Letter from an Unmasked Man

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Like most Americans, I have accepted being forced to hand over a large portion of all I earn to people who did not earn it but who have acquired the power to take it. I have accepted not being able to ever own my home, no matter how long ago I paid for it.

It is all pretty bad.

But this – Sickness Kabuki – is one binary too far. It has already taken away the small pleasures, such as being able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe – or go shopping without seeing Freaks everywhere and having to “gird my loins” for a possible confrontation with them.

I am tired of it.

Now comes the new Freak who will apparently try to force me to Diaper as a condition of being allowed to leave my home and perhaps even there. I can’t stand that. I won’t stand for it.

I am still hoping it will be possible to live – and dodge – but it wears on you to have to live this way.

As it stands, I hardly go anywhere anymore – not that I went lots of places before, but it’s diminishing to be denied the small human interactions, the everyday sense of normality.

I have lost most of my friends over this because their acquiescence of or outright support for Diapering and the whole Sickness Kabuki programme make it awkward for me to interact with them for the same reason it would be awkward to interact with them if they were wearing Nazi armbands. Which several of them would violently object to if I were to wear that. But a Face Diaper – which is in fact more like the yellow star people were forced to wear in Germany, only worse in a way because this time the wearers mostly put it on voluntarily – has become a sick badge of honor among these profoundly disturbed people.

And yet, these friends of mine probably regard me as some kind of cretin because I object to pretending I am sick.

I am a bad man for putting others “at risk.”

Of what eludes me.

It’s halting because many of these friends are ardent gun owners who get militant – rightly so – when anyone floats the idea that their having a gun might be a “threat to the community” – absent any evidence that they are a threat. They would never accept that someone else’s fear of guns obliges them to hand over their guns. . .  for the sake of the community.

But I am expected to hand over my face because someone fears I might be sick.

Some of these people agreed with me – before they lost their minds – that it was silly and worse to claim that merely driving faster than a government sign says you may constituted a threat to other people. They knew that speed limits are contrivances for mulcting motorists and that the roadside show between a cop and a driver was just that, a kind of kabuki theater. Only a handful of hysterics actually believed that driving 80 MPH on a highway with a posted limit of 70 constituted “reckless” driving.

These same people believe – insist, hysterically – that it is reckless to not wear a piece of cloth over your face.

This is bad enough by itself.

Mental illness – severe hypochondria, paranoia – is disabling. It renders the afflicted person unable to function or limits his functioning.

Far worse is the normalization of mental illness. The enforcement of mental illness.

It is driving whole societies crazy, including the sane – who are increasingly boxed in by the crazies. It is hard to hold onto your sanity when everyone around you has surrendered theirs – or at least, that’s how it looks.

Also what it portends.

The deranged have – apparently – elected a person who not only shares their derangement, he says he will impose it universally. If you could hear him through his Diaper. There may soon literally be no place to go – including even your own home (which of course isn’t actually yours, a principle long-established which may soon have awful consequences).

It may become impossible to show dissent – by showing your face. Or even suggesting that it is your right to show your face. Such Wrongthink is already actionable in other countries; it may well become actionable in this country, now that the country – supposedly – has voted for exactly that.

I’ve tried hard to fall back and make the best of things and up to now it has worked – or at least, made it on balance worth it to have a large portion of the money I earn taken by people who did not earn it, to pretend I own the home I allowed to live in so long as I continue to pay the government for the privilege, to stop at “safety” checkpoints and produce my “papers” – the whole loathsome litany.

Because there was still enough freedom to act – and evade.

One could work for oneself and evade many of the indignities of the modern corporate company town, such as having to prove you aren’t a drug addict by peeing in a cup and attending “diversity” seminars.

One could skip travel by air, so as to avoid the degradation of having to establish you’re not a terrorist with dynamite in his underwear by submitting to a fondling of your underwear.

But now there’s no escape. Hypochondria weaponized has instilled sickness in what appears to be eight out of ten people. And this putative majority has a new leader – elected or not.

I’m tired of backing up. In part because there’s no more room to back up.

Nothing less than total submission will suffice.

Are you willing to accept this new normal? Is it worth it to you?

Are you prepared to live a sick life for the rest of your life? To bequeath such a life to your kids?

If you aren’t then get ready. And do something. Take off the disgusting, unspeakable “mask.”

By doing so, your vote will count.

. . .

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    • Excellent, Michael!

      If only 20 percent of the country had the balls to say no – and I mean, never* – this would be over, soon.

      * Refusing to wear the Holy Rag even once, for any reason – no matter what.

  1. It feels liberating to be mask free. I wear it (minimally) when I have to, but in general I don’t. I dislike knowing that many people irrationally think of me as a monster because they can see my face. But…freedom is too important. RESIST!

  2. I’m flying in a couple of weeks to see my grandchildren. I know I will have to mask up in the plane. I’m dreading it. But seeing my grandkids is far more important. I almost decided not to go because of this. I could make a stink at the airport and potentially get kicked off and ruin the trip for wife and I, but seeing the babies and having an early Christmas with them outweighs the costs. I hate doing it, and hate TPTB who put us in these situations.

