It’s Not Black Lives That Matter

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Most, probably almost all, of the mayhem that has arisen over the abuse – and killing – of black people (and by no means is it only or even mostly black people) by armed government workers has happened not so much because of armed government workers – much less “racism” – but rather because of the enforcement by whatever means necessary of various penny-ante laws that make all of us “guilty” of something and thus, prey.

The latest example being the near-murder and actual Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a black army lieutenant who wasn’t thanked for his service but instead was violently dragged out of his vehicle and hurled to the ground by a pair of AGWs because his vehicle wasn’t displaying the “proper” tags.

Well, that is what triggered the Hut! Hut! Hut!

The second lieutenant, Caron Nazario, wasn’t sufficiently obedient. It did not matter that his “offense” – against authority – was something that entailed no harm done (or even alleged) to anyone.

They perform a “felony stop” and begin screaming orders at Nazario, who remains calm but dares to question why he is being berated at gunpoint. It inevitably escalates and Nazario is lucky he’s still breathing.

“You made this way more difficult than it had to be if you’d just complied. Get out of the car!” screeches one of the AGWs. 

One of the AGWs also was apparently itching to have Nazario “ride the lightening,” a reference to the Tazer, an instrument of torture commonly in use by AGWs to  . . . torture those who “resist” – i.e., don’t immediately obey barked orders.

Several commentators have described the treatment meted out to Nazario as “disgusting” and while that is quite accurate it doesn’t accurately identify the problem. Which is the endless litany of penny ante reasons empowering AGWs to threaten to kill people over “offenses” and “violations” of nothing more than various ukase, such as not having or properly displaying the cattle tag/stickers which “the law” requires be festooned to everyone’s vehicle. Or “excess tint” applied to windows – which can be applied without limit to the vehicles driven by AGWs.

Nothing to do with any harms caused – yet much harm is actually caused on these pretexts.

Whatever one may think about the merits of all these pretexts, is it a reasonable thing to threaten people with drawn guns over them? For failing to immediately respond to barked orders arising from them?

America was a safer place for motorists of all colors before this sort of Obedience Uber Alles – for everything  became SOP, standard operating procedure.

Our lives would matter, if it weren’t.

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  1. “The latest example being the near-murder and actual Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a black army lieutenant who wasn’t thanked for his service but instead was violently dragged out of his vehicle and hurled to the ground by a pair of AGWs because his vehicle wasn’t displaying the “proper” tags.”

    Well, hold on now, Eric! Let’s be reasonable here. From what I saw in the video and read in the RT article, it appears Mr. Nazario was the one who escalated the situation by refusing to comply with the officers. All they asked (well, TOLD) him to do was to step out of his car; something VERY easy to do. In fact, one of the officers even offered to work with him and explain everything if he had just complied. But, noooo! Mr. Nazario did the exact same thing that lots of other “entitled” dildos do; give hard-working men and women a hard time, then scream “racism” or “injustice” when they have to pay the price for doing so. Believe me, I understand your frustration with “AGW’s”, as I, too, despise ANY thug that likes to bully innocent people for the sake of…bullying. But we also have to remember that being freedom lovers DOES NOT give us the right to “flip the bird” on everyone, either. After all, respect goes BOTH ways.

    And yes, I do realize that I am “late to the party”, but I just wanted to give my two cents. 😉

  2. Bullshit.

    He was spoiling for drama and a fight, and he got both.

    watch this –

    First, he didn’t pull over for 1.5 miles, thus escalating the incident

    Then, He played fuk-fuk with jacked up cops.

    Worse yet, they let him go. As Tatum says in the video I posted – they usually cut military some slack. They got paid for that with a suit. Now, it’ll be Even if the book sucks.

    Let me preface this by saying I grew up and lived most my life in VA.

    He got stopped because he had no tag. His tag was taped in the tinted window at night. No visible tag is a no-no in VA. BTW – So are tinted windows. If the front ones are tinted, you are screwed. Don’t ask how I know.

    Then, he didn’t pull over for 1.5 miles, thus jacking up the cops. They don’t know if that’s grandma coming back from bingo or a thug that’ll shoot them.

    Then, he acted like a douchebag. Sorry, hopped up cops yelling orders? Follow orders, deal with it later. All he had to do was get out the car, say he’s sorry by he wanted to get some place safe and lighted and is there a problem officers? BTW – let’s not mention the loaded gun at his side in the car.

    But no. He fked around and found out. DON’T.BAIT.COPS! he’s lucky to be alive.

