‘Rona Resistance is Growing

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‘Rona Resistance is building.

Not to the virus, which has never been a serious threat to most people anyhow – but to the terrorism practiced in its name, including that enforced by the sickness psychosis equivalent of the German Sturmabteilung – the storm troops – sent out to harass, intimidate, threaten and close restaurants and so on that dared to open their doors to people who were never forced to walk through them – and dared to not force those who did to wear a Diaper.

Just as the SA would bully those who didn’t wear an armband – or perform the required Kabuki of that era, which was to raise their right arm and give the “German” greeting.   

Today it is – functionally – Heil Sickness!

Most people don’t want a confrontation and will put up with a great deal in order to avoid one; all-too-many people are cowardly go-alongs-to-get-alongs. It is why so many “good Germans” performed the NS Kabuki, including the wearing of the outward symbol of their submission to it and the physical rituals associated with it.

They were shamed into compliance and if that didn’t work, coerced by threats of repercussions if they did not comply. So most of them did.

Then as now. To paraphrase the Reichsmarschall, “it works just the same.”

In Germany the Kabuki lasted about 12 years. With some luck, it will last less than that here. There is some evidence that may be the case. In Florida, officially. Governor DeSantis has outlawed “vaccine passports.” At least two other states are following this healthy example.

And over just the past week, there have been several wonderful incidents of the Sickness Abteilung being thrown out of restaurants and such by enraged owner/patrons – who’ve finally had enough of it.

The most recent occurred at the Simmering Kettle Bistro in Ontario.

A team of Diapered-up Sickness Stormtroopers entered the joint and began to harass the owner and patrons over their failure to perform the required Kabuki. Specifically, the “problem” of customers and employees not wearing the Armband of Sickness over their faces. This triggers weaponized hypochondriacs, who – curiously – refuse to “practice” the most effective measure of all, which is to not enter restaurants, cafes and other privately owned businesses and thus not expose themselves to any cooties they fear may be in the air.

If you can’t swim, don’t jump in the pool. And stop harassing people who can swim.

But this isn’t about physical sickness, of course – and never has been.

If it were, then these Freaks would not only not go where deadly sickness might lurk they’d “practice” effective countermeasures, which do not include wearing a face-effacer that does not prevent the spread of viruses, which caution is right there on the box these things come in. Much less take off the disgusting things after having walked the ten feet from the door to their tables.

There would be bio-waste protocols in place for all the used face-effacers one now sees casually disposed of on the ground like used condoms in back alleys – except now it’s “practiced” in the parking lots of supermarkets.

The healthy wouldn’t be quarantined. The “vaccinated” wouldn’t be double-Diapered.

That they are – as well as all the rest of it – is because it’s about submission to the Sickness Abteiling. 

Some brave people are at last saying, genug!


There is no discussion with tyrants. Just – get out!

This was practiced a few days prior to the incident at the bistro by a brave pastor – also in Canada – who shouted down half a dozen armed Sickness Abteilung, led by what appeared to be Ilse Koch, reincarnated.

And – naturlich – Diapered.

Koch, for those who don’t recall, was the wife of SS-Standartenfuhrer Karl-Otto Koch, who was commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, one of the many places where the Jewish bacillus – as Hitler framed it – was taken for treatment. His wife, Ilse, shared in the Kabuki practiced upon these unhygienic elements – again, Hitler’s framing. Koch was hanged after the war and while his lovely wife escaped the noose, she did receive a life sentence for her role in the performance of that era’s Kabuki, by people who had finally had enough of it.

Unfortunately not in time to prevent much of it.

This time could be different – if enough of us follow the example of the brave pastor who backed down half a dozen armed Sickness Abteilung led by a reincarnated Hexe von Buchenwald. These creatures depend upon the psychological dread their presence imparts and the authority to cause harm implicit in their badges and guns, the mere sight of which is often enough to terrorize their victims into cowed submission.

But this power wanes when the victims realize that giving in to terrorists does not end the terror; it assures more of it. And worse of it.

When the victims of this terrorism finally understand it is not temporary and that the end goal isn’t to “stop the spread” but to enshrine the “new normal,” they will at last have come to grips with the fact that they not only have nothing to lose by shouting – get out! GET OUT! – they have an opportunity to end the terror, before it really begins.

. . . 

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    • I didn’t take it for being anti-lockdown so much as just a corona diddy for their angsty yuppie fans.. they don’t really take any stand here, in an interview about it Jagger says how he already took the jab and that the lyrics referencing conspiracy were to make light of his friends who believe in the Great Reset. Why write the song at all, just an empty gesture.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they both shmoozed with Bill Gates over the years.

      • you’re prob right Moose. Theres have said the same. Though to me it sounds more like they’re just trying to be a bit ambiguous and sit it out on the fence – and whichever way this goes they want to act like thats the side they were on.

        That said as a guy who grew up in the 90s listening to grunge – part of me didnt want to accept Daves Grohls gone over to the dark side… damn things are grim….

  1. So they want to pause/pull the J&J vaccine, for blood clot risks. Same as for Astra Zeneca’s. Not that I’d take either. So that just leaves the mRNA versions, which have killed several thousand. Someone help me understand here – blood clot risk bad, but death ok? How much more proof is needed that this is not about any virus but about injections of mRNA encoding God knows what, intended for culling.

    • Clay, on the week-end edition of LewRockwell.com, Bill Sardi had an article there and a video of a doctor who was a virologist and immunologist. He gave a brief speech and the jist of it was that he had treated over 300,000 people and lost just a few who waited too long to get help. He used Ivermectin and zinc and people responded sometimes overnight to lose their symptoms. He pointed out that India had a blisterpack of Ivermection, Zinc and Vit. C they sold for $2.65 to people who were getting sick. He even included a picture of it.

      We’ve probably all heard of the Ivermectin cure. When I first heard about it I looked in the pantry and there was a new bottle I’d had for some time I used on cattle.

      I’m not saying I’d use the liquid form because it’s very thick and I had to use needles I would rather not use on anything but a bureaucrat or politician. They were so large the cattle would often bleed from the injection site and scream in pain. I hated to use it but it was difficult to get a bolus of it and it’s tough to get it down some cattle with a bolus injector since they really don’t like having a steel tube stuck down their throat. Unfortunately, it’s the best thing to use on them to rid them of parasites.

      I think if I need it, I’ll go to the doc and get the pill form. I started taking zinc, Vit C, magnesium and a couple other things to help my vision back in 2018 including a bit Vit B combo pill and continue to this day.

      The wife and I both got sick after the killing frost last year but it was hayfever and we live right where it’s as bad a place for it that you can find. My best friend moved to a place north of San Antonio and he was only bothered by cedar fever. He said after living there a while he’d never live in west Texas again just because of hayfever.

