Resistance to Agenda 21 is Growing

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Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover

Aaron Dykes
November 16, 2012

Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover agenda 21 trojan horseOpponents of Agenda 21′s local implementation in the United States have begun mounting a notable resistance. At state capitals and city councils, activists are showing up to educate and lobby their elected representatives about the implications of this United Nations’ plan for sovereignty, property rights and the future development of the country.

It has become such a widespread phenomenon that media outlets everywhere are spinning into damage control in effort to ridicule the anti-Agenda 21 movement, hoping that it will go away before the general population understands the issue.

But their efforts are fruitless. Coverage across the country begrudgingly notes that groups are opposing local “sustainability” initiatives and fighting back against plans to concentrate growth into dense urban centers under emerging “mega-regions.”

Now, a case in Georgia has triggered an all-out media frenzy, after a local group convinced the state’s Senate Majority Leader, Chip Rogers (R – Woodstock), to hold an information session on Agenda 21 attended by several other GOP senators and representatives. Conspicuously negative coverage is being used to pressure these politicians to avoid supposedly fringe elements in their constituency.

The progressive, sustainability group Better Georgia released video of the meeting, and blasted the ‘extremist’ views presented, that included comparing Obama’s socialist vision with the plans of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao, which resulted in famine and genocide.

Worse, according to the portrayals, is the involvement of one Field Searcy, who helped present the slideshow. Searcy had been booted from his Tea Party group for recommending people visit and tune into Alex Jones. The tea party group formally objected to Searcy’s activities in “actively promoting issues and beliefs derived from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.” As such, his presence at the clandestine Agenda 21 meeting was presented as particularly damning.

11 Alive, the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, covered the meeting, mocking the conspiracy and “global control” theorists attempting to expose Agenda 21, telling viewers that the groups and politicians involved think people who believe in “environmentalism and sustainability” are part of the problem.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published multiple articles on the Agenda 21 presentation, including an op-ed titled, “Agenda 21: The lunacy infiltrating state leaders.” Regional papers promised that state Senator Chip Rogers would face “blowback” for hosting the information session, and otherwise insinuated that Rogers had been stung by the “secret” video that had “surfaced”.

Further, liberal websites with national reach latched onto the opportunity for ridicule, distorting part of the presentation that discussed the use of Delphi Technique, crafted at the RAND Corp. for consensus building. Mother Jones published, “Top Georgia GOP Lawmakers Host Briefing on Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot,” complete with an image of Obama in front of a hypnotic backdrop. Raw Story and the Huffington Post mimicked the mocking mind control mantra, as did Slate who also noted the rising popularity of “UN panic” it linked with Deep South politics of fear.

One author at the Examiner took it further, linking it to the secessionist movement now in the news cycle, with suggested overtones of racism, civil war and a ‘South will rise again’ mentality.

Speaking out against Agenda 21 is quickly becoming a component of the larger states’ rights movement. Americans are waking up to the undue power concentrated at the Federal government level, as well as to the larger takeover by foreign corporatist interests, including those that created the United Nations and have used it as a nose under the tent to create world government and rule through regulations and taxes implemented on the pretext of environmentalism.

Locales from Casper, Wyoming to Los Angeles and Napa, California, among others, are being inundated with activists objecting to plans being sold under the guise of “smart growth,” “sustainability” and other buzz terms.

“Stop Agenda 21″ groups have cropped up nationwide, and several government bodies have embraced the issue, to the chagrin of the establishment. Alabama passed statewide legislation banning Agenda 21 policies, and New Hampshire passed a similar measure through the House. The Texas GOP officially put Agenda 21 on its party platform, while Chip Rogers, the Georgia Senator mentioned above, attempted to introduce Agenda 21 legislation but was defeated. did a series of reports exposing the local groups in Central Texas implementing Agenda 21 by stealth, with funding from President Obama’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which is issuing planning grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Obama’s initiative is a continuation of President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, set up in 1993 to implement the United Nations’ 1992 Agenda 21. During one of the meetings, the bureaucrats became uneasy at repeated questions from local residents who objected to the development “vision,” while anti-Agenda 21 groups attended other meetings in protest.

Wary of true grassroots movements of any stripe, the system is frantically trying to discredit a very real and important issue, while using the controversy to shame politicians from listening to voices coming from outside of the establishment controlled debate. The media harped on several county commissioners in Pinellas County, Florida who voted to remove fluoride. The contrived controversy was used to push them out of office, and their replacements are moving swiftly to re-fluoridate the water. Media outlets then bragged about the victory in intimidating the politicians and removing them from their posts.

A similar effort is now underway in Georgia to hold these GOP figures “accountable” for hearing out their anti-Agenda 21 constituents.

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  1. A cynical writer would write “I, Pencil, Regulator, Quota Setter, Industry Secretary. This sequel would show that pencils are priced based on the basis of their labor and material inputs.
    IPQSIS would instruct the masses that nature provides trees and graphite and thus is the true maker of pencils. Armies and infrastructure ministries are needed, or their would be no pencils.

