Iowa “Hero” Caught Selling Impounded Guns/Property

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Here’s some for-profit policing for you:

Jeffrey Filloon, who resigned in August 2015 as the police chief in Tama, Iowa, was indicted by a federal grand jury on December 6th. He’s accused of selling several guns that were stolen from the department evidence room, as well as at least four cars that had been impounded. He also was charged with making false statements to an FBI agent during an investigation into the fraudulent sales.

Via the Courier:

Authorities allege Filloon took at least three firearms and four vehicles between August 2013 and March 2015.

One of the weapons, a Mossberg 12-gauge pump shotgun, had been held as evidence and was sold to General Store Pawn and Gun in Marshalltown for $200 in August. 2013.

Later that same month, Filloon sold a .45-caliber Keckler and Hoch UPS pistol to the same shop for $450, court records state. That weapon had been the duty gun of a Tama officer who surrendered it to the department when he retired in 2012.

Another firearm that was being held as evidence, a .44-caliber black powder revolver, was sold to the Marshalltown shop for $75 in Mach (sic) 2014.

Also in March 2014, Filloon allegedly sold a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix, a 1994 Ford Econoline F150 van and a 1994 Ford Explorer to Sandhill Auto Salvage for Tama for $650, court records state. He allegedly requested the check be made out to him instead of the city, records state.

That same month, he returned with a 1996 Chevrolet Silverado pickup and sold it for $250, claiming it was his person vehicle, record state (sic).

The false statement charges stem from statements Filloon allegedly made to an FBI agent who was investigating the weapons and vehicles in May 2016. He allegedly told the agent a relative of the shotgun’s owner told him he could keep the firearm instead of returning it to a family member, court records state. He also allegedly told the agent he had purchased the Silverado before selling it to the salvage company, records state.



  1. Gee, this guy goes down on the cheap. I know of a lot of stolen “evidence” sold and it was once in the millions although those guys were never charged or a word spoken of it……our now deceased ex-sheriff, a DPS occifer and deputy. They collected over $1.5M in cash and left $2.5M as evidence to keep the local drug task force in money which was spent so fast they were out of bidness a year later.

    I knew the details of one heist in a nearby county by deputies who sold 700 lbs of pot out of the evidence room and replaced it with hay. Two guys were in a plane that went down with the pot near Roscoe, Tx. Being close to I-20 they caught a ride and booked it. They were later charged(who knows if they even had the right guys?)and when it went to court none of the pot was there. One young deputy had a new Bronco full tilt every option and a $25K bass boat. The other occifers didn’t get charged since they told the young guy(this is from his mouth)they’d kill him if he narced on them.

    Well, the young guy got a slap on the wrist, the two guys charged got a mistrial because of no evidence and the county got a big scandal. The sheriff at that time, an ex-narc from east Tx. out there where the infamous Paris drug ring was run by various occifers and narcs(remember, they later wrote a book). He was eventually caught bringing in plane load after plane load into the ranch of the then Tx. Lege rep from that district. He got a slap on the wrist too although he served 18 months or so in a federal prison. He’d committed so many crimes it was a smorgasbord but only prosecuted for one. I knew the others involved in this ring since a good friend was telling me all about it as he bought pot from them every load. I was surprised that anyone was surprised about the whole thing. Too many locals involved and even one from my county who was charged and then never went to trial. I didn’t know him and evidently he wasn’t talking. He left for other locales shortly thereafter, probably working for the feds since he was one of those highest bidder types I was told by the friend who was in on the retail end. He was never charged but he stayed in S. America for a year or more keeping an ear close to the ground.

    Well, big-ass norther just hit and we’re in for some really nasty weather. Gotta go do chores and see if the old Z 71 will make it 60 miles. If you could see it you’d understand why I say that. Ciao….


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