    He’s also lucky they didn’t tune him up. BTW, now, matters are worse. In the military? They’ll go by the book. You get civil charged, then the military takes it up. That’s why they let him go, double jeopardy applies. They will now give no quarter.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been let go by being agreeable. FFS, I got stopped at 3AM in Crystal City VA – 65 in a 25 and eluding an officer and was let go. I told a good tale. I stopped. This was 1986, and I was on a 1985 V65 sabre. I’d easily have dusted them. But I manned up and dealt with matters.

    and BTW Eric – “I don’t stop for AGWs anymore. Luckily, few of them are better than mediocre drivers – so it’s pretty easy to say g’day to them.” – I’m calling bullshit. In Va, they will find you and that’s a year in jail – 6 months if you are lucky. AX me how I know. Then, You get to be in the VA driver improvement program!

    How will that work with your day gig?

    Screw the cops! You know what being in the “Driver Improvement Program” in Va does to your insurance? You can kvetch about the cops but your insurance company is always watching.

    It’s in your interest to use your head, and words, and de escalate.

    Sorry. I’m pissed. Do you know how many people I knew growing up got the ever loving shit kicked out of them for being douchebags like this asshole? Whatever you think of AGWs. They went light.

    What they should have done, and what they’ll do now, is grab his ass, forearm on the neck, undo the seatbelt, pull him out, cuff him, bring him to the office and book him while impounding his car and dog. All. by. the. book. He’d be charged for failure to comply (sorry, it’s the law. you sign for it when you get a license), No tag, and a the gun in the car w/o carry.

    All because fkwit wouldn’t stop and deal with his issue like anyone else.

  3. Two fresh events make this another prescient post by Eric:

    1. Joe Gutierrez, accused of using excessive force during a traffic stop in Windsor, Va., was dismissed after an internal investigation, the town said. (NYT)

    2. Chief Tim Gannon of the Brooklyn Center, Minn. Police Department said an officer had shot Duante Wright, 20, on Sunday afternoon after pulling his car over for a traffic violation and discovering that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest. As the police tried to detain the man, he stepped back into his car, at which point an officer shot him.

    Riots broke out in front of the Brooklyn Center police station. A Foot Locker and a Walmart store were looted. This as the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis enters its third week.

    What ever happened to ‘Minnesota nice’? And when did wanton looting (not even mentioned by the NYT, as it might invoke ‘baseless’ stereotypes) become the standard, go-to form of civic protest?

    Does anyone else here feel like we’re sitting on a social powder keg that could blow to bleeding hell any damned second?

    • “What ever happened to ‘Minnesota nice’?”

      Minnesota is exactly as nice as it’s ever been, but now its niceness is captured on cell phones and body cams.

      I grew up in an all-white county in the South, but the first time I ever encountered racial hatred, it was from two white guys attending my university. They were from Philadelphia.

      As an adult, I learned that the Northern states were every bit as racist as the Southern states, often more openly. They just didn’t get called out on it, because that didn’t fit the narrative 40 years ago, and still barely does.

    • I, Unfortunately live in the American siberia known as communisota. My take on “Minnesota Nice” is smiling and talking nicely to your neighbor and then stabbing them in the back and/or calling the cops on them. It’s a peculiar nordic, almost viking mentality where treachery is respected and expected.

      Of course, with the recent importation of many hundreds of thousands of somalians and third world muslims, the culture is taking on a whole new edge.

      In the latest case, the excuse used to stop Duante was that he had something hanging from his mirror. (Actually a pretext to execute a bullshit arrest warrant of course on something else bullshit). And the sow who shot him claims she actually said she meant to taser him- oopsie!

    • Why can’t women stick to occupations that complement their nature? Imagine a petite woman pulling over a couple of big black dudes. How long before her composure completely evaporates?

    • “Minnesota Nice” was when it was 97% WHITE, and most of those whites were GERMANS and/or SCANDANAVIANS. It generally takes a LOT to get these Aryans all “hot and bothered”…but WHEN they are…it’s called “Beserker!” for a REASON.

      Any location with a sufficient quantity of Dindus, and IMPORTS more of them from abroad (in Minneapolis’ case, Somalia), will explode in TRIBAL anger when one of their number is done in by another “tribe”. Sorry, but the veneer of civilization is far THINNER with those types.

  4. To those that style themselves as our lords and masters no lives matter but their own. A more accurate statement would be “No Lives Matter”

  5. Do you ever smoke bath-salts before you go on a test drive, Eric?

    You know, just to make it more interesting?

    And perhaps the AGWs find you stuck in a ditch, alternately stomping the brake and gas with the car in neutral, yelling “Machine-man! Machine-man! BlllaaaAAAHHHHRRRR!!”?

    Just wondering. I like to put myself in the shoes of others to better understand their perspectives.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I don’t stop for AGWs anymore. Luckily, few of them are better than mediocre drivers – so it’s pretty easy to say g’day to them.

      • Hahaha, awesome, brother. I’m afraid I don’t possess such skills, so I more rely on seeing them coming from a great distance, and taking proper measures to evade their attention.

