Another Life That Didn’t Matter

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Video has just surfaced of an armed government worker summarily executing a young man for “speeding.” The young man was not immunized from the AGW’s bullets by his white skin.

Charles “Gage” Lorentz was traveling from his work site in Pecos, Texas on March 21 of this year – headed to his family’s home in Southwest Colorado. A report from the Eddy County Sheriff’s Department noted that he detoured at Carlsbad Caverns National Park to meet a friend. The report states that an AGW named Robert Mitchell stopped him for speeding on a dirt road near the Rattlesnake Springs area of the park.

The AGW’s bodycam shows Mitchell ordering Lorentz to spread his feet and move closer to a railing.  Mind, this kid didn’t do anything more than commit a traffic infraction. But already, the Hut! Hut! Hut! routine.

Lorentz is seen complying with the AGW’s orders but when the AGW orders Lorentz to turn around, Lorentz is seen in the video not complying and dancing to nearby music playing from someone’s vehicle. Clearly a “threat” to the “safety” of this armed government worker.

Actually, an affront to his Authority – which triggers the death sentence.

Without warning, the AGW Tazers Lorentz – and then turns off his bodycam.

What we see next – after a Nixonian intermission of dead air – is a dead Lorentz, ventilated twice at close range by the AGW. He claims that Lorentz physically resisted but there is no evidence of this, the camera having been conveniently turned off. And then turned on again, to show the dying Lorentz being handcuffed and not given any medical assistance at all for nearly ten minutes.

Keep in mind: Traffic offense. Unarmed. White.


This effrontery that black lives are the only lives that don’t matter is as laughable as it is despicable. Not because black people aren’t being abused – and killed – by armed government workers.

But because of the loathsome implication that others aren’t and that not-black skin immunizes people from Authority Kabuki – and death at the hands of Authority run amok because without consequences.

We do not have a racist AGW problem; we have an AGW problem- and that problem is essentially unlimited authority combined with very limited accountability. It is a problem that could be easily solved – for everyone – by restricting the authority of AGWs and increasing their accountability to at least as much as is expected of us.

We are required to obey the law. Why not them?

We are held fully accountable when we violate the law. Why not them?

They are allowed to defend themselves when they feel threatened. Why aren’t we allowed to defend ourselves when we actually are – by psychotic authority-tripping AGWs who consider themselves above the law?

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  1. Normally when I shoot someone and put them on the ground, I feel compelled to get right on top of them with a huge amount of fat only that POS possesses and and stick my gun right into their chest to give the “coupe de grace” he so deservedly needed. He might have suffered with the leg wound and no good cop would want that.

    Ok, since I don’t shoot people, I’d have to make an exception, find that sorry Mofo and drag him a few miles just to let him bleed out and let the shock keep him from “hurting”. I am amazed his father hasn’t done that very thing. They probably have him on tape every second of every day when he’s away from home. They’d better.

  2. “The camera having been conveniently turned off.” Not only should every single police interaction, no matter how minor, be filmed/recorded, but also the ON/OFF switch needs to some how be out of the AGW’s reach.
    Officer rojas of lapd could explain the pitfalls of having access to the ON/OFF switch. To wit, officer rojas switched his camera OFF before feeling-up/fondling a dead woman (Oct 2019), but was too impatient to wait the two minutes for complete camera shut down, so therefor, was caught in his sick act. Rumor has it that the only reason lapd went public on this act is they believed a civilian camera was possibly nearby, otherwise the public would, again, never know how malicious and sick U.S. AGW’s are.
    I nominate officer david rojas of lapd for AGW Dating, Part lll.

  3. Makes perfect sense, if you are a paranoid schizophrenic. I can find no logic that explains why the armed goons are held to a lower standard, while they should be held to a higher one, given the authority they are granted. Of course such insanity permeates government at all levels, not just the goonery. Perhaps if qualified immunity were eliminated, and goons were liable for the damage they inflict, they wouldn’t be so eager to enforce every insane nitpicking “law” imposed upon us by the Psychopaths In Charge. There is only one valid secular law. Thou shalt not steal, whether that theft be of property, well being, or life. All other laws are nothing more than an expression of tyranny. If those “other laws” were disposed of, we would need far fewer goons, and they could be much better trained. Hell, we could even avoid the hiring of the insane.

  4. I shouldn’t have watched that. It’s not good for me.

    If I was that boy’s father, I’d spend every waking second hunting that fat, worthless piece of garbage and make things right.

