‘Rona “Relief” . . .

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I got a check today from Uncle Joe – ostensibly “relief” from the harm visited by Uncle in the name of the ‘Rona. I am expected to be grateful, in the manner of a man who receives a free wheelchair from the person who pushed him down the stairs.

I’m not.

Nor am I stupid.

$1,400? It’s a pretty insulting price to place on the cost of the harm Uncle – now in the guise of Joe – has visited upon the people of this country, which far surpasses the harm supposedly caused by the ‘Rona, which hasn’t harmed 99.8-something percent of the population.

The claimed 500,000 or so who are asserted to have been ‘Rona’d (rather than just died, with the ‘Rona but of old age and other debilities) amounts in any case to the population of one large county – for example, Fairfax County, VA which lies just outside Uncle’s nest in DC.

For the sake of that one county an entire country has been killed, if the measure is the loss of practically everything that is not merely necessary to the maintenance of life but which makes life worth living. Including not having to live in an open-air insane asylum.

Is it necessary to count the millions of people whose livelihoods, financial security and peace of mind have been killed – not by the ‘Rona but in its name? The families disrupted, the millions of children psychologically damaged, in many cases probably for life?

These cases surely deserve counting as much as the millions of “cases” of people who never got sick, constantly touted to keep people more terrified of the ‘Rona than the government doing the killing in its name.

And now we are to be salved with $1,400 of someone else’s dollars, something far worse than a rapist tossing a crumbled $20 at the feet of the woman he just violated.

Because at least the $20 is his $20.

The ‘Rona “relief” was paid for by the victims of Uncle, who stole their money before he gave some money back to them – all of it taken from other victims first, thereby making them complicit in the theft and – far worse – thanking him for it.

Defending it.

Demanding more of it.

This greasy, evil business is not new. Social Security is built upon the same principle and it has succeeded wildly in not only enshrining inter-generational theft but causing many of those who know better and ought to say something to say something else instead – in defense of “their” Social Security – rather than spit in the face of the thief who not only robbed them of their retirement money but proposes to make them complicit in the theft of other people’s retirement money.

It is an ugly truth that few on the usually right side of the aisle are willing to discuss and when it is brought up, are often the ones who are loudest shouting it back down. But noise is not a discussion; it is simply a tool – an almost-animal tool, like the braying of a donkey – meant to end discussion.

Yet it is a necessary discussion, if any progress is to be made toward solving the problems – not just the ‘Rona Redistribution problem but the general problem of redistribution of other people’s money as a tool used to make people grateful for the harms imposed on them, or at least not properly angry about it – and focused on the responsibly party.

Social Security can be explained in a paragraph, as follows:

The government takes money from Joe, who is forced to part with it else have it taken by force, using whatever degree of it should prove necessary to take it from him . This money is then given as alms* – the word choice is accurate and so important – to Mike, a prior victim of the same theft. The latter is told he is “entitled” to this; the former told he is “contributing” to it. And that he, in his turn, will be “entitled” to money taken by force from Jill, ad infinitum.

How this differs in other than a legal sense from the victim of a mugging restoring his loss by mugging the next person who comes along is hard to divine. Well, there is of course the cowardice – and cognitive dissonance – difference. The mugger is more direct and thus honest with himself as well as his victim. He does not pretend that he isn’t taking money by force nor does he expect the victim to swallow the whopper that he is “contributing” to a fund of some kind.

Nor does the victim believe he is entitled to mug the next person who happens along, to make himself whole.

But the “mugger” – that is to say, Uncle – “gives” what is taken back!

And this makes the transaction moral somehow? Keeping also in mind that what Uncle “gives” is not the same was what was taken nor is it given by him, the one who stole it in the first place. What Uncle does is what a mugger does when he robs someone else to recompense the person he robbed first.

The fact that one victim is made whole does not change the fact that it took another victim to make it so.

It is a terrible thing, indeed, to be the victim of theft. It is a much worse thing to justify victimizing others because you’ve been a victim of theft.

The government depends on those it victimizes not coming to grips with that reality – and the underlying reality that is government which is the source of all of this victimization and the one party to the dirty business that always profits from it.