  3. Eric, you probably heard the Tom Woods show recently where he interviewed a chemist about masks. This scientist had a sensible explanation as to why masks actually contribute to the spread (aside from the obvious one – to sane people at least – of moral hazard: people getting much closer to others than they otherwise would, because they falsely believe they are protected).
    He said that without a mask, droplets expelled from your nose and mouth fall harmlessly to the ground, where they will harm nobody. But if you’re wearing the diaper, those droplets get trapped on the inside surface. Then every time you exhale you are aerosolizing that disgusting virus-laden liquid and blowing it out where it can float around and infect other people. Your mask makes you a walking COVID mosquito fogger.

  4. Excellent, excellent thoughts Eric. Echo my own thoughts precisely. I am “sick” of the stress I endure from trying to live my normal life and do routine things — like buy an oil filter at Walmart or get a cup of coffee — without getting into a “mask confrontation.” Usually this does not happen, but the threat of it is ALWAYS there. One of the worst offenders was indeed a local gun shop, where I had four guys shouting at me to put on a mask as soon as I breached the threshold — AND demanding that I “sign in” to boot!

    I just said “No” and left.

    And now Dementia Man and Bindi Bint are going to ramp this insanity into overdrive by declaring a National Mask Edict.

    Where in the f–k does the Constitution of the United f–ing States give him this power???? IT DOESN’T. Yet nobody gives a damn.

    I fully expect my government to try to imprison or kill me someday for not going along with the program…

    • Hi X,


      I’ve stopped going to the little cafe I began going to after I got excommunicated from the coffee shop I’d been going to almost every day for years, because I would not put on the Holy Rag, because even though the new place doesn’t accost me with the Holy Rag, everyone wears one and I simply can’t stand the sight of these pathetic freaks anymore.

      It is like being a Jew in Germany and seeing everyone else wearing a Nazi armband. The threat is visual.

      I’m not afraid of a fight. I’m just sick of dealing with it. Which, I realize, is just what these sick bastards intended.

  5. Some days navigating through masktarded grocery stores is exhausting, other days I’ll take my sweet time and just browse, give friendly nods and say “hello, how are you?” As if we’re still in a reasonably sane world.
    Recently I’ve had to pull out a new card.
    If karen stares or glares at my unmasked, real, actual face I just shake my head after looking them up and down from head to toe (at least twice) and give a look of disapproval, and then maybe lay on a psssh… Especially effective on male karens ( they will not be afforded a male name for this type of behavior.) Act like a b*tch, get treated like one, male or female.

    It’s time to flip the social shame in the proper direction.

    • Amen, Sicilian –

      But, god, it wears on me. I haven’t given in – and won’t. But I tire of seeing the freaks. It is like having to step over shit piles and derelicts a la San Francisco. And yet I know that showing my face matters. Especially given what is coming, thanks to the freaks who vote for not just their Diapering in perpetuity but ours as well.

    • One thing taught during espionage or guerrilla training is to know, know without a doubt, and hold onto your core integrity. You have to have a center that is indisputable and yours to hold fast. Only then can you perform your subterfuge without losing yourself.

      With these face diapers make sure you remind yourself of your core beliefs, you have to know you are right and they are wrong. The tension and stress are eliminated because you don’t feel threatened but rather pity and sadness for them. Your empathic self doesn’t view the situation as a threat and you can retain control of the situation. You aren’t sending out a vibe of fear or inferiority and the world around you reacts differently, especially since your face is exposed *other* people will subconsciously pick up your confidence.

      Something I think a lot of people don’t understand is that you’re not supposed to be happy (or sad) all the time. The ideal emotional state is satisfied or content. Meaning you are comfortable being you. No need for external stimulation or judgement 24/7/365, which is impossible and essentially makes you an emotional crack addict.

      When you’re content their glares have no effect. You probably won’t even notice. Indifference is the ultimate response. Humans need to be acknowledged and with their muzzles they might as well be furniture to the content person who doesn’t have room to absorb negativity around them. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” immediately stunts any attempt to trigger or signal you.

      BTW, it’s also important to understand these techniques because sociopaths (e.g. criminals, politicians and dictators) will act the same way. But their core isn’t one of self worth or empathy but rather they have no inner self and lacking that moral compass they are 100% driven externally. But it’ll look the same way to the observer.

      • A,

        Excellent post. I agree whole heartedly. Indifference is the only way to get through this, otherwise it just eats you up internally. I have been lucky no one has said anything to me. They have tried getting my attention with glares and stares, but I ignore them and keep walking. I will never get use to seeing the masks, but time is the key. Nothing stays put forever. Things change, people will relax and loosen up.

        If Biden thinks a mask mandate is going to work while 75% of Trump supporters believe the election was stolen by him I expect to see a lot more smiles (okay, maybe frowns, but I will take it) then masks sooner rather than later. I think most people are waking up to the fact that this was a determent to get the Dems into office.

    • Should also mention, when you walk around keep your head up, look other people in the eye and say good morning. Positive moral and ethical non-verbal communication with your exposed face is far more powerful than 100 people screaming nonsense in their ears.

