libertopian idea of being completely free of laws. And law enforcement. Mad Max societies seem like they’d be a blast!

          • Hi Cashy,

            I blame them for being dicks – as you put it (rightly) – to people who do not deserve it. People who “speed” and “violate” similar statutes that involve no harm caused to anyone do not deserve to be hassled at all. If cops concerned themselves with keeping the peace, few of us would have any problem with them. I am not a criminal. I don’t harm anyone and I only want to be left the Hell alone. Yet when I see a cop, I know I’m threatened. This is why people like me dislike cops.

            As far as “libertopian ideal.” I’d rather deal with individual thugs lacking the power of the state behind them. How about you?

            • Compared to the state, common criminals are just an inconvenience.
              The same old same old. Anarchy is chaos. In spite of the fact we live with anarchy all the time. Otherwise we would each have our own personal AGW, to make sure we followed every single law to the letter. There aren’t a gang of them at the inlet to your cul de sac keeping people from driving 80 miles an hour, anarchy takes care of it.

            • There is no situation possible in human society where there isn’t someone enforcing their ideas of the law. You have to deal with someone, even in no government Somalia, they have gang lords to enforce the law.

              The “monopoly of force” of a government entity has one advantage, you only have to deal with the thugs of one organization. If it gets set up properly it is manageable. In a non-government situation you have many enforcers that you will have to deal with. I don’t think there are any really good options.

              • Hi Cashy,

                Yes, I understand (sadly). That said, it doesn’t change the nature of the thing. I would, of course, prefer the “libertopia” you mentioned, in which a moral population self-restrains itself, but I recognize that is an ideal and (probably) utopian. Still, a happy ideal to imagine and strive for. In the meanwhile, I favor something at least reasonable – such as the “harm caused” standard. I think many, maybe most “conservatives” (and even some old-school liberal types) could be persuaded that people who aren’t hurting anyone have a right to be let alone; that a crime – properly speaking – requires a victim and that victim must be an actual person. not the state. This standard would focus police on criminals – who are not 90 percent of the population. That 90 percent would be able to go through life without living in constant dread of being hassled/mulcted by some geek with a badge and a gun and – probably – anger management issues.

      • “How would fellow officers “weed” out the bad ones? Frag them?”
        Don’t rule it out. After all, they are at least somewhat trained in killing, and many are well experienced in covering it up.
        Four armed goons go to the scene of a shooting. Gunfight ensues. One of the four is a “bad one”, one of the other three shoots him. The other two have nothing to say. Successful fragging.

  3. The Nuremberg trials were victor’s justice and not an example for real justice. Show trials I’m sure Stalin approved of. Even JFK said so. Good article as always.

    • Thanks, Mark!

      And – you’re right about Nuremberg. I remember finding out that one of the judges was Stalin’s judge. Vyshinsky, of the Soviet Show Trials. The fact that such a man was allowed to sit in judgment says much about the justice of the judgments rendered.

      One of the most alarming being the death sentence meted out to Julius Streicher. A loathsome man, certainly. But no evidence was adduced that he had killed anyone. Yet he was hanged – for his harangues. For publishing the despicable, low-brow newspaper, Der Sturmer. He deserved opprobrium and contempt. But death? And what precedent was set thereby?

      Hess was also treated unjustly. The man was a factotum in the first place and – in the second – absented himself from most of the war. Life in prison? A bit much. And he wasn’t even permitted to go home to die when he was well into his 90s.

      Meanwhile, The Chimp paints watercolors.

      • I never understood why Rudolf Hess was punished more severely than Albert Speer. Hess, though one of the alte kameraden, was never more than a party lackey, whereas Speer, as Minister of Armaments, was, demonstrably, guilty of using forced labor for weapons production, which is a war crime.

        And I never understood why Joachim von Ribbentrop was punished at all, let alone executed. The Foreign Minister? C’mon. That, IMO, is not “justice.” It is victor’s revenge.