      Yesterday, both I and the wife woke up gagging on so much snot even I was about to throw up. I took 2 Benedryl before getting any relief and took it all day. I took it last night and once again at 3 am and later when I got up. I’m about to take another.

      When we got married we moved to the high plains at just the perfect time to reap the highest pollen level of the year with milo and grazer and corn all around us. I had such a fever I had to take to bed to keep from freezing and this was the heat of the summer.

      We just ordered more zinc, Vit. C, magnesium, Vit D, B Complex and a drug for my vision that’s lutein and zeaxanthin. That combo is sold as a vision aid by every company that sells vitamins and minerals and it does work. I wore glasses from about 1986 to 2013 when I broke both bones in my leg and my Achilles tendon pulled out the center of the one it attaches to in your foot. It was a really painful recovery and I walked and did exercises every day but for the most part, I stayed inside the house. When I could finally get around without crutches and could walk I couldn’t see crap or rather saw double everything. I found these eye exercises and they worked so well I no longer needed glasses. The doctor that invented these exercises was imprisoned on one of those made-up charges around 1900. He certainly wasn’t hurting anyone but he was making a big cut into the industry that would rather sell you glasses.

      I went back to trucking and passed the eyetest without glasses. My far away vision is good now although if I read my phone too much I have to wear a very slight power reading glasses. Hopefully that will change when the weather warms up and I stay outside quite a bit. BTW, the only time I have worn a mask is in the hospital and clinic where they won’t see you without one.

      Jason Bermas, You Tuber had a great article one day and showed the TED talk with Gill Bates who had a great plan to vaccinate everyone in the world(Fauci is his cohort)and reduce the world population down to about 6.8 billion from nearly 9 billion where it now is. He and the tech oligarchs and the FED were all in it together with the FDA. That’s how we got the pandemic that actually hasn’t been the pandemic they hoped for.

      I’m hoping the big tech guys come to some bad end but it won’t be from anyone getting close enough to them to off them since they have countless people with the guns they’re trying to remove from the public.

      • Multivitamin
        Fish Oil 1200 mg
        Vitamin D 1000 mg
        Vitamin B Complex
        Magnesium 400 mg
        Aspirin 81 mg
        Zinc 30 mg
        Vitamin C 1000 mg
        Ibuprofen PRN < 1200 mg / day

      • My gal takes quercetin & nettle for the pine pollen fever – gets her thru with a lot less scathing. And supposedly quercetin drives zinc into cells, so I take it, too.

  2. Eric, you must be reading my mind (scary place that it can be…lol)! I was just thinking this weekend about the illogic of requiring face diapers in a store. If the *people* supposedly are carrying WuFlu, aren’t the “masks” *themselves* contaminated by the spit and snot breathed into them? Shouldn’t the stores require you to put on a new one upon entry and throw it in a biohazard container like you see in hospitals as you leave? I’ve not seen one store or business do that — you can just walk right out the door, lay the face diaper down or throw it on the ground anywhere, where anyone might come into contact with it! Don’t they care that “the children!” might pick them up?? Don’t they even *care*??

    Nope — just more of the hypocritical “compliance theater”. 😝

  3. The local newspaper reported a rona outbreak at the jail, if an “outbreak” could be defined as eight inmates out of 340. Anyway, local health folks scrambled to get them some vaccine and were “disheartened” to learn that no one wanted it.
    From the article: “Up to 400 vaccines were available to inmates and staff, but just 58 inmates — 17% of the population on Monday — consented to a vaccine, Burgess (county sheriff) said.
    “That’s troubling. We are trying to offer something good to help folks. I don’t know why they wouldn’t want it,” he said.
    That’s the problem with the brainwashed. They just can’t understand why everyone’s not going along, buying into the lie, getting onboard, doing your part, blah, blah, blah.
    The whole thing disgusts me, but it also scares me a little.

  4. RG,

    “LOL. I know I am suppose to be riled up by your posts”

    I don’t know why.

    “but I can’t help but laugh.”

    That is my intended purpose. (And to make one think.)

    “I think you are nuts, but at least you are funny.”

    Again, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you.

    It’s been said many times that there exists a fine line between insanity and genius. You’re just a wee bit shy of an average EV’s range from crossing that line. Keep plugging along.

    Speaking of plugging along.

    “if you could add some humming with the bells that would be super.”

    I don’t think you watched the movie. There is no humming.

    But I could picture you as Linda Blair. Substituting a corporate dick for the cross of course.


      • RG,

        “Nah, that just makes me think you are a pervert.”

        I understand the concept of fiction. You’re the one who thinks imaginary things are real.

        And I think you have made clear you don’t have any misgivings when it comes “to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right”.

        Please note that I did not liken you to the Linda Blair in Chained Heat or Born Innocent. You’re definitely the Regan MacNeil kind of character. Levitation and all

    • Is anyone ripping on RG willing to actually follow their almighty angst to its logical conclusion and start engaging in agorism as opposed to complaining about the game? If not then rest assured.. the Moose is over here judging you way more harshly than you could ever judge RG.

          • Because I took an unpopular stance (at least on this forum). We do not have to agree, but I don’t think I should have to deal being called stupid, a whore, full of shit, a government dick sucker, and “it”. Maybe this is deemed proper debate strategy from where you are from. I find those that resort to name usually have already lost the argument.

            • Hi RG,

              I’ve got your back on this – though I know you’re no pussy and can handle being called names. That said, I agree wth you; let’s discuss things – with facts and logic, not name-calling.

              • Thanks kindly, Eric. I appreciate it. My intention is not to bring you into this. You have a gazillion other things going on.

                I am trying to find a way that T, A, and I can handle this accordingly.

                But, I do thank you, nevertheless.

            • As long as you are sure about the reason and know that there could be no other.

              As for the insults, why would they bother you unless you respect those issuing them. If screen words hurt, find a safe space. This may not be it.

              BTW, none of the rest, but I may have called you “it”. You are a screen name and an avatar. You are an it. If you actually are offended by that, the safe space thing.

              • A,

                For 99% of the people here, yes, my stance was unpopular, but everyone else that disagreed with me handled it like adults. We debated, we disagreed, we moved on.

                Do I believe that is your reasoning for jumping on me like a duck on a June bug? Absolutely not. You have been on my tail like some lunatic Pitbull for months now. So let’s have it out. What is it? Did I hurt your feelings and you aren’t over it yet? Did I take your boyfriend back in college? You are a Kansas City Chiefs fan? You just don’t like me? It has to be something major that pretty much sets you off every time you see my name.

                Personally, I would just like both of us to ignore each other. I have tried to do that. My guess is if I posted under the name George or Georgette half of the things I say you wouldn’t bother with replying to. It is the RG that bothers you.

                • *As long as you are sure about the reason and know that there could be no other.*

                  There rest, something I guess you felt had to be said?

