She-Beast AGW Accosts Motorist

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If ever there was proof that it is possible for a person to “transition” from female to male – and perhaps be stuck in between – it is evident in the following video released by the victim of an Fayetteville, NC woman who was attacked by an Armed Government Worker of indeterminate sex but very determined to assert its Authoritah.

According to news coverage, the motorist had stopped to take photos of trash being dumped illegally on property owned by her boss – a legal activity. The Armed Government Worked showed up – excess testosterone and perhaps steroids pumping through “her” veins. When the woman in the car did not defer with sufficient servility to the Authoritah of the AGW, who looks as if “she” escaped from Dr. Moreau’s menagerie, she was violently Hut! Hut! Hutted! according to her lawyer.

“She” has bigger guns than Hulk Hogan. But – far more threatening – is the government issued badge it carries. Which endows it with the Authoritah to do things to other people – and get away with them – that none of us would get away with doing. Assuming we ever did them, which few of us ever do.

And – if we did – those we tried to do them to would have the right to resist. That is to, fight off the attack – and the law would be on our side. But, for reasons that make no sense, we are expected – are required – to submit to these thugs, just because they carry a badge.

And because they carry a gun.

. . .

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  1. We don’t really need cops. I live in a state with very few highway patrol harassing people on the interstates or anywhere else. You would think that there would be chaos and carnage on the highway in this state with 4.5 million people. There isn’t. With a posted speed limit of 75 mph, most people hang betweeen 80 and 85 (the same as it was with a 70 mph limit).

    Same in the city. I can’t think of a single crime that a cop has prevented.

    There are probably a few that they have witnessed and stopped, but compared to the number of calls they might get, it is negligible.

    There are a few that do good deeds, but most just sit there in wait to overreact. It’s not as bad in my state of Oklahoma as it is elsewhere, but who needs em?

    • Hi Swamp,

      Will Grigg used to refer to cops as “crime historians.” At best, they show up after the crime has been committed – and the criminal is gone – and take notes/file a report. How much crime – real crime – do cops actually prevent? Probably very little – especially in the case of communities where it isn’t a “crime” to own a gun and use it to defend yourself and your property against criminals.

      My area has very few cops – and very little crime. Probably because there are lots of guns.

      • They’re also just Armed Insurance Co. Workers. They show up to accidents (mostly fender benders) to determine who was at fault; they issue speeding tickets and other minor citations to allow insurance companies to milk more money out of you; they make sure you are paying your automotive insurance even if they don’t issue you a citation for rolling a stop sign in the middle of nowhere with no traffic. Which is pretty much the point of pulling someone over for rolling a stop sign… just checking to see if you are paying both their masters taxes (insurance and registration to your state government).

        And people wonder why I hate cops?

  2. Seems that nobody cares about police brutality unless the victim is black. Goon cops assault and shoot White people every day and they’re treated as heroes.

  3. The land of the free, where government goon squads can harass, intimidate, and assault you with impunity.

    This gets better when individuals are held accountable for damages. End qualified immunity.

  4. It’s Pat!

    “It was the boys against the girls and we won!” – Pat, SNL

    Think Rachel Levine.

    Some humans do have extra sex chromosomes. An XXY will exist. A haploid set of 23 chromosomes from a male human, a haploid set of 23 chromosomes from a female human, mutations do happen. Trisomy 13 will be a fully developed phenotype of a mentally deficient human, an XO will have female characteristics and be sterile.

    Mutations can make for freaks of nature.

    Simple answer: Don’t let them be law enforcers, the have issues.

  5. “I will not answer any questions, and I do not consent to any search.”
    The first and last words that should ever come out of your mouth when confronted by armed goons of the state.

  6. Around town I often come across the occasional yard sign embellished with a waving amerikan flag that says: “I Support the Police – THANK YOU!!”. And each time I do my innards start wrenching like I was gut punched. I cannot think of a rational justification for anyone to be able to make that claim, save those prejudicial people with a cop in the family. But that’s not any justification for claiming they support the whole bunch for the same reason that I’m not justified putting out a yard sign claiming: “All Cops are lazy & corrupt!!”

    Those others who don’t have personal acquaintances yet still persist to post those moronic placards apparently seem to think this is still the 1930’s, where cops were basically honest and actually did a good job chasing down & rounding up the bad guys, and they did it with respect & consideration for whom they served. Not every cop did back then mind you, just the majority. They were pretty much dedicated “public servants” in those days and truly knew & understood who the boss was. But that was THEN people, this is now.

    So I’d like to make a suggestion/request to those police-supporting yard sign addicts. How bout changing them to read “I Support Some of the Police”, or, “I Support My Brother-In-Law Who’s a Good Cop.” Because when you honestly assess the decades of police brutality, incompetence, malfeasance and god knows what else, how can you live with yourself claiming you support all police by your tacky & presumptive yard ornament?

    Not to be outdone here’s what my yard sign would look like if I were to display one:

    I support some cops, but oppose those who disrespect the public!
    I support cops who have moral character, but I hate crooked cops!
    I support cops who understand, uphold & enforce our constitutional rights!
    I support legitimate, honest, ethical & upstanding cops; all others should be fired immediately, and prosecuted, jailed, and asset stripped if warranted!”

    That about covers it.

    • I think a lot of the people that put those signs up are hoping to get a free pass if they ever get stopped by an AGW….not that he/she/it would remember the address. Same with bumper stickers. Both make me gag.


        A list could be built from that:

        Etc… etc… etc…

        Reminds me of a line from an insurance commercial:

        “It’s More money, in your pocket”

  7. And another thing….I’m pretty sure my civil liberties were accosted yesterday. Was headed south on the Kentucky Expressway, better known as I-75, and the traffic was horrible, terrible, crawling in a lot of places and if that wasn’t bad enough there were Left Lane People. Yes, Left Lane People making it worse! They stayed in the left lane for all they were worth and doing a good job, holding people up! No way around them, forever. I am still traumatized by it, but will suffer silently. Well almost silent, except for commenting here. I will take donations to help alleviate my stress.
    If you are thinking of traveling for Thanksgiving, don’t. Just stay home and eat a PBJ, you’ll be glad you did. You can always Facetime those loved ones and it will be just like being there. Or text them, it’s nearly the same too.

  8. I am never a cheerleader for the AGW’s and not in this case either. ‘Women’ being policemen are oxymoronic. Not defending the AGW in any way in this, would have to see a lot more video to decide either way. Am taking a lot of salt with all of this. What are the chances a person is out on an isolated road taking pictures and a cop just happens to drive by—-and stop—because you are taking pictures? I’m assuming isolated because—dumping. Of course the cop is white, the victim black and all the correct agencies are involved. If Ja’Lana does win, maybe she will have surgery to have those black balls on the top of her head removed. Okay, am just being mean now. And North Carolina does seem to have a very active industry in these types of cases.
    Also, just to be clear, don’t care about your skin color, etc, etc, just be honest.

  9. The AGW’s are their own worst enemy. And we the people get to pay for their trespassing upon the citizen in the lawsuit to come.

    Always record your interactions with public employees especially AGW’s.


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