      You tell them with your thoughts and expressions that you wish nothing but peace for them. All of this Sun Tzu explained. It’s a powerful text to read, if you haven’t.

  6. There’s been one bloc party on this planet since 1861. Once the various elites figured out how to stop the motor of the world, they’ve been having a swell time flitting to and fro pretending to care for us.

    Open sesame, close sesame. Your information, your geolocation, your breads and ciruses, goods & services. Submit or perish. Hitler had too many mouths and not enough food. The Block-cadres never admit guilt why would they.

    One happy planet, indivisibly surveiled by orbitting panopticons dispensing liberty & justice on a screen near you. You’re welcome and stay grateful all you zombie plebs of shiny happy people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYOKMUTTDdA

  7. The Deep State is running scared of the Orange Man, we can infer from the delusional scribbles of a WaPo journo-ho :

    ‘No new president has ever had to fear that his predecessor might expose the nation’s secrets as President-elect Joe Biden must with Trump, current and former officials said.

    ‘Not only does Trump have a history of disclosures, he checks the boxes of a classic counterintelligence risk: He is deeply in debt and angry at the U.S. government, particularly what he describes as the “deep state” conspiracy.

    ‘The last line of defense: criminal prosecution. As of Jan. 20, 2021, Trump becomes a private citizen, and the immunity he enjoys from criminal prosecution vanishes.’


    Oy vey, that’s rich! Imagine how horrible it would be if Trump released the full story of JFK’s murder; the full story of 9/11; the full story of the Democrats’ manufactured Russiagate conspicracy. Americans might get the unfortunate impression that the Deep State is not acting in their best interests.

    Since it’s fruitless to engage with cult-controlled WaPo propaganda flacks, let’s take a moment to ridicule the decrepit cardboard cutout they’ve ‘elected’ to the presidency.

    [to the tune of ‘China Grove’ by the Doobie Brothers]

    When the sun comes up on a sleazy little town
    Down around Wilmington
    And the folks are risin’ for another day
    Round about their homes

    The people of the town are strange
    And they’re proud of a homeboy’s name
    Well you’re talkin’ ’bout the clown named-uh China Joe
    China Joe
    Whoa ho, China Joe

    Every day there’s a new thing comin’
    It pays to take an oriental view
    Potus and young Hunter toast some chicom louts
    You can even hear them tootin’ at night

    And though they’re from the United States
    The Bidens don’t seem to care
    They just keep kowtowin’ to the East

    Talkin’ bout the slime trail of China Joe
    China Joe
    Whoa ho, China Joe

    • The media over the last couple decades has successfully made a large segment of the population believe that knowing what government does is a crime. It’s really sad. Very very sad.

      • Brent – its just amazing how brain dead the media has made people. Every irrational thing now is possible…. I remember as a child the better informed and enlightened people would be the ones who read more magazines and papers…. now it seems that the ones that stay away from those same publications are the ones who make the most sense….

      • Indeed, Brent –

        The aim of political correctness is not, per se, to require genuflection before various orthodoxies but to make disagreement itself a thoughtcrime.

    • Interesting article, Jim. I always thought psychology should be a required class in school along with history, math, economics, and English. Trump is an alpha male. He isn’t going to be easily led, even if the media brays differently. Loyalty is important to him. If you stand by him through times of trouble he won’t turn on you. That is why the main people he surrounds himself with is family. He trusts his family, his family supports him. Even his ex wives don’t bad mouth him. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone both will receive pardons, because they stayed loyal.

      Trump isn’t going to sell national security secrets to the highest bidder. He realizes that the troops are taking orders from those further up the line. He isn’t going to sell out those that put him in office and those that supported him. It is kinda of like the Mob, the Don never kills the guy who has his back, but he will slit the throat of the guy that talks.

      Trump has no loyalty to the Swamp, they made the four years of his Administration hell. Would I expect to see records of sexual harassment claims on Congressional members, the outing of secrets under the Clinton files, Hunter Biden’s FBI probe? Yes, and I look forward to it.

      • They will. It may not be until the week he leaves office, but they will come. He has no loyalty to Washington so he will be giving them out left and right. The system be damned.

        • Hi RG,

          If there was fraud (I think there was) and if the OM has proof and he doesn’t reveal it then I will regard the OM as the vilest president in American history, even more so than Lincoln or Wilson – who each at least left some semblance of liberty in their wake. If OM doesn’t man up, he will have caused the final destruction of whatever remained of it.

          • Hi Eric,

            I think most of us can agree there was fraud, substantial fraud. Even in my District 7 they found a bunch of missing ballots for Spanberger at the 11th hour in Spotsylvania County (amazingly, enough for her to win). She was down by 40K votes last Tuesday night, all of a sudden, tada!

            Matt Schlapp seems to be all over the Nevada case even collecting obituaries of the dead Americans that voted, they have linked votes from CA residents who own second homes in NV, but voted in both states. The Admin has also filed lawsuits in PA, GA, MI, and WI and have collected testimony from poll watchers who saw alleged illegal activity taking place.