*The word alms applies because the recipient of SS – as is the case with all government entitlements – has no legal right to the alms; he gets what is given (after it is stolen).

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  1. I still have yet to deposit my last 2 “stimulus” checks. Probably because I’m not exactly in a hurry to accept stolen money.

  2. Hmmm, The political parasites steal $15K from each taxpayer and then hand back a couple of hundred to some of them…and little voting retarded slaves rejoice.

  3. The thankful are the equivalent of the battered wife who says to others, “See? He really loves me!! He brought me flowers after breaking most of my ribs!! And he’s a wonderful guy in between beatings.”

  4. Taking money from ANY crime syndicate (which is what governments are) is asking for trouble no matter how benign the offer looks.

    I want nothing from these karen psychopaths, and I take nothing that isn’t forced upon me at gunpoint or through means beyond my control (sales tax etc.)

    Taking the ticket may seem fine, until you want off the ride. You may be more intelligent, competent etc than the crime boss, but they can, will, and do change the rules at any time the like. They have no obligation to live up to the terms and conditions “agreed upon.”

    • Amen, Goombah,
      I don’t do business with the IRS, so I don’t get no stimulation- and that’s fine with me. People who know say “Well you could apply yada yada….call…..fill out a form…” -to which I say “I don’t want their filthy lucre”. If they stuffed it in my pocket, well, that might be different.
      I’ve been encountering more and more people lately- all Trumpites- who are applying for whatever “benefits” they can get- food stamps and Obozocare, etc. They don’t seem to care that they are giving away their privacy, and since these people all own their own homes (one even outright), they may be surprised to find out that they have a huge lien against their homes in the near future.
      I’m seeing people making more money off of farm subsidies and outright welfare than they make from farming and running other businesses or working. This is why TPTB will never have to worry about the people rebelling against them, ’cause people of every stripe are sucking off the government teat…and thus anyone [cough cough] who opposes government they count as their enemy….

      These bastards have it all figured out.

  5. Political terrorists break your leg then buy you a crutch with the money they steal from you…you are then expected to lick their hand or they will kill you.

    Hey! Lets set up a government to protect us from murderers and thieves! Then never expect the murderers and thieves to take over the government because we are stupid that way!


    • Well-said, Massman!

      Many Americans do not know the Bill of Rights was only grudgingly added to the Constitution, as a sop to suspicious men like George Mason, in order to obtain their support for it. Even so, the Constitution was foisted on the people of the country, only some of whom actually agreed to support it. And it contained all the necessary legal weasel words to assure the Bill of Rights would become a dead letter, eventually. As it has.

        • Hi ITSpec,

          Spooner was among the first libertarian writers I encountered as a kid; they guy cleaves through government-speak like a meat ax but with the finesse of a stiletto.

      • People also forget that the “constitution convention” that brought us the present US Constitution was only intended to change a few things about the Articles of Confederation. But it went wildly off the rails and it was completely thrown out for no reason other than it stopped some power hungry folks from power.

        We should have stayed with the Articles of Confederation. The “weaknesses” of it used by those that trashed it were its actual strengths. The US would probably be very different and I would argue would have been far better than what we have today.

        It would be far more free at least.

  6. I believe 75% of the federal budget is from made up money – not taxes. So much so Tucker Carlson wonders why we pay taxes at all. Just print ALL of it. So youre not really stealing from taxpayers – youre taking money from an entity that will inevitably default on all of that debt. And hastening tbat default I might add. And taking away funds from all the evil our government does. So grab while the grabbings good. And guilt free!

    • Excellent point, Mark. The money is legal tender and is not backed by anything – gold, silver, oil, etc. It cannot be converted into anything of actual value. The taxes that many of us pay into the system are long gone. If we are talking theft, it would only be theft to the future generations that may have to pay it back. May, being the optional word, because will the US Federal Reserve still be standing? It is a gamble. The way the the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF are playing this the world system will default, which is why Uncle Joe will end up going through $10 trillion dollars by June.

