“Indignities to an AGW”

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There is a law on the books to cover pretty much everything, but when there isn’t, just make one up to suit.

It covers all the bases and makes de facto what isn’t – yet – de jure: That the law is whatever those who enforce it claim it is, even when it isn’t.

And you’d better obey.

An example – one of many readily viewable on YouTube and elsewhere – popped up the other day. A student in North Carolina was pulled over by an AGW for “Indignities to an AGW.”

The man said, oink! oink! to the AGW as he drove by.

This is not illegal. But the affronted AGW made up a law – “Indignities to an AGW” – and used threats of murderous violence (inherent in every stop by an AGW, it is important to keep in mind) to teach the man a lesson about failing to show proper – though not legally required – respect and deference to an AGW.

Hand on her government-issued gun, the mirrored-sunglass wearing enforcer of non-laws demands the man surrender his papers.

The man initially stands his ground, refusing to provide them – his license – since as he very correctly points out to the AGW, who ought to know the law – AGWs can’t just pull people over and demand their papers unless the AGW has a lawful reason to make the stop.

“Indignities to an AGW” can be found nowhere on the books.

The AGW – a “law enforcement officer,” as they prefer to be styled- simply made up a law and then enforced it.

This is a crime – and should be treated as such – but almost never is.

For some ineffable reason, “law-enforcing” AGWs are routinely caught on film making up laws, as here, and then enforcing them – without any legal repercussions.

It is astonishing. Outrageous.

Of all the people who ought to “know the law” – as ordinary people are often told they are obliged to – AGWs ought to know it better.

And they certainly ought to be held at least as responsible for breaking the law as we are.

This is not merely ignorance of the law; it is abuse of the law. The worst sort because exercised by someone with a gun, empowered by the government to use it to summarily enforce whatever law they make up.

Remember that every encounter with an AGW is under duress. There is always the implied threat of murderous violence.

They know it – and leverage it.

This explains why the man gave in to the illegal demand of the AGW and surrendered his papers rather than just told her oink! oink! and drove away. If he had done that, the AGW probably would have Hut! Hut! Hutted! him.

Possibly to death, while squealing about her “safety” and the “threat” the man presented.

In the aftermath, the man – assuming he survived – would likely have received a settlement, paid by the tax cattle of his state/county on behalf of the AGW. But he might not have survived and so, like most of us, he submitted to the illegal demands of this armed stranger, whose porcine ego had been affronted, even though no law had been violated.

If oink! oink! is now a crime, how about a frown? “Failure to smile,” perhaps?

Whatever your view of the laws being enforced these days, hopefully everyone can agree there is no justifying the enforcement of laws which don’t exist – regardless of the hurt feelings and bruised ego of an armed government worker.

It ought to go without saying that a person whose ego is so fragile that they will resort to bullying people whom they know (or ought to know) haven’t broken any laws but just because they can – because they are armed – is the sort of person who has as much business carrying a loaded weapon as a pedophile priest has being in a kindergarten.

. . .

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    • Hi CB,

      I have suggested to radar detector manufacturers that, rather than beeps and chirps to alert you to a radar trap, the detector issue forth squeals and grunts. Wouldn’t that be great?

      • eric, the first Escort Detectors had an entertaining oink, oink, oink type of sound that we all loved, a sound like a pig grunting. I had a wonderful nearly 6 year run of no tickets from the first part of 80 till 86 when Texas got instant-on radar.

  1. Eric,
    Two options: 1. Do not poke the bear. Be the grey man and live in obscurity. 2. Know your rights and poke the bear. Have a lawyer on speed dial, be prepared to spend 24 hours in prison with all types of misguided children, and have a shit ton load of $$$ to cover court fees. I do option #1 after numerous confrontations with “the MAN”. Police carry the full weight of the local/state/federal government to enforce law and order. You are a statistic.

  2. It’s amazing to see some that get into law enforcement that when issued a gun and badge to see their heads swell to the size of a beach ball. There are some good and decent people in the profession, but not many. I do see many young men in uniform that are ripped like body builders. Just wondering if they like professional athletes are ever tested for steroids. I’d wager many of them are and roid rage would make them just as dangerous as most criminals.

