Resistance is Setting the Right Example

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A teacher recently lost his job for refusing to Face Diaper as ordered by the Sickness Psychotics who run the school where he works. And for refusing to abide the Face Diapering of the kids in his school. As he put it in a letter, his job was to “teach, not terrorize” the kids in his care.

Which is precisely what it is to force kids to walk around with a Face Diaper on. Unlike adults, who can understand the sickness of this “pandemic” of manufactured hysteria, kids – the elementary school-age kids this man taught – are especially vulnerable to psychological damage caused by making them believe everyone’s going to die by making everyone wear a Face Diaper and thus live in terror of everyone.

This teacher refused to go along with it.

After his dismissal, this man was contacted by several parents disgusted by the treatment he received but who admired his taking a stand for himself, on principle – and for the sake of their kids. They pulled their kids out of school and will now homeschool – to be taught by this same teacher, Undiapered and unafraid. Their kids will not be Diapered or made afraid, either.

This is the example to follow if you oppose acceptance of Sickness Psychosis as the “new normal.” Playing along with the deranged isn’t going to cure them. It will enable them. It will empower them. Each giving in to them is just another step toward a very dark place.

Which is why taking not one more step in that direction is so essential.

As this man did not:

I was moved by your recent article about “Diapering Under Duress” that I felt compelled to share with you my story about being forced into the precarious position of diapering up on the job. Please pass it on to that track coach; it may help.

Up until very recently, I was very happily employed as an elementary teacher at a private Montessori school in Georgetown, TX, two towns north on the I-35 from the DPRA (Democratic People’s Republic of Austin). Two weeks ago during staff orientation (via Zoom), my colleagues and I spent three hours going over a ten page addendum to the handbook regarding procedures we were to follow regarding WuFlu. 

At the end, my director informed us that we would be required to wear face diapers due to municipal and state edicts. I was hoping to get away with donning a face shield. I bought one on Amazon for $15 and it had worked pretty well for me ever since Governor “Santa Anna” Abbott made them mandatory at the end of June. It was a begrudging compromise to principle that I thought I could live with since it allowed me to emote, breath easy, and go about my daily life unmolested.

Alas, I was in for a rude awakening.

My director decided to interpret the edicts as meaning that only face diapers were acceptable. I attempted to reason with her that this was an unnecessarily narrow view, to no avail. My last resort was submitting a conscientious/religious objection, as well as a medical necessity exemption. Both were summarily rebuffed, and I received a curt dismissal from my post.

At first, I was bewildered at it all. But I realized the situation had become completely untenable when, a few days before school started, my director decided to go well beyond any of the edicts by requiring all children above the age of three (italics added) to be face diapered. When I heard this, I was glad to not be there anymore. I could not, in good conscience, participate in the systematic terror she was perpetuating on the children. My job was to teach them, not to scare them about something infinitesimal.

Shortly afterward, I received emails from two pairs of parents from my classroom. They were disappointed to hear how I had been treated, and with the way my director was acting. They informed me that they would be pulling their children out of that school, and wondered if I’d be interested in launching a learning pod. They told me I’d be a great role model for their children because I stood on principle and accepted the consequences with stoic poise. They are also of like mind and conscience because they both complimented me on my “Ron Paul rEVOLution” bumper sticker, the only one I have on my car.

This Saturday we’re all going to meet together to finalize all the details: contracts, calendars, curriculum, etc. Thankfully Texas is the best place to start a business and couldn’t be laxer when it comes to homeschooling. If all goes well, we’ll launch on Monday the 31st, which also happens to be the 150th birthday of Maria Montessori.

It’s poignant because she went toe-to-toe with “Il Duce” about his edict that Italian children wear the Fascist uniform to her schools; she told him exactly where he could stick his pieces of cloth. Though he shut her down shortly thereafter and she went into exile in the Netherlands, she was right to resist the tyranny of her day, just as we are right to resist the tyranny facing us today.