            Believe me, Trump does not want to lose, especially against Biden. I think he is well aware of what is at stake and he warned most of the populace that mailed in ballots were a risk and fraud would take place.

            I think the anger is at the wrong man. There is plenty to be angry at Trump about, but this election is not it. Why not be angry at the Secretary of States that stopped counting in the middle of election night, the polling places that were told to fill in missing information and voter forms and back date mail in ballots to show that were they received on November 11th, and more importantly, the scumbags that actually voted illegally? Why do we keep letting criminals get away?

            This is not just an election about one man, but every election going forward. If this is not nipped in the bud now, we can even forget about thinking our vote counts “even a little.”

            If the American public is not angry, then shame on them. They deserve the government that they get.

  8. Misery loves company, they say (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXZf25KVTdo), and it’s true: it’s one reason I love this site. (Mostly, I appreciate Eric’s writing – both style and substance.)

    Let’s get even more miserable, shall we? People who worry about speeding at least have physics on their side; a car accident can be fatal (though obviously driver competency matters, not ‘sticking to the posted limit’). But not only will no one be killed by an unmasked fellow human, but the maskers are making themselves sick. Literally! It’s like replacing speed limits with an edict to drive at high speed directly into a concrete bridge abutment.

    Probably unnecessary, but here is a sampling of support for that claim:

    • Thanks, Penny!

      Whether the Face Diapers are in fact deleterious to physical health there is no question they are deleterious to mental health – and that amounts to the same thin.

  9. My prediction was if Plugs won then the virus would be declared over in short order since it did it’s job…got rid of Trump. Plugs gets anointed president on Saturday and Monday at 9am Pfizer declares they have a vaccine. You would at least think they would have waited until Wednesday to announce this but they likely hate Trump too and this is *in your face* back to Trump. We live in a third world country.
    We are now beginning the *John Gill* presidency with Camela-Toes as Melican. (See Star Trek-Patterns of Force). So we might of seen this virus fade into the memory hole but the Left got really acquainted with power and I think they can’t resist the temptation to play god again and shut the country down. China wont have to release Covid 2.0 since their manchurian candidate won and the Dems will do their dirty work. Get your 401k’s into mostly cash and buy when the market crashes again is my advice. However, let’s stick it to them whenever we can for the next 4-years.

    • One way or another it is never going away until people simply ignore the edicts.
      They love the power too much and even if they didn’t they didn’t they wouldn’t let go because if they let go and some metric (cases, deaths, hospitalizations, sick days, or whatever) worsened or got better they could face political consequences. Political consequences for letting up too soon or people realizing the heavy hand wasn’t needed. Either way they lose so the only answer is to never let go.

  10. Here’s an idea for a T-shirt:

    On the front – “I do not wear a Mask”
    On the back – “So, stay the F— away from ME!”

  11. 1. I will never wear a mask.

    2. I will never get a wu-flu vaccine.

    3. I will never submit to contact tracing.

    4. If necessary, I will vanish into the rural areas of South Dakota, or North Dakota, or Wyoming, or Nebraska, or Iowa.

    5. If all else fails, I am armed and will die with my weapons in my hands, and with as many dead attackers at my feet as I can manage. So help me God.

    Fortunately, I think it very likely that Trump will take the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2021. The election has just barely gotten started.

    • There is nothing fortunate about Trump being elected, as you seem to believe. Do you recall him saying he will take guns away and deal with due process later or nah?

    • Hi Geoff,

      I am with you. And I hope – I pray – that you are right about the Orange Man retaining office. The alternative means we will have to fight. With OM, we may not have to.

      God help us all.

    • I feel the same way. Life and working at my job is so I can make money to travel, go to concerts, go to a ball game, etc etc and now all I can do is stay in my house and work online. They have taken everything and I don’t understand why people are going along with this. I am 59 and married but if I was in my 20’s or 30’s now I would be so much more depressed and lonely. How are the young accepting this? No one can date anymore, how can you meet people anymore? I feel so bad for my friends who are musicians. They are broke. Since I do work online, I too will probably move to a very small rural town, get a small farm or something if this mask think is forever. I am going to be driving around Arizona Thanksgiving week looking for such a place. I live in Las Vegas now and this city will be a ghost town soon anyway – they are starting another lockdown – a city based on tourism cannot continue with masking and lockdowns. No one enjoys being in Vegas with a mask on and all the shows, concerts, and other things besides gambling are shut down.

    • My lying county health commissars announced the cases doubled the day of the election. Going from roughly 1,000 from march to mid October to 600 reported in 2 weeks of late October to a claimed 2,000 cases on 11/3.

    • Should note that we have 150,000 residents. We had 6 claimed deaths up to November 4th, the day they magically added 6 deaths in one day (all nursing homes). As of today (11/9) we have 18. So we went 8 months with 6 deaths and 12 in a week.

      • FWIW that would be normal viral spread. The thing to look at is in an average county of 150000 about 1400 dies every year. What I see is that they’re claiming natural deaths as epidemic deaths. Of course viruses spread and kill, but there’s really nothing unusual going on. And if “cases” are defined by a positive test which is 89-100% false positive you can claim an epidemic of anything. Which proves an epidemic of bullshit.

