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Not American Express. Not even a radar detector – though that is much more important than any credit card.

A camera. To record what you didn’t do – and what AGWs do. It might not only save you from getting a ticket – it might just save your life.

As here:

A Texas motorist captured video of an AGW on a motorcycle who did what AGWs often do to intimidate motorists who’ve broken no law – tailgate them – which is either a vehicular dominance display or an attempt to fluster the motorist and get them to do something they can be “cited” (i.e., mulcted) for such as a tire touching the painted line (i.e., “weaving,” sufficient pretext to stop the motorist for a “check”).

The motorists records this – and what follows – which includes the biker AGW riding well above the speed limit he murderously mulcts others for exceeding, hogging the left lane/refusing to yield and then practically stopping in the middle of the highway to brake check the motorist behind him – a reckless act that would have incited a severe Hut! Hut! Hutting! if the motorist had done it to the AGW.

As the video of this encounter rolls, we see the AGW appear to remove his name tag – an ominous sign. We also see the AGW pull over the motorist and attempt to gas light him. The AGW is bellicose and characterizes the driver’s actions as illegal/dangerous – all while keeping his murderous hand on his pistol.

But the motorist stands his ground and informs the AGW that he has the whole thing on film, including the tailgating that initiated the adventure and the subsequent speeding (85 in a 65, apparently – a “reckless” driving cite in some states) as well as the actually reckless stopping in the middle of the road to assert his Authoritah.

The AGW’s “supervisor” appears and a conclave ensues. The “supervisor” is polite and within a few moments the man is allowed to proceed on his way without having been mulcted, Tazered or shot.

Because he filmed the whole sequence.

Inarguable, incontestable proof of the AGW’s illegal actions as well as his psychiatric problems.

The motorcycle AGW can be diagnosed as an angry, vengeful, control freak thug – probably someone with a borderline personality. And someone with a government-issued badge and gun.

He clearly sees himself as not merely a law unto himself but above the law – and to question his Authoritah is to invite a murderous response (note the hand on the gun).

Had the man in the car not clearly had the video goods on the goon, this encounter would almost certainly have gone very differently.

The AGW would probably have claimed that the motorist was “reckless” and “threatened his safety.” At the very least, the motorists would have been issued a variety of extortion notes (“tickets”) and it is not unlikely the AGW would have drawn his pistol, shot the man and claimed he “feared for his safety.”

It is pretty clear from the video clip that the AGW was itching to mete out some curbside “justice.”

And – absent the video – his version of events would have been taken as probative on the theory that AGWs never quibble or lie and don’t abuse their Authoritah.

Which of course, they do all the time, both small and large scale.

AGWs routinely exceed the speed limit we’re required to obey and punished for not obeying; they almost never wear the seat belts we’re forced by them to wear. And they routinely abuse people under color of law – using their badge and the threat of state-sanctioned summary execution which it confers (there’s no appeal from the morgue) to do so.

Even when they are caught on film doing it, there are rarely repercussions – and if there are, they are almost always much milder than they would be if a non-AGW had been caught red-handed (and on film) doing exactly the same thing. As here.

This AGW will not be arrested. He will not be charged with reckless driving or menacing/brandishing his weapon. No doubt, he is still on the road, “serving” his borderline personality’s lust to dominate and abuse people who aren’t legally allowed to defend themselves physically.

However, a camera – and live-stream to the Internet – is still a potent form of defense. It may be the one thing that gives a psychopath with a badge and a gun pause. Keeps his gun in its holster.

And you in one piece.

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    • Yep. Our city is financially and morally bankrupt. But at least our mayor is of a social-justice approved skin color.

  1. A bit off subject. Just completed a certification course on “Use of Deadly Force.” Taught by a guy that has 18 accreditations (NRA, Homeland Security, Harvard Law, American Bar Assoc., Massad Ayoob Group, etc, etc.).

    Takeaway: If you (Average Citizen) have to use deadly force in ANY situation, with ANY weapon you are SCREWED!. Legal defense fees will be $100-200k (NOT counting Civil that will wipe you out).

    Meanwhile, the AGW can shoot anyone holding a butter knife because “they feel threatened.” No problem. No penalties.

    • Hi D,

      Yup. That’s also the case in VA. I have a concealed carry permit. VA law requires me to retreat – and if I use a gun to protect myself, I had better be able to establish without question that my life was in imminent danger. My feeling that my “safety” was “threatened” will not cut it.

