A Dark Road Lies Ahead

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Cheaper Than Dirt is (well…was) a great site.  It was a place to order bulk ammo to target shoot and find good deals on almost anything firearm related.  I was looking to buy a few more Magpul PMags and check out some AR’s so I went online.  I went to CTD and found that they are no longer a reputable retailer or representative of the 2nd ammendment.  I visited their site today and found this…


They decided to suspend online firearm sales.  Read about it HERE.

Dicks Sporting Goods has removed its semi-automatic rifles from their store shelves.  Read HERE.  A few Walmarts have followed this conga line of stupidity and cowardice.

Even the NRA is silent, they shut down their Facebook page.  I am not sure if this was due to pressure applied to FB by the political demons in DC or the NRA thinking that if they run silent and saying nothing they will more likely get out unscathed.  Their silence is deafening.

This is when I realized how real the situation has become and how dark the road ahead is looking.

dark road at night

I remember the hysteria after Obama was elected, while at that first post-inauguration gun show AR-15s were heavy movers while being marked up with the Obama premium.  But then the hysteria settled down along with the prices, the shelves got restocked and with ObamaCare being the centerpiece of tyrannical legislation, the gun-grabbing talk was not all that prevalent.  Then the “Dark Knight Rises” shootings in Aurora and the Cops in NYC firing blindly into the crowds hoping to hit a suspect started the rumblings and demands for increased gun controls and restrictions.

Then the tragedy in Connecticut, a disturbed suburban man-boy uses an AR-15 and hand guns to murder more than 2 dozen people, most of which are 5-8 year old children.  He likely was on the typical mind-altering/numbing psychotropic drugs peddled by the likes of Merck and Pfizer.  It seems he played out his violent fantasy in a place where there were sure to be people incapable of defending themselves.

This event hits home for me; my wife grew up in CT.  We will be spending the early part of the Christmas holiday there.  I am sure there will be much talk of the atrocity that occurred.  My wife was also a kindergarten teacher for 7 years before we had our son. Reading about this on Friday morning made me cry. But tearing down the freedom of the individual to defend oneself from home invaders, drugged up psychopaths or a tyrannical government is never going to be the solution.

The so-called conservative Joe Scarborough declares that inaction can’t be allowed to continue. He is endorsing “stricter gun controls.” He shouldn’t be allowed to utter terms like “libertarian ideals.”  He’s in favor of “freedom” when it is easy but not when it is messy or when it hits too close to home for him.  I am not going to dissect this cowardly rant by Scarborough, he was one of the MSM mouthpieces that typically gave Ron Paul a fair shake but I am deeply disappointed in his lack of principle.  Principles do not mean anything if you abandon them during times when it is inconvenient.

So political action is needed?  When have the results of political action ever yielded results that lead to anything but more control for the powerbrokers in DC and our freedoms being assaulted?

As I was getting ready to go to sleep last night I was flipping through the channels and caught a segment of that idiotic wind-bag O’Reilly. He really does not know anything.  The terms he utters like “military-style” and “heavy” rifles need to go by the wayside.  I laughed out loud when he said “AR-47.” They must give away Harvard diplomas in cracker jack boxes.  I will give him some credit for displaying some of the data out there that shows increasingly stricter gun controls do not decrease gun violence.  Watch below if you want.

But then around the 2:30 mark O’Reilly says that “…the US Constitution allows US citizens arm themselves.”  That is such a patentedly untrue statement.  The right to self-defense existed before and regardless of the scribblings on any government parchment – including the US Constitution (that is typically used as toilet paper today).  It is a natural right.  Just because the typical group of murders/criminals occupy the seats of government at that time recognize it or not is irrelevant.  Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity, he didn’t allow it to exist. Similarly the Founding Fathers only explicitly stated what was already true. The right to self-defense was a natural right and it was the government’s responsibility to not only never infringe on that right but also protect it against would be aggressors.  To think that government “allows” us to have guns is to imply that self-defense is a privelege, a privelege that can be revoked if our owners deem it necessary.  It is not a privelege, an example of a privilege is how we the citizens allow the government the privilege of existing.  This type of wrongheaded thinking is why Bill O’Reilly is a horrible excuse for a man, American and human being.  It is also why the idea that was “America” is essentially dead.