  6. This is just a shitshow on so many levels. The cops accused him of the CRIME of “reckless driving,” which is 10 mph over the limit in Virginia. It’s a absolutely absurd law that the cops themselves routinely violate with impunity.

    In a sane world there’s simply no reason to be pulled out of your car at gunpoint by screaming cops for a driving infraction Even if you’re impaired, which the lieutenant clearly wasn’t, they might have cause to make him get out of the vehicle, but not at gunpoint.

    On the other hand the lieutenant was being passive-aggressive. It’s a bit ironic that a guy who volunteered to join the military, where he as an officer has authority to issue orders to subordinates that they must follow whether they like them or not, refused to follow orders himself. Frankly I think it was a bit cheap for him to whine that he was being treated poorly because he is “serving his country.” Uniformed military personnel commit crimes all the time. Wearing ACUs does not give you immunity from arrest.

    Instead, he should have refused on the grounds that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects him from “unreasonable” searches and seizures, and then challenged them in court. Like it or not even if cops issue you a bogus order they are going to make you comply one way or the other. Your only recourse is to state for the record that you do not consent to anything and that you assert all of your privileges and immunities under the Bill of Rights, and then comply under duress and fight them in court.

    The bigger, underlying problem is that courts usually side with the cops. Cops are assholes because the courts allow them to be, and because their chain of command allows them to be.

    • Hi X,

      There is a difference here. People in the military swore an oath to obey the commands of the officers appointed above them. No one is obliged to obey an order barked by a civilian cop.

      • As a practical matter you are obliged to obey because if you don’t the cops will shoot you or beat the f–k out of you even if you are 100% innocent and they are 100% wrong. (And if they discover that you are 100% innocent they will try to frame you to justify their actions).

        I’m not defending the cops. I think they’re f–ing goons. But as a practical matter you literally have no recourse on the side of the road. If they tell you to get out of the car and you refuse, they will do anything up to and including possibly kill you to force you to submit. You can’t argue your way out of it. If the cop is holding you at gunpoint and screaming “Get on the f–ing GROUND NOW!” and you say “Nah dawg, I’m good… don’t think so” he’s not going to just holster his piece and say “OK, bro, I dig it. You can go now. Muh bad.”

        I don’t like that. I’m not happy about it. I deplore it. But we do not live in a “free country” where we have “constitutional rights,” we live in a police state. And the courts have empowered the police to act as they do.

        It is what it is.

        (BTW I just saw this story reported on the news, and naturally they reported it as a racial incident. Frankly I think the lieutenant was deliberately trying to play that angle to his advantage. But from what I saw, it wasn’t a racial incident at all, it was a cops-being-assholes-because-they-are-assholes incident).

        • The negro victim exhibited remarkable restraint while being assaulted by the sub-human white cops.

          Your characterization of the victim’s conduct as passive-aggressive is not only at odds with reality but also suggests that he shares some of the blame pie.

          The cops were 1000% wrong.

            • Hi Techie,

              I don’t understand this attitude of almost worshipful subservience toward “law enforcement,” when the laws being enforced are nothing more than offenses against some arbitrary statute involving no harm to any actual person. Something like this ought to never happen in a free country. People who aren’t harming others should be left in peace. At the least, not be treated the same as armed killers.

              Not having the requisite cattle tag or “too much tint”?

              It’s not fundamentally different than not wearing a Face Diaper – because “it’s the law.”

              Well, so? “The law” is absurd at best, evil at worst. And what of those who enforce such laws?

              And leaving that fundamental aside: The over-reaction is absurd. The man wasn’t resisting; he was merely not obeying the barked, over-the-top orders of the AGWs. He presented no “threat” to their “safety.” He was calm, attempting to talk with them civilly.

              Yet they treated him with gratuitous brutality – completely over the top – over statutory foul (and non even moving violation) “traffic offenses.” Actually, because their Authority was questioned.

              This is why many people now loathe “law enforcement.”

              Me among them.

              Because I loathe bullies. Armed government-badged ones, especially.

              • Go follow “THE Officer Tatum’s” YT vid. He ‘splains it a lot better.

                In case folks wonder about “THE..”, yes, long the way Ohio State Alumns posture about their alma mater, and some Univ of Arizona Wildcats have picked up the habit. Maybe “TV Tropes” has cataloged this form of puffery.

                • Hi Douglas,

                  As I wrote in the original, the problem here is not race or even AGWs, per se. It is the endless litany of penny ante laws and the now-SOP brutal enforcement of any violation of same. For example, this business of automatically hurling people to the ground as SOP even when there is no physical resistance and the reason for the whole mess is some non-violent bullshit charge; it’s a measure of how insane things have become.

                  Cops – such creatures once existed – did not used to pull guns on people over dead/not-displayed tags or because they didn’t immediately ask, how high? when someone with a badge screamed jump!

