AGW Uses His Agonizer on Derelict

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Armed government working attracts a certain type of worker. An authoritarian personality who enjoys the work. Increasingly, it attracts outright sadists – as in the case of the following incident recorded by the AGW himself.

An old, obese and shirtless – probably homeless – derelict is in the bushes easing the pain of his wretched existence by huffing paint fumes. The AGW fiercely assaults the poor old wreck, applying his Tazer (the come-to-life actuality of Mr. Spock’s Agonizer as envisioned in the ’60s’ sci-fi TV series) twice to obtain “compliance.”

It’s heartbreaking – and enraging – to see weak/helpless and basically harmless people treated with viciousness and contempt worthy of Stalin’s Cheka or the Gestapo of Nazi Germany.

The take home point here is that what is done to them can – and will – be done to us, too.

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  1. We have something worse going on in Texas right now. It got a real toehold in the courts when a woman left her husband and demanded the court treat their 8 year old boy as a girl. She said he identified as a girl and the court mandated the father to treat him as a girl when he had custody. The terms leave the father trying to pick words that won’t have him in prison.

    And to add to that, it gave a bunch of psychologists(women)the right to take children, not children who think they’re another sex but regular children and convince them they’ve been abused by their parents(read fathers). They go at them for hours and being as young as three, they often just cry and want their parents. One girl who refused to do what they wanted was relentlessly picked on but she wouldn’t give up she was a girl. She just wanted to see her daddy. And get this, they even “shock” these children, supposedly with low current, till they break. This exceeds any fiction I’ve read I think.

    The point of all this is to get these children into CPS where they are “sold” to new parents. Texas CPS has a long history of selling children to pedophiles. That’s what happened back when they raided the religious group near the border several years ago. Well, we taxpayers got to pay for that since they sued hell out of CPS and the state. There was a single conviction(there had to be one)of sex with a minor out of that entire debacle. It did break up the community though, much like Waco without the high body count.


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