For these “blow-dryers,” freedom is so important when on a campaign trail or bloviating in front of the camera on a show with their name in the title.  But these people are not prepared for freedom; real freedom scares them.  Freedom is not perfect, it isn’t always going to be nicely packaged with a bow on top but it is the only alternative to tyranny.  These sorry excuses are not men, they are cowards who want their children to be safe slaves instead of free men and women.  They are the enablers of the oppressors.

There is no absolute safety, only the illusion of safety.

I have been becoming more and more despondent regarding the government school system; this is just another nail in the coffin for them. Making it a crime to seek the means of defending yourself and school children is nothing short of being an accomplice to the murders committed. When it is time for my son to start “formal schooling” the government schools are looking like an even poorer option than they did a week ago. No early education teacher working as a government drone anywhere will do a better job than my wife and our home will never be a “gun-free zone,” so they will be safer there than almost any other place. Both of us are trained and armed. I could leave the house knowing that they won’t be helpless targets for cowardly maniacs to slaughter.

People are scared of guns. I know many that don’t like being in the presence of a firearm and even refuse to touch them. It is an inanimate object, a tool that can be used for good or for evil. If good people refuse to use them or actively restrict other good people from using them we will all become slaves to those who are evil.

The big government types always decree the same thing, whether it is a healthcare issue, an infrastructure issue, an economic issue, a debt issue or a crime issue. They need to increase regulations and we need to give them more control so they can steer us to safety.  But this is what is leading us to our destruction.


Lack of strict gun laws is not what caused the death of 20 children. The strict gun laws already in place are a major contributing factor to why so many of them became victims. The mall shooter in Oregon turned his gun on himself after he realized there was an armed citizen nearby. The mall was a gun-free zone which is why he chose it. This person likely saved lives by ignoring an idiotic law, if only more people were smart enough to ignore more immoral laws.

victim rich zone here

John Lott has done quite a bit of research on the subject and found a startling correlation:

“With just one single exception, the attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in 2011, every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.”

Guns are not evil. It is the use of aggressive violence that is evil. And how are those demanding “stricter gun regulations” and bans are going to enforce their new rules? By using force, coercion and aggression against people who own firearms but have done nothing to harm anyone. This use of force by the unruly mob of scared sheeple is exactly why the Founders made sure to explicitly recognize the 2nd Amendment.

If banning firearms is a solution to ending violence I propose the most murderous entity the world has ever known be disarmed. If you want to stop gun violence then the first people who should be banned from having firearms are the murderers and sociopaths who are in government.

gun control works

experts agree


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  1. Great article but i have to contest the point you were trying to make with the pictures at the end of the article. Hitler did not disarm the population of Germany. The population was already disarmed by the Weimar Republic. Just sayin’.

  2. Repetition and Inception of the mainstream(river to slavery) mantra continues.

    American Olympic Sweetheart x found to do evil activity y. {{Olympic Runner Hamilton}}


    Olympic Runner Suzy Hamilton (I won’t put in her third name, three names is code for her evilness [aka John Wilkes Boothe])

    “Why Sport(satanic self-abuse)?” which is quickly answered(in a trance) with “You’ll live longer.”

