Thrown Under the Driverless Bus

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You have heard the expression: He threw me under the bus! The updated expression will be: The bus threw me under it!

The automated bus.

Maybe it sees you. Maybe not.

In Vienna, Austria the other day one didn’t – and struck a woman who got in its way. As a result of this incident, Viennese authorities have temporarily suspended the automated (they prefer “autonomous,” which is etymologically disingenuous) bus project, which as here was being beta-tested on public roads with the public serving as guinea pigs.

It’s true, of course, that buses with drivers sometimes hit people. But there is something off-putting about  putting our lives in the hands of software and actuators which – as Kyle Reese in the original Terminator put it – can’t be reasoned with and doesn’t feel pity or remorse . . .  

Or anything at all.

Of course, that’s just the point. Automated buses (and taxis) don’t have drivers who get tired or angry about their low pay. They are electronic slaves which will be used to enslave the rest of us, in part by unemploying millions of truck and bus and taxi drivers – who will become economically useless and thus entirely dependent.

Our “safety” – the usual warble – only matters when it doesn’t cost them – our corporate/government overlords – anything. If this were not the case, these automated vehicles would not be allowed outside the confines of the close-to-the-public test track.

Instead, they are tested on public roads – because getting them into circulation quickly trumps every consideration of public safety.

That ought to raise eyebrows – but Americans are too addled by corn syrup and  fuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttball to notice.

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  1. “That ought to raise eyebrows – but Americans are too addled by corn syrup and fuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttball to notice.”

    Don’t forget smartphones, (anti-)social media, “reality” television, LGBT “pride”, and the “MeToo” movement.

    • Hi BlueGrey,

      Yup. I’m old enough to remember when Americans – American men, especially – preferred to be in control of their lives, to acquire skills and use them. And talked about important subjects… not “the game.”

      Men who did were considered jock-sniffing meatheads. And are.

      • “…preferred to be in control of their lives…”

        THIS…is exactly what modern Western society despises; BEING IN CONTROL OF THEIR OWN LIVES!!!. Why? Because freedom + control = responsibility.

        The advent of smartphones and social media during the economic downturn was definitely no coincidence. The elites in good ol’ “Silly-CON” Valley developed those technologies in order to achieve what I like to call “digital compliance” (i.e. the desire to be controlled vs. being in control). It’s the same tactic that the Roman and other empires have used throughout history in order to control the masses; keep them entertained and they will never beg for freedom.

      • I can remember when women appreciated and looked for men who could fix mechanical contrivances. Now the women want “sensitive” men, whatever that means.

        • Amen, Joe!

          Women today seem to want beta guys who “listen” and “hear” them… whatever that means. Most men (not soy boys) want a woman who is attractive and warm and companionable (i.e., feminine) who takes care of them in return for being taken care of. But those qualities are very hard to find anymore. Feminism talks about “partners.” But that’s a business term. What man wants that in a woman? It amounts to a man with a begrudging vagina. Better to save up for the Japanese Sex Robot!

          • If “I” had to make a choice of going to hell and back to restore Cherry 2000, I’d make damn sure I got lots of spares and not just parts. Melanie Griffith is going to quickly turn into one of those things Cherry was made to replace.

            So she shorted out. I’ve seen more of the kind like Melanie…and the old b&c, short out countless times…….each.

            At least when Pam shorted out she didn’t stick a Hi Power in your face. There’s a lot to be said for that.

            Plus there’s the duplicity factor involved. The wife can be so sweet to everyone, everyone but me and then it’s Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Since I don’t suffer fools, like death from above that makes growing a garden impossible now and I’m not shy to tell them about it, about to have a suit soon because of that, I’m the bad guy while she’s the angel.

            I used to smoke pot and still would if I could(DOT tests at any moment) but I’ve always drunk a goodly portion of beer. The b&c OTOH, doesn’t like pot…’s not strong enough so she drinks 100 proof bourbon neat only fills up a low ball glass, wouldn’t want to have to get up and get some more. She’s been know to put vast quantities of various white stuff up her nose while I’m just happy with my beer and formerly, pot.