        >The Chimp paints watercolors
        As if the Iraq War was not a “War of Aggression.” As if poisoning Mesopotamia, one of the cradles of human civilization, with depleted uranium, to the extent that Iraqi women are afraid to have children, for fear of what sort of monster might be born, is not a “Crime Against Humanity.”

    • You are correct. Normal “rules of evidence” were not only ignored but not allowed. Hearsay was not only allowed, but taken as TRUTH.
      This is where the holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™”) got its start as being the hoax of the 20th century.
      Even in present-day kangaroo courts that prosecute those who utter “holocaust™” heresy, normal “rules of evidence are thrown out and not allowed to be exercised.
      You see, the “commonly accepted narrative” is accepted as FACT while real FACTS are not allowed to be entered into the court record.
      Look up Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel, and many other martyrs who have been prosecuted and convicted on the altar of “holocaustianity™”. In all of their cases, they were not allowed to introduce evidence into the court record proving that “holocaust™” claims were false and could easily been proven to be false.

  4. “Democracy is like a train. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.” Recep Tayyip Erdogan

  5. Speaking of generals and wars, I saw some cop spokesthing on a video and it was sporting more fruit salad than most combat officers. I couldn’t help but to smirk and snort.

  6. Law enforcement is out of control.

    Russia is not happy with Warshington, Afghanistan was an embarrassing defeat, Pyrrhic Victory, anywho. Iraq wasn’t much fun, the first time, then the second time was miserable. Ukraine is destroyed and defeated, no place to go, no way out these days.

    Millions of displaced persons, 100,000 buildings bombed out, what have you. All is fair in love and war, law enforcement doesn’t count in a war zone. War is crime, every time.

    Those millions of displaced have nothing and are not happy campers in the netherlands of western Europe.

    A war of all against all in hot mode, what more do you want? Eggs in your beer?

    Ian Wright chose to be the traveler on Globe Trekker. Made a series of episodes traveling various countries. One episode was Ian trekking through Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    A brown hand imprint on walls was a sign that led to a source of heroin.

    The police in Islamabad discovered who the supplier was, the police were at his door, asked questions, were not aggressive in any way. Maybe it was a made for tv scene, but I don’t think so. There was no mobile command center parked at the scene of the crime.

    The police didn’t want anybody getting hurt and causing bad blood. Seemed so in the episode, anyway. They conducted the investigation peacefully and was resolved with nobody getting hurt.

    In the same episode, in Afghanistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas, a community of sheep and goat herders was tolerating the leader of the tribe’s heroin addiction.

    The suppliers of the heroin would hike up the hills to the tribe’s location, then go back down the mountain with sheep and goats. The tribal leader had a good glow to him.

    It was on television ca. 1990 CE. Globe Trekker always had some food for thought.

    The abused and used old man in the White House is the red herring, you’ve been fished in.

  7. Slaves have very few rights. We are roaming wage slaves. Our plantation is called The United States. We can roam within the Plantation but to leave for another plantation we must get permission and have papers to do so. There is an Owner class,,, a Enforcement class and a Subject class.

    There are sub classes within each of these groups. A Federal class,,, State class,,, and Local class. All classes have the right to a percentage of your labor. As of now that amounts to about 60% of the Subject class labor in one form or another. Tax, Fee, Fine etc.

    The owner class are those making the rules which we, not they, have to obey. These rules are enforced by the enforcement class,,, called Police and they, the Police, protect the owner class. The closest we came to actually witness this system as truth was the Covid scamdemic where they actually were calling the orders being issued ‘rules’.

    The Subject class feed the other classes from the fruits of its labor which the Owner class has determined the percentage or ‘take’. This varies with the earnings of the Subject. The more the Subject makes the more is taken.

    The Subject class is constantly bombarded with false or fake news and information by the different operators,,, mainly the Hollywood group which of course all belong to the Owner class.