      Do you play the game now and prep for what is to come (e.g. food, ammo, fuel) or do you not and hope the system can turn itself around? It choice is made by each of us as individuals.

      • SS was at one time a quite wealthy bank. And had lots of money to cover future costs. Then other gov’t agencies started taking the assets of SS and using it for other nefarious purposes and not repaying it back to SS. The piddly amount of SS you get these days does not cover the cost of living. That is because of the theft of that money by other gov’t bureaucraps.
        AT one time your SS income was not taxed. Then in the 1980s a senator named Joe biden added 30% tax to the income that was previously tax free. So all you hiden fans out there looking to retire remember that it was the hiden creature that has stolen your benefits all those decades ago.

        • **”SS was at one time a quite wealthy bank. And had lots of money to cover future costs.”**

          That’s not true- It’s a misunderstanding fostered by *their* terminology, and a myth that *they* like to perpetuate.
          SS was insolvent from day one, because it never had a chance to build up any money, since the people who work at any time are the ones who finance the ones receiving benefits.
          The so-called “trust fund” is just the difference between what is paid in in a given month vs. what is paid out. When positive, it is really a pittence compared to what is paid, and even if it weren’t touched, would only help even-out the months where their is a deficit rather than a positive balance.
          Everything about is a scam. And we “get it” from both ends: We get screwed paying for it; and then if we should ever take the “benefits” we get a fraction of what we would get had we instead invested the money that was taken from us.
          Ponzi was a dummy compared to the evil geniuses who came up with SS! It’ll go down in history as probably the biggest financial scam and political trick ever perpetrated: How they extort everyone’s money, while making the vicitms think that they are doing them a favor, and that they then have a right to the money of the future victims of the scam, because they don’t even realize that it’s the next generation’s money, but think it’s their own that Uncle has somehow been safe-keeping for them- LOL!

              • Nunzio and Jason,

                Shiff should have stuck to comics.

                The Kingdom of Moltz was great. At least back in the day it was.

                Today people can’t even read a ruler or even understand the idea of fractions or decimals.

                I never knew that .223 inches was 50 caliber until very recently.

                There was a fellow named Don Kostyu, a big follower and proponent of Shiff, who actually fought the IRS and won $43,000,000. Alas, Mr. Kostyu was so overcome with joy or guilt or something that he shot himself in the head. Twice.

                Kostyu had a radio talk show on WCAR in Detroit. He was fond of saying, “When they come goose stepping down my street…”

                Of course I would take him to task and say, “When they come goose stepping down your street you are EXACTLY one day too late.”

                I always thought Kostyu got a much better deal than Irwin. I’d much rather take two to the back of the noggin like Kostyu than rot in chains like Shiff.

                This notion that you can give them some incantation, especially by using their own words, has always troubled me.

                The wiki article on Irwin Shiff lists a dozen of his followers that were convicted using his how to books. I didn’t bother to read the footnotes to see in they received a life sentence as Irwin did.

                I also met the man and had him sign my first copy of Moltz. That was after he was let out of the joint for the first time (I think). He basically told me he enjoyed being a thorn in the side of big brother.

                While he did manage to live a decent amount of time, he spent a lot of it in the gulag. But I’d argue he spent even more time trying to get into the joint.

                His first three books are his best. Moltz being the funniest.

                Another book I really enjoyed (so much so that I went to the trouble of having it signed by the author) is The Creature From Jekyll Island.

                I’ve got to get back to the task at hand. A friend gave me some ammo from his Joe Biden AR-14. The problem is they just fall through the barrel of my Barrett M82. Case and all.

                Do you guys know what I’m doing wrong? I checked the bullet with a micrometer and it reads 5.56mm. That’s bigger than 50 cal, isn’t it. Why does the entire damn cartridge just fall through the barrel?

                • Ah, well, yer ‘upposed to be using a mini-14! Yoo must have gotten a full-size one!