      Why does it cut for AGWs?

      Another question that deserves an answer.

      They have effectively been given a license to kill. People ought to be troubled by what that implies.

    • The NRA has taken over most ranges. Last one I attended the ‘certified with papers NRA range lord soy boy’ walked through with a gun holstered on his leg telling everyone what a bad ass he was in Afghanistan, I was cleaning my weapon from the last volley, he jumped all over me for having the weapon, unloaded and 10 feet from the shooters area during a pause to go check targets. I left and haven’t been back. I doubt the ahole ever saw what I consider combat.

      The NRA assisted in writing many of the ‘common sense gun laws’ so they are a fraud. They are just after the money, I get a request to join every three months. The Gun Owners of America are good to go but they re ignored for the most part. What little these organizations do to help the situation the massive indoctrination in the education and media counteract 24 and 7. Privately owned guns will be history soon. Look around the world,,, if a country like UK makes knives illegal then it goes without saying that guns are no problem. The meek and wimpy citizenry in the US where half or more live on some sort of government largess will go with whatever the government says.

      • If the TPTB could confiscate the Aussies’ guns, what makes you think they can’t or won’t confiscate ours? More than any other nation, the Aussies had a tradition of rugged individualism and self-reliance; they’re one of the nations most like ours in terms of history and culture. If they could lose their guns, then it can, and I think probably will, happen here. I think it’s more a question of WHEN, not if, at this point…

      • The NRA is one of the most influential GUN CONTROL organizations in the world! It was they who got the CCLs passed in the early days. IIRC, they were in favor of the 1968 GCA. I could go on, but you get my point…

      • The problem is with the good White Christian police departments that decide to send their people there for training. To my knowledge nobody is forcing them to do so.

  2. What kind of camera should one have? I don’t have a smart phone, so what can I do? What do I use for the car? What do I use when I’m riding?

    • All on ebay – everything for about $100 and an hour install – plenty of videos how to tap into the rain sensor – no wires show


      Connecting the power from the rain sensor – Car-Truck-Dash-Cam-Hard-Wire-Mini-USB-Charger-Power-Supply-12V-24V-to-5V-2-1A

      memory card –

      This is video from mine –

      I also have one in the rear window as well powered by the same power supply with a wire run through the headliner.

        • Thank you! Next time I encounter an AGW, I want to assert my rights, such as to not answer questions. However, I don’t want to be KILLED for merely asserting my rights…

  3. Watched the video twice,,, where is the part where the cop is following him too close? This entire video shows him following the cop fairly close assuming speeds of 80+. As a motorcycle rider I would consider him way too close at those speeds. Maybe I am missing something but without that video of the cop tailgating him we just have his word.

    I don’t like the way the police have became but without that part of the video it appears he was harassing the cop.


    • I have little doubt what he says happened before hand. But what he did after was stupid. Sure it is an understandable reaction but with a cop it can get a person killed. Just let the cops go and follow a 1/4 mile or more behind.

      Given Chicago following distance standards it doesn’t seem he was all that close until just before he got pulled over.

      • Hey Brent…..

        I have had people do basically that to me when I pass them up entering a freeway where they seem to have a death wish wanting to merge at 45/50mph. They have approached me rapidly from behind and beside giving me the finger shaking their fists and jerking toward me. With my wife with me and on a bike I meekly pull over and wait a minute. Now what I want to do would land me in jail but common sense has prevailed…… so far.

        The guy in the video obviously had a hard on for this cop. The cop was obviously in a hurry and had no intentions of ticketing anyone. I have had many cops do the same to me when apparently they were called for help. I had one pass me in the turn lane and I was already doing ten over. I assume they got a call. Yes, it upset me but not enough to get killed or kill someone chasing recklessly after him.

        IMO The guy in the car was having a fit of road rage and endangering everyone on the road. He could have gotton the cops license plate and time of event and took that to the police station to make a complaint.

        The cop may have been an ahole but we don’t know because the video is missing and even then we don’t know the entire circumstances of the situation. Personally…… I think he bluffed the cops. lol

        As for following another vehicle,,, I don’t know the Chicago distance standards (1 inch?) but I keep a saaaaaaaaaaafe (apologies Eric) distance especially in today’s times when drivers learn on a simulator and ‘maybe’ take a test in the High School parking lot. Yes, I am an old man (70) but I have done this since I first rode at the tender age of 12. I did all the unsaaaaafe stuff back then on the track.