                  BTW, you severely over estimate your importance and relevance, at least to me. Curiosity, a bit. You’re mildly entertaining in a way I suppose.

                  Carry on, ignore, whinge….. whatever makes you happy.

                • Oh, if you are going on about the “taking government money” thing you were passionate about, this Anonymous did not partake in that debate.

                  But I would have said “take the money”.

                  • I figured it wasn’t you. The other A was quite pleasant and wanted to debate the topic at hand.

                    We are making headway though….we do agree on something! I am going to go home and make a pina colada to toast this rare occurrence.

                    • “I figured it wasn’t you. The other A was quite pleasant and wanted to debate the topic at hand.”

                      I just re-read our exchange here. Your (passive aggressive?) implication seems odd. Do you see this exchange as me being unduly unpleasant to you?

                      I see a lot of you bombastic ranting about being slighted or victimized as though I was solely responsible for each of these slights.

                      There are several Anonymous posters here. Something you seem to have a problem dealing with.

                      “Personally, I would just like both of us to ignore each other. I have tried to do that.”

                      LOL. Ironic. Try harder.

                    • I was being facetious. I assumed you would read it that way. Kinda of a ha ha especially my quip at the bottom with us actually agreeing on something.

                      Never mind.

                      Have a good evening, A.

            • RG,

              “ I don’t think I should have to deal being called stupid, a whore, full of shit, a government dick sucker, and “it”. ”

              Isn’t that a bit of an embellishment?

              You don’t seem to be able to distinguish between a philosophical whore and Elton John’s Sweet Painted Lady.


              Perhaps you’re jealous of the fact the latter provides a substantially more valuable service than you.

              One day you might examine the origins of your profession.

              And the educate and teach you whine about. Sounds like Arthur Andersen crying out from the grave. I hear he is getting some well deserved company today

              I wonder how that conversation will go?

              Satan – “Arthur I would like you to meet Bernie. He just got here.”

              Arthur – “Pleased to meet you Bernie.”

              Bernie – “Mr. Andersen! Believe me the pleasure is all mine! I hope you’re pleased with what I’ve been able to do with that thing you started.”

              Satan & Arthur – “We both are very pleased. Welcome to your new home Bernie.”

              • Some accountant fucked you over, huh, T? Was your ex an accountant? That would explain a lot, but I can’t believe it would be that simple.

                You do seem to hold a great deal of contempt for lawyers and accountants. Which is very rare for someone that is an employee. Usually it is employers that hold no great fondness for such industries. But, that can’t be right, because you hate businesses so I know you would never set one up. Such an enigma you are.

                You do realize that nobody has to go to an accountant, right? It is a choice. You don’t have to file a tax return at all. Maybe you do though, but you fidget with the numbers on TurboTax until you see the result that you like.

                To each his own.

                • Hi RG,

                  “ Some accountant fucked you over, huh, T? ”

                  Nope. Never put myself in that position.

                  “ Was your ex an accountant?”

                  Nope. She was a joo.

                  I do have a cousin who, at one time, was the director of marketing and communications at Arthur Andersen & Co.

                  And I took a couple of semesters of accounting in college. I loved math. Accounting not so much.

                  “ You do seem to hold a great deal of contempt for lawyers ”

                  That would be false.

                  I actually understand what was meant by, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”.

                  “ you hate businesses so I know you would never set one up.”

                  Again, false. Been self employed for 41 of the 45 years I’ve been working.

                  I’ve had 3 DBAs. The type owned by a real individual not a fictitious one.

                  • Tradesman, architect, or engineer?

                    A serious question to you though – why set up as a sole proprietorship? You ended up paying substantially more in taxes than setting up as an LLC being taxed as a corporation. Why give the government 60% of your hard earned money?

                    • RG,

                      “ Tradesman, architect, or engineer?”

                      None of the above.

                      More of a factotum.

                      “ A serious question to you though – why set up as a sole proprietorship?”

                      Serious answer. I never believed in fiction.

                      Fortunately, or not, depending on how you look at it, I learned a lot when I was young.

                      I moved away from home when I was 12. My parents paid $60,000 for grades 7-12 in the 1970s. Money well spent because I learned how to learn.

                      I only have 3 licenses to my name. One to drive. One to fly. And a radio-telephone operator’s license. All obtained before the age of 20. When I was young, dumb and you know the rest of the saying.

                      That last one was required for the pilot’s license at the time.

                      I’d never get another license. For anything. It’s against my “religion.”

                      I don’t think I’ve pulled even five building permits in my lifetime. And only one of those was volitional.

                      Actually it was an act of revenge. The general contractor wanted me to wire this really nice lady’s house in such a way that it probably would have burned down. She had a husband and a small child.

                      The contractor refused to pay me to date as they say. So I took my last $40 and pulled a permit knowing the inspector would pink slip the job.

                      The nice lady that owned the house came up to me at the grocery store and gave me a big hug a year or two later. She was kinda hot too. 😊

                      This contractor also owned a factory that I had worked at before I did the job at the nice lady’s house. There he insisted that he was an electrical engineer and demanded that I wire it his way. So I did. Knowing that the fire would be contained in concrete.

                      When he reopened his factory after the fire, he went on to sell Jimmy John’s some sprouts with E. coli.

                      But he had the paper to show he was smarter than me. And he had a corporation that relieved him of any liability for your sandwich being laden with E. coli.

                      That’s a good thing, isn’t it RG? Everyone likes a tasty shit sandwich from Jimmy John’s. Right?

                      Maybe that will give you some perspective as to where I’m coming from.

                      And I actually have sat at the table with the senator and the endless bowl of shrimp.

                      Once I drank beer (under age at the time) with the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee just a few minutes before he was arrested for DUI and bitch slapping a state trooper.

                      Serious question to you Raider Girl, have you been true to your principles?

                    • Have I been true to MY principles?

                      Unequivocally, yes.

                      Am I able to look in the mirror everyday? Yes.

                      I have been loyal to the same man that I have been with since I was 16, I have raised good kids who question the world around them, I am loyal to my family and friends, I don’t take advantage of people, I respect my clients and try to provide them useful and ethical advice. I have never hung anyone out to dry.

                      I do my best to follow the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution.

                      Of course, mortality one can argue is not black and white and each of us have a different version of it. What is immoral to me could be considered moral to someone else and vice versa.

                      If St. Peter opens the Pearly Gates and asks “Do you regret anything?” My answer would be no.

                    • RG.

                      “ Have I been true to MY principles?

                      Unequivocally, yes.”


                      We’ll leave morales for another day.

                      I would like to see what you know about the history of your profession. Accounting, not the much older one.

                      This thing that Arthur gave us. This thing with the fictional individual bearing his name and the government “& Co?“

                      How does the Enron Scandal work?

                      How do fictional individuals relieve actual living individuals of all that loot?

                      Historically, what infrastructure was necessary?