          • Hi Anon,

            This is a psychological pandemic. Most people are fine, physically. They can see almost everyone – probably everyone – in their personal orbit is fine, too. Yet they live in fear of (or rather fear to live because of the fear of)a “virus” that requires them to pretend death is everywhere and imminent.

            It is the Bogeyman story – applied to adults.

  12. All 535 members of Congress need to form the first line to receive the vaccine. Wait 30 days to see what happens to each and every one of them before any more action is taken.

    Have to wait and see what’s in the vaccine, Congresscritters can be the first guinea pigs. har

    331 000 000 current US population, estimated

    238 000 deaths


    1390 population sample will have or should have one death from corona virus.

    1/1390=0.00072, times 100=0.072 percent death rate.

    100-0.072=99.928 percent of the people live, will live.

    You can fool a lot of them, that’s for sure.

    The Manchurian candidate won!

    Trump supporters in Oregon are confronting antifa and yelling ‘(expletive deleted) antifa’.

    They’re not happy watching antifa raising hell all of the time and nobody doing anything about it.

    Looks a little scary.

    How is it when you hear Biden speak, talk, you don’t want to hear another word from whatever it is that’s there?


    • They’ll get immunizations (if they haven’t already). How do you know that it’s the same one they plan to give you? Governments have been caught giving different ones. For example even Time Magazine reported in 2009 that the German government had 200K doses of the “clean” vaccine (e.g. lacked aluminum and mercury adjuvants) for themselves and 2 million of another intended for the trusting morons of the hoi polloi.


      • Hi Anon,

        These Dr. Mengeles had better keep their needles to themselves. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether they need a vaccine; whether the potential risks are larger or smaller than the asserted benefits. I have a sound immune system and rely on it and robust health to deal with colds. I am not interested in having something injected into my body that objectively presents more risk of negative outcomes (1 in 40 is the average, IIRC) than getting the Wuflu – assuming I even get it.

        I will happily pour a bucket of WuFlu over my head on national TV. I doubt I’ll even get sick and if I do, I’ll lay odds I’ll recover just fine on my own as I am healthy and strong and a healthy and strong person stands almost zero chance of not recovering from this “virus.”

        Ergo, I don’t need a vaccine anymore than I need to wear a Moon Suit to protect me from cat hair.

        • Completely agree with my body, my choice.

          I think it’s a potentially useful argument to make sure people who might not question vaccines yet at last see the hypocrisy.

          Never know which thread you pull will be the one that changes a mind. Rules (vaccines) for thee, not for me.

  13. “As it stands, I hardly go anywhere anymore – not that I went lots of places before, but it’s diminishing to be denied the small human interactions, the everyday sense of normality.” -EP

    Let’s do happy hour this Friday. I’ll text you details.

  14. Why oh, why is there a picture of Alyssa Milano? The woman is a shrill….and an idiot.

    I made it through Tar-jey today with my posse (no masks). It has been the first time I have been there since February. I ignored the glares and fearful stares and made my way through. I gave each of the kiddos some money and told them to buy whatever they wanted. We were the only people in the store with no masks on, but no one said anything. My prepper pantry was running low on supplies and my feeling is I will probably only be able to get away with this for the the next month or two so I will enjoy it while I can.

    The good news is I finally got a few women in my family to remove the masks….the middle age 60 year olds since to be the first ones to discard them. 🙂 I talked to a few clients today and many are barely holding it together, which worries me greatly. I don’t like the lack of hope that I hear in their voices. It saddens me and I worry about their well being, especially my older clients. Speaking with many of them this is not a world they recognize anymore and they do not know what to do. I don’t know what to tell them except to allow them to vent and try to keep their spirits up.

    I have accepted the inevitable, that the courts will unlikely over turn the Biden Presidency. I am even expecting the Senate to flip to Blue come January with the GA Senator runoffs. I have removed all of my retirement out of the stock market and paid off my house last week. We will hunker down and continue to work. We should have an idea of where the country is heading in the next 6 months. I am not going to jump ahead with couldas, wouldas, and shouldas, but just take each day as it comes and enjoy the small reprieves that life has to offer.

    The next four years will be filled with Travel Destination and HGTV reruns.

    • Sitting on the sidelines isn’t necessarily the best plan. Anything with a counterparty risk (e.g. anything not already in your hands and requiring a contract or agreement to be honored) could vaporize. The only cash I think you should have are physical, paper Dollars otherwise sitting on digital cash in the bank or held with investment houses is just being clobbered by inflation.

      Paying off your house is one way to consume some of those Dollars. Housing will track inflation up, at least until they start socializing everything. That’s what’s coming, the end of private ownership. They’re probably just going to take your house eventually, dispense with the property tax facade. Once they usurp ownership of the house then there’s no tedious tinkering with mill levy rates, playing coy like they’re not your landlord already.