To the track coach who wrote to you about his predicament, I reiterate the old Latin proverb: fortune favors the bold. Private tutoring may prove to be just as lucrative as teaching at a school, perhaps more so once the cost of officious administrators is cut out of the equation. It’ll also be easier to nurture talent because more individual attention can be given over roughly the same amount of time, maybe even less. Though our present economic situation is dire, and uncertainty abounds, many parents are still willing to make investments in their children if they feel they’ll get their money’s worth. With the utter ridiculousness coming from regulated schools (public as well as private), it shouldn’t be a hard sell.I have since discarded my face shield. It won’t be needed in my learning pod, and I no longer feel like appeasing anybody anymore.

Water in the desert. A meal for a starving man. These are the stories good people need to read. Not hysteric cries about the cases! the cases!

It is not hard to avoid Face Diapering – and the Face Diapered. If you decide to avoid them. Stop going to stores where Diapering is decreed. Buy your supplies elsewhere, even if it means online – for now. For long enough to establish networks of the Undiapered, who will sell you food or barter with you for it without insisting on your playing Sickness Kabuki.

Take your kids away from the terrorists. The cretins who are inculcating them with fear. Give them a normal childhood, by letting them live – and learn – normally. Let them see their teacher’s face. Let them see their friends’ faces. Keep them safe from the psychological pestilence of being taught to fear their friends, their teachers and the bogeyman, too.

We have the power to defeat this virus of mass hysteria  . . . by separating ourselves from it; by forming up with others who want no part of it. By refusing to live abnormally, nor bequeath a sick society to kids, who deserve to live in healthy society.

It costs us nothing more than saying no to Sickness Psychosis – and going our own way.

Take off the Diaper. Throw the filthy rag away. Reject the filthy notions it symbolizes submission to.

It starts – and stops – today . . . if you want it to.

. . .

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  1. This teacher can have the kids perform this quick math lesson on their first day:
    First go to Wikipedia and look up the population of their county. Next go to and scroll down to their corona counter and see how many deaths have occurred in said county (info comes from county health sept). Then do a bit of division….. Deaths/Population times 100 to equal the absurdly low percentage of people who have died in their county of this scam. My county is 0.088%. Advanced students can then also do calculation of taking out an average of 45% of corona deaths that came from nursing homes. A great exercise for us all to realize that “the cases the cases!” is all bogus. Hit a quick reply to see if your county is close to mine….

  2. Morale booster time: you’re not alone.

    There is a civil war erupting at Sandia Labs. A dissident electrical engineer named Casey Peterson emailed all 16,000 employees denouncing critical race theory in the lab and hoping to spark a rebellion against Sandia executives.

    On Tuesday, Peterson made a YouTube video “pushing back back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege.” The video quickly hit 10,000 views within the labs and dozens of Sandia employees contacted Peterson to express support.

    Within hours, Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communications from internal servers—which, via the Streisand Effect, made the video even more viral and sparked widespread unrest against Sandia executives.

    By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a “security review board” to “evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

    Peterson—who took a stand at grave risk to his career—says he is speaking on behalf of all of Sandia employees who are “scared to speak out” because of the lab’s repressive culture. “If I get fired because of this,” Peterson says, “the fight does not end, it only intensifies.”

    This is the first explicit rebellion against critical race theory in the federal government—and the coalition is growing. “We need to completely rip [critical race theory] out of Sandia root and stem,” Peterson says. “It is cancer and we need to get it out of the labs right now.”

    This is winning. Put them on blast and expose the evil people for who they are. They WILL overreact, because that’s the only play in the book (think about how Karens behave), and more people awaken to the con.

    Doyle Brunson said that the object of poker is to force your opponent to make a decision that risks all his chips. They have been forcing us into that spot by isolating us, and pitting us against each other. We force their hand by banding together. That’s what the lad in this article did. That’s what the teacher in Eric’s article did; he didn’t leave alone, and made allies. Don’t ever forget: if you’re catching flak, that mean’s you’re over the target.

  3. An example of the pure unadulterated lack of any rhyme or reason behind the fact free psyop we suffer. A nearby town, a college town, has had a face diaper order in effect for a couple of months. A recent news article claimed that the positivity rate for local testing was 46%, and so face diapering would continue. Mind you this is a college town, so one could expect it to have educated, and reason capable leadership. Never the less, they failed to recognize that a 46% positivity rate is a clear indication that face diapering DOES NOT WORK. Of course I’m aware that the test is so inaccurate it’s mostly useless, trending to positive error, but these morons are true believers. Which I suppose is why they can’t evaluate the facts.