    You didn’t build that pencil factory and pencil delivery logistical network. We all helped to make the pencil, we all deserve a fair share of pencils at a fair price, free of the pencil predators and price gougers who seek to dismantle the protection safety nets of the people’s pencil maker enabling organizations.

    The United Pencil Makers Association is proud of its 60 years of pencil production and the many working families who bring us these wonderful writing implements. Look for our mark on your pencil and call us if you come across any illegal bootleg pencils without our logo.

  2. Most of Agenda 21 is about curtailing transportation and energy use. Moving large groups of people to mega cities, forced to synchronize their movement to a public transportation clock is a terrible idea, and 100% in the opposite direction of where society has been going for the last 50 years or so.

    One only has to look at the central planning of city parks for why this is doomed to failure. The urban planner wants to see a perfectly manicured lawn used by people reading poetry to their sweetie over finger sandwiches. Instead you have a bum/drug addict infested, graffiti covered hell hole or what should be a space full of kids on skateboards instead covered with signs explaining the park’s intended purpose (and no people).

    But what it really comes down to is making sure the masses don’t get what the elites have. Technology has made us all kings in our own way and the Rockefellers of the world don’t like it. By making electricity and vehicle fuel scarce they can reestablish the “haves and have-nots” in the first world. Here in Aspen, it’s not a big outlay of cash to put solar panels on your $4 million dollar home (and you get a nice tax break to go along with it). In fact there are solar “farms” that are being put up in low-value land areas nearby where a homeowner can buy a section of solar panels on the project in case they don’t have a good southern exposure or sunny roof (also has the effect of taking affordable property off the market). Once the panels are in place, any power that goes back to the “grid” is metered at a retail rate (net monthly metering) instead of a wholesale rate. This makes the payback even sooner, but again, at the expense of the non-solar home, who must now make up the difference. For now there’s enough Federal cash flowing into renewable projects to hide some of that difference, but when that comes to an end, look for ever increasing bills as power companies are squeezed by the net monthly metering rules. And don’t get me started on wind. It turns out many of the wind farms are dramatically under-performing their rated output, sometimes off by as much as 70% of what designers calculated, and almost none are outperforming. We gave up on wind in the 19th century because it didn’t work, just because we can interconnect the windmills now doesn’t mean the wind blows more now.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I still think it best to be as efficient as practical. A Watt of energy not used is one that doesn’t need to be produced. I have CFLs in my home now, and over time will swap them out for LEDs. The Few LEDs I have now are expected to last for the rest of my life. But if you want to use Edison’s bulb, more power to you (literally). I drive a diesel automobile. I made these choices because I want to spend less for electricity and transportation, so that I can continue to enjoy my current lifestyle without changing my spending habits.

    Of course the long term answer to our energy needs isn’t from burning hydrocarbons at all, nor is it from renewables. Nuclear has been quietly producing 20% of our power for decades now, with extremely low environmental damage and excellent tracking of waste products (to the point of excess), yet we continue to ignore facts instead giving in to FUD from all sides. At best, renewables and natural gas might be able to maintain current levels of energy production. But why should we be happy with what we have today? If climate change models are correct we’ll need to generate a lot more power for water purification, water pipelines (most surface water storage today is gravity fed and the good spots are already being utilized. We’ll need to utilize other places to store fresh water and that will mean pumping it). Nuclear powered shipping vessels could inexpensively carry millions of tons of cargo and have much more cargo capacity (both because of increases in power generation available and because the 25 year supply of fuel is about the size of a basketball). As for terrorism, just hire a bunch of ex-marines to guard the engine room.

    I really don’t understand how we got to this point. I used to think it was because of our lousy school system (and it does have a lot to do with it) telling kids that all good comes from government and demonizing businessmen. Now I’m not so sure where the problem is. Maybe people don’t have the connection to life before electricity and reliable transportation. Instead of seeing it for what it was, a dirty difficult labor intensive existence, it becomes a romanticized time of beautiful princesses on white horses and candle lit meals. Of course, if you were one of the kings or elites, that might be what it was. But for the rest of us, it was cold, dark and stank of horseshit and BO. And because everybody gets a trophy these days, we all think we’ll be one of the elites not one of the masses.

    • Eric_G, I’ve had this discussion a couple of times with MoT and others here before…

      …and my question was always “Don’t the ‘Elites’ understand that they’re killing themselves, too?”

      I suspect it’s multi-factorial.
      a) they don’t understand the incredible depth and specialization of the supply chain. They’re technocrats, not technologists. You can’t make modern Intel chips without the element hafnium; who the hell knows how to refine hafnium? Highly specialized. And that’s just one small factor in a 29-step process critical to making the chips essential in modern life, each step of which requires PhD’s down to skilled miners to realize.

      b) their own psychopathy makes them so short-sighted they’re grabbing power, more power, and more POWER just to have the control they crave. They’re almost idiot-savant in their ability to accumulate power and control; but they can’t control themselves.

      c) they don’t care. Just like the fat-assed Soviet diet members trolling around in those smoking POS Zil limousines–worse than a middle-class American’s family car at the time–it’s still better than anyone else’s.