      But that’ll be after they’ve already stolen your savings and investments. It’s been done already, like Cyprus a couple of years ago. The term used is a bail-in. The oligarchy knows there’s trillions of dollars in nominally private capital beyond their grubby reach and they want it. They’re going to frame it as public 401Ks or some nonsense. They need a ton of money in Social Security, public pensions, bad mortgages, failing banks and just forcing everyone into “government savings” accounts with it is the easiest way to wallpaper over the insolvency.

      That’s why I say any Dollar not in your hands isn’t really yours. So if your savings is going to remain in the system consider at least letting it inflate with the Dollar and the market. The problem here is that no matter what you do TPTB are years ahead of us and it’s a game we’re not allowed to win and we can’t quit playing. Unless you already have gone completely off Dollars and have a complete system of self sufficiency and barter in place, that is.

      • Hi A,

        I do agree with you regarding money in the system, hence, the disbursement of my retirement and paying off the house. I don’t ever see them coming for our houses. I am not worried about that. I was fearful of the stock market tailspinning so I will take the tax hit and at least know I don’t have to worry about a mortgage payment. The autos are paid off so I can get another five years out of my vehicle and another ten out of hubby’s. The best thing any of us can do is be debt free and get through the Biden/Harris years as best as we can.

    • I wish Alyssa Milano would just STFU already! She’s only making noise because she’s a washed-up, over the hill attention whore who hasn’t been relevant since “Charmed” was on TV…

  15. They are going to rush emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s vaccine, with a whole two months of safety data (normal vaccine development takes 15 years) and no long term efficacy data. Pfizer’s vaccine is an RNA-based vaccine that will induce your own cells to express the virus spike protein. Never in the history of the world has there been an RNA vaccine in use, and never in the history of the world has an effective coronavirus vaccine been produced (despite trying for 40 years). But we warp-speeded one together in ten months.

    And it will be made mandatory, first on the state level – starting with health professionals, teachers, and school kids. Then everyone else. Then federally mandated. Imagine this – injecting experimental poisons of unknown short or long term effect at gun point.

    • Hi BAC,

      I laugh when they say its effectiveness is 90%. How do they even know that? They were able to determine potency in 3 months? No chance in hell. I have yet to be convinced this virus even exists. Is there something going around? Yes, but there could many somethings going around. We get 700 million viruses a day on Earth. People will always get sick. Something new will always pop up. That is why taking care of our bodies by eating right, exercising, and breathing fresh air is the best thing we can do, and good hygiene, very important.

      It appalls me when I hear comparisons to the Spanish Flu. The people that lived during the 1918 flu usually took a bath weekly, if that, most houses did not have plumbing, and does anyone think hand washing was a concern?

      They will mandate this fake ass vaccine for most, healthcare workers, public school students, maybe some large corporations will require it, the airlines and freight ways, your doctor will harass you about getting it each time you walk into his/her office, but for those of us that scoot around the edge of the system it won’t be mandatory. They won’t hunt us down or knock on our door or hold us at gun point, but it stinks because we have to stay at the cusp of society the whole time never really being able to participate in it.

      • It’ll be more invasive than you assume as the intention is to implement health passports. They won’t need to go door-to-door but by requiring you to scan your REAL ID driver license at the door to grocery stores or to buy gasoline they will have effectively done the same thing. It’ll be your “choice” to submit or starve.

        • A,

          I agree which is why I mentioned living on the cusp of society.

          The other thing to consider is the cost of implementing such a program. The setup of health immunization cards will not be cheap.
          You mention tracking it to your drivers license, possibly, but I saw how bad the rollouts of unemployment benefits that the state offices were supposed to issue back in March and April. Some states still don’t have their crap together. I am banking on the ineffectiveness and inadequacy of government to screw this up, too.

          There will also be the establishment of a Black Market if such an ordeal were to take place. I don’t have to get a shot if I can pay someone who received the shot to do what I need done for me.

          Such a system may be implemented in the future, but by the time they get it setup and working I will be dead and buried.

          • For sure, Leviathan for all its huff and puff is staffed by legions of lazy, incompetent buffoons. If they didn’t have all the AGWs who love the free hand they are given to make up and enforce laws on the spot there’d be very little real influence they could exert.

            What I think you have to watch is coupling REAL ID with capital controls and digital cash cards. Right now with anonymous paper cash working and living on the fringe isn’t difficult.

            But when the banking system is completely socialized and your farmer still needs to deal with the system to get feed and fuel it becomes harder.

            They sell it as cracking down on those ruthless drug dealers but the real criminals are people who just want to be left alone. Can’t have people who aren’t completely dependent, don’t ya know.

      • Hi RG

        Their only metrics of efficacy are antibody production, T cell responsiveness, and apparent reduction in symptom severity in a population of the clinical trial participants that still manages to contract the virus. That’s the easy part.

        But these vaccines are injected intramuscularly and it remains unknown if this can provide adequate protection against a virus that resides in the respiratory tissue. I’ve attended a seminar recently where they noted that these first generation vaccines are expected to simply reduce symptom severity, but would not prevent infection or even prevent spread. In other words, you can get the vaccine and still get infected and still spread the virus to others. If that’s true, then what’s the point? If that’s true, then face diaper requirements are likely to persist even with the vaccine.

