Cops Detain Man for Suspicion of Smoking Tobacco, Ticket Him for Loitering After They Won’t Let Him Leave

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In a valiant effort to maintain public safety and order, Officer Race, Badge ID 6856, put her own life on the line and approached Mr. X. Her reasoning for conducting herself in such an heroic manner? She suspected Mr. X was smoking a cigarette, outside!! The horror! Luckily taxpayer money was being used to pay Officer Race and the two other officers to protect the rest of society from this horrible man.

Obviously there is a tinge of sarcasm in the previous paragraph and that was used to shed light on the utter stupidity of taxpayer money being used to shakedown innocent people. This gentleman had done absolutely nothing wrong yet three officers felt it necessary to detain, harass, and ticket him.

Who exactly are the police protecting in the video below? Who are they serving? It is time we start asking these questions more often.



  1. Looks like there are way too many of these Stasi with nothing better to do than harass us mundanes. I agree with Eric’s comment, and it’s certainly true in my area, that most of the coptards are the school bullies who couldn’t get honest work if their life depended on it. The best part is that these douchebags are paid with money extorted from us as taxes. As this shit continues to escalate I hope enough of the sheeple wake up from the anesthesia of TV and “sports” to recognize we’re all prisoners, just haven’t gotten caged yet.

  2. Based on the video, I do not see any cause for the ticket/paper given to this individual.

    The officer gave “something” to him. I am guessing that it was due to him not immediately cowering before her authority and not answering her questions in an approved manner.

    I hope this individual is able to successfully fight this ticket.

  3. If things would just level off even, instead of deteriorating so quickly…

    The formerly female coptard is quite striking. It makes you re-examine the formerly male one in closer detail. One more generation in isolation, and Homo Fortisimo will become completely infertile during breeding attempts with Homo Mundaman, and then what?

    Officer Was Not Seriously Hurt

    Private Prisons Suing States To Provide Enough Inmates

    Under TPP, Corporations & Nations Will Be Equivalent

  4. I am at a loss. Is it worth staying the course?

    Or better to get a divorce. Quit your job. Cancel all agreements and arrangements. End all contact with people you don’t know. Tell your kids goodbye and good luck. Move away to somewhere unknown. Give the family a few weeks without you. Then contact them, and make new arrangements on your terms, or just move on if there is no solution. Stop sanctioning this lunacy.

    Abandon the Marxian dictator Ship of the proletariat and swim away to some other shore. Any shore. No more nice guy. No more cable, internet, luxuries, shopping, activities, events, nice things of any kind. Just basic subsistence living and nothing more. You want it, you work for it, no exceptions.

    Mass transit. The city street. Private property. The highway. The outdoors. Almost everywhere. The American system is a lost cause. These contemptible pariahs are nobody. I never knew them. I don’t care what happens to any of them. I have more in common with the vermin of the field, or the insects of the air.

    Detain. Loiter. Ticket. Officer. I.D. Those letter assemblages have no meaning to me. I shit on anyone who even lets such poisonous concepts permeate their skulls and tries to assign them meaning. I’d rather be regaled with the tale of the Mother mosquito feeding her blood-sucking young. Or of Momma maggot opining on the best way to wriggle and writhe in the filth.

    That costumed thing, whatever it is. I hope it disappears. I hope come tomorrow, it ceases to exist. I hope no one looks at it. Or speaks to it. Or acknowledges it in any way.

    = The nation of America is generally considered to have ceased existence after the sinking of the Titanic on April 15th, 1912. All references and occurrences in the world record have since been purged and forgotten, following the Great World Reboot of 2014. No files or programs were saved, it was a complete reformat.

    No one today living has any recollection or memory of anything that occurred in that geographical location since that restore point in time in 2014. Something unspeakably awful occurred, whatever it was. If just froze up and stopped completely.

    Thankfully, whatever it was has ended, and never again resurfaced or been brought to the mind of any current human being. May they forever be erased and blotted out from this rich and bountiful world.

    There is nothing below Canada, nor anything above Mexico. Everyone understands that and accepts that. No one goes there. No one comes from there. It’s fine like that. It’s better this way.

    • They fit the profile, don’t they?

      Male cops: Overweight high school bully types. “Biff” from Back to the Future.

      Female cop: Overcompensating cunt who wants to be a man and loves being in a position to fuck with men.

      Did you notice they all had an extra gun holstered quick-draw style?

      They are indeed low IQ animals. They can’t even speak in complete sentences. Just grunts of disjointed gibberish always to the same effect: Do what I say.

      • Eric,
        The “extra gun” is a taser. They’re required to holster them like that since there were a few instances where some idiots drew their pistols instead and shot a citizen that they meant to tase.

        • Ah! Thanks for hipping me (us) to that!

          Into the Woods with all of them, though.

          This video is one of innumerable examples of the lording-it-over-the-peons Cretinhood that characterizes modern “law enforcement.”

          Any person who behaved as those douchebags did is a douchbag. QED.

      • Listen to her: “I asked if you were smoking, and you refused to give me the question.”

        Couldn’t expose her better as an idiot.
        And when did smoking outdoors become illegal?
        Low-level thug cops are a sure sign of bad times.

        • Hi Sarah,


          It’s a feedback loop. A person of moderate to high intelligence who find the idea of lording it over others repellent is not likely to hire on as a cop these days.

          On the other hand….

          • eric, don’t forget the sociopaths who may be very intelligent, just warped. The best thing going now is hire minorities and let them know they’re better than all those they think have wronged them or look down on them. It’s a good thing DOT has cameras pointing everywhere in their cars. Then again, you won’t find one in the middle of nowhere.

    • “The American system is a lost cause. ”
      This is the American system! And 95% of Americans with good jobs who pay taxes and vote support cops like these. That is why they always vote for more cops, everytime and always, MORE COPS.


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