            But ask any of the LEO’s and she comes in a lowball factor cause she doesn’t smoke pot whereas I’m the bad, bad guy cause I drink beer and used to smoke pot. Never mind I had to borrow the Elco one day for a high speed run for tractor parts, got down the road aways and reached into the console to get some gum. Instead I found a gallon ziploc with a couple oz’s of good ol crank. I slammed on the brakes, went back to the house and she nearly got it stuck up her ass. I was really pissed. She could have warned me but then again, she probably doesn’t operate on that quick a basis and could care less if I took the fall for it. She could make a 15 mile trip home from work last for hours. That was the day I knew why.

            As far as I know, she wouldn’t survive it now since she’s burned out on all that raunchy shit govt. allows you to get at the pharmacy. There’s more than one reason she falls in the floor and can’t get up. She looks like my grandmother since she never gets outside or gets any exercise, one of the very reasons she falls and can’t get up.

            I go to the store and some woman is always asking me to get something up high for her. She goes to the store and is in everyone’s way. She rarely goes to the store and it’s much easier on me except she’s sitting vegetating somewhere…..knocking back Evan’s white label.

            Nope, no more marriage for me and I said this 40 years ago and tried to divorce her. She made it as difficult as possible. I was willing to give it all up to her(except the farm which was mine….and boy was she ever pissed to find out her name wasn’t on the deed). The best I can do is not piss her off and that ain’t easy.

            • 8, I watched part of that movie a few weeks ago. I was so sick of watching Melanie Griffith, so I shut it off. I cannot stand her. Pam Gidley was absolutely breathtaking, though. She exudes femininity.

              The original “Stepford Wives” was a pretty enjoyable flick. Lots of pretty ladies in that one. Loved Katharine Ross. Of course, women thought it was frightening.

              So many of today’s actresses and models look and act like boys. You have to watch the old stuff to find real ladies. The ’70s was probably the last decade of true human beauty.

  2. eric, just wait till AI and manufacturing machines get together, which they will, sooner or later. Terminator won’t be fiction. There are a lot of much smarter people than I that say the same thing. AI will morph eventually. When it realizes humans are the obstacle it will eliminate them.

    • I tend to watch videos about automated cars and EV’s on YT every now and then just for “shits and giggles”, and this is the exact same type of comments I post on them. 90% of the responses are along the lines of “You’re a Luddite” and “Oh, you’re just afraid of progress”. I guess it’s safe to say that modern society has accepted its fate and is now embracing dehumanization.

  3. Here is the irony – in Europe because the extremely strong unions and politicians who cant think beyond their next re-election, they haven’t even automated metro trains because of “safety” they tell us…( Consequently every year whenever the weather turns nice, or that week before Christmas, all the train drivers go on strike….. )

    But somehow they get through these automated buses !! I wonder how that works!!

  4. The IRS uses several decade old systems to calculate taxes. Could you imagine the same logic being applied to buses? Or does anyone believe complete socialization of transportation is the goal here?

    Now America too can see how wonderful life was under Leonid Brezhnev.

  5. Testing these on our streets is a crime. No government official(s) has the authority to allow this but have given themselves the authority like with everything else they do because citizens don’t bother with recalls in these days of enlightenment.

    ” but Americans are too addled by corn syrup and fuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttball to notice.”

    Actually I think it’s the vaccinations. How else can they target large populations without getting them as well? 12 shots before you’re one and 72 shots before you’re six.

  6. Ultimately the roads will be cordoned off with high walls and fences to prevent anything other than vehicles access. And you’ll have to get yourself to a proper entry point where you can board. Side benefit to these walls is plenty of space for billboards.

  7. Here in Houston if you have a pulse and 2 legs you can drive a bus for METRO.
    My household slogan for them is, “METRO, when you ride with us, you ride with Death”


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