        All of this against the question of whether the vaccine will even be safe, assuming it works as they claim. How can we know, based on two months of data, what can happen a year or two from now?? Autoimmunity, cancer, and degenerative diseases can take years to manifest. And then what?

        Never forget the SARS vaccine attempt in 2004, where the rabbits and ferrets used in animal testing (skipped here because warp speed) all produced great antibody and T cell responses (just like these new vaccines), but when later infected with the virus, all the animals DIED.

        We know much about molecular biology, but not as much as we think we do. Not enough to predict safety outcomes. But human arrogance drives on.

        We’ll find out soon enough.

        • Hi BAC,

          This whole thing reminds me of the 1976 flu pandemic. The country did not want to repeat the high death tolls of the 1954 and 1966 flus so the Ford Administration fast tracked a vaccine through. The Administration drove up the panic and scared the American public. Americans, once again, stood in line with their sleeves rolled up for several to have adverse effects that maimed them or worse, resulted in death.

          I don’t believe this vaccine is 90% effective. We have never been able to successfully make a RNA vaccine for a coronavirus. The flu vaccine is only between 20-60% effective and that has been in place for over 70 years, but a rushed vaccine is? It isn’t possible. I can only hope this is a placebo to take the mental impact of the virus off of people’s minds and they are not using the American public as an experiment.

          I can only feel this is going to have serious repercussions that we will not realize the impact for years down the road.

          • RG,

            NOBODY has done an RNA vaccine; it’s never been done before. Instead of a weakened, adulterated version of the bug, this vaccine will dick with your genetic code on a cellular level! To rush an untried and untested technology is lunacy. Which is why I WON’T be taking it when it comes out…

            • Hi Mark,

              It’s more fundamental than that – as I know you know. The question is whether every one of us has the right to decide for ourselves – without duress – whether to take this vaccine or any other vaccine. It is obscene to suggest that anyone be forced or even coerced to take it. Nazi doctors were convicted of war crimes for exactly this crime.

              I don’t need a vaccine – because I’m fit and healthy and my immune system “keeps me safe.” It is my right to assume any “risk” – regardless of anyone’s else fears.

              This fear, however, is being used to justify forcing people to submit to being Needled. If accepted, then fear will be used to make people accept many other things, too. For example, that they give up their guns – since someone fears they might be used to commit a mass shooting. That we give up cash, because someone fears that “tax cheats” are “getting away” with not “paying their fair share.”

      • According to a study the esteemed “Dr.” Fauci conducted approximately 4 years ago,the major cause of deaths during the “1918 flu pandemic” was bacterial pneumonia, NOT influenza. The common denominator was the (forced) wearing of masks. Sound familiar? Look for an uptick in respiratory illnesses in the coming months due to mask-wearing. The study is available on the internet…

        • Anarchyst,

          I have read that study, it was why the 2nd wave was so much worst than the first.

          If that holds true I expect only about 5-8% of the population of the US to survive, and of course, all of Sweden.

          • There was no “second wave”. The deaths were the result of forced mask wearing. As there were no cures for pneumonia at the time the death rate was horrendous. Mask wearing is the problem, not the virus…

  16. The masking thing is truly exhausting, it is incredible stressful seeing all the sheep wear it. I give anesthesia for a living so I’m used to wearing it at work. I should have seen this coming since the evidence is poor it does much even in that environment with open surgical wounds.

    I got TSA pre check. $100 every 5 years to fly like a human being with no lines was worth it, even if the whole thing is ridiculous. But diapering….. the stress of being the only undiapered everywhere I go and having the occasional confrontation with a korona king or queen is becoming intolerable. I go almost nowhere. No one bothers me at the grocery store. Everyone at the gun shop and ranged goes undiapered. Other than that I’m staying on my 10 acres and enjoying the view. Going to build my own range at my house.

    Although I think Trump was mostly hot air and didn’t accomplish much or make Amerika great again, the symbol of electing, supposedly, Harris and Biden as sickened me.

    • Zach,

      I got precheck a while ago for the same reason — tired of “opting out” and wanted to just go through a metal detector like the old days (I’ve never been in one of the cancer scanners).

      My precheck expires this year, though, and I’m probably not renewing it since air travel is probably over for me.

      I still have a handful of places I can go where masklessness is tolerated. I’ve been working at making new friends that share our views since older friends fear me now. Keep your chin up. One can adapt without compromising. But it’s easier with a peer group.

  17. I predicted this months ago, although I’m a little off. I said day after election, it’s a week. My bad. Now, assuming the insane people accept this as real and line up for their needles, (I don’t and won’t, EVER) how does the talking mummy continue to justify mask wearing? Shouldn’t everybody just go back to normal and live our lives, now that we have an effective vaccine? BTW, this was posted on Fox News site this morning, now it’s gone. Something tells me the spin is starting already. Can’t give up total control, ya know.