  5. Hi Eric,

    As the late, great Will Grigg used to say, “it’s not white privilege, it’s blue privilege.” This ranger should have been immediately charged with murder as, even if his story is true, it does not exculpate him. He assaults an unarmed man, who poses no threat, and, when the man attempts to defend himself (according to the ranger), he murders him. According to another news story about this,

    “Since the Taser barbs did not penetrate through Lorentz’s jacket, the Taser did not have an effect,” KOB4 reports. “Ranger Mitchell essentially escalated the situation, as he described, by stepping toward Lorentz to get closer to him to dry-stun him, meaning using the function of the Taser that requires the device to make contact with the skin of someone to be effective. Three witnesses stated in police reports that when Ranger Mitchell lunged in toward Lorentz, Lorentz fought back.”

    So, three witnesses (probably all cops) saw what can only be described as murder. The taser attack was assault and Lorentz had legitimate reason to fear for his life. If he lunged at the ranger, he was entirely justified in doing so, both legally and ethically; the ranger cannot claim self defense, he lost that right when he initiated the attack. If any “mere mundane” assaulted someone and then killed him when the victim fought back, the “mundane” would rightly be charged with murder and any attempt to claim self defense would be treated with contempt.

    As you correctly note, “we do not have a racist AGW problem; we have an AGW problem”. While it is undeniable that many of the worst policies that plague us to this day, foremost being the war on drugs, were born in racism, and that racial disparities do exist in the “justice” system, the escalation of police violence is NOT caused by racism. Those who push this manufactured narrative are either cynical, power hungry opportunists, or their “useful idiots”.

    There are countless examples of unarmed white people being summarily executed by cops, and these stories NEVER get national media coverage and thus, never “go viral”. The coverage, such as it exists, is always limited to local news, why? There cannot be an innocent explanation; BLM, antifa, etc… are never censored by social media, but websites like COPBLOCK, The Free Thought Project and many more, that highlight police violence against ALL people, are.

    The racist narrative must be kept alive so as to keep different “groups” fighting each other, instead of uniting against a common enemy, that possibility actually scares the SIC (hat tip to JWK). Imagine if BLM stood with and supported the families of Levoy Finicum, Daniel Shaver, Gage Lorentz, and many more. Imagine if white conservatives did the same for the families and friends of Tamir Rice, Sandra Brown, Philando Castile, etc.. Imagine the symbolic power of such an act. To the PTB, this must be prevented at all cost. Unfortunately, most conservatives who are legitimately outraged by these unjustified murders of white people often still cling to the naive “bad apple” narrative, and seek excuses for cops when black people are summarily executed. The “systemic racism” narrative keeps most blacks from joining forces with whites, the “bad apple” narrative keeps most whites from joining forces with blacks.

    Both of these narratives are false, and manufactured to produce a desired end, keeping “us” pitted against each other and distracted from our common enemy.


    • When Jack Yantis was murdered by cops, maybe WE should have started looting and burning down Tractor Supply stores.

      • Or we should have begun the extermination of the FBI, the DHS and the rest of the federal govt. thugs when Lavoy Finicum was murdered from behind while his family was showered with bullets and injured sitting in the pickup he excited.

      • I got banned from a forum for pointing out that back in 2017, after Justine Damond was murdered by that poorly-trained immigrant (from Somalia) Minneapolis PD officer (he BYPASSED the Academy on a ‘fast-track’ program to “color up” the force), the only thing that BURNED in Minneapolis as a result were the candles held in a twilight vigil in her memory the following evening.

        Because how dare the Hennepin County, MN, DA actually PROSECUTE a former cop who is black (it took EIGHT MONTHS for his resignation to be demanded, during which he was on PAID administrative leave, then charged for his criminal negligence), many fine citizens “of color” were unhappy, including this “fine gentleman”, self-styled as “Son of Baldwin”…

        Just imagine if YOU, Eric, wrote a similarly-themed piece about George Floyd. Not only would your literary career be OVER, you’d be swarmed by AntiFa and BLM thugs, and the local constabulary would be conspicuously ABSENT…

        • Hi Douglas,

          Fortunately, I work for myself – and for you guys; the readers here. I can’t be fired by some corporation for having “triggered” the feelings of some perpetually aggrieved or otherwise sick in the head person. I remember the Justine Damond case. Awful. Another example of the deterioration of police work into armed government working. This sort of thing was unusual in the pre-AGW world because cops were expected by the law and social pressure to resort to guns as a last resort and only in extremis. The sort of casual, routine summary executions we have become drearily familiar with are a barometer of the times and in accord with the descent of this country into barbarism and low-rent authoritarianism.

  6. Now it’s the Park Rangers! ,,, put the gun to his chest and fired. Christ!!…….. over a speeding ticket.
    Meh!!,,, a White dude, no problemo,,, he’ll get off after his paid vacation.

    • Yeah, he was a real piece of work. No bigger coward will you ever see. Point blank murder of an unarmed person. Proof positive cops can’t tolerate the idea of ever getting their ass beat and will kill anyone to make sure they don’t. Great big ol Pussy.


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