    • Hi JWK,

      Yup – and, why should anyone not out of their minds with fear care about “positives” if it doesn’t mean anything other than “positives”? I test positive for boogers. So? If it doesn’t mean a death sentence or even sniffles, worrying about it is like worrying about the sun coming up.

      • Hi Eric,
        When this finally winds down I can already see the psychos in charge claiming they saved millions of lives by their fatwas. Never mind that you can’t prove a negative; figures lie and liars figure. Sweden got it right but you never see that in the MSM narrative. I’d consider that a great place to move to if it wasn’t so gotdamn cold; plus I’m too old so I plan to stand my ground here come what may.

        • Winds down?

          I seriously doubt it is going to wind down anymore than the security theater did nearly 20 years on from 9/11.

          The moronosphere has been told “masks make you safer” just like being felt up at the airport does. Being idiots, and subconsciously knowing they are so, they defer to anyone they perceive as having authority and comply with whatever the high priests say.

          BrentP below has it just right. We are living in a Monty Python-esqe dystopia, supported by the majority. A majority of unthinking, compliant morons, willing to burn the heretics and feel no regret or guilt.

          Remember, those who burnt the witches KNEW they were doing the witch a favor by releasing her from demonic possession. They are righteous and anyone who questions their actions is obviously possessed by evil.

  4. So I actually live in Georgetown TX and I know what school this is. I considered sending my kid there a few years ago when they opened and after meeting face to face with the director there was no way I was sending my kid there. She came off very SJWish. All that to say I am not surprised to hear this. I applaud this teacher for standing up to the face diaper and I wish her much success. We homeschool and it has been the best decision we’ve ever made for our kids and family.

    Now if we can get Georgetown and the state of Texas to stop enforcing masks that would be great. Looking at you Abbott. UGH! I have not worn one this entire time and have avoided going out because of the diaper mandate. I think that’s going to change though. My husband and I have been encouraged by Eric’s posts as well as a few other other we follow to get out there and stand up to this tyranny. The jig is up!!

    • Excellent, Melissa!

      I am doing everything in my power to get acts of noble resistance such as this one before the public eye – and hopefully, into the public mind. This is how we win – by not playing their game. They can force us to Diaper so long as we agree to Diaper. They hold out the crumb of a semblance of normal life in exchange for wearing the Diaper. But we can have a normal life by simply refusing to Diaper – and living our lives normally. Let them Diaper to their sick heart’s content. Meanwhile, we’ll meet up, work out, teach the kids and forget all about these Freaks.

      • Hi Ya’s Eric and Melissa et al,

        The interesting thing about such resistance, is that when practiced, even those who may not be very passionate about it, when they see by our example that we are successful and “getting away with it”, they too often follow suit; and even if they don’t care too much about complying or not, just the fact that they copy us, makes it look like we are a bigger group than we actually are.

        This was hammered hom to me when the Kentucky overlord issued his mask decree, and my 95 year-old mother was adamant that I mask-up so I “wouldn’t be arrested”. But a week or so later, after seeing that I still did not (and do not) own a mask, she became emboldened to not mask-up in public places- though she would if hassled much- but just knowing that I could do it, was enough to at least enable her to do the same- and ditto for some other relatives, who would never put up much resistance, but nonetheless we all visited my sister in the ICU maskless- which no-doubt likely will embolden others to follow suit, thus making our numbers appear muchh greater than they are- for now (As I have no doubt that they will cave when the heat is turned up a little more)

        Conversely though, I’m sure the overlords realize this too- and so we are likely to be made examples of when this BS is ramped up, precisely so that those who are not passionate about resisting become compliant. 🙁

  5. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” -Edmund Burke

    All of us doing a little seems to be making some real headway out there. Resistance to the bs corona narrative appears to be growing daily. Once they get a glimpse that it’s a hoax they just can’t un-see it.