                    • Why set up as…

                      …Possibly because some won’t respond to carrot, or stick, beyond bare minimum to let their inner enterprisers out.

                      Grasponding to false, non-market (free being implicit to markets) “incentives” is the slippery slope that slaps all asses…with metastasis.

                      Put another way, it’s codependent enabling – of your own disablement.

                      Put another way, Pogo met the enemy – & it was him.

                      Put another way: “I want you to hit me (you) in the face, as hard as you can,” & “I wanted to destroy something beautiful I’d never have. Burn the Amazon rain forest. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobble the ozone. Open the dump valves on supertankers and uncap offshore oil wells. I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn’t afford to eat, and smother the French beaches I’d never see. I wanted the whole world to hit bottom. Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground.” ~ Fight Club quotes

                      Defending the go along get along string along is gulag rationalization, is small man syndrome in reverse: Gulliver wants to get Lillipution small, to make his physic match his metaphysic.

                      Principles? Those aren’t personal possessives any more than reality is. Aren’t some menu of a la carte soft-serve selections. Each one’s prerogatives are exactly the same. Deviations deserve all the meanest of mean reversion that they bring their way…& the longer postponed, the meaner should & will be the reversion.

        • Np RG, ya got a mean backhand lol, don’t have to all see things the same way to fuckin act civil here.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if we had a clover plant or two trying to shake shit up. Noticed the NMA reader response emails have been eerily EV-happy lately, probably the turds on that streetsblog site. People who deserve shit being slung at them lol

          • Moose,

            What does NMA mean?

            National Motorists Association
            NMA Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit
            NMA National Medical Association
            NMA National Mining Association
            NMA Network Meta-Analysis (statistics)
            NMA Negative Mental Attitude (psychology)
            NMA New Model Army
            NMA National Meteorological Agency (Ethiopia)
            NMA Network Monitoring and Analysis
            NMA Novell Managewise Agent
            NMA Network Management Application
            NMA Network Management Architecture
            NMA New Message Acknowledgement
            NMA Network Management and Analysis
            NMA Netware Management Agent
            NMA New Media Age (UK)
            NMA National Magazine Awards
            NMA National Movie Awards
            NMA Network Management Application (software)
            NMA Nepal Mountaineering Association (Kathmandu, Nepal)
            NMA North Mississippi Allstars
            NMA National Meat Association
            NMA Nigerian Medical Association (Abuja, Nigeria)
            NMA National Management Association
            NMA Norwegian Medicines Agency (regulatory authority)
            NMA National Mapping Agencies
            NMA Nidec Motors & Actuators (France)
            NMA Normal Mode Analysis
            NMA Nepal Medical Association
            NMA Nevada Mining Association
            NMA Nadic Methyl Anhydride
            NMA Norwegian Mapping Authority
            NMA Non-Myeloablative
            NMA Non-Medical Attendant
            NMA Nobeyama Millimeter Array
            NMA Network Monitoring and Analysis (Bellcore)
            NMA Northwest Motorcycle Association
            NMA National Monuments Act (Ireland)
            NMA Nordic Marine Academy (Bergen, Norway)
            NMA NetWare Management Agent (Novell)
            NMA National Micrographics Association (now part of AIIM)
            NMA New Media Alliance
            NMA Neighbourhood Management Area (UK)
            NMA Network Management and Administration (Bellcore)
            NMA National Mathematics Advisory (US Department of Education)
            NMA Nocturnal Models Agency (alternative modeling)
            NMA New Mexico Archives
            NMA National Mustang Association
            NMA Number of Methods Added
            NMA Normal Melting Agarose
            NMA New Membership Application
            NMA NATO Military Authorities
            NMA Null Modem Adapter (Lucent)
            NMA Newfoundland Medical Association
            NMA Non-Medical Assessment
            NMA National Military Authority
            NMA No More Acronyms
            NMA National Management Award (insurance)
            NMA Network Manifold Associates, Inc (California IT security)
            NMA National Mine Academy
            NMA Network Monitoring and Administration (software)
            NMA National Maritime Alliance
            NMA Niagara Musky Association (est. 1994; fish population preservation)
            NMA Nuclear Materials Accountability
            NMA Not My Aisle (flight attendant slang)
            NMA Non-Military Affiliated
            NMA Non-Material Alternative
            NMA Nebraska Marksmanship Association (Papillion, NE)
            NMA Nacionalin Mokjimo Agentra (Lithuanian: National Paying Agency; Vilnius, Lithuania)

            I must be retarded, but I’m having a hard time following your posts.

        • Ha-ha, you just legitimized the stupid Free State Project by acknowledging its existence. So that’s the limits of your studies huh

          • Moose,

            “ Ha-ha, you just legitimized the stupid Free State Project by acknowledging its existence. So that’s the limits of your studies huh”

            You lost me there Moose.

            I try to live my life vis a vis voluntary interaction.

  5. I am still “gobsmacked” at the people lining up for the (un)vaccine…just read that if you die from the jab that life insurance won’t pay due to the mRNA shot being experimental.
    I have a good friend that is a very experienced large animal veterinarian. I had asked her to read all she could on the so called vaccine , thinking that if/when she did, she would not take it. One of the side effects from the jab is “brain fog” and doing things that aren’t normal.
    Well, my friend took the needle. For years, she has taken her three dogs to work with her and they have had the run of her office. Everyday. For years.
    A week or so after taking the needle. She went to her office and left her dogs in her car all day. When she left her practice to go home they were all dead.
    Completely out of character for her…..
    There is a special place in hell for the sonsabitches pushing this sh*t.

  6. Kid finally started baseball again. All kinds of sickness kabuki signs up and around the fields. First game it was probably 60/40 undaipered to diaper and more than half of the 40% dropped the diapers when they saw the number of undiapered people. 2nd game Saturday morning it was like 90/10 undiapered to diapered. Technically Saturday was “opening day” and they had a reporter from the local newspaper there taking pictures. I’m curious, this being new jersistan, if the article will be about kids getting to enjoy baseball again or the number of undiapered heathens there were at the fields.

    • “ All kinds of sickness kabuki signs up and around the fields. “

      Now, hey you, mister, can’t you read?
      You got to have a face diaper to get a seat
      You can’t even watch, no, you can’t eat
      You ain’t supposed to be here

      Apologies to the Five Man Electrical Band.

  7. So sometimes the diapered enforcers slink away, other times they come back with fences and armaments or they find a new target to bully. Much as I like to see these, I really wish they’d accrete into a modular Godzilla to come and stomp it out for good.

    Yesterday, my undiapered son and I shouted down some dick in a store yelling at us for not following the arrows on the floor – we purposely go in the opposite direction. So I guess I got my own little rona resistance moment. Bit by bit, I suppose.

    • Get some tape in the hardware department. Change the arrows to both ways. Or left and right. Really mess with the livestock.