    As such the Subject class considers themselves free with certain rights so long as they act within the bounds the Owner class has dictated. Otherwise, for the strays it’s prison without trial and if a trial is held it is a Kangaroo trial.

    Most know all this but won’t admit it which is why we will never be free.

  8. Worst thing about this dystopia is that your money is being forcibly taken – aka taxed – to pay the goons harassing you, a double whammy. Kind of like being forced to dig your own grave before being executed, might as well turn around and give them a whack with the shovel since you’re doomed anyway.

  9. Let’s not forget the special training that American cops and “law enforcement trainers” receive, being given “free” junkets to israel to “see how it’s done”.
    We are all Palestinians, now.

  10. ‘This business of “funding” the enforcement class is of course another example of the etymological outrages perpetrated upon the victim class.’ — eric

    Now the enforcement class, having issued draconian new fatwas slashing ’emissions’ of carbon direpoxide from private and freight vehicles, has declared war on … gas stoves. Headline in today’s New York Slimes, a PR organ for the enforcement state:

    Study Compares Gas Stove Pollution to Secondhand Cigarette Smoke

    The research suggests that one burner could raise indoor concentrations of benzene to levels that have prompted investigations when detected outside.


    No doubt this is the same quality of ‘science’ which claimed that mRNA injections offered 95% efficacy against catching covid. Now we know that claimed efficacy is much lower, fades to zero, and soon goes direly negative. That ‘science’ was a calculated lie.

    Likewise this gas stove ‘science,’ with its weasel-worded ‘benzene levels that prompted investigations when detected outside‘ [i.e., miniscule levels] is obvious reeking horseshit.

    Fake ‘science’ is waging an elitist war on workers. That’s why workers of the world had to unite in the 20th century, against the onslaught of malignant communism which sought, and often succeeded, to starve and bury them.

    R-party investigators claim that Biden et fils took up to $30 million in foreign bribes. Now “Joe” wants to take away muh stove? I say burn him good, him and his sordid posse of predatory peculators.

    Soup is good food (we don’t need you any more)
    You made a good meal (we don’t need you any more)
    Now how does it feel (we don’t need you any more)
    To be shit out our ass
    And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash

    — Dead Kennedys, Soup Is Good Food

  11. Interesting video. The city cop seemed confused for some reason. But also that both vehicles were identical, only difference being the name on the side.

    I think much of the problem with modern policing is that so much money, in the form of grants and other freebies, comes from the federal budget. Often several different federal agencies put money for local first responders into their budgets, knowing that no one will question why “our local heroes” need it. But that money is earmarked for ever more specific programs, usually set up to help a rent-seeking firm who lobbyed hard to get it added.

    Local policing has become like a franchise. Yes, there’s a local owner, but the franchise dictates nearly everything the firm does, to varying degrees. Most famous is of course McDonalds, where new franchisees attend Hamburger University, are required to purchase equipment and use suppliers vetted by McDonalds corporate and have a very thick and detailed operating manual for the restaurant. The concept is “we know what works, so just do it this way.” I’m sure many franchisees know better ways to make a hamburger, but that isn’t what you’re investing in. And given the cost of a McDonalds franchise, your backers aren’t going to be interested in experimenting with the formula. For first resonders, the “backer” is the federal government, and the franchisee is the mayor’s office.

    Before 9/11 the general conspiracy nut theory was that FEMA was actually a secret NWO orginization that would carry out a nazi-esque “final solution” to conservative or liberals or rednecks, depending on who you best identifed with. In reality it is basically a clearing house for doling out the cash. FEMA processes the grants for locals to handle disaster relief and preventitive projects (along with the Army Corps of Engineers). Post 9/11 of course we got DHS and consolidation of many different disparate agencies under one roof. DHS adopted this same approach with other projects, including armor (called personal protective equipment, as if you’re on a job site), communcations (encrypted radios so public has no way to monitor activity), vehicles (cash for Ford), and of course, weapons. Locals probably don’t need to take the money, but when it comes time for a new vehicle I imagine there’s a direct line to a Police Interceptor specialist at Ford who can walk you through the paperwork, so why not?

