The Quarter-Million-Dollar AGW

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Here’s video of an undercover investigation into the pelfing of an AGW in Louisiana. This AGW takes (no earns) more money than many doctors and other useful people, who don’t earn their money at gunpoint:

Of course, every AGW is a pelfer – someone who takes his money from unwilling victims, who are forced to fund his employment. That is the fundamental problem with AGWs and the reason why there can be no such thing as a “good” one.

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      • God only knows. The MSP are an entity unto themselves, like every other “agency” in Taxachusetts. The state is the poster child for all of the graft that goes on at the national level. Fortunately, the publicity of this issue is not waning, and many of these AGW’s are losing their pension as a result. Whether they get hired at some other department remains to be seen. It’s a big club, and I ain’t in it. I jumped the fence into the Granite State about 5 years ago, and i’m not looking back. I don’t buckle up when driving, and i like to wear my ballcap when on the goldwing. Live Free or Die

        • “And now the gravy train is derailed. If McAuliffe’s case plays out like the other seven MSP arrests so far, he’s looking at restitution, 6 to 12 months in Club Fed and, most significantly, loss of incredibly bloated six-figure pension.

          This statie would have had 20 more years at $200,000-plus, behind which comes the pension at $160,000 per for 20-plus years, and I’m guesstimating Trooper McAuliffe is forfeiting over $7 million in free money … for $9,825.

          Sometimes, when a crooked cop or judge walks out the door with a wheelbarrow full of cash while simultaneously in a photo finish with the grand jury, we ask the old question from the New Testament:

          “Death, where is thy sting?”

          In McAuliffe, we know exactly where thy sting is. This is death, not by 1,000 cuts, but by 7.2 million.”

          You know Eric, it’s not the heat, it’s the humility.

  1. At some point the tax donkeys will be gone. The system will collapse. No reform is possible because those who have to reform the system benefit from it. They share these benefits up and down the hierarchy so nobody will do anything. The occasional report results in some wrist slapping and pretend reform as if it is an isolated issue and not government wide.

  2. The irony is that if all AGW’s stayed home all day, everyday, we’d be much better off. Seeing that “we” have to pay them no matter what, I’d rather pay them to not work.


    • Agreed!

      What’s worse, is even if the AGWs are actually working those overtime hours, the taxpayers end up paying this in perpetuity. Most AGW pensions are based on the average of their HIGHEST paid 3 years, and then they get 90% of that each year of retirement. It’s well understood that those AGWs getting ready for retirement will book tremendous overtime (whether fictitious or not) those years. Couple that with the fact that these AGWs can retire somewhere in their mid 40s and you’ve basically got extremely high earning retired AGWs for the next 40 years or so. Many after retirement will go and find a new job as some ‘security consultant’ or something and use their former employment connections to further bilk the taxpayers. There is a reason that pensions tend to be the highest expenses for just about every State… to the point of bankrupting many States (well, the feds will ultimately bail those out as per usual).

      It truly does pay well to be an AGW.

      In all honesty, I can understand why parents would want to encourage their children to become an AGW if they don’t have the acumen to become a doctor or some highly paid executive. It’s an extremely well paid profession especially for those with lower IQs.

      Same goes for the hose heroes as well.

  3. Theoretically there could be a good one. He would have to be a volunteer, a respected man from within the community. And he would have to be responsive to the local public and personally responsible for his actions.

    None of the current ones fit that bill. Our government believes they have the right to rule and be obeyed. As with all tyrannies, their standing army is coddled and protected far beyond anything a mere subject may be granted. They have totally and deliberately forgotten what this country and western civilization are about.

    There are 10 legitimate laws. Roughly translated they are “thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not rape, thou shalt not betray family, … The rest are just rules- manifestations of the tyrant’s whim.


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