  8. My home schooled son plays football in the local (private) youth association here southwest of Austin. This season they’re using the government elementary school’s football field – a VERY nice football field paid for with my cash. Two emails were sent out prior to the game reminding everyone masks were REQUIRED while on the school property for anyone not actually playing. Result: almost no one wore a mask; made me smile. Of course, these are people who sign their kids up for stuff like this voluntarily so not a “random” collection as I observed Saturday at QT: no mask signs at the store, cashier maskless, and about 10 other people in the store all wearing masks. The only other normals in the store were a couple of teenagers.

  9. In the rural town where I now conduct nearly all my business, where people recognize the odor of BS when they smell it, very few wear the mask of shame. The grocery store is part of a chain of such rural grocery stores that apparently insists its employees wear masks. Those employees have been “dutifully” wearing them all along. Until yesterday. I go there about every two weeks. Yesterday, they were wearing the mask of shame, but nearly all had either their mouth, their nose, or both, uncovered. Clearly demonstrating their agreement to wear one for pay, while at the same time clearly demonstrating they do NOT “believe”.

  10. real good hearing Noel Gallagher stand up – when so many of the legendary rock stars of when I was a kid have sold out. his rant on the train was brilliant

    “I was going up to Manchester the other week and some guy’s going ‘can you put your mask on, on the train, because the transport police will get on and fine you £1,000. But you don’t have to put it on if you’re eating’.

    “So I was saying, ‘Oh right, this killer virus that’s sweeping through the train is going to come and attack me but it’s going to see me having a sandwich and go leave him, he’s having his lunch?'”


    • Hi Nasir,

      I have noticed Noel Gallagher has been against this since the beginning. Noel was speaking out about this as recently as last September. I remember reading about his tirades last fall and kudos to him for taking a stand. I think I will rock out to a little Oasis later this evening. It is obvious which of the bros got the brains. 😉

  11. God, this is inspirational. So good to see people not intimidated by these fascistic halfwits.

    Shout ‘em down and shout ‘em out 😎❤️

  12. I think we’re all figuring out that “if it saves just one life” really doesn’t make much sense. Fauchi and the death cult think in binary terms, probably because it serves them but I don’t want to speculate on the doctor’s intent. And clearly the media’s dogged pursuit of the story’s “deadly” angle is only for if-it-bleeds-it-ledes ratings. Now we’re hearing about the dreaded “long COVID,” where people have ongoing, possibly chronic, health issues due to “COVID.” Hastily concocted vaccines that don’t work (or do they?), coverups of side effects, and floating of the idea of vaccine passports. For a damn chest cold.

    “Anyone can get AIDS” we were told by Fauchi in the 1980s. Yes, it is true that if we were only slabs of meat or unable to control our impulses, we might very well end up with AIDS. But even minimal precautions, namely don’t have butt sex with gay men, will pretty much eliminate your odds of contracting AIDS in the 1st world. “Oh, but that kid who got it from a blood transfusion!” they cry. OK, so test the blood. “Oh, but the IV recreational drug user!” OK, so I won’t ever take heroin then. Done.

    So what happens when an aggressive strain of West Nile gets hold? Will we declare war on mosquitos? Will roaming gangs of enforcers fine you for having standing water on your property after a rain storm? Seems to have a much higher death rate than COVID but lower transmission rate. Or are we going to have a rational approach, with people who are at risk and in risky situations take precautions? DEET bug spray is pretty cheap stuff and actually does something, unlike masks and social distancing.


    • ‘if-it-bleeds-it-ledes’ — RK

      Wikipedia shows that the global case rate has climbed from 350,000 a day in Feb 2021 to 564,000 and rising at the end of March.

      Not defending the accuracy of the data, or the [mis]use of PCR tests. But this is the Narrative being broadcast by the Hive, which ‘leaders’ assuredly are acting on.

      According to the Narrative, China has completely recovered, while a majority of Americans think the US will return to normal by this summer. Meanwhile, Brazil, India and parts of Europe are getting EATEN ALIVE by the corona bug.

      It’s enough to make your damned head explode. And it makes old songs like this seem impossible relics of a time gone by:

      I have been to Fort Worth, mm-hmm
      I have been to Spain
      And I have been too proud
      To come in out of the rain

      I have seen the David, mm-hmm
      I seen the Mona Lisa too
      And I have heard Doc Watson
      Play Columbus Stockade Blues

      Forgive me all my anger
      Forgive me all my faults
      There’s no need to forgive me
      For thinkin’ what I thought

      I loved you from the git go
      I’ll love you till I die
      I loved you on the Spanish Steps
      The day you said goodbye

      — Guy Clark, Dublin Blues

      • Hi Jim,

        Yup; the “cases” are “up” again… though it’s as relevant – medically – as “cases” of shade in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, the imbeciles do not understand the difference between a medical case and a positive test.

    • Hi RK,

      I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt – even Fauci. But he’s a known liar – “masks don’t work” – and then they do – and something worse, proved by his post-vaccine double Diapering and his refusal to explain to people the difference between a positive test and a medically significant case (i.e., symptoms sever enough to warrant medical attention).

      • I’m sure his response would be along the lines of “When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do, Sir?”

        The question is, just what are the facts? We can’t even define what a fact is in this situation. Rational thought goes out the window when you are at risk. Even more so when you think you are responsible for millions of lives. If you take on that responsibility, every decision quickly escalates to the Kobayashi Maru, except for the fact that taking no action will guarantee a thrashing by those who wish to take action. And those would-be men of action will be fawned over by a media that wants to turn events into a simple three act play.

        • Hi RK,

          Yeah, probably – but he’s still a liar and shyster. He knows perfectly well that “masks” do not prevent the spread of respiratory viral particles and – moreover – that people who aren’t sick can’t get others sick.

    • “Anyone can get AIDS” was the mantra that the Hollywood elite and the Loony Left pounced on back in the late 80s in order to take the discussion away from the disease’s primary means of “transport” and who ended up being the bulk of its victims…Gay men, who readily engaged in anal sex with multiple partners. Ergo, widespread faggotry and sodomy (they forgot the lash and the rum). It became a disease with its own political agenda.

      • Hi Doug,

        Yup – and AIDs is more lethal than the ‘Rona. If you get AIDs, you are likely to die. Get ‘Rona and you’re unlikely to get more than mildly sick.

    • “Will we declare war on mosquitos? Will roaming gangs of enforcers fine you for having standing water on your property after a rain storm? ” SHHH – damn RK dont give the psychopaths any more ideas !!!

      BTW this “long covid” thing- as some may know my dad got it and was in the hospital for a bit, and unfortunately he has certainly gotten much weaker since hes recovered a couple months ago. But now the “intellectual” types in society say “he has long covid” Im like no – hes a 70 year old Pakistani guy with multiple issues who is unfortunately a bit down after a bad case of the flu… but i guess im just not smart enough to know its now called “long covid”

    • SM777,

      “The sooner the idiots get jabbed, the sooner they will disappear (forever).”

