Breast cancer patient gets a TSA pat-down, TSA gets a smackdown

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Jeannine Stein,
Los Angeles Times
October 5, 2011

Another Transportation Security Administration pat-down gone wrong is in the news again. This time the unfortunate pat-downee is Lori Dorn, a New York-based human resources professional who underwent a bilateralmastectomy in April and was traveling throughJohn F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

You can already see where this one is going.

According to Dorn’s Sept. 30 blog post, a TSA agent wanted to pat down her breast area after seeing something on the body scanner–Dorn said it’s probably tissue expanders placed in her chest for reconstruction surgery down the road.

Although Dorn said she told the TSA agent she didn’t want her breasts touched and offered to show them a card in her wallet describing the expanders, evidently that didn’t do the trick. On her blog she writes: “This request was denied. Instead, she called over a female supervisor who told me the exam had to take place. I was again told that I could not retrieve the card and needed to submit to a physical exam in order to be cleared. She then said, ‘And if we don’t clear you, you don’t fly’ loud enough for other passengers to hear. And they did. And they stared at the bald woman being yelled at by a TSA Supervisor.

“To my further dismay, my belongings, including my computer, were completely out of sight. I had no choice but to allow an agent to touch my breasts in front of other passengers.”

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