    • It was interesting to hear the opinion of my bro-in-law, a Deputy Sheriff’s lieutenant, as to the locally-famed college footy-ball team, which he doesn’t hold in much esteem. Reason? He’s had so many of them in HIS jail! Read into that what you will.

  3. Don’t be naive. This shit has been going on for decades and only with the advent of the video in a phone has it come to be witnessed by the masses. Unfortunately, no matter how many times one shows this kind of illegal behavior to the masses of society, they still cling to the belief that the people with guns that enforce their rulers laws are there for their saaaaaaafffftttyyyyy!


    • Maybe so but I just never saw cops being a-holes until the 1990s. Even had a funny incident with guns drawn over apparent mistaken identity, but they were cool and calm about it. But I did high-tail it out of there shortly afterward just in case whoever they were really looking for actually did come around (this was back before my always armed days).

      I got into a fairly stern but polite argument with “Barney” back in 1979 about a school zone sign concealed by overgrown willow bushes. I guess he thought I was supposed to skid tires to slow down BEFORE I passed the sign. Anyway, he backed down and mumbled something about a “warning.” I suppose they would just shoot me today?

    • Hi Adam,

      Yes it has, but it’s getting worse. Specific programs have produced predictable results. Legalized theft known as asset forfeiture causes police departments to prioritize pretext stop harassment over solving crimes or protecting people from criminals. This is a rational response to an economic incentive. Access to cheap military equipment and the intentional favoritism given to returning military encourages a “warrior cop” mentality and provides the toys necessary for “play”. The Federal equitable sharing program renders most legislative attempts to curb asset forfeiture moot because all the cops have to do is turn the stolen loot over to the Feds, who then give most of the “laundered” loot back to the department.

      This scam is detailed here: https://ij.org/report/policing-for-profit/federal-equitable-sharing/

      All of this crap is a product of the drug war.

      Radley Balko’s book, “Rise of the Warrior Cop” is excellent. Here’s a link to one of his shorter talks on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMRqOBQqsOo


    • Something is very different. Even on shows like “COPS!” we can see the behavioral change when they are supposed to be on their best behavior.

        • I think cops is off the air. But the first season to last shows a lot. A few years ago I caught a first or second season of cops in rerun. It was like a window into a lost world. The segment I remember was a drunk guy who was agitated and he had a gun in his apartment. Cop allows the neighbor to lock up the gun until the guy sobers up. People say but the cops in COPS know they are being filmed, and my response is exactly, that’s a constant so we can see what best behavior became over time.

          What little I saw of live PD seemed stupid so I changed the channel.

  4. Morning eric. I will try to post this link Free Talk Live that has some interesting alternatives….as I get it, to Google. I may be completely wrong about this but take a look. Everyone take a look. I’m not exactly the expert on these things. Anyway, hopefully, if WP doesn’t deem it Spam: http://freetalklive.com

  5. In all seriousness, though one has a First Amendment right to do what this kid did, it may not be wise to EXERCISE it in the presence of an AGW. Rule #1 when dealing with AGWs is this: don’t! Avoid AGWs at all costs; if one doesn’t have contact with them, one cannot be endangered by them. As Eric often points out, encounters with AGWs can hazardous to one’s health; they are often hazardous to the point of being lethal. Ergo, avoidance is the best policy when it comes to AGWs.

    Please understand that I’m not advocating being servile to AGWs; I’m not saying we should kiss their asses. However, it is unwise to deliberately antagonize them. It’s like grabbing a dog by the ears; nothing good can come from it. To me, it’s begging for trouble unnecessarily. Eric, why do you run your radar detector? To avoid unnecessary contact with AGW, right? The same principle applies here. If you do not HAVE to have contact with an AGW, don’t. For Pete’s sake, don’t go LOOKING for trouble like this young man did! Is it right that this is the case? No, but it is the REALITY. When it comes to AGWs, avoid them at all costs. The life you save may be your own-both figuratively and literally…

    • Hi Mark,

      I don’t disagree with your practical counsel. However, it is still outrageous – a measure of our oppression – that we have to fear repercussions for saying “oink” or flipping the bird to an AGW.