      Is that how you would play it if you were holding the needles?

      We have come a long way since Govco was giving syphilis to the boys in Tuskegee.

      I think these experimental shots might just give us very compliant citizens who love their servitude. Just as Huxley talked about in the 1960’s.


      The folks I’ve talked with who have had the shots seem to be tickled pink. So much so that I’ve resorted to telling them that I’ve been “vaccinated” as well.

      We are talking about messenger RNA. I’m not sure what the message is though.

      You may be correct. This may cull the herd. But is that what they want at this point in time?

      The more servants the better, right?

      When you go out to eat somewhere that is black tie staffed, don’t you enjoy the folks in the background? If you drop a fork or napkin a new one magically appears. And the endless bowl of shrimp that is never less than half full.

      More shrimp for the senator? Never forget the shrimp.

      I’d posit that very little evil in this world comes into fruition without a discussion around that endless bowl of shrimp.

      But like I say, you might be right. These folks who have been clamoring to get not one, but two “vaccinations” may soon be dropping like flies. And IMHO that would probably be a good thing.

      Do you think the senator is really going to “stoop” to picking up his fork when it has touched the floor?

      Do you think he would allow himself to be interrupted and put in the position of asking for more shrimp when he is conducting the people’s business?

      Who would get down on their hands and knees to sanitize the dining room floor if the pool of constituents the senator is “serving” we’re to be substantially diminished?

      There just might be a new strain of COVID hiding in that $350 per yard carpeting.

      How would you play it SM777? If you were running the show?

  13. I went to get some coffee at a coffee shop yesterday. Everybody in there was all masked up. My friend and I walked in unmasked and everybody looked at and treated us a lepers.

    I watched the 19-year-old girl, who was serving the coffee, continuously touch and adjust her snot rag. When she noticed my friend and I were unmasked, she reached under the counter and grabbed two masks for us (touching both sides of them with her now snotty hands) demanding that we wear them. She then handed these masks to some random guy in line who then put his filthy hands on them and proceeded to hand them to us. With a look of disgust, I took one from him as if it were a dirty diaper, placing it back on the front counter and said no thanks. My friend, on the other hand, dutifully placed the now contaminated mask on his face.

    I remained unmasked and got my coffee (I will never go back). When I asked my friend why in the world he would put a mask on his face that he couldn’t tell if it was even new and was handled by a couple of strangers, he told me he just didn’t want to offend anybody. I told him it was too late. His pathetic act of submitting to the demands of the insane was deeply offensive.

  14. Not sure if you heard – but our dear leaders in the UK are allowing us to have some of our “freedoms” once again as they are so benevolent.

    That said I dont get which is worse and more sheepish – the way the Brits comply with everything they are told, or the way the minute shops opened up they qued back up at the shops to buy more shit they dont need with money they dont have (or may have accidentally saved by being locked home!)….

    • It’s part of the cycle – they will “give” back freedoms they had no right to take, until the next time they want to punish you for stepping out of line. It won’t be long.

      • True – and the worst is most actually are thankfully when the government “gives” them back their freedoms. As if its for the government to give and take…

  15. From naturalnews.com

    The 5 dumbest things people are doing that wreck immune function, increasing susceptibility to new versions of Covid

    #1. Getting jabbed with the mRNA vaccine series is really dumb (and deadly).

    #2. Social distancing is really idiotic.

    #3. Wearing a mask all day is really stupid.

    #4. Using antibacterial everything is ignorant.

    #5. Herding together with other “vaccinated” sheeple is super dumb.

    • I always thought it was a given that our grandparents’ wisdom would prevail. Kids put all kinds of random things from the floor into their mouths, builds a healthy immune system by exposure. Get fresh air and sunshine, and the new corollary, do not breathe your own exhaust (weren’t we once taught that plants need CO2 in order to grow, and we need their exhaust, O2), we have helpful bacteria on and in our bodies at all times, etc….

      Now all those simple truths have been turned on their heads.

      • Yup. It’s funny how for 3 million years, all the way to 2020, open breathing passages were adequate for our species’ survival. Suddenly, it’s almost unthinkable to see one walking with unimpeded breathing passages. It draws stares, if you are in an enclosed space. The HORROR!!

  16. Hi Eric,

    I don’t believe the correct terminology is face diaper, but sheep shit. Saw that expression used in a cartoon I had seen recently and thought it was quite appropriate. 😊

    • Hi RG –

      In my view, all of us should be far more concerned about stifling the sociopathic sickness than the privacy interests of those who, like Judas, have not only taken the proverbial 30 pieces of silver, but, have voluntarily sided with the state in forcibly interfering with the exercise of one’s natural right to breathe unencumbered by a face effacer.

      • Hi LM,

        I don’t see the connection between Judas’s silver taking, the face diaper, and my comment above. I can guessimating you are referring to my lively debate on the PPP loans from a few days ago. I am happy to have that discussion on the other forum if you would like, but do not want to drag it over here and veer off topic or rehash my views on a new thread.

        • RG –

          You are here, the other thread has close to, if not over, 100 posts, and the topics are all related and recurring.

          If you choose not to further engage, that is fine. You did not strike me as one who would value the privacy interests of PPP recipients more than the property rights of people like Eric to continue to patronize a business without being muzzled.

          • I have been against masking all along, any number of my posts will reflect that.

            At the same time businesses also have property rights. If the business wants someone to wear a moo moo with a beanie on their head if you want to do business with them that is the stipulation.

            Where I have a problem with the dictation of services is when government tells businesses what they can and cannot do. I am heading down to FL next month. As we are aware the state of Florida has no state mandate. I will be staying near Jacksonville which does not have a county/city mandate on mask wearing. This means that the businesses can make the decisions if they want customers to cover up or not. I can choose to do business with them or not. Since I am an anti masker I will not provide my monies to any business that has that stipulation. Why would I want to?

            No individual has a right to trounce on the property rights of others whether that is a business or another individual.

            Eric, seems to me to be the type not to want to give his hard earned money to businesses whose causes do not match his own belief system, but those businesses also have a right to their belief system, as well, whether we agree to it or not.

            • RG,

              “At the same time businesses also have property rights.”

              Here we go again.

              I can see you’re a bit farther down on the spectrum than I had originally concluded.

              Do trees have rights as well?

              I’ll concede that many businesses contain wood.

              Is that the basis of your assertion?