    • “the franchisee is the mayor’s office.”
      In a nearby fairly large town, asset forfeiture, also known as highway robbery, also known as depriving one of property without due process, is included in the city budget.

  12. There were people on “The Left” who claimed that Orange Man would be a dictator, imprison his political enemies, destroy the economy, or start a war upon becoming President. They were off by 1 President, and instead of speaking out against President Potato, they CHEER HIS dictatorial actions such as censorship, trying to FORCE Americans to take experimental pharma drugs, and labeling of people who criticize him as WHITE SUPREMACISTS or DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

    They’ve also bleated for years about how evil Big Pharma is, but have effectively become their biggest shills after the rollout of these experimental mRNA jabs and some have even become VACCINE ZEALOTS. And now some of them even want to turn children into experiments for Pharma via hormone blocking drugs disguised as “Gender affirming care”.

  13. Law enforcement should be outlawed in a free society. Only peace officers and enforcement of the peace should be permitted.

    As Eric wrote, law does not = good.

    No one has refuted Lord Acton. Power corrupts. This is true of police also. Free people can’t permit corrupt people in positions of power. Free people would choose those who are trusted to be placed in those positions. None of this happens in the US today from congress to dog catcher.

    • I agree, Dan –

      Most people – who are not criminals – would never have to worry about (much less fear) peacekeepers. But all of us must worry about police, who have the power to enforce laws, of which there are so many that all of us are “guilty” of something. Or can be characterized as such.

      • Last fall I was bitten by a dog. Mean as hell, I was walking on “his” street and he ran out full speed to let me know who’s boss. Not a big deal but I did go back over and speak to the owner, who explained that the radio fence/collar was down and he already ordered a replacement. The dog was nice as could be, seemingly forgotten all about the earlier incident. Even let me pet him. But now when I pass that house I keep a sharp eye out for the dog, who still barks like crazy behind the radio fence.

        • Here is another view on dogs. I am not “anti-dog” by any means, but am merely critiquing irresponsible dog owners:
          Are you the alpha male for your dogs? If so, good for you…if not, YOU are the problem.
          The problem is that many dog owners are either stupid or just ignorant and unaware of their dog’s behavior and idiosyncrasies.
          Every friend of mine that owns dogs is impervious to the smell that their houses and furniture get from having dogs living with them, not to mention the hair, urine and fecal smell that their dogs and abodes secrete. However, such disgusting smells can be minimized.
          Some dog owners are so “brainwashed” that dogs actually control them. They put up with behavior from their dogs that they would not allow a human to do.
          Rather than the human owner being the “alpha male” which is the normal, proper order of things, the dog is the “alpha male” ruling the dog owner who is too stupid to see that he is being manipulated by an animal.
          Inconsiderate dog owners just laugh when their untrained, undisciplined dog “humps” the legs of visitors or begs for food by jumping on visitors, thinking that their dog’s behavior is “cute”.
          One of my pet peeves is sitting at the dinner table as a guest and having the host’s dog bump and nuzzle, begging for food. THAT is a major irritant, in my book. If I can get away with it, a good “push” usually stops that behavior. There are those that disagree, saying it is up to the dog’s owner to discipline the dog, but I beg to differ with that assessment as the dog should have already been trained and restricted from the dinner table when guests are dining.
          A well-trained dog should NEVER beg for food and should be restricted from areas where and when humans are eating. Treats are given for reinforcing good behavior and are a valuable tool in which to reinforce and reward good canine behavior. Begging for, and being given food destroys that reinforcement.
          Dogs crapping everywhere is but another inconsideration that many dog owners overlook or ignore. Most dog owners do not pick up after their dogs, especially in public areas.
          I have run into many dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite, despite their snarling unfriendly behavior.
          Dogs can be valuable assets and, when in their place, actually enjoy the jobs that they are given, examples being on a farm, guarding and herding livestock or protecting the household. Undisciplined dogs are the result when owners do not give them something to do.
          Add to that, possessing a large dog on a postage-stamp size city lot is cruel to the animal as it has no room to run. Size the dog to the size of the area.
          Well-behaved dogs who know their place can be a pleasure, but unfortunately there are too many dogs and dog owners who need to “trade places”.
          As far as I am concerned, a dog that trespasses and attacks livestock or other farm animals MUST be put down or at the least “rehomed” to a city dweller. Shoot, shovel and shut up…
          I’m ready for the brickbats…