  4. Fuck the police.

    Cops act like this because a critical mass of Americans are cowardly vindictive instinctive bootlickers whose cognitive dissonance prevents them from recognizing the cops ARE the dirty criminals from which they protection.

  5. Here is something my dash camera caught in 2016 – I dutifully forwarded it to the local news outlets – no one was interested… shocking

    Dashcam video link:
    I thought you might be interested in the following dash camera footage of an NYPD Officer’s Road Rage on the Belt Parkway this past Saturday that could very easily have proven deadly.

    I was going to see my friend Saturday evening, 12/10/2016 around 11pm when two NYPD SUVs sped past me doing in excess of 70 MPH without any emergency lights. Just after the Verrazano Bridge exit, they went behind a jeep going under the speed limit in the fast lane. One NYPD SUV put his emergency lights on, then passed in the middle lane, the second NYPD SUV then did the same – but re-entered the fast lane in front of the car that had been going beneath the speed limit- AND CAME TO A FULL STOP IN THE FAST LANE NEARLY CAUSING A MULTIPLE CAR CHAIN ACCIDENT WITH AT LEAST THREE AUTOMOBILES TRAVELING AT HIGHWAY SPEED THAT LIKELY WOULD HAVE BEEN FATAL – Had anyone been behind me when I had to stop and they had been traveling at the speed limit of 50MPH – I would be in the hospital or morgue right now-
    Under VISION ZERO innocent people are being arrested for accidents – not deliberately trying to cause them on highways in NYPD SUVs.

    The NYPD SUV that deliberately tried to cause a high speed accident on the Belt Parkway License plate was NYPD 5526 is clearly visible in the video.

    If this had been a civilian doing this and was observed by a police officer, the citizen would have faced multiple tickets and possible arrest for reckless endangerment at the least.

    It is clear in the video that there was no emergency, and absolutely no basis for conducting such a reckless traffic stunt at highway speeds.

    As the driver who was directly behind this near accident, the one thing I can say that the video does not convey is how frightening it is to be forced to stop from highway speed with no warning that any experienced driver could have deduced and to further be in fear of being hit from behind at highway speed. All of this caused by the reckless acts of NY City Police Officers.

    If this is how these police conduct themselves behind the wheels of lethal two ton vehicles, imagine the danger they pose with firearms.

    • I drive (and bike) with every expectation that any cop I see will do stuff like this. The reason being is that I’ve seen all sorts of crap from cops. There isn’t a news story here because it is so commonplace. The funny thing is that it has dramatically decreased for me since I started having a camera ride shotgun. But that probably is explained by different driving patterns or maybe they do see the camera. I don’t know.

    • Hi X,

      Yup. “Coonman,” indeed. If he weren’t a liberal Democrat, he’d be rooming with Harvey Weinstein. Also, the Lt. Governor, who has been accused by several women of rape. How come we’re not “listening” to those women?

      It’s probably inevitable that they will come for the guns of people – like me – who’ve never committed any crime with a gun – or otherwise. If you haven’t got enough criminals, create them.

      In the same manner that it arbitrarily became illegal “speeding” to drive faster than 55 on the same roads that, the day before the new law went into effect, had speed limits of 65 or 70 or 75 – it will become felonious to own a “high capacity” magazine that was legally bought and never used for any malign purpose.

      Northam is an example of an upright cockroach, but without the useful purpose that roaches serve.

      • 2 outstanding facts of “Coonman”s bullshit statements. 1: If tightening the enforcement of existing laws would be putting more pressure on people of color, then he must alredy be assuming that people of color are committing these crimes.
        2: The shooter was a: a criminal who was already ignoring existing laws to commit a crime, and b: was a GOVT WORKER!

        Ass-Hat politicians like this are what make local govt just as bad, if not worse, than the high-and-mighty untouchables in D.C. This Dumbocrat’s apparent agenda is to make headlines at a State level in order to get higher in the “food chain” at the Federal level.
        Change the color of their “costumes” and their “party pins” and we are back in 1936 Berlin!