            • If a business is any of the following, it is the state, and not a private entity entitled to all of the NATURAL rights of an individual or truly private enterprise:

              (1) It is publicly traded;

              (2) It is subsidized by the state;

              (3) Its core / primary purpose is to do business with the state;

              (4) It derives more than 25% of its revenue from the state;

              (5) It contributes money to the campaigns of democrat candidates for elective office;

              (6) It contributes money to the campaigns of GOP candidates for elective office;

              (7) It contributes money to the campaigns of any candidate for elective office who is supportive of progressive policies;

              (8) It is a banking institution;

              (9) It contributes money to any democrat PAC;

              (10) It contributes money to any GOP PAC;

              (11) It is part of a so-called “public-private” partnership; and

              (12) It, any way, assists, bolsters, cooperates, creates, designs, implements, or manages any state program, including, spy-craft, surveillance, and interference with foreign governments.

              • Indeed, any and all corporations are a creation of the state, and so are beholden to it. They are not born, and so do not have any inalienable rights, but only those the state gives them, which the state can just as quickly and easily take away. They are NOT private businesses.

            • You haven’t cited any laws or otherwise Raider Girl, so maybe you’re not very familiar with applicable state and federal laws or any codes of ethics. Here’s some food for thought for whom it may interest:

              Under US federal law, public accommodations (as opposed to private clubs) must be accessible to the disabled and may not discriminate on the basis of “race, color, religion, or national origin.”
              Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

              Public accommodations, in US law, are generally defined as facilities, both public and private, used by the public. Examples include retail stores, rental establishments, and service establishments as well as educational institutions, recreational facilities, and service centers.

              Requiring a preventative medical intervention or a breath-reducing and undignified concealment experiment to access a public accommodation would be at odds with the Nuremberg code and the UN declaration on bioethics and human rights. It’s self evident that a business owner open to the public operating in clean air cannot impede anyone’s breathing. No property rights or codes of values agree with the exercise of egregious criminality. The atmosphere is a gift from God for living things to interface with freely. The bill of rights should instantly be amended to spell it out that breathing rights shall not be infringed.

        • RG,

          “I don’t see the connection between Judas’s silver taking, the face diaper, and my comment above.”

          Of course you don’t.

          You still talk of privacy in a world of 24 hour surveillance.

          You claim corporations are NOT an artificial individual with the EXPRESS purpose of shielding real individuals from liability. Simply a way to pay less tribute.

          You’ve insulated yourself from reality to the point where it can no longer even be considered farcical.

          Next you’ll be telling us that when the sun rises the temperature always goes down.

          Just admit it RG, you’re a philosophical whore.

          You’ve gotten in bed with the government and as a “professional” the only thing remaining is to haggle over is the amount of other people’s money you are willing to accept to provide your “services.”

          Garçon! Another bowl of shrimp for our esteemed accountant!

          Lest she go hungry while waiting to feed at the government teat.

          • So what I am whore. Now what?

            I take a stand on what I believe in. That may not match your beliefs, but we each have a right to feel and practice the way that we do. I don’t name call you because you share a very different view point than my own. I have no issue with people disagreeing with me. I also have no issue with debating with someone who thinks differently than myself, but I am not going to resort to some juvenile “I know you are, but what am I” elementary school fight.

            You want to have a discussion on a certain subject I am happy to do that.

            • Your right to enter and patronize Walmart undiapered is paramount to the Benton behemoth’s right to exclude you for refusing to be diapered.

              • Fortunately, I abhor Walmart and have not been in one for at least a decade. I agree with you that large business is part of the elite oligarchy. Government would not be what it is if not for the monetary contributions of the corporate empire (which make up about 16K businesses).

                This leaves us with about 31.6 million businesses that are in fact, private entities.

                Eric’s tirade was referring to a small locally owned business not a conglomerate like Amazon or Walmart. Sweet Donkey has a right to prescribe any and all totalitarian rules to conduct business with them that they wish. I am excluding matters under the EEOC (another topic for another day). The choice is for us whether we wish to provide them business or not.

                • Hi RG,

                  Lots of facets to this business, but I think one of the key ones is that Diapering is, simply, evil. It is not like requiring a shirt to be served, which is a matter of decorum. This is for all the marbles – and it must be regarded as such and fought as such.

                  • Hi Eric,

                    It is evil to you and me. It is evil to many on this board, but it is not evil to everyone. We do not have the allowance to dictate how others live. Of course, I wish this theory flowed both ways.

                    I think many of us agree with masks and fear were an opening for the vaccine which is now an opening for the passport and soon to be an opening for a complete digital transformation of required conformity.

                    The Revolutionary War began with 3%-25% (depending on the history book) of the public overturning the most feared military in the world. Not even half of Americans believed King George’s tyranny to even be a concern worth fighting for. This fight is no different. We change the minds that can be changed and we disregard those that can’t.

                    This plight does not have the ear of the majority, hopefully, they will see it, but it will be after the last shot is fired and they rejoice in the sacrifices that were made.

                    • Hi RG –

                      Neither Eric nor I argue that we have the right to insist how others live.

                      Rather, we contend that exercising respiratory freedom does not, in any way, impair the property rights of Target or Sweet Donkey.

                      The universe of a retailer’s property rights does not extend to mask requirements as a condition of entrance.

                    • Hi Mike,

                      Actually, almost anything can extend to a business’s property rights of entrance. You and I adhere to the restrictions or we don’t enter. If we choose to disobey the property rights of others we are trespassing. Our rights do not overlaw some else’s rights on what we can and cannot do on their property.

                      I do not allow smoking in my home or my business. If a client comes in with a cigarette they are shown back to the door. I then spray them with a fragrance deodorizer upon reentering. My property. My choice. If someone does not like it they are free to go somewhere else.

            • RG,

              “So what I am whore. Now what?”

              I believe the term I used was “philosophical whore.”

              You say, “I take a stand on what I believe in.”

              That still doesn’t make it a reality. Concepts and referents. There is a distinction.

              • LOL. I didn’t realize there were different degrees of whorieness. Does it really matter whose dick I suck whether it be man, institution, or a belief system? Apparently, as long as it is different than your view and whatever concept of reality that you live within I will be deemed ignorant, naïve, stupid, and of course, a trollop (whether philosophical or on my knees) .

                You have no desire to have a reflective debate on any issue, just toss out insults and taunts and maybe those in the background will nod their approval and commend you for your insightful outlook.

                • RG,

                  “Does it really matter whose dick I suck whether it be man, institution, or a belief system?”

                  Not at all.

                  Nowadays you can even suck a girl’s dick.

                  Though I think that would be the same a sucking a corporation’s dick.

                  Metaphor, what is it again?

                  Corporations are FICTIONAL individuals RG. They do not exist in reality.

                  Again, concepts and referents.

                  Try as you may RG, you can’t get any bigger than an individual.

                  You may want to assimilate into the Borg, but it ain’t gonna happen.