                  • Eric, “brutal” and/or arbitrary enforcement of chickenshit laws and regs has gone on since there were cops. It’s just that with first the camcorder (which THIRTY years ago touched off the Rodney King incident) and then the digital video recorder, which, once incorporated into modern cell phones, made EVERYONE an “instant reporter”, it’s gotten at lot more attention. As it SHOULD when it brings to light police misconduct. However, not all is what it necessarily seems. “Circling Back” (hey, if that evil Raggedy Ann bitch who’s Xiden’s press secretary can use it as a catch phrase…) to Rodney King…what was commonly seen on news broadcasts at the time was very much EDITED. Once the entire encounter was seen, it made it clear that King wasn’t simply the victim of a racially-motivated arbitrary ass-kicking by the cops, but that indeed the use of force was, save perhaps for former Officer Powell (who got a bit happy with the baton), well justified.

                    • Hi Doug,

                      Javol – in re King. He was a violent/dangerous SOB, no question. But this guy? Unless I missed something, his “offenses” were of the chickenshit variety and he himself wasn’t abusive or even confrontational – unless one regards not immediately obeying barked orders as that.

                      Was it reasonable to point loaded guns at this guy? To threaten to kill him? To mace him?

                      Why couldn’t they have lowered their voices, spoken to him reasonably, answered his questions and de-escalated?

                      Treating every traffic stop like a felony stop is insane. AGWs are conditioned to be paranoid and as such, are dangerous to be around.

              • They had every right to pull him over. By not pulling over, he created the situation, not the cops. They didn’t draw on him for no tags, they drew on him because his actions made them perceive a threat. Notice how they put away the weapons long before they pepper sprayed him.

                In todays time, they don’t know if that stop will be a thug, or a normal person. I can’t tell you how many videos I’ve seen where the dude acts like this dude, then comes out blazing. That’s why they acted as they did.

                He pretty much asked for everything that came his way. And I’ll also add, the smirk in his video tells the story.

                “What’s going on?” he says. Dumbass. What’s going on is cops had to follow him for not pulling over. Any fool knows what’s going on after doing that. Did you notice the cops asked why he didn’t call 911 to say he’s being followed and will pull over under some lights? Another mistake.

                Cops used to be more polite. But then again, so was everyone else. AGWs are what they are these days, for many reasons. That is the way the field is striped. Don’t poke them with a stick needlessly is my point.

                • Hi Techie,

                  They had the legal authority – which differs from the right (morally speaking). Your position is that we’re obliged to “obey” legal authority. This is alarming to libertarians because it is an endorsement of authority as such.

                  The libertarian position is that no one has the moral right to force another person to do anything; that force is only morally acceptable in self defense. Thus, it is morally wrong to harass people over statutory “offenses” that are nothing more than “offenses” against rules, against the Authority of the state.

                  We can agree or not on this point but the distinction is relevant.

                  How was this man a “threat”? What did he do to “threaten” the AGWs? He wasn’t physically aggressive; kept his hands visible; he spoke calmly, asking reasonable questions. What he didn’t do was obey their commands. Which – sadly – is taken as a “threat” these days. Which, in a way, it is. To the Authority of of the AGWs; that is to say, to the Authority of the state.

                  Modern AGWs are trained to behave this way.

                  To treat the slightest questioning of their Authority, any failure to obey, as “resisting” and a “threat.” They routinely draw guns and Tasers on people who aren’t even suspected of any kind of violent crime, whose “offense” is that they didn’t obey some “law” or other – such as having a government-required ear tag (or Face Diaper) and not immediately going supine when ordered to be a screaming maniac like the wanna-be Batman in this incident.

                  It’s a barometer of the police state America has become.

          • Bullshit. If anything, this ghetto punk masquerading as an Army officer is damned lucky he didn’t get shot or having the living shit kicked out of him. I’d not feel one goddamned bit sorry for his black ass had those tragedies befallen him. What’s been left out of this “narrative” is that he refused to pull over for A MILE AND A HALF, and there were plenty of opportune and SAFE places to do so in that journey. What the fuck did he THINK the cops were going to do? He didn’t “know” what was “up”? HORSESHIT. You can see it in his demeanor when he’s prepared to deal with the cops. This was nothing but a SETUP by some ghetto punk, looking to cash in on the “Ghetto Lottery”, given the current climate in race relations.

            Look, I don’t care for abusive cops, not one damned bit. But these cops were, if anything, professional and restrained. There was a time when he’d not only have received a WELL-DESERVED “thumping”, but they’d have called his CO to come get him from the hospital and let the Army deal with him…and likely, that punk would, at best, be given a chance to resign rather than face a court-martial. I’m disgusted at how low the standards have gotten to grant a commission in our military these days, but when you run the military on the basis of “equity” rather than readiness and warfighting, expect this sort of nitwittery. Putin and Xi must be laughing their asses off at us.