        • Not only was the shooter a government “worker”… he was trained by the U.S. military to kill people. Funny how many of the mass shooters have that in common, like the guy at Thousand Oaks, the Texas church shooter, the Navy Yard shooter, the Dallas cop shooter, etc., etc. you could make a pretty long list going all the way back to the UT Austin shooter in 1966 and Howard Unruh in 1949…

  6. It seems that a lot of the newer AGW’s are muscle bound gym rats who are waiting to explode at any givin moment. Would many of them be pumped up on the ‘roids? If so, why are they not tested like athletes are and suspended if tested positive? Having authority and being hyper aggressive are an imminent danger to the public at large.

    • Hi Allen,

      My 50 on this is that the “work” attracts borderline personality types. As a thought exercise, I considered the prospect of becoming a part-time deputy in my county; the extra money would be very helpful (leaving aside the matter of where it came from; this being a thought exercise). But then I thought about the “work” I’d be required to do – including the manning of “checkpoints” and radar traps. I could never involve myself in such activities, regardless of the money.

      What sort of person could?

      The answer is a person who isn’t troubled by hassling innocent people. Whether for some “greater good”or just because he enjoys or simply doesn’t care – it’s all Bad News.

      It is my opinion that no basically humane and thoughtful person can stomach the “work” AGWs perform. Ergo, you get nihilistic rule-quoters, order barkers and control freaks and bullies and outright psychopaths.

      It inheres in the nature of the thing.

    • Security cameras saved one man from 7 years in prison for “attempted murder of a police officer” the arresting cop spent one day in jail for framing an innocent man -Cop Sentenced To Four Days For Bogus Arrest Of Sheepshead Bay Man

      by Ned Berke on Feb 12th, 2013
      John Hockenjos, an MTA worker, was charged with reckless endangerment for allegedly try to run over a police officer.
      Hockenjos in front of the courthouse. (Source:
      YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: A cop who falsely claimed that a Sheepshead Bay man tried to run him down in a car was sentenced to four days in prison – only one day more than his victim was locked up based on the officer’s bogus charges.
      Officer Diego Palacios pleaded guilty at a hearing on Thursday in Brooklyn Supreme Court in exchange for a sentence of four days and his resignation from the New York City Police Department, the District Attorney’s office told Sheepshead Bites.
      The three-day sentence has Palacios’s victim, East 23rd Street resident John Hockenjos, furious – and afraid for his safety.
      “This individual spends four days in prison, with no probation, and he gets out of jail today or tomorrow and he’s a free man to do whatever he wants,” Hockenjos told Sheepshead Bites. “And I have to be in pure fear that there could be retribution. I should not be in this position; there should at least be probation.”

      Palacios arrested Hockenjos in February 2012, saying on a police report that Hockenjos drove his car at “a high rate of speed” towards the officer in an attempt to hit him, forcing him “to jump out of the way.” Hockenjos was charged with felony reckless endangerment and spent three days behind bars before making bail.
      Video of Hockenjos pulling into the driveway and being arrested.
      Hockenjos could have lost his freedom for seven years. Surveillance video from Hockenjos’ home, though, cleared his name. The video shows Hockenjos slowly pulling into the driveway and stopping several feet away from the officers. Hockenjos and his wife got out of the car to talk to the police. The officer did not budge, as he had claimed.
      In June, a grand jury indicted Palacios for offering a false instrument for filing, falsifying business records, making an apparently sworn false statement, perjury and making a punishable false written statement. He was also charged with official misconduct.
      According to Hockenjos, four days in prison is no more than just a slap on the wrist for the man who nearly took everything from him.
      “It looks like he really did nothing. It’s almost as if someone was charged with shoplifting, like picking up a pack a gum from the drug store,” Hockenjos said. “It’s like my life, all of my assets, my reputation is worth just a pack of gum. That’s what they’re saying.”
      Even more galling, Hockenjos said, is that the assistant District Attorney on the case, Elizabeth Moehle, abandoned all the usual courtesies for the victim in prosecuting the case. Hockenjos said he wasn’t told about Thursday’s hearing until after the fact, and the District Attorney’s office never ran the plea deal by him.
      “I started crying right away,” Hockenjos said of hearing news of the deal last week. “I’m afraid now. What’s going to happen to me?”
      Though not required by law, the District Attorney’s office said that as a matter of policy, their office seeks the victim’s approval for all plea deals.
      A spokesperson for District Attorney Charles Hynes told Sheepshead Bites that Hockenjos did give the thumbs up to the deal.
      “We never do a plea unless the victim agrees to it. So that actually happened,” said Hynes spokesperson Sandy Silverstein.
      Hockenjos said the only previous plea agreements discussed were in the early stages, when he was told the officer was likely to face three years.
      “They said it would be three years, I thought it should be five. We had different opinions, but at least the order of magnitude is correct. To give him four days – one day more than I spent in prison – for the things he did to me is out of this world. It’s unreasonable,” said Hockenjos.
      Hockenjos and his wife, Irena, say they live in fear that Palacios and his former colleagues at the 61st Precinct will seek retribution. Since the initial arrest, they’ve been afraid to call officers to report suspicious activity, or to protect them in an ongoing property dispute with a neighbor, who they claim has physically attacked them in the past.
      “Now police officers can just shoot us to death and they won’t even face jail time, they’ll just resign from the police department,” Irena said. “This is very scary. I’m afraid to stay in the house; I’m afraid to step out.”
      On the occasions that they have called 911, police have arrived only to shout at Irena Hockenjos, she said, and their complaints to the Internal Affairs Bureau have gone unanswered. They have also confronted the precinct’s former commanding officer, to no avail, they said.
      “The 61st Precinct officers, they know what happened, and they know they can do whatever they want,” said John Hockenjos.
      The NYPD’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. This post will be updated if a comment is received.
      Correction (5:43 p.m.): The original version of this story spelled the officer’s name incorrectly. It has since been amended. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