                • Hi RG,

                  I’m not calling anyone a whore. My issue – with the Donk, specifically – is the hypocrisy and poltroonery. They remained open despite not being an “essential” business, in defiance of the “mandates” and “executive orders.” They were happy to serve me during that time and liked that I stayed there for hours, to try to encourage others to defy the “lock downs.” They neither wore nor demanded I wear a Diaper. Until all of a sudden they did… could it be because they wanted to get their hands on the ‘Rona loot?

                  In any case, they treated me – someone they knew personally, who had been a daily (almost) customer for years – like a filthy leper and in doing so, furthered the general treatment of all who aren’t willing to play Kabuki like filthy lepers.

                  They did it out of convenience, virtue-signaling and a Babbitt-like willingness to do anything for money.

                  They suck.

                  • Yes, they suck, but that is irrelevant. You are trying to instill a connection with the loans and the diapering. It isn’t there.

                    Outside influence and peer pressure play a lot into any equation. Look at the amount of Karens and Kens that go after these businesses for not requiring masks. You don’t think this attributed to her submission of the mask?

                    A business will usually cave if the majority of their clientele are threatening to leave because of “this” or “that.” Not all, but many. Their livelihood (whether right or wrong) plays a larger part then their principles.

                    We have seen over the last year how quickly the dominoes crumble. Some have the perseverance to stand on morality others do not. To each his own. That is their decision to make.

                    If their belief system does not coincide with your own why go back? Why make it an issue?

                    • When it comes to the protection of respiratory rights, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

                    • Do we have respiratory rights, Mike?

                      Personally, I do not care if someone else wishes to breathe back in their own carbon dioxide and destroy their immune system. That is their right. My only concern is that they do not expect me to adhere to their notation or “rights.”

                    • Eric,

                      Don’t you see, it’s irrelevant.

                      It’s like you trying to instill a connection with the eating and going to the bathroom. It isn’t there.

                      You must understand Eric. The Donkey isn’t composed of individuals. The Donkey is a business. It is A and non-A at the same time.

                      You don’t have a right to think about it let alone write about it Eric!

                      The Donkey holds talismanic powers granted by the High Priestess of Accounting and her Lord Govco.

                      In order to help exorcise the individualism from your troubled soul I’ll play Tubular Bells and chant.

                      The power of the corporation compels you.
                      The power of the corporation compels you.
                      The power of the corporation compels you.

                    • LOL. I know I am suppose to be riled up by your posts, but I can’t help but laugh.

                      I think you are nuts, but at least you are funny.

                      I do like the chanting though. I prefer a few new ones if you don’t mind. I posted an example for you below, just to get you started.

                      RG is right.
                      RG is right.
                      RG is right.

                      You can work your way up from there. Also, if you could add some humming with the bells that would be super.

                  • eric, I can’t be made to wear a face diaper. I won’t say how that is because it’s protected by HIPPA. I’ve been challenged once, by a young woman who needed to bully someone. I just looked up and growled “HIPPA” at her. She shut up(musta had some corporate training). I won’t have it. I made a nurse at the oncologist eat her words even though she actually didn’t eat them. She simply said “We’ve all got to wear a mask because of the elderly sick”. WTF did she think I was doing at the oncologist? Young and in the best of shape? I nearly called her the C word because she was so stupid.
                    “We” have to wear a mask because of sick people”. I was merely going to the oncologist just for the fun of it. I took her outside and showed her, after walking 3 blocks very fast what my real O2 reading was. It didn’t faze the stupid beatch. She still maintained that even though my O2 levels weren’t down to 95, she had the right to require me to not use a mask.

                    It’s simply stupidity, nothing more, or less. I’m not writing this as a reply to RG in any way. Just pointing out the legalities and the stupidity of the people who are tasked and paid to demand a totally illegal law…..and not even realize it after I had told her. I detest the hospitals and doctors more than I can say.

                    Force a person with asthma to hurt themselves illegally. I’ve been really bent since this entire plandemic has been forced on us.

                    Last April the head of the FED in Missouri made the statement that
                    “all was going as planned”.

                    My doctor made a statement about the pandemic and I replied, “You mean the Plandemic” to which she said, You’re probably right. Shit, she’s not genius but no dummy either. She knows it’s a plandemic or at least should know.

  17. When this started last year, I told my family “it is not going to end without bloodshed.” I’m sure they thought I was crazy at the time, and it seemed extreme but not out of the question. Now, I hope I am wrong. People such as in the videos above that you have shared give me hope.

    I will continue to resist in my corner of the world, as well, and will start the chants of “GET OUT” if I am in a place where the Gestapo are harassing others.

    • Anonymous, while it does give some glimmer of hope, it seems it must “get worse before it can get better.” Most people are accepting of (or unaware of) tyranny until it hits home for them, and for a number of people it doesn’t because they are somehow insulated, so they let it grow and fester, instead of joining hands with those initially affected. Think of the poem “And Then They Came For Me.”

      These few scenes of resistance are hardly a grain of sand in the big picture. Most will fold. It does serve to show how far reaching this is though, and it could awaken a broader section of the population to the reality of a growing worldwide police state.

      • It is definitely ugly looking behind the curtain these days. Just thankful for God-given wisdom to see this situation as it was, even when much less information/data was available. The entire scenario never made sense to me, and I’m sure to many here, as well.

        We can join together, but we must each individually decide to fight.

        • Your last sentence was a beauty. I try to rile people up with my speech but the more I try, the more people tell me I’m “a little too extreme.” I sometimes use alarming predictions to try to wake people from their accepting slumber, and they even further express their belief that I’m crazy even though I predicted EVERYTHING that came to pass.

          They say they just want to live out their remaining years in peace, as if they’ll magically avoid the tyranny or the confrontations to try to stop it. They may, but they will live out a very meager existence instead of a full, unencumbered life.

          • I’m thinking that there are more than a handful who not only want to try to live in peace without a battle (irony is lost on them), or who are hoping that, if (when) it becomes necessary to fight for peace, that somehow someone else will fight their battle for them.

            I would argue that the fight has already begun, and that each of us who is engaged in resistance and educating others is on the “front lines” – perhaps worthy to be called the true “heroes.”

            Whether or not one believes a battle has begun, their engagement is an individual commitment. Our numbers will encourage one another, but each truly rises or falls on their own.

            • Anon, I am looking 72 square in the eyes. I’m not in particularly good health since I have sleep apnea, something that’s shut me down like I would never have believed. I don’t wait for the young to take it to the govt. I have boxes of ammo and haven’t lost a lot(if I could just get a god night’s sleep). I will do whatever I feel I’m made to do. I can guarantee those who wish to bully me will reach a point they will wish they haven’t.

              I have nothing to add to that.

              • That is the heart of the matter. Not expecting to be able to physically overpower someone, but rather to use means to equalize the situation, if it comes to that. Your ability to defend your liberty and that of your family is a precious gift, to be used wisely in the event that it is threatened. Nothing wrong with that – in fact, it is very right to be prepared to use it.


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