AGWs “Bust” Stage 4 Cancer Patient

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Here’s prima facie evidence that AGWs are cretins by definition.

A man dying of cancer is Hut! Hut! Hutted! by AGWs… in his hospital room. They want to “bust” him for possessing pot, which many dying people use as a palliative and appetite stimulator. Regardless – even if the man was just getting high – he isn’t harming anyone by doing so and what he puts into his body is no one else’s rightful business.

But this guy is actually dying. In his hospital room.

Enter the AGWs. “I can smell it,” one of them eructs. They then proceed to rifle the man’s possessions, as his oncologist films the disgusting scene.

Ask yourself: What sort of person could do this? The answer is: A profoundly abnormal person. A despicable person, with no empathy. The sort of person who is “just doing his job,” a la the men in the dock at Nuremburg.

But no one remembers that, of course.

The shaved headed mongoloid continues to rifle the man’s possessions. “If you ain’t got anything to hide,” says.

Three AGWs… vs. one dying man.

. . .

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  1. But OxyContin and Fentanyl, which are highly addictive and potentially lethal, are OK, because they’re made by pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by doctors.

    • Hi Bryce,


      The bedrock issue, though, is one of possession. Do we own ourselves? Or are we owned by others? If we own ourselves then it follows that we have the right to do as we like with ourselves, provided that by doing so we cause no harm to others.

      The act of smoking pot, or snorting cocaine – or eating . pound of raw bacon – causes no external harm, to other people. It is therefore no business of other people, at least insofar as the use of force is concerned. (It’s ok for someone to advise someone else not to partake of pot or bacon – or whatever – provided he does not go beyond advising and shuts up when asked.)

      The idea that a person can be subjected to a violent assault by armed government workers for choosing to do X or Y with their own self is despicable because it is fundamentally the assertion of master over slave; the farmer over his livestock.

  2. They will do anything they are given permission to do. Don’t think they’ll confiscate guns? Wait and see. Don’t think they’ll beat up grandma for giving them a little ‘tude? Googhul that shit right now. And it will only get worse.


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