  6. So basically they kicked him out of hell and some of the students will be coming along. Good news!

    The amount of positives I’m seeing from this whole scamdemic is encouraging in the face of upside down world.

    •Gun/ammo sales up.
    •Homesteading/gardening up.
    •Homeschooling up.
    •Trust in government down.

    It definitely isn’t all bad news.

  7. This is uplifting and inspirational. A nice dose of positivity where it’s increasingly difficult to find any. The kids he reaches will be those to create the Phoenix that will arise from the ashes of our destroyed way of life. Thank you, teacher.

  8. …face diaper status report for southeastern Michigan as of 8-28-2020:
    Lowes…no challenge no face diaper
    WalMart…no challenge no face diaper
    Home Depot…no challenge no face diaper
    Barnes & Noble…no challenge no face diaper
    In my case, I have found that the “key” to not “diapering up” even with signs and “face diaper monitors” is just to walk confidently past them into the establishment without acknowledging them or speaking to them. Act as if they don’t exist. I am sure that they don;t want to be out there harassing customers. You’ll be doing them a favor.

    • Yes – I read that these companies won’t harass people without diapers so I too will only go to these places now. I will begin testing these companies out in my area today. I have had enough of this – its so very sad still because I see so many people wearing them inside their cars, when they hike on lonely trails, when they jog even.

  9. The educator is doing everything he can to do the right thing. No good deed will go unpunished!

    You can lead a bull to the whachamacallit, but you can’t make him stampede.

    Just because you order someone to wear a mask doesn’t mean they will.

    All mask wearers are stupid ignorant foolish slaves and probably should be shot on sight. har

  10. “My director decided to interpret the edicts as meaning that only face diapers were acceptable. I attempted to reason with HER that this was an unnecessarily narrow view, to no avail.”

    A-ha. Seems that most of the enforcement of the mask bullshit is female, and what little resistance there is sees to be male.

      • Cool. Would you mind describing your group a little more? Is it just a few friends that have similar attitudes about masks or is it more than that? Do you discuss strategies or experiences or do anything together as a group?

    • That’s not entirely true. While this is admittedly anecdotal, there have been times where I’ve gone into Walmart or the grocery store and the only ones not wearing a mask (besides myself) were a handful of women. And let’s not forget the stellar example of America’s greatest governor, Kristi Noem.

      As an aside, I believe most of the mask resisters are from Generation X. Do you agree?

      • But you never know when you see an unmasked person, -especially an older person- if they are a resistor…or have a “legitimate medical exemption”. Lots of people these days have COPD, asthma, etc. I’d wager that the better portion of the unmasked ones we encounter are of that veriety.

        • We all have a “legitimate medical exemption”. We are mammals, so we require the absorption of oxygen and the expelling of carbon dioxide, and the more efficiently done the better for our health. I suspect that the vast majority of the unmasked do NOT have a state approved exemption. Anyone who is so afflicted is likely to be enamored with the Medical Industrial Complex and would be among the most likely to eagerly put on a face diaper.

        • My grandma lives in Iowa. She is 80 years old and does not wear a mask when she goes grocery shopping. It’s because she thinks this whole thing is silly. Old hat thinking and I like it!

    • Hi Greg,

      This guy made my week. I’ve been feeling flat for several days… so this one came at a propitious moment. David Knight is publicizing this, by the way…

  11. Here’s a couple of articles which may be useful to teachers setting out on their own, or for anyone going the homeschool route:
    Ron Paul’s Home School High School Curriculum–By Far The Best Curriculum, at the Right Price: Free!

    The Ron Paul Curriculum: A New Way to Educate Americans Free of Charge

    Many Homeschooling Mothers Lack Confidence
    By Gary North

    Dr. North wrote a great article about how to set up your own school by starting as a daycare, I couldn’t locate it quick, it was a great strategy, and worth looking for if someone where interested, imho.

  12. Kudos to the teacher! Give this man a shiny apple! 🙂

    Here is a man of character, who considers not only his personal liberty, but the example he is setting to be more important than a paycheck and a title! He genuinely cares about the children he has been entrusted to teach, to the point where he will make a sacrifice for their ultimate good, regardless of the cost and consequences doing so may impose upon himself.

