How Come…

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Even the most off-hand and clearly innocuous comment – such as the comment about “dangerous” peanut butter made by a man while being subjected to hassles by the Blue Shirted Goons at the airport – is sufficient excuse to treat the offender as a presumptive “terrorist”…. but it’s ok for the US military to buzz civilian areas with military helicopters and even to fire weapons into them?

Granted, the guns were firing blanks.

But you and I know perfectly well what happens when a civilian – even a child – makes a gesture that looks like a gun. Or makes an offhand comment about peanut butter “explosives.”

More evidence of the despicable double-think (and double standards) that apply in the USSA.



  1. Sounds to me like the Blue Glove Group is taking a page out of the book of our benevolent rulers with regard to criminals. If you’re too ignorant or incompetent to find any, then by all means just create some.


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