            • Hi Douglas,

              At the end of the day, what were the 2Lt’s “crimes”? He was driving without a correct/properly displayed government-required ear tag; the tint applied to his vehicle’s windows was “too dark,” according to some arbitrary rule. He didn’t immediately stop; that is to say, he didn’t immediately submit to armed government goons interfering with his peaceful travel on the basis of pretextual “offenses” against the authority of the government.

              These are the same people who will enforce laws that Diapers muss sein… and that you must be Needled and show evidence of “compliance.”

              Because “it’s the law.”

              It’s out of hand. I say that as a stereotypical middle-aged, middle-class, college-educated white guy. Someone who despises thuggery – but most especially that committed by armed government workers.

              • His “crime” was that he knowingly failed to pull over when the pursuing officer “lit him up”. His behavior was such that the officers reasonably could be wary that they were dealing either with a violent felon or someone mentally deranged. The failure to properly display the temporary tag, if it’d just been that, had he immediately pulled over, more than likely the cops would have see the uniform, done the usual “check for warrants”, and simply had him put the paper tag where it was supposed to be, and everyone moves on w/o incident. This punk ORCHESTRATED this incident, wanting to win the “ghetto lottery”, and since already one of the cops was fired, likely he’ll have succeeded. And anyone wants a manipulative POS like that holding a commission as an Army officer? Bullshit.

      • Oh, Eric, you are so wrong on BOTH counts.

        A military member, particularly an officer himself, not only does NOT have to obey an UNLAWFUL order, under some circumstances, he must DISOBEY it. This is what’s known as the “Nuremburg” Principle, where the defendants (as well as other Nazis on trial post-war) claimed to only have acted “under orders”. This was rejected as a defense. So, if we held Nazis accountable, in some cases punishing by death, then our own military members aren’t allowed unqualified immunity on the basis of duty, or fear of being punished for insubordination.

        As for the cops…YES, many are complete assholes, that’s not disputed. But there’s both a LEGAL and a PRACTICAL reason to “comply”, grating as it might be. This doesn’t mean that the cop can compel you to do anything, and certainly not to commit a crime under his orders. What it does mean is that you may not resist with force (save he’s trying to kill you, then it becomes the dreaded but thankfully rare “better judged by twelve than carried by six” situation), or may you disobey merely b/c you dispute the validity of the order. Each situation is judged by the interests the cops have in upholding the law, protecting public order and safety, and/or safeguarding individuals from immediate and/or likely harm, yourself included. Certainly if the officer bellows, “Get outta the car, M-Effer!”, you’re not entitled to just sit there and put b/c the copper is being a jerk. OTOH, if he asks where you’re going, you need not answer, or if he demands to search your vehicle (he can look in the passenger compartment from outside, but he can’t go prowling in the glovebox or under the seats w/o probable cause to search, or open the trunk against your wishes) you may refuse permission, but if he searches ANYWAY, then at least you’ve got in on record (I assume you’re recording it all) that you didn’t consent to the search. If you’re not “cooperative”, he has to have probable cause of an arrest-worthy offense, often, especially if he’s already said that he’s stopped you for a moving violation, if he doesn’t like your “attitude”, he can and probably will say, “Sir, you had anything to drink?”, you don’t have to answer that (and should NOT!), but he then may asked that you perform some “Field Sobriety Tests”. Any DUI attorney will advise that you REFUSE them, and the cop will often LIE that you’ll lose your license for refusing the FSTs and or doing the field “Breathalyzer” (in no state is that a “refusal” that mandates license revocation per the “implied consent” laws), don’t buy into that. Of course, frustrated that you’re not “cooperative”, the cop may then simply arrest you on a DUI charge, and there’s NOTHING you can do about that, save to go PEACEFULLY. Resist arrest, especially by assaulting the officer, and you’ve turned a fine and at worst a few days in the pokey and several weekends of picking up trash on the roads, into a very serious felony matter that will probably get you at least several months in the county lockup, if not a few years in the state prison.

        Eric, the upshot of all this long-windedness is, you MUST obey the cop’s lawful orders, and most of them would be considered lawful. As we saw with this 2LT whose actions are pathetic to the point that I question his military fitness, you can’t just be a complete dick with the cops; there’s little point and all it does it provoke a useless fight that ultimately you won’t win…unless you’re some shucking jive-ass hoping to cash in on the “Ghetto Lottery”!

        • Hi Douglas,

          “Lawful orders” mean nothing – other than they are “the law” – if the laws aren’t morally valid. They had “lawful orders” in East Germany, too.

          I do not consider that I have a moral obligation to obey such laws and regard people who use violence to enforce such as nihilistic at best and probably outright bullies at worst.

          Yes, I “must” obey orders – in the sense that if I do not, I am (sadly) a potential victim of their legal authority to harm me. It does not make it any less despicable.