    Nike(VooDoo sneakers worth killing for) ran this ad(mind control blurb) during the Olympics.(Noble games, paid in peasant blood and freedom concessions)

    The ad titled ‘Horror’ received so many complaints(clovers) that NBC(Conglomerate Charm Spell)-[Letter N has 8 angles, Letter B has 4 angles, Letter C has no angles] had pulled the ad(Swell guys) by Sunday[day of worship to nearest star]. The protesters(rent-seeking whiners) argued that it made light of violence against women. (V.A.W.) is evil), especially for children(poor fragile eggs) who enjoy watching the Olympics.(Olympic Rings are 5 flavors of world slave stock on the auction block podiums)

    Nike spokespeople retorted it was meant to be humorous(Jason with a chainsaw chasing a runner, TeeHee?), and Hamilton herself stated the ad was inspirational, since it is the woman who defeats the man.(UN Agenda 22 – Women defeat newly enslaved men)

    An example of Nike’s response to an email complaint:

    Thank you for sharing with Nike your views on the new “Why Sport?” television ad titled “Horror”.

  3. The media is agenda driven and has been for decades. If they continue to keep the focus of the sheep on “evil guns” then you know a true attempt is going to be made to start taking guns.

    It’s the same with anything the media does. If they start to over-report any issue count on it that legislation, war or some other action is soon to follow.

    As for taking guns, you know they would love to. It’s their wet dream come true. How else will they ever have complete control over the people?

    As for stocking up. I would stock up on the most effective weapons that don’t look like they are military issue. Remington 700 308 bolt action for instance (or even a single shot sniper rifle of some kind). A lever action 30-30 is another good close up rifle. How about a good old fashioned double barrel shotguns? A 45 revolver? These are all weapons that could easily slide through a ban.

    What I’m saying is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Anti-gun gun novices are dumb enough to feel good about getting rid of “Assault rifles” and Semi automatics in general. They have no concept that Semi-auto doesn’t necessarily make a weapon more efficient.

    Personally I would feel well armed with a revolver, a double barrel shotgun, a single shot sniper rifle and a lever action 30-30. Although this isn’t ideal I do think that most of these would get through a partial ban and still leave a person very well armed.

  4. Gun control didn’t work in this case. CT has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and the nut still found his mother’s guns. She could afford a million dollar mansion why not a good gun safe. The yellow presstitutes won’t ever mention it but the fruitcake in CT was on an anti-psychotic called fanapt. Something else that is not mentioned is that there is no place for the mentally ill thanks to lefty lib bleeding hearts. A family member was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and the treatment plan was risperdal a powerful anti-psychotic. The family member saw a preacher on tv railing against prescription drugs and quit taking them and was found a few days later parked in his vehicle screaming at nothing in particular and was carted off by the donut molesting armed social workers. Jail is the new mental health treatment plan. None of these factors will be mentioned by the lamestream media because the goal is gun confiscation. As for dicks and ctd there are on the boycott list and not one thin dime will be spent at any of those places. Thanks for this forum and freedom minded blog page.

  5. Dicks Sporting Goods has removed its semi-automatic rifles from their store shelves. Read HERE.

    I rarely ever set foot in a Dick’s, but now I will never do so EVER AGAIN.

    A few Walmarts have followed this conga line of stupidity and cowardice.

    I haven’t checked the WalMart down the road from me that I frequent several times per week, but if they’re stupid enough to do such a thing her in Arizona, then they deserve to go out of business!

    Even the NRA is silent, they shut down their Facebook page. I am not sure if this was due to pressure applied to FB by the political demons in DC or the NRA thinking that if they run silent and saying nothing they will more likely get out unscathed. Their silence is deafening.

    The NRA is, and for a long time has been fucking useless as a gun rights/2nd Amendment defense organization. Anyone who still has an NRA membership needs to cancel it RIGHT NOW and immediately join Gun Owners of America (GOA). Unlike the co-opted, compromised, useless, and spineless NRA, the GOA has NEVER caved in an inch on the 2nd Amendment and what it really means.

    • Amen to that.

      Those cowardly pussies at Cheaper Than Dirt have caved, too; they’re “temporarily” not selling guns.

      I sent them a scalding email; I’ve spent thousands there over the years, and they’ll not see another DIME from me.

      The NRA has been a Trojan horse all along, especially since the 1968 Act.

      GOA and JPFO are the only honest games in town.