      I loved “The Hunger Games”; she’s distilled the essence of what they want from Agenda 21.

      But she gets it wrong on one major point: there’s no way to sustain the high-tech standard enjoyed by the Elites in her novels, because there’s simply not the depth of specialization to support it. No hafnium miners, and no genius springing up from humble beginnings to say something stupid and brilliant like “Hey, I bet we can reduce transistor gate capacitance by coating them with hafnium! Why not!”

      If we don’t win this thing, we can look forward to another Dark Ages. A thousand years of human stagnation under a corrupt, sexually deviant, bloodthirsty elite with a miserable serf-class under them.

      • That’s true, they will be shooting themselves in the foot, technologically speaking. But I do think they consider that a small price to pay. These are people with Rolex (wind-up) watches and antique cars. They have horse stables and people who they pay to keep them. Libraries filled to the rafters with books of all kinds. Technology, while interesting, is generally not viewed the same way you and I see it. Sure, they’d be giving up the Gulfstream V, but you’ll have butlers and chambermaids to tidy up after you, just like the good old days. Let the masses have their HD television and (highly censored and monitored) Internet. As long as someone can be hired to render the soap they’ll be just fine, thank you.

      • Hi Methyl. Great post, as always. Two points:

        Your discussion of specialization in point a) reminds me of Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil”. It’s a great read, and so true and mind boggling to contemplate how many thousands of people are involved in producing a simple pencil that ends up costing a couple of cents to buy.

        I totally agree about “The Hunger Games”. Great read, with some great anti-government thoughts. But I had the same doubts about the fictional society’s ability to maintain its technology based affluence.

        ok, I said 2 points, but here’s a third: you are so right in observing that if we don’t win this, we are in for another Dark Age. I alternate between optimism and pessimism, but never stop trying to open people’s eyes.

        • It does seem the Elites use the same tactic over and over. Techno-terrorism. Cortez burned the military’s ships. Irreplaceable ships that could have been duplicated in the New World with some effort.

          Once they’re gone, there’s no hope of having ocean superiority. Lucky if you can cobble together a canoe.

          The American and French revolution made extinct the concept of gentlemen. Civil war got rid of social echelon assembly lines. FDR killed gold money.LBJ killed silver money.

          The Jews syncretically melded two language into one Yiddish dialect. Without them, Europe lost their best conceptual tool to think beyond their states of domicile.

          They want us to chimp out against rap and ebonics. Truth is, if we can tolerate and negotiate the tribal chanting (it’s not music) we can listen to and then direct a dark army in their own language not under state control.
          They will be the frontline soldiers who pick clean the temples of the elite and bring us the spoils.

          Spaniards have devolved into Mexicans. There may be a remnant of individualists we can re-awaken. Also, they have to be productive, their poor English makes it unlikely they can appease us into taking their word for things that.aren’t true.

          English, Dutch, French, and Germans have devolved into Americans. We should see ourselves for the shortcut taking mongrels that we are and proceed accordingly. State force is less likely if we impose a more restricting protocol on ourselves on principle not due to guns in our face.

          World War one and two brought about all kinds of social engineering and austerity paradigms which are all still in place. Their is no cold war or terror war, you are being manipulated and bridled by them like an ox in the field.

          If we squirrel away the existing hightech stuff in our private domains now, we’re ready when they dismantle the internet, cell phone grid, electrical grid, self-powered vehicles, whatever.

      • It won’t be stagnation. In the dark ages at least a thousand years of advancement was lost. It is becoming clearer what was lost when Rome fell. It was practically a 19th century level of technology. If the technology had survived we would be roughly 1500 to 2000 years ahead of where we are today.

        The next dark age should it occur will knock things back considerably. Maybe to a 1910 level of technology if we are lucky. I figure the slide can stop where home shops and technological principles meet. That’s roughly 1900 to 1920. Beyond that requires too much capital equipment to maintain. But that requires people passing knowledge down and having time to exercise it. If people fall to a survival level, then it’s a free fall.

        • We had this discussion months ago; if my memory is correct it was Boothe who quoted the Voigt-Kampf (sp?) test from “Bladerunner”.

          Perhaps the trick is to identify the sociopath/psychopath, and dispatch on site.
          But is psychopathy genetic? I’d hope to wipe the trait out; but I’m sure it can be induced as well. It wasn’t something talked about much in psychiatric circles for two reasons:

          First, there wasn’t anything you could do for them. Just stay the hell out of their way.

          Second, psychiatry dances around psychopathy like they’re trying to avoid it; there’s the old “narcissistic personality disorder”, and “antisocial personality disorder”–but they don’t quite embrace the truth of its essential evil.

          Ah well. Even if it’s not genetic, in a better society psychopaths’ insatiable evil would get them challenged to numerous duels…and remove them in a civilized way.


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