                  I really don’t know what it is with these guys though- be it Schiff, or these Sovereign Citizen dudes or anything in between- it’s like the same M.O.- They “know so much”- but they fail to notice that there is no real rule of law, or that many before them have tried the same things and failed miserably- “Yeah, but if they would have spun around three times and patted their heads, it would have worked”.
                  It’s not that they’re stupic. I believe they all practice hucksterism to one degree or another, so they can make a nice living by being occupied with a subject they enjoy and may even really care about. Guys like Schiff are closer to the legit end; the Sovereign loons are at the other end of the spectrum- they know damn well that Black’s Law dictionary and Alfred The Great carry no weight in a court of law in the USA, regardless of whether a flag has a gold fringe or not! 😀
                  Fighting the Beast by using it’s own courts and judges, and putting your life and property on the line to do so….not a sound course of action. Even as a kid in the early 80’s, I knew that evading the system, and especially it’s courts was the best thing.
                  Some of those guys kill me! They spend time in jail; time in court; their lives are occupied researching laws and statutes and writing books about the same, and for what? THAT is not freedom, nor does it achieve it.
                  I think some of these guys are/were infiltrators; the ones who were former military/government, definitely- like Alex Jones and Tex Marrs.
                  Take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt…and when someone offers to show you the way/teach you/do the research for you, be especially leery.

                  • Erie,

                    “.50 cal is .5 inch.
                    5.56mm is .223 inch.”

                    But, but, but Nancy Pelosi says the Armalite assault rifle is .50 caliber.

                    This is a woman who slept her way, pardon me, dedicated her life to the service of others. She could never be mistaken.

                    You must be using the old pre-COVID measuring system.

                    Your way still seems to makes sense. I’m confused. I better get a booster shot

            • Awww….gee…why does Schiff have to louse everything up with all of that “see all the statutes and learn why you’ll never have to pay taxes again” stuff?!

              • Nunz, I’ve met Irwin Schiff and you would be hard pressed to find someone who was more dedicated to the cause of liberty and freedom.

                However, back then in the 1970s and 1980s when the frauds perpetrated by the federal mafia were first being documented, a lot of us (myself included) were naive and did not realize what we know today, that what the law says doesn’t matter.

                I know how stupid it sounds now, but we actually believed that if the proper arguments were brought before the courts that they would rule in our favor. Schiff’s arguments were factual, but that doesn’t really matter. (He died in prison chained to his bed for his trouble.) So I would read his and other such books to become informed but do not take any action based on the information presented – unless maybe you’re on a jury where some poor sod is being persecuted for a non-crime and you can kick back and say “not guilty” with Uncle not being able to do a damned thing about it.

                The constitution.org site has more of Schiff’s books as well as others:


                • Yeah, Jason, I’ve been aware of Irwin since the early 80’s- Probably the first formal exposure I had to any actual pro-liberty writings- but even then, not knowing much myself at that time, I didn’t buy it. U was always like “They got away with Prohibition and income taxes 75 years ago, and have managed to bulldoze the Constitution en-masse, especially since the days of FDR…they’re not just suddenly going to flush it all now”.
                  But I loved the fact that Schiff was at least proclaiming the injustices, and standing against them.
                  It always saddened me though, that ya really couldn’t share his writings with the average person, ’cause as soon as they’d see that ‘stop paying taxes, legally’ stuff, they’d not only immediately dismiss everything the guy had to say, but would imagine you an idot as well…. That bothers me, ’cause it’s kinda filters out many of the best people who might ally themselves with the movement, but who refrain because they see the glaring red flags.
                  Hehe, I remember seeing Schiff’s name in the paper from time to time…..I think that is how I came to first know of him.
                  Man! Compared to today, those days now seem like paradise! (Just shows ya how much easier it is to evade tyranny- even in NYC- when the surveillance/enforcement infrastructure wasn’t a tenth of what it is today- and why I want to flee to a place where the infrastructure isn’t even today what it was in NYC in the 80’s!