      • NYC to pay nearly $175G settlement to MTA engineer falsely arrested by Brooklyn cop

        DEC 02, 2015 | 8:24 AM

        NYC to pay nearly $175G settlement to MTA engineer falsely arrested by Brooklyn cop
        John Hockenjos was accused of pulling into his driveway at “a high rate of speed,” forcing a cop to “jump” out of the way. He later proved the cop made up the claims, and won a nearly $175G settlement from the city. (Jesse Ward/Jesse Ward for New York Daily Ne)
        The city will pay a $174,250 settlement to an MTA engineer falsely arrested by a Brooklyn cop who will also contribute cash out of his own pocket for the blatant misconduct caught on videotape, the Daily News has learned.
        John Hockenjos, 59, was charged with reckless driving by Officer Diego Palacios who had claimed in court papers that Hockenjos pulled into his driveway at a “high rate of speed” causing the cop to “jump out of the way” on Feb. 5, 2012.
        Hockenjos’ wife Irena was a passenger in the car and was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.
        After spending three days behind bars, Hockenjos returned to his Sheepshead Bay home and retrieved the footage from a surveillance camera which showed his car pulling into the driveway at a snail’s pace and Palacios not even flinching when the car slowly stopped.
        The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office took one look at the video and dropped the charges against Hockenjos — and arrested Palacio for falsifying official records.
        Palacios pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of making a false statement and was sentenced to four days in jail — one more day than the man he fabricated charges against. He resigned from the NYPD.
        Hockenjos and his wife will each receive $87,125 from the city, sources said. Palacios represented himself in the suit and agreed to pay $750 and Sgt. Victor Pal who verified the arrest must must kick in $5,000, under the terms of the settlement filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. The sergeant was not prosecuted.
        Hockenjos’ lawyer did not return a call for comment.
        A Law Department spokesman said the settlement was in the best interest of the city.

      • hire BLM as body guards. they have no problem killing cops. just make sure your payments are NOT directly to the BLM members but directly to Patrisse Khan-Cullors and are declared ‘contributions’ and let her pick which of her thugs will be used to defend you from the dirty pigs.


        • Hi Maxine,

          In re “defund the police”:

          The problem, fundamentally, isn’t the police. It is the existence of excuses for policing. All of the victim-free “crimes” and “offenses” that provide the legal pretext for an armed government worker (AGW) to interfere with people who aren’t causing any harm to others by their actions. If there were no crimes except those that were defined by a victim – a real human being actually harmed in some way by the actions of another – then probably two-thirds of the “policing” currently done would simply disappear and so would AGWs. Instead, we’d have keepers of the peace, people employed to pursue actual criminals – which very few of us are.


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