    Damn, we need more people like this!

    This is the best thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

    ……And the relating of the Il Deuce story really makes me grateful for my grandparents having immigrated here from It-lee! I often ponder how different my life would have been; how different I’d be, had my grandparents not immigrated. (It would not have been good!). This also highlights and validates my reasoning for advocating physically removing oneself from a domain when it becomes tyrannical and toxic- be that domain a workplace or a city, state of country.

    It gets to the point where the only true resistance is to physically remove oneself from the machinations of control.

    • The problem being that the entire world is under some degree of tyrannical rule. Even if one were to discover a place where such is not the case, there is no guarantee it will stay that way. A number of years ago, New Zealand was such a place. Now it is among the most tyrannical. One must understand the prime source of all tyranny in the world today. The bank cartel. It’s in control of ALL the money. By the with holding of it’s services from those who don’t want to play, or bribery paid to those who do, few nations can avoid its control. Those nations that can are not an outstanding improvement. Russia, for example, is attempting to extricate itself from the world bank, but is not the most libertarian state to say the least.

  13. Yes, starting private instruction is the best thing that could happen. BUT you still have to pay govt schrool taxes.

    That’s a double whammy and is the major drawback to private schools. Also,,, in many states a private school is a business that requires a business license therefore Corpgov can pull the license for any infraction. The whole thing is designed to make a monopoly of govt schools.

    This needs changed. If your chowd is in a private school or is being tutored than you should not have to pay the tax as they are not providing the service. Corpgov uses its schrool systems to indoctrinate. Check out the world stats. The US is now down around 15th. Most students finishing high school cannot do math or read. Many schools are teaching that math and reading are racist to give them an excuse for their poor achievement. Many do not teach cursive writing. They say it’s not needed in today’s digital world. It’s all an excuse to pour more money into administrators pockets by eliminating teachers or cutting programs. Govt education has become a retirement racket.
    Anyone not schooling children in these govt schools should not be required to pay any tax to them. We need to start breaking up the communist planks. So,,, you don’t think we are commies? Actually the same planks are fascist as well,,, just a different approach. In the US the democrats are out and out communist,,, the republicans lean toward fascism. Both just want total power over you and your production.

    • “BUT, BUT, BUT….”

      I never want to hear those words from you again. Someone is fighting and winning. A single step in a long journey, and they’re fighting for your cause!!!! If you can’t support them, if all you can do is shit on a concerted effort to do what’s right, then shut your fucking mouth and go crawl into a hole where you belong. Your words are neither needed or wanted. When the victors have their feast, you will be served yesterday’s bread and last week’s milk.

      But But But… There isn’t a less manly phrase in the English lexicon. Stop being a pussy.

        • The only words out of your mouth should be: great job, keep fighting, is there anything I can do to help?

          Not: sure, that may be the optimal solution, but check out this huge chunk of despair over here!!!

          Eric wrote a great, uplifting column. Other commenters have taken notice. Don’t shit in the punchbowl. God will not make His work made manifest by cowards. We don’t need comment # 8,456,249 and how rotten the system is. We already know. We need comment #1 on what actionable things we can do to fight it. I’ll take one of this teacher over a thousand of you any day of the week. You dig?

            • Hi Eric
              Somehow that first line I wrote has been horribly misinterpreted.
              I didn’t mean we still had to pay school taxes… You’ve seen my posts and should know I am against any tax. I even explain later in my post above that you should not have to pay taxes if you don’t have children in school. Did anyone get past that first line?
              But just in case, I’ll try to explain my original intentions:

              ( …. but we still have to pay taxes).
              That is the present situation NOT I think we should have to pay taxes.

              This should be clear to anyone that read past the first line of the post. But then to be attacked by Bardleys because he too either failed to go past the first line or failed to comprehend the post. I have no idea how I could have made myself any clearer but I sure did not rate his/her post.

              For Bardley and anyone else I am against all taxation which is why I mentioned the Communist Planks. To explain… Taxation and public schools are two of the planks.
              No,,, I am NOT pushing communism if anyone misinterprets this post.
              I apologize if you or anyone thinks I “shit in the punch bowl”.
              I’ll refrain posting on this subject in the future…

              • That is the present situation NOT I think we should have to pay taxes.