    • Either way it’s stealing- Just printing it up perpetually only perpetually decreases the value of all hard assets, and results in no one being willing to produce anything of value- so it will quickly get to the point where there is no real wealth. Currency is just a substitute for actual money, which is just a convenient store of value, which is why fiat currency is so evil, because it is disconnected from that store of value.
      Also, just as we are seeing, the ones who have the monopoly on printing the money are the ones who have absolute control- which I guess is why they strove for so long to disassociate currency from actual money (That which has absolute value represented by a precious commodity, like gold)-’cause they can’t grant themselves a monopoly on conjuring up gold.
      When the only difference between a counterfeiter and a mint is that one is backed by a bigger gang of thieves, but there is no real difference between the product of either, you know we are screwed.
      What they are doing by printing up all of this funny money is declaring the formal end of the USA, for these traitors have already bankrupted us. There is no way out except for bankruptcy and dissolution, or subjugation by war. Toss a coin to see which it’s going to be, but be assured, it is officially a fait accompli.

    • Hi Mark,

      The problem is that the new “money” injected into the system devalues the “money” already there. It is a form of theft by stealth and has the same effect as taxes.

      • Eric- The deeper problem is that the gov’t has “weaponized” it (the printed $) against us politically in addition to the brown people 3000 miles away. All bets are off. When it all crashes, expectedly, perhaps libertarian theory will help us “build back” libertarian.

      • Eric your check represents .000000000000000000000000002% (26 zeroes) bof the federal debt of roughly 28 trillion or so. thank for not diluting it further,

      • of course that money has already been printed so if you dont cash that check the government will decide where to spend it and its a wash. Maybe on a spiffy new electric charging station!

        • Hi Mark,

          True. I think the relevant point here – if we wish to discuss the moral question – is to not solicit the shabby lucre, nor regard it as something one is “entitled” to. If SS exists when I become eligible to receive it and government sends me money, my plan is to send it back to the government to pay the taxes it says I “owe.” As I have done with the “stimulus” check I got.

    • Actually they are stealing from everyone with the stealth tax of inflation. The purchasing power of the dollar has steadily declined throughout our lifetimes.

  7. I pay enough that I consider it to be, for all intents and purposes, a tax refund by any other name.

    I don’t agree with it, but I also prefer it to the normal method of handing out cash to the usual pigs at the trough.

    If it were coupled to legislation that actually shut off the flow of money to the usual cesspools, I might even (mildly) support it, as a step in the right direction.

    Instead, the people are getting bought off with tidbits, while the usual suspects wet their beaks as deeply as ever, if not more so. Do the math…

      • Some of them, but not all. There’s a lot of them. I think its a good article to hang onto though. If I’m asked, politely, why I’m not getting the shot, I will respond and some of his arguments and the links will help me present my stance based on logic and science.

        • Hi Amy,

          “If I’m asked, politely, why I’m not getting the shot, I will respond and some of his arguments and the links will help me present my stance based on logic and science.”

          Something wrong with just saying, “I don’t want to”?

          Or, “That’s my business.”

          • Amen, T –

            It’s incredible to me that a matter of private concern is seen as every busybody’s business. Check that. It’s incredible to me that the busybody isn’t told – affirmatively – to MYOB. These busybodies feel emboldened to bother strangers about the sight of their faces in public – and now, about the Holy Anointing. It is a barometer of the destruction of civility in this country.

            • Yes, but telling someone to MYOB doesn’t teach or educate. If we want someone to see our point of view facts, studies, and logic does play a very important role.

              Amy is a journalist. People are going to question her stance and she needs materials to back it up otherwise it is just opinion. I believe she is handling this the right way.

              • Hi RG,

                Agreed; but I submit that Diapered People are beyond rational persuasion. They are – at best – useful idiots and (at worst) mentally deranged. There is no swaying them. There is only telling them . . . Get Out! MYOB!

                This is how you handle such people.

                They need a shock to their system. The shock administered by a forceful refusal to cater to their derangement.

                • Hi Eric,

                  For some people, the hard core maskers, I agree with you 100%, but we don’t know if someone is straddling the fence or not. I would hate to lose someone whose view could be changed with a big “F off”.

                  I have been able to convert a few people’s minds regarding the jabs with various studies and the discussion that these are under an EUA and not approved. It actually has led to some pretty good questions and these persons were willing to research a bit more, once they knew where to find the information.