          • At least you’re being practical in infering that you’ll obey an LEO’s order even if you believe them unlawful and/or outrageous. That’s the PRACTICAL part, Eric. Look, a LOT of cops are outright jerks. I saw that regression over a 33-year period with a relative. Don’t get me wrong…he IS a good man, and he served long and well with the department he was employed with those 33 years, retiring recently as a Lieutenant. But I saw this guy (1) drive like a maniac, and (2) develop the “I’m right”, you can’t QUESTION me attitude that comes with, as the first LDS President and “prophet”, Joseph Smith, who, if you don’t necessarily accept him as a “prophet”, you’d have to admit he had great insight into human nature, from D&C 121: 34-41

            34 Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?

            35 Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men, that they do not learn this one lesson—

            36 That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.

            37 That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and when it is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man.

            38 Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God.

            39 We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.

            40 Hence many are called, but few are chosen.

            41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;

            I’d say the majority of LEOs, to some degree, exhibit this sort of behavior. And while it’s true that we “civilians” (Gawd, how I HATE that applied to non-LEOs, as they too ARE civilians, not a de facto NKVD or MVD!) may not understand the dynamics of law enforcement on the streets, we’d be fools not to understand its effect on the human psyche. Still, the trouble is, we give police officers a badge and a gun, and expect them to “hook and book” the scum to be remanded to face justice. There are some that disregard the “protect and serve” part, and others that are psychologically unfit or become corrupt, and HOPEFULLY the Department finds way to weed them out. But, there simply are those situations where WE that are inherently law-abiding have to face them, usually at a traffic stop, or, in one of those hated “checkpoints”, and IF you know the cop has a reason to pull you over, why be a JERK about it? In any event, being antagonistic or a smart-aleck may satisfy your sense of moral superiority and/or self-righteousness, but it may just buy you trouble that isn’t worth the given situation. This is not to say that you just roll over and SURRENDER your rights, oh, HELL no! Yes, you assert them…but, be NICE. What would Patrick Swayze do?


            • Hi Douglas,

              On a practical level, I don’t disagree. The same prudence applied in Soviet Russia. I merely weep that America is becoming precisely that.

          • Eric- I agree with you in your replies here. As you listen to the psychedelic back and forth in the video between the cops and the “troop”, understand that any libertarian morality you and I understand is a far away concept to these folks and, apparently, some of the commenters here. The inconsistency of which, tolerated as it is at times, doesn’t surprise me.

    • X:

      “the lieutenant was being passive-aggressive.” Say what?

      He was waylaid by state sanctioned highwaymen over a mistaken belief that he did not have a valid license plate. It appears he was genuinely worried about being injured or killed by these thugs. Please see this video of a Daniel Shaver being executed by cops when he was doing everything he could to “comply” over a complaint called in about him being armed. He was not.

    • The first thing my father told me after I got my drivers license was that when pulled over by cops, I was to roll down my window, put my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and sit still in the car until the cop came up to the window. At that point, be polite, yes sir, no sir and do whatever the cop told me to do. If the cop was wrong, we’ll fight them in court. You cannot win against an armed government worker on the side of the road. I told my sons the same thing.

  7. That was a disturbing video on a lot of levels. The pepper spray was especially nasty. The taking of the soldier to ground as well. I can’t help but think that a certain karma is being visited on the people of this country after what the gov’t and its mercs have done overseas for decades. Interesting how the bad cop referenced his “service.” I think he was being honest and accurate when he said to “serve” is to obey unconditionally. Then he asks the soldier’s rank, insinuating he was of low rank then doesn’t even acknowledge or care about his actual rank (not that it mattered a bit but it was a strange blurp in the matrix). It wouldn’t shock me if the cop learned these attitudes and tactics raiding the homes of brown people in the night somewhere 3000 miles away and sees his fellow citizens, even “the troops” with the same contempt. Ron Paul always says that empires always come home.

    • In all branches of the Armed Forces, a “butter-bar”, i.e., Second Lieutenant or Ensign, is the lowest crawling form of maggot life known on the planet. E-4s and up despise them; officer senior to them groan at these kids suddenly given a commission to be “an Officer and a Gentleman”. Thankfully, the majority of them grow up and become decent officers. I doubt this ghetto punk will, and I’ll shed no tears if he gets a less than satisfactory rating on his fitrep.

  8. And who does BLM propose to solve the problem? Why the very state that created it of course. Which was my constant critique of “occupy wall street” way back when. “You have a legitimate complaint, but you expect the by far most guilty of creating the thing you complain about, the US government, to solve the problem”. As is often the case the “solution” to bad government is MORE government. As if at some point in its constant growth it gains a moral foundation out of thin air.
    I am no fan of Abraham Lincoln, far from it, but like Obama, he was a great speaker. One of his pronouncements was that “To keep laws at a minimum, they all must be strictly enforced.” (paraphrased) If only the legitimate laws against murder, rape, assault, theft, fraud, extortion, etc. were strictly enforced, they wouldn’t have time to roust one for not complying with license display. Just like if governor Cuomo were charged with the deaths of several thousand elderly, a few oversensitive women complaining about his questionable behavior would be of little consequence. If he physically assaulted some of then, charge him with that too. Instead, all the talk is “will he be recalled”. To hell with that, he’s plainly guilty of enough to throw him in jail without bond right now.