                Should, should, should.

                What’s your fuckin’ PLAN, buddy? That was my point. We all know we shouldn’t be paying 90% (or 100%, depending on your view) of the taxes we are. How are we supposed to go about fighting? I fully support anyone with an idea they’re willing to try. If I find something first, I’ll share it. Or if I can’t do anything else, cheerlead. But no more “we shouldn’t have to….” It’s been said already. Join the fight or get out of the way.

                • Bardelys, if you want brutally honest, then lets get to it. First the vast majority of the world is and has been for a LONG time ruled by various Oligarch factions. They hide behind the illusion/delusions of “democracy” in the same fashion that they once did the “divine right of kings”. In other words, they are a massive gang of thieves and murderers writ large. They have established a brain washing system called “public education” that has indoctrinated entire generations of people. They control the corporate mass media, that reflects and advances their agenda. They control the global banking cartel, that holds the controls of just about every nation state government on the planet.
                  Their puppets wear the Funny Hats that allow them to give orders to the various enforcer classes (the big men with clubs/spears/swords/guns).

                  ANY overt attempt at fighting that is not only doomed to failure, but it will be used by their corporate mass media to frighten their endless legions of cannon fodder, and useful idiots. (Damn, I’m starting to sound like Nunzio… ^^)

                  What is required is subversion/infiltration and education. You do know thats how the Progs advanced their agenda over the last 60 years? What we see around us is the result of their Long March Through The Institutions. But that requires endless patience, and not turning on each other. Also not broadcasting details over an open comm channel… ^^

          • Bardleys
            ” I’ll take one of this teacher over a thousand of you any day of the week. You dig?”

            I dig that you obviously either did not read my entire post or have little comprehension of what you read.

            Your insults lack substance. How in the hell you (and Eric) thought I was discrediting this article is beyond me.

            As for actionable things, the only actionable thing I get from you are insults and name calling.

  14. I drove by the local state covid-1984 testing site yesterday. It’s manned by national guard wearing full cammo, they have a canopy set up for some of the guards to sit under out of the Sun at the initial entry point. Unlike prior drive bys, I noticed one of the guards wasn’t wearing any kind of face diaper. I took that as a positive. However; it’s so very sad when I walk into a hardware store and see a family walk out with their very young children alongside them and they are All face diapered. It’s a sickening sight. On top of that, other than refusing to wear a face diaper myself, there seems to be little else I can do to discourage such child abuse.

    Anyway, when I see the acronym B.L.M. in the news I think to myself: Black Livid Marxists (and other assorted useful idiots).

  15. Glad to see another teacher getting out of the system. I may follow your example and set up my own learning pod. It’s better, more effective and as you mentioned more lucrative than teaching in the system.

    • Excellent, James!

      I’ve been considering getting directly involved myself. I’m competent with the language; pretty solid when it comes to history. I’d donate my time to help parents opt-out of this loathsome octopus of despair by teaching a class or two “off the grid.” This is how we treat the disease. Decouple, disengage. Rebuild – on a foundation of sanity and human decency.

  16. “I attempted to reason with her…”

    Well, that was your first mistake. Trying to reason with a woman in the Education/Industrial Complex is, as it;s been said, like teaching algebra to a rooster. It’s sad this man is having to go through this but, the fact that parents are backing him now, instead of The State, is a good sign.

    Another good sign is my local grocery store. Yes they still have the signage but, up until yesterday 100% of the employees and over 90% of the customers were masked. Yesterday, however, close to half were NOT face diapered and a good percentage of the employees as well.

    The tide may be turning in NC. Last week it was revealed that there was a 200,000 overcount of The Cases, The Cases and King Roy Cooper and Health Nazi Mandy said it didn’t matter. Then the CDC said NC was no longer Red but now Yellow alert status…no change. Then the CDC rolls back its mandate…no change. People are getting fed up. Oh, and the latest campaign ads Cooper is running are implying he’s doing God’s Work in all this. I think God will have the last word.


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