                  • Hi RG,


                    I think the qualifier here is the confrontational vs. the passive Diaperer. Anyone who attempts to scold or otherwise harass me about the Diaper is going to get the full broadside. But if it’s just a wearer and the wearer asks a reasonable question (as opposed to anything that smacks of a lecture) then, sure, I think it’s worth making the effort to try to convey facts.

                    That said, I think it’s fair to say the facts have been on the table for at least 6-8 months now and anyone who continues to Diaper freely is either an imbecile or deranged.

              • “Studies”? What studies? They only believe studies that approved by those whom they already trust (The very last people they should trust!) and which say the things they want to hear- i.e. what the media and government spews, and what all of their fellow brainwashed lemmings believe- lest they be one of those ‘weird tin-foil hat anti-vaxxers’……..
                One can find a study that says just about anything they want it to say, just like they can find a preacher who will assure them that they God loves them even though they take it up the ass.
                They only listen to officially-sanctioned government-approved studies, which coincidentally always say just what Uncle happens to be pushing.

              • RG,

                “ but telling someone to MYOB doesn’t teach or educate. ”

                How does one document the teaching or educating of others in order to lower their tax burden?

                I suppose you’ve got a form for that too.

                When did it become incumbent to stop minding your own business?

            • Eric,

              “ It’s incredible to me that a matter of private concern is seen as every busybody’s business. ”

              Since this is a health concern about a contagious disease, wouldn’t it be proper for you to “politely” lecture any Karen seen purchasing tampons about the dangers of toxic shock syndrome?

              Even demand that she use a pad?

              My guess is that both TSS and COVID have a similar mortality rate.

              Why isn’t Amy’s and RG’s vagina everyone else’s business?

              Obviously their face and vaccination status is.

              • I know you were only trying to be edgy there but Toxic Shock Syndrome is actually very commonly misdiagnosed as the flu. Plenty of kids have died or have nearly died in the ER as a result. TSS places people in a state of cognitive hopelessness where they can’t even adequately think to ask for help.

                So probably a number of young girls and women last year would have very tragically died from a lack of antibodies paired with stupid medical malpracticing TikTok dancing nurses and doctors who would have quickly and conveniently classified them as covid deaths rather than investigated their symptoms or checked for a damn tampon.

                • Moose,

                  “ I know you were only trying to be edgy there ”

                  No Moose I was simply making a logical observation.

                  If I wanted to be edgy, I would have brought up bread infections and the “need” to outlaw panties.

                  All lips should be able to breath. Even the ones below the belt.

                  We are talking about an area of the anatomy that has a primary function of growing things. Be it yeast or babies.

                  I think Eric did a stellar job of answering my vagina question by including the other half of the population in his Depends article.

                  Eric is good like that. You might want to pay better attention.

                  You do get points for pointing out TSS being diagnosed as COVID.


                  • This subject begs the long controversial but now settled medical question:
                    What do a virgin and a hemophiliac have in common?
                    A: One prick and it’s all over…..

  8. This probably isn’t news to many on here but an interesting fact nonetheless:

    “Many people believe that Social Security is an “earned right.” That is, they think that because they have paid Social Security taxes, they are entitled to receive Social Security benefits. The government encourages that belief by referring to Social Security taxes as “contributions,” as in the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. However, in the 1960 case of Fleming v. Nestor, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that workers have no legally binding contractual rights to their Social Security benefits, and that those benefits can be cut or even eliminated at any time.” — excerpted from: http://www.cato(dot)org/publications/commentary/is-there-right-social-securityFrom

  9. I am currently solely dependent upon SS for my income. If a candidate appeared that proposed disposing of it, I would not only vote for them, in a radical departure from my usual notions about voting, I would go to work for them. My reasoning is quite simple. If my son got an immediate 14% raise, or whatever the current total rate is for both employee and employer, he could easily replace that SS check, with change due. Maybe enough to cover someone who has no family as well. And no armed goons threatening to kill anyone in the process. In my opinion, such is the most critical factor in the collapse of our culture. By assuming the role of “charity”, the state has disposed any incentive to BE charitable, even if the sate allowed us to keep enough to participate in it. “Don’t worry about that old fart, that uninsured person, that single mother, that disabled person. The state will take care of them. Go on and max out your credit limit.”

