Complaint-Blocking AGW

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Here’s undercover video taken of intimidation tactics demonstrated by a Texas AGW when asked by a citizen (the undercover reporter) how to file a complaint about AGW actions.

The AGW is immediately confrontational and obstructive; refuses to provide the forms which are supposed to be available for the purpose and instead demands the citizen orally provide details of the complaint – in order to discourage any complaint being lodged since most citizens would rightly be concerned about telling one AGW their complaints about another one orally – without any medium in between.

“You’re gonna have to start with me,” the AGW lectures. The: “You’re not getting anywhere else” unless you do – while performing a kind of hyena chuckle-dance routine.

“That’s why I am here,” he says.

When the video was shown to the AGW’s boss – “Chief” Geoffrey Whitt – he responded by saying it was not “correct procedure.”

The “correct procedure” would have been to fire the bullying, lying AGW – and charge him criminally with abuse of his authority under color of law.

That almost never happens, of course, because of the Thick Blue Double Standard.

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  1. The answer is always “more training needed”. And what do they need to provide more training? Well, more funding of course! Institutions that do not have to adhere to market forces are always rewarded for failure, while institutions that do have to adhere to market forces are always punished for failure. Why do more people not see this? Your child’s school not doing very well? Let’s throw more money at them! The roads have potholes? We need more money! What a racket!

  2. Terrell is a notorious place. In the early 80’s Sweetwater, Tx. hired an ex narc from that county named Jim Blakly(pronounced Blackly, can’t even spell correctly). He was as dirty as they come. They used a famous legislature members ranch to haul in semi-truck loads of pot. I had a friend who had another friend who they hired to fly pot in. I got a weekly briefing on everything that was happening for a couple years.

    Lots of people got busted but not the ones making a killing. This went on and he was re-elected and finally got busted by the Feds on a weapons charge.

    A lot of old money people were lying low, not living in their houses and nobody seemed to know where they were. At the same time there was even more undercover stuff going on in Terrell with narcs getting rich and finally getting busted. Just so long you can flaunt it in people’s faces before it works its was to higher level. I see nothing has changed which is expected.

  3. Saw a video just like this about Florida. The guy tried a police station in every county in Florida and only miami had a place to go file. The reporter is a white male and even gets assaulted multiple times by several different police stations. Just goes to show that the majority are bad apples with the few good cops probably on their way out. Minneapolis here is so low on cops and people even applying that they are spending the next year advertising how great it is to be a cop.


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