Hero Cops detain Man At DUI Checkpoint Without Cause

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Hope all my fellow tax slaves had a wonderful 4th of July in the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave:


  1. This video has made the rounds on the Internet.

    Yes, the “Smokey” was abusive, but at least he was sincere in his search for contraband, even though he didn’t have probable cause to detain the young man for the phony “sniff”. His clumsiness in handling the situation tells me of the low standards of his department. Furthermore, the overt way he “cues” the dog would be a field day for any attorney seasoned in the use of “drug dogs”.

    The kid is lucky that the officer didn’t plant a small baggie of weed or a vial of “rock” to ensure that his “search” would be fruitful. Hence why he obeyed the primary rule that I preach re: law enforcement: record, Record, RECORD ALL encounters with the law! In this case, it merely revealed an incompetent and overbearing officer who is at least “honest”. Might it have to, someday, as was done in Baltimore, show the cops planting phony “evidence”? Such is the nature of today’s police state.

    • That link, TN blood sucking fest of rape, reads like it’s a martial law of occupation army propaganda document combined with a sick and twisted pep rally.

      The people in the article saying they are proud to be a part of this might as well just say they love destroying the country, smashing liberty and freedom, and enjoy ruining the lives of as many people as they can sink their teeth into. I’d bet they even enjoy kicking puppies, every chance they get.
      It’s the modern version of the worst of General Sherman’s Army.

      The thing about their statistics, which they Never mention is, of those who died while not wearing a seat belt, for how many of those would it have not made a lick of difference. I know of several in my state.

      And of those accidents where alcohol was involved, how many of those was alcohol actually a determining factor for the accident. There’s no mention of how many of those were just that, an accident.

      For most, I’d surmise they have no freaking clue.

      So they just lump them all together and the lap dog media passes it on without comment (no, that wouldn’t be ‘objective’, as if what they do now is) and regurgitates it everywhere.
      What’s even worse is all those people who eat it up without a second thought.
      Ick, I may just see soccer moms in a whole new light now.
      Soccer dads too, no doubt.

      Rah-rah team! Go!


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