  10. My position is that if the gubmint wants to send money my way, hey, go for it! I played the stock market with my first stimmy check (made a few hundred bucks before I decided that it’s too much like a casino and quit), and all three of the checks are simply padding my savings account. I’ve also become a net tax receiver over the last couple of years (i.e. making a low enough income to qualify for the Earned Income Credit and getting a pretty nice refund every year). And to top it off, in three years when I turn 62, I’m taking Social (in)Security. Why? Same reason Lawrence Vance discusses here – https://www.lewrockwell.com/2012/06/laurence-m-vance/should-libertarians-accept-social-security/ – I’m getting a refund from the feds for all the money they stole from me over the decades (at least a couple hundred thousand) and mismanaged. Why not? Even Ron Paul does it (see link).

    Now, if it ever got to the point where they tried to dictate that I should take experimental gene therapy (AKA “vaccines”), then I’ll just simply stop accepting the money. Until then, they can keep on sending the checks. They owe me a refund anyway.

    • I gave 1000.00 of the paper to my local Salvation Army with the stipulation that it can be only used for legal citizens. I doubt that means anything.
      I had to retain the 400.00 for taxes.

      • The Salivation Army already gets your money via “faith-based government funding” and local government welfare vouchers…… I don’t think people realize that so many of these so-called ‘charities’ suck off the government [taxpayer] teat- which not only makes them anti-Libertarian/NAP, but also subjects them to Uncle’s control, since Uncle can control what he subsidizes).

        Catholic Charities, from 2010-2019 received $1.6 BILLION dollars of taxpayer funds……for just one eggsample. These organizations are BUSINESSES whose prime endeavor is to vie for tax money, and lobby for even more, and for other things which are almost always contrary to liberty.

  11. **”The fact that one victim is made whole does not change the fact that it took another victim to make it so.”**

    If only it were even that benign! In fact, between inflation and the never-ending train of entitled clients who get to piggy-back on one earner’s account, it’s more like it takes thousands of new victims to keep the Ponzi scheme going for one person.

    I did some calculations years ago, of how much my mother’s first husband may’ve paid in over the course of his working years from 1940-1980, based on his paltry earnings, and assuming that the FICA tax was as high over the entire course of his working years as it was in 1980- so in actuality, my calculation was extremely generous and probably represented about twice as much as what he actually paid in…and then I even added another 50% to it. It came out to $20K. (In actuality, $10K would probably be closer to the truth…but just to give *them* the benefit of the doubt).

    Then, I calculated- very conservatively, all of the benefits paid out on the guy’s account, including his own retirement benefits, paid for c. 23 years; ‘benefits’ to two ex-wives (Including my mother’s, which she has been receiving for over 40 years now) and benefits to a disabled daughter who, as far as I know is still alive, and thus has been getting ‘benefits’ for over 50 years….. I forget the numbers…but it came out to several million dollars paid out- and that’s not even including Medicare etc.

    So let’s see:
    $20K paid in.
    Several million in benefits paid out on that one ‘account’.

    But yet the4 average Joe believes the money they send him is somehow his money- “I paid for that! It’s my money!”- so if they can’t figure out even the most basic math, is it any wonder they believe that some towel-heads with a few lessons in a Cessna somehow expertly flew planes into the WTC and Pentagram, or that Saddam had WMDs, or that the flu is going to kill them unless they play sickness Kabuki? Or that they vote for psychopaths who openly despise and plot to destroy their own culture and who advocate the genocide of all practitioners of said culture?

    The first step toward getting people to believe a lie, is to make them want to believe…and SS is a case of just that- and once that self-deception is established, the pattern is established, and future instances of the same becomes easier. “Just ‘believe’, and you will get some goodies and not be looked at askew by everyone around you who also believe; And if you don’t believe, then you’re an evil bastard who wants grandma to starve, and all of the other believers [“normal society”] will think you are nuts and won’t want to play with you!”.