      • Sorry I’m an idiot, I thought I was posting to a different thread…didn’t realize it was the very one with CTD on it already! :~

        God I’m furious at CTD and the NRA. What a bunch of turncoats, traitors…

        …and worse yet, unprincipled cowards.

      • I sent them a scalding email;

        I’m sure it’s not the only one they’ve gotten. Hopefully they’re being INUNDATED with scalding emails from other customers who’ve also spent small fortunes on their merchandise. The only way to hit these spineless traitors where it hurts is in their bank accounts!

        Oh, and it would be interesting to see how fast they backpedal once they start getting flooded with such emails.

    • Brings back the memories of when Kmart carried firearms here. Now forget about it. I think the only chain stores that carry firearms are Caebela’s and Bass Pro, and I am not sure about the local Bass Pro. Walmart does not, and don’t recall seeing any at Dick’s when I was last in one years ago.

      • Cabellas, Bass Pro (and Gander Mountain) are indeed chain stores, but they are hunting and fishing focused chain stores, so of course they continue to sell guns – and they deserve no particular praise for that. Shooting equipment is one of their core businesses, and if they are to give up on firearms sales they might as well fold their tents and go home.

        Walmart & Kmart general mechandise chain stores (and Dicks which is pretty much a BALL-sports store) in distancing themselves from firearms sales have made it known they don’t want 2ndA type business. So I say to hell with them – only patronize businesses that remain 2ndA friendly.

        • No more Wally World for me either, ED-In-NY:

          This weekend we shopped International Market. Very nice quality, even though the wife was retching(U.S.A-sians are such fifi-poodles), so I did the shopping on my own.

          I’d rather shop where the cows hang from hooks now, than out ThrallMart.

          Kosher&Teriyaki&Tilapia. Nice to eat real food, worth the extra Shekels&Yens&Pesos.

  6. First it brought me despair. Then anger. Now it brings calm.

    I can see that it’s a false choice.

    This whole crisis goes away if we start to trust each other again. If we learn to live around like minded people, and also tolerate a wide variety of people who live in an entirely different ways. And enforce and respect the boundaries.

    Some neighborhoods can be composed of men who agree to carry firearms. Other neighborhoods can agree to all be disarmed, and pay security staff or police to protect them.

    One village can be intoxicant free. And never tell lies. And never break promises. At another village, everyone is constantly drunk – even at work. Telling wild tales. Sleeping with each others women. Randomly raising each others children with no desire to determine who their father is.

    The point being: One nation, under one God and one morality, indivisible. It’s an inhuman and un-natural way of living. It doesn’t make us healthy, wealthy, and wise. It makes us insane.

    It sounds absurd. But I can’t see any other way.

    The America we have now is like an artificial colony built by mad scientists who force bees, hornets, wasps, termites, and ants to all try to survive in the same hive.

    Instead of E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, one. It should be.

    Out of many, an irreducible few. We few who while different, can co-exist. We few who will never relinquish our full measure of autonomy and self-determination, even unto death.

    • E Pluribus Unum is often taken to refer to ethnic diversity these days. Propaganda. It’s actually referring to the confederation of the sovereign states into “these United States.” It literally means ‘out of many states into one state.’

      • Out of many states of nature, a one size fits none state. The great American zoo. Happy beasts of England, look at all the fields of happy…er emptiness and vast ominous metal concentration sheds. Ho Ho Ho Green Giant. Merry Soylentmas.

        Seasons Greetings, Golden Lion of England, from your bestest aspergeric buddy: Bill the Cat of America. Ackkk!

        Beasts of England – Animal Farm

  7. Several years ago, Dick’s stopped selling ammo in the store closest to my house. I generally didn’t shop there as it was higher priced than the wallmart in my area, but walmant was always low on ammo so I tried Dicks. Given it’s location, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dick’s stopped carrying it because 1) all the liberals objected (i live in a very liberal state and county)2) the ammo didn’t sell well because of the same reason. Either way, I decided I didn’t need to shop there anymore for any reason.


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