    • BLM doesn’t see gov’t as solving a problem. They seek to wield it, it’s money printing machine, and its monopoly on violence on behalf of them and against us.

    • “It’s the government’s job to take care of me, because I am obedient little……” I have heard someone of a particular ethnicity openly state that (the 1st part) and most of this particular ethnicity make it clear that they believe it. Well, the AGWs are government officials. In this instance and many others, they are taking care.

      • SM777,

        Have you ever looked up the word citizen?

        A native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.

            • Owing allegiance to what? A slave-state? Tyrants? or the Bill of Rights? I will take option #3 and attempt to preserve my Freedom.

              • SM777,

                “Owing allegiance to what? A slave-state? Tyrants?”

                That’s my impression. At least according to the definition.

                The Bill of Temporary Privileges is just that. Privileges that can and will be taken away from you.

                You have no rights.

                • Indeed you do not. The one and only usefulness of the Bill of Rights is to warn you that you are suffering tyranny. It’s a piece of paper. It can’t protect your rights, only show you those rights are being violated. In particular glaring examples of those violations are Asset Forfeiture and Sobriety Checkpoints. Both of which are in your face total disregard of the Constitutional limits of state power. Having tripped the wire, and suffered no consequences, there remains nothing to restrain them except disobedience.

                  • Mr Kable,

                    No truer words have been spoken. (Or written as the case may be.)

                    Since the passing of the Prophet George (Carlin) we are bereft of anyone with notoriety to remind us of this.

                    Odd that the kids these days have no problem “eating ass” but they’re afraid to eat a Dorito that has touched the floor.

                    And those same kids will demand you and I rebreathe our own human waste – CO2.

                    Feces and poison are OK. What interesting times we live in.

                    The future ain’t what it used to be…
                    I wish it wouldn’t come, but it always does.


  9. I am so tired of our system of “law enforcement”.

    Any and every perceived infringement on a variety of beaurocratic dictates is used as justification to for an encounter. As in this story, no harm is caused or rights violated by the citizen “perpetrator”.

    These rules seem to me at this point, as designed to maintain compliance and fear of running afoul of doing anything for which permission hasn’t been granted.

    I’m not a psychologist, so I wonder if there is a known condition of those who are given power over others, to feed off that power to the point they feel justified or entitled to treat anyone not cow towing to the demands and whims of the AGW as a sub human.

    How are current AGWs any better than the Stasi? Given that most people conduct their lives in a live & let live fashion, why is LE so out of line with how we conduct ourselves daily?
    I guess Covid Karens excepted – but maybe that is a key. Give anyone power & they just can’t handle it responsibly.

    • When I worked as a cable installer I got used to rewiring houses. I began to see every house as a potential trouble call, every job as an afternoon spent fixing the stuff the last guy didn’t. I was both amazed and surprised when I came across a piece of equipment that was working even though it shouldn’t, a piece of 40 year old coax that somehow passed signal perfectly, a self installation done correctly.

      We have the weekly safety meeting. They usually involve a one-page speech read by one of us, about whatever the topic of the day was. But once in a while the safety manager comes though and shares horror stories. They don’t really faze me but they easily could.

      Police are constantly trained to expect a confrontation. They sometimes deal with people who might be under the influence of a very potent chemical, who might not be able to comprehend instructions. The training and day to day activity desensitizes them. They forget they are dealing with humans. This is also an artifact of hiring former military without putting them through proper civilian police training and mental evaluation.

      • ‘This is also an artifact of hiring former military without putting them through proper civilian police training and mental evaluation.’ — RK

        You nailed it. Trained to regard every Iraqi and Afghani as a potential assassin or suicide bomber, un-deprogrammed vets are likely to see US ‘civilians’ in the same light: every one of them a threat to be forcibly subdued.

        Not only did we waste trillions accomplishing nothing in the Middle East, but also we got a militarized police force back home that behaves like occupiers of a hostile, resentful foreign populace.

        Thanks, Smirking Chimp. Thanks, Barky O’Bummer.

    • “I’m not a psychologist, so I wonder if there is a known condition of those who are given power over others, to feed off that power to the point they feel justified or entitled to treat anyone not cow towing to the demands and whims of the AGW as a sub human.” “Give anyone power & they just can’t handle it responsibly.”