    “Why don’t you go live in North Korea?!” -Errr…how is this any different? I doubt that the poor Gooks could be more br more brainwashed than the average ‘Merican, ’cause thet’d be impossible.

  12. ‘The ‘Rona “relief” was paid for by the victims of Uncle.’ — EP

    Indeed it was. But many are not fully aware of how.

    In the innocent days before the financial crisis of 2008, gov spending was mostly taxed from others (robbing Peter to pay Paul), with the shortfall covered by borrowing (to be paid off by Peter and Paul’s kids, who never consented to this burden cravenly piled on their backs).

    Then in Nov 2008, Fed head Ben Bernanke introduced QE (quantitative easing). In this counterfeiting scam, the Fed ‘purchases’ Treasury and mortgage bonds, then ‘pays’ for them by crediting the seller with a reserve balance that didn’t exist before. This is ‘thin-air money,’ a concept so fraudulent and preposterous that most people still don’t really believe it.

    Like any form of vice, QE started small, but now has turned into a self-reinforcing monster: purchases of $80 billion a month of Treasury debt and $40 billion a month of mortgage debt, funded by the invisible, insidious theft of citizens’ purchasing power by increasing the quantity and diluting the value of their currency.

    Ironically, days before QE was born in late 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.’ Its open source, blockchain-based, peer-verified algorithm is explicitly designed to foil fraudsters and chiselers like the Federal Reserve.

    Call a spade a spade: the Federal Reserve is a criminal counterfeiting entity. The pharaonic scope of its defalcations now is undermining social stability and eroding the foundations of Big Gov’s authority.

    America is dying, poisoned by its dishonest, thieving, counterfeiting US fedgov.

    • i really dont get which is worse – the system whereby everyone has a chunk of their money stolen by gov – or where those in power are able to print money for their own needs – to the detriment of everyone else who earns in that money.

      • Counterfeiting is a much more insidious form of this massive theft. Creating federal reserve notes out if thin air and handing them out initially appears to be an act of government altruism, but it diminishes the value of existing federal reserve notes (more supply of something without an equal increase in demand tends to lower its value). This causes virtually all of its victims to blame all of the other victims for the theft, when they insist on receiving more devalued federal reserve notes for their goods and services (i.e. when they raises prices). Most people only see that things cost more. They don’t see it as the dollars themselves having less value.

        At least with taxation the perpetrator is immediately identified and the victims can take some counter measures (like perhaps voting the bums out of office or engaging in less of the taxed activities).

  13. Good morning Eric,

    I have to take issue with your, “word choice is accurate and so important”.

    Your cognitive dissonance has lead you to believe that you own something.

    You don’t.

    You don’t even own yourself. Let alone any property or money.

    All of the human livestock (that would include you) and the land, money, air, water, food… is owned by the tax farm.

    In this case, the farm is The United States of America. The money even says as much on the front and back of the bills.

    It would behoove people to switch to Occam’s razor. It’s way past time. The mental masturbation to fear porn has gotten out of hand.

  14. Crisis and Leviathan

    They create the fear to soothe the clamoring masses with largesse that doesn’t exist. Most of us are so stupid, we don’t even question how the system works or if it is sustainable.

    The politicians always by our loyalty with our own money. It will end eventually and “we” will sit around, dazed as to how it could have happened.

    I don’t think there’s any fixing it at this point. Our population has been dumbed down by govt schools & our politicians are just as big of dolts as those who elect them.
    Just prepare and guard yourself against the collapse as best you can.

  15. I didn’t get any cheese, and won’t. In fact, several hundred families have benefited from my “contributions.” You know, it’s bad enough that this is even a thing, but it’s so much worse in that it’s not even remotely tailored to those you might make a case could have used it – people’s who’s jobs were kicked to the curb on account of dictatorial pronouncements from crazed governors. Instead, it’s doled out across the board, including to people who just toss the proceeds into their bank or brokerage account. Or used as a down payment on a new car, or to buy that appliance they’ve been wanting. Or pay credit card debt they shouldn’t have accumulated in the first place. More enlistees in the free shit army. Puke.


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