Reader Question: Car & Driver Admits it, Elliptically?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Austin asks: Your article about the end of Dodge (and by extension the muscle car) made a good intangible case for the beloved gas guzzlers. Car and Driver seemed to inadvertently make a tangible case for them, though, when they touted the first electric to actually make it through their Lightning Lap treatment. Isn’t that something that a 1992 IROC-Z could still pull off, albeit with a slower single-lap best? Even if you enjoy the drill-whirring, you don’t get to do so for long, apparently.

My reply: Car and Driver is no longer much interested in driving, apparently. At least, not for long – and not for the average guy. Incidentally: These electric cars are energy hogs. In order to even approach the highway capabilities of any IC car – i.e., to have the ability to travel at speeds of 70-plus MPH for more than 100 miles – they must lug around enormous and enormously heavy battery packs, which multiple the energy inefficiency by increasing the car’s weight, enormously – which then takes more power to get it moving, using more electricity. Compounding this waste is the emphasis on quickness – “ludicrous speed” – which of course also entails larger – more powerful batteries (and motors) which waste more energy.

The whole thing is a virtue-signaling con bought by soy boys and sold by barkers that would make PT Barnum apple green with envy.

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