      When Mittens Romney came to my area during his run for the Decidership, I got caught in a mighty traffic jam while his Royal Entourage passed. I got off my bike and flipped the bus he was in the bird.

      Of course, he wasn’t yet Decider – and that’s probably why I wasn’t Hut! Hut! Hutted!

      • I agree; it IS outrageous that we have to fear repercussions for exercising our First Amendment rights. That said, it’s not going to change any time soon, and contacts with AGWs are dangerous. Ergo, it’s best to avoid AGWs at all costs.

      • Ok, well than I don’t feel so bad about what I did when Obama came to the Lone Star State.

        I did the same as you mentioned Eric, but had the whole overpass to myself when all the black Tahoe’s took over the interstate.

        There was a roar from the crowd when I did that, so I ran to my car and tried to disappear into some neighborhoods.

        But no one came for me. (yet?)

        • Farmer, I need a Shiner Bohemian Black Lager after that. It upset my stomach. Just knowing the SOB crossed the Red River makes my skin crawl.

          Maybe I should repeat what the Red Raider said…..Guns Up!!

      • Be assured that if “Murica” had placed “Mittens” in the White House, and you were a persistent critic, the Secret Service would have the video footage of you making that “hostile” gesture. Would a couple of “Gubmint” spooks show up and do the “Nacht und Nebel” thing on you? Probably not…there are ‘vays’ to deal with your dissension which would have had Herr Himmler blowing his wad in his shorts that “Homeland Security” and the Secret Service have these days.

        (1) Likely your ISP and web site hosting service would pull out on you for “violations of terms of service”, and good luck getting a replacement.
        (2) You’d likely start finding all sorts of strange apps mysteriously appearing on your “sail fawn” and computing devices, and the damn things would slow to a crawl.
        (3) When going to get refinancing on your home or purchasing a car, you’d get denied because for some unexplained reason, there’s really damning stuff on your credit report which makes no sense (e.g., you’d have a steady, healthy income and always met your obligations). And that’s assuming they haven’t confused you with ANOTHER “Eric Peters” whom owes years of back child support to three different women, and placed a lien on your property and emptied your bank account, leaving it up to you to prove you’re NOT THAT GUY.
        (4) You’d likely not sleep well after the THIRD time that the cops/DEA/ATF shows up at your home at 4:01 AM, and when you groggily answer and demand to see the search warrant, they push you down into the mud and cuff you, and have a burly deputy place his boot on your neck for an hour while they tear up your place in search of whatever they say they’re looking for…and IF they don’t ensure that “something” WILL be found, good luck getting the department or the Feds to pay for the damages!
        (5) When you decide to fly somewhere, mysteriously you appear on the “No Fly” list, or, if not that, YOU are “randomly” selected for the anal-probing search before you’re allowed to board the aircraft.
        (6) And last, but certainly not the least, the IRS seems to think you’re their greatest case since Al Capone. Can’t find something to substantiate the expenses of that business trip you took in 1993? Well, with the back taxes, penalties, and interest, that should, conveniently for them, amount to the gross product of Loudon County, VA.

        Somewhere down in the nether regions ol’ Heinrich is laughing his demented ass off at we “shtupid Amerikanen”…”Dey zink dot dey von der War, but dey iss chust like dey zaid ve vass!”.

    • MM, a guy I used to work with had a wife who was scared shitless of the cops. Her counsel was “don’t look at them”. That was her total advice. I can’t disagree. Yep, I know what the laws are and I know what one of them might do…..so I say…..Just don’t look at them.

      • I only look at them enough (out of my peripheral vision) to know where they are. When predators are present, it’s best to be situationally aware…

        • MM, someone suggested referring to them as “armed govt. parasites” but I have been referring to them for some time now, many years in fact, as “armed govt. predators” which is exactly what they are.

          All the videos bother me but the ones like where the cop pulls over a 17 year old for nothing, maybe he flashed his lights cause piggy was blinding him. He got hutted and beaten with no resistance and after the cop knocked him down, he shot him 7 times in the back, lying on the pavement. Verdict…..not guilty. This shows what cowards do when in a court and supposed to be judging a case on its merits.


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