          • “dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite”
            There is no such animal. That’s what dogs do for a living. As a professional dog trainer once told me, “He’s got teeth don’t he”. Regarding the “alpha male”, dogs are perfectly fine with an “alpha female”. They aren’t common, but even among wild canines they are not rare. The main thing is, if there is no alpha, a dog will instinctively try to assume that position. They cannot function without one.

      • “…all of us must worry about police, who have the power to enforce laws, of which there are so many that all of us are “guilty” of something.”

        Not to be pedantic here, but I want to emphasize a point here. It is not the power to enforce laws that we have to worry about. The laws may suck, but even if they do and are adequately promulgated we know when we are following them and when we are not.

        In your own state of Virginia, for instance, it is a crime to drive 10 mph over the speed limit. That might suck but if a VSP trooper tickets you for genuinely doing 10 or 11 over it is still a legitimate bust.

        So “law enforcement” is not the issue. The real issue is the ability of cops to engage in discretionary violence and essentially make shit up as they see fit with little to any consequences.

        The video below is entirely worth watching. It demonstrates that cops literally know fuck-all about the law, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights — including a lieutenant with 27 years of experience. They just do whatever they feel like and as long as it doe not get them in trouble with their chain of command they get away with it. They get qualified immunity, and if they get sued the taxpayer foots the bill. The idea that the cops are “law enforcement” is fiction — they are goons and overlords with special privileges to fuck you up. The “law” is merely a canard.

        The problem is not enforcing the letter of the law, the problem is that cops can invent accusations, that the process is the punishment, and if the cop is 100% wrong and the accused is found 100% not guilty, the accused still has to bankrupt himself with legal fees, potentially lose his job, and be slandered in the media with false accusations.

        Here’s a similar case:

        • ” if a VSP trooper tickets you for genuinely doing 10 or 11 over it is still a legitimate bust.”
          If one considers a psychopath in the State government deciding how fast one may go is a “legitimate” law.
          We live in anarchy daily. There is no fleet of cops around to enforce a school zone. Neither is there one at the mouth of your cull de sac keeping drivers from going 80 mph down it. We do that, without any law or goons with guns.

    • Free people would not put anyone in power. They would hire and fire them at will. Such is not the nature of government. All of which are dependent upon the assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. I don’t think power corrupts so much as it attracts the corrupt and the corruptible.
      “Who would build the roads if not for government?”
      The same people, only better and cheaper.
      “Who would abuse and kill the people if not for the police?”
      A few criminals who are an inconvenience compared to government.
      In fact, in several big blue cities, such are encouraged by government, to the point they are a protected class, and a bit more than an inconvenience, being in fact agents of the state.

  14. To the extent there were any decent ones, they found fraternity in the Oath Keepers. OK have been labeled as doh-mahs-tak-terrists by prez potato and his ilk.

  15. Absolutely everything you wrote here is true. But who would ever enact these changes? Certainly not the AGW establishment itself. Nor the leviathan predator structure it serves. We’re much too far down the road of militarism and totalitarianism for peaceful change.

    • I agree Bill. Since half the nation thinks the other half are domestic terrorists, It’s hard to see how this works out well. I think the closest we get to peaceful change is FedGov and State bankruptcy, and that won’t be very peaceful either. They won’t give up their perks and privileges easily.


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