      Are you familiar with the Stanford prison experiment?
      From Wikipedia…

      “In the study, volunteers were assigned to be either “guards” or “prisoners” by the flip of a coin, in a mock prison, with Zimbardo himself serving as the superintendent. Several “prisoners” left mid-experiment, and the whole experiment was abandoned after six days. Early reports on experimental results claimed that students quickly embraced their assigned roles, with some guards enforcing authoritarian measures and ultimately subjecting some prisoners to psychological torture, while many prisoners passively accepted psychological abuse and, by the officers’ request, actively harassed other prisoners who tried to stop it.”

      I personally think that police “work” is an attractive occupation to people who suffer from psychopathy. Also, it makes perfect sense to me that anyone working for an evil “government” would have to be evil themselves.

      • Certainly what I see re: LEOs is a “progression”, or maybe a DEGREDATION, of attitude towards the public that ostensibly they serve and who is their EMPLOYER. I’m certain most of them, especially w/o prior military experience, go in with the best of intentions, to “protect and serve”, and so on. As they go through the Academy, and gain experience and self-confidence on the streets, in time, this self-identification as a “public servant” seems to fade away. In its place, a cop, and even female cops, become part of an “elite brotherhood”, i.e, they’re a “breed apart”, “The New Centurions”, as Joseph Wambaugh wrote.

        Now, certainly police work is unique. And it’d be natural to see a certain degree of cynicism set it as the cop deals with the dysfunctional of society. In time, the cop feels that (s)he’s not “understood” by society at large, and to a great degree, we don’t, as most folks don’t seek confrontation, especially with disorderly, unruly, and unpredictable and vicious criminals. It’s this being “set apart” that fosters a culture in police departments where they protect each other when questionable behavior takes place. Sometimes it’s just being a traffic scofflaw, knowing that cops don’t write each other tickets, nor will bust for DUI. At other times, even WORSE things, like domestic violence, gets covered up. And when cops see that they can behave with virtual impunity, both on and off the beat, then they see themselves as a “privileged” class and the cycle goes on.

        I wish I could offer a ready solution; however, as one time LAPD Chief Bill Parker once remarked, any police department is going to have personnel problems as long as they recruit from the human race.

    • I don’t give a shit. In most cases where negroidals get their asses kicked by the cops, or they get killed, they brought their misfortune upon themselves. This wasn’t one of them, and why in the hell the police officer though it necessary to draw his weapon and aim it at the subject over perceived slowness in “compliance” escapes me. Definitely needs to be investigated and subject to disciplinary review.

      But I’ve wearied of the race-baiting. Sorry, folks of the “African Persuasion”…if you don’t like it here, the exits have been clearly marked since Dec 13, 1865, and no one will try to stop you.

      • Except that the yankee blacks know they would not be welcome back home in lovely ole Africa. That’s why they won’t leave the US for Africa.
        It’s Barry Obomber, BTW. You know, the bloke that bombed Syria and Libya, the 2 most sane moozie countries, back into the stone age, with out the approval of the US people or the UN killers.

        • “yankee blacks know they would not be welcome back home in lovely ole Africa”. You GOT that right. Several reasons:

          (1) Many of the nation boundaries are artificial to a certain extent, as the various tribes (Ibo, Yoruba, Fulani, etc.) are dispersed across them. Way back in the day, most of the ancestors of the American blacks were the dispossessed and DEFEATED tribes who were made slaves by other African peoples. So even someone who managed somehow to remain a “pure blood” would still be despised there, because while to whites most blacks resemble each other, THEY can tell each other apart by ethnicity.

          (2) The reality, though, is that most American blacks are an admixture, not only between the various captured African tribes, but also Europeans, Amerinds, and Orientals. The typical degree of admixture is about 30%. Most peoples of West Africa, where the bulk of slave stock that ended up in the Americas came from, are considerably darker in skin tone that the typical American “black”. Where you see a real, if you’ll excuse the expression, “darkie”, is often in a black that actually came from the Caribbean, like the actors Gerog Stanford Brown or Yaphet Kotto. Still, the Africans are very xenophobic, with a disdain for “mixed” breeds.

          (3) Africans tend to be quite religious and conservative in their values, being devoutly Anglican, Catholic, or Muslim. And if they adopt another religion, they tend to take it seriously. For example, Africa has about 750K Mormons, whereas only about 35 years ago there were maybe 25K on the entire continent, most in South Africa. Their activity rate is considerably higher than the rest of the world, where in the USA it’s about 55 to 60 percent, it’s more like 85 percent among the African folk. While many things about Americans fascinate most Africans, they also think we’re crude, rude, and immoral, and especially despite the American black’s “ghetto” culture. Way back when my Dad was in the Air Force, and in between assignments he was part of a task force to establish a basing agreement with a newly independent African state, their top Air Force general had a very specific request…NO BLACKS. Which at first the men on the USAF team thought was strange, but it was explained that the locals would, if the airmen left the base, probably attack them, for the reasons that I’ve stated above.


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