Feminist AGW!

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Here’s a video of Christine Blasey Ford’s “sister” – an AGW – who is emoting all over the road at a cyclist who responds to her ranting by quoting facts (the law) which the female AGW simply shouts down in her “micro-aggressed” and “minimized” fury!

Side note: Apparently, you can honk at an AGW in NY and not get Tazered…

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  1. Standard bicyclist cop encounter. They enforce their personal made up version of the vehicle code.

    And get this, they must train these cops on the ‘bell/horn’ law because I’ve heard it before. BTW, A cop ticketed a friend of mine for that when he knew the law when the cop was just making something up. Anyhow because of this old law I put an air horn on my bicycle. Just compressed air from the tire pump. It’s loud. Complies with the vehicle code. I have three taillamps, two headlamps, and a full set of reflectors. I even got the free ‘bicycle license’ sticker for the town so they couldn’t use that on me either. Cop at the station didn’t like me bothering him for forms and doing it. Oh well. If they weren’t going to harass me. (I had been harassed a couple times at that point but I wanted to head that one off at the pass) They’ve left me alone the last few years, but I also ride less so maybe that’s why.


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