Reader Question: Aquarium Headlight?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Crissie asks: My Honda’s headlight has water in it. Sometimes, it is enough that you can see it sloshing around inside the headlight. All that’s missing is the goldfish! Other times, it’s just droplets on the inside. The headlight always looks foggy though. Is there anything I can do about this other than buy a new (expensive) headlight?

My reply: You can do two things, at least.

The first thing – if you’re up for a little wrenching – is to remove the headlight assembly (the whole thing) and see whether it’s possible to fix the leak. The external lens – the clear plastic exterior – may have come unglued from the rest of the assembly, or there may be a crack or chip that is letting water get in when it rains. You may be able to glue it back together or patch the crack/leak. Which brings up the glue thing. Rather than glue, I’d use clear RTV – like you’d used to repair an . . . aquarium.  It comes in tubes and you can find it at any hardware store. Run a bead along the joint between the clear plastic lens and the headlight housing. Place the assembly on a flat surface and put something heavy enough on it (a big book works) to keep a little pressure on while it cures. You can also use the clear RTV to fill in cracks and so on. This may do the trick – and the cost if about $5 plus your labor.

The second thing, if you don’t want to wrench, is to just buy an aftermarket replacement assembly. These are usually much cheaper than than the “factory” part and look/work just the same. Do a search on Amazon or eBay for “headlight assembly” for your make/model/year. I’m betting you’ll be able to find a replacement for about $40 or so.

Hope this was helpful!

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