  18. I think it’s time to test a theory I have. For quite some time, I’ve been of the opinion that if the left (e.g. Biden voters) all went on strike at the same time, America would muddle through. Sure, most of the government would stop operating (and that’s not a bad thing at all), schools and colleges would close (after the covid debacle, what’s the difference?), and some personnel shuffling at businesses would have to occur. Big deal, we’d get over it. However, if the right (e.g. Trump voters, and perhaps some libertarians) all went on strike, the country would be in absolute and total chaos within a week. Many, if not most, trucks would stop driving. Mechanics would stop fixing cars. Carpenters and plumbers would stop all repairs. Oil would stop being drilled and refined. And most importantly, farmers would stop growing food. To top it off, police would stop policing. And you thought the Antifa/BLM riots were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    So they want to steal the election with their shenanigans? No problem, they can starve and have their cities destroyed by the mobs. And their cars can stay broken. And so on.

    Even if only the truckers went on strike, it would be pandemonium. Time for the grandest experiment in American history. Get the word out.

    • >Many, if not most, trucks would stop driving.

      Speaking of which:


      This is quoted within, originally from https://www.facebook.com/groups/605152330888644/permalink/606084114128799/:

      Our message is simple and hopefully effective. We fully intend to exercise our rights, and will not have politicians making crippling decisions, that will negatively affect our future and the future of our children.

      President Trump has worked diligently for four long years to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and very importantly the blue-collar workers of this country. The blue-collar workers are literally the ones that make the wheels turn! Without truck drivers this country could not survive for long. Our intention is not to harm anyone. We would like to make a point that we do NOT wish for any companies or private truck drivers, supplying any kind of medical supplies and/or services, to participate in our movement.

      We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal. We do not support the banning of fracking. The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on. With this being said, we will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veterans Day 11/11/20. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are having to face domestic terrorism, primarily in democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26/20-11/29/20.

      We are calling for all patriots to share this all over the country. We may not last long on Facebook, but please do not be deterred, and continue to share this on any social media or other outlets, that you have available to you.

      Thank you & God Bless America

      • Truckers are more important than I think anyone realizes. The system of delivery they support is obvious but they have a highly decentralized, offline social network and two-way radio communication infrastructure.

      • Go, truckers! Give em hell! I can only hope all blue collar workers unite and do this. Let’s see how well the cities and suburbia survive without them.

  19. I wish I could say it’s the first time an entire society has lost its mind. The fact is, it’s not all that uncommon. Hell, it happens every time we have an “election”, or any other political event. The very thought that a nation of 350,000,000 could agreeably live under the exact same rules is insane on its face. The current ongoing POTUS election is clear evidence we cannot. Yet we are still expected to. Far too many agree we should, or even must, at gunpoint. What sanity is demonstrated by willingly submitting to slavery?

    • National (president) and almost all elections in my state (OR) won by barely a few percent. BTW, they don’t even need 50% to win, they just need more percentage than the other candidates. So by the fraudulent numbers, half of our population is not happy. HOW is that any kind of civilization? It’s not even fair. That’s why a supermajority is the only way to go… something like 75% minimum. People have to compromise to get along sometimes, but this “majority” rule thing is the opposite of that.

      There’s NO WAY any democrats won anything in my state, even the democrat areas like Portland etc have GOT to be sick of the rioting and businesses closing and unemployment , plus so many other insane problems in this state, nevermind ~30,000 people haven’t even gotten their first unemployement check yet because the OR govt is so corrupt and dysfunctional they won’t fix whatever is broken… and governor is trying to keep the scamdemic federal aid money for herself too. This election is so frauded it’s a joke — I reckon they probably pad the democrat numbers by 20–30% on the front end, and then if they still lose, then they add more fake ballots after the deadline. Election/voter fraud is a felony, but it should be a death penalty crime.

      Trump really won by probably 75%+ of popular vote, and same with all congress & state & county republicans. But they tell us that the democrats all won by 1-5% margins. How can anyone believe that? That’s ridiculous! In my district, one republican senator got reelected with ~74%, which is a huge margin (unlike any other race in the state) but no other republicans in that same district got elected — that’s very suspicious.

      I read articles on Natural News about various blatant ridiculous fraud … hundreds of thousands of fake ballots suddenly arrive after the deadline, but that’s okay, they made an exception for them, all of them for Mr. Ass Clown, gosh, nothing suspicious there! And not letting the observers see anything, yeah that’s normal! And blocking the windows so noone could see them scanning/etc — yeah there’s a good reason for that too. Nevermind the countless articles about voter fraud & flipping ballots going on nationwide, plus there’s whistleblowers too — people that DID fraud are telling the truth about it.

      No voter receipt for us, not allowed. Noone allowed to see the ballot databases either. Nope! Not allowed. JUST TRUST US. Afterall, the FBI has certified that elections are all accurate, etc. The corrupt FBI, wow I feel so trusting now.

      One of our good senators said that Iraq’s first election was more fair than what we do in USA. He also said that the people better do something or this state is toast [my wording].


      Time for the people to start a new country. I suggest a direct democracy with 75% supermajority rule. Get control of your counties people, start groups, you either fight or it’s total HELL, torture & murder for us all.

      • “Direct democracy”only works ONCE. After that it is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner…
        A better solution would be a Constitutional representative republic with NO political parties allowed.


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