Hero Enforces Scared Feelings

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“Scaring people” is now the relevant consideration – not whether something’s illegal – i.e., whether you’ve committed a crime (or even are suspected of having committed one):

This is happening all over the country.

The Heroes – charged with enforcing “the law” – don’t even know the got-damned law! Much less care whether you’ve actually violated one.

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  1. You need a few things.
    Two, maybe three friends with knives.

    When their bodies are waist-high, they’ll learn to lay off.

    Sorry to be terse, I got calls from the Tea Party and the Brigitte Gabriel groups today. (Brigitte Gabriel is a Muslim-to-Christian convert, and has some very unpleasant things to say to them.)

        • Sounds like me… I’m sinking more time into this than my job. (Then again, there’s a reason: no possibility of advancement + bad situation at home + watching life slip away, and KNOWING I’ll never get the time back.)

          As to Brigitte, no idea – SHE didn’t make the call, someone else did. I find it finny they call on my cell phone.
          TEA Party can’t get past, “Beat the Democrats, get rid of the RINOs…” crap.

          As long as OUR bastard is running the show, it’s all good…
          I was less than nice, but didn’t bother to be caustic. Too much effort to waste on someone who could be a useful idiot (for us).

        • Ha, ya gotta balance it out. I spend at least three hours a day on this site. When it crashes, a heck of a lot more. We have an excellent group of individuals here. If you’re gonna spend it somewhere it might as well be with excellent people.

          Minus Clover and “Gil the shill” of course! Neither of which EVER answer a question.

  2. With regard to the statement of “I’ll get 10 guys with ARs out here next time”, I wonder if they’ll be considerate enough to hold it near a large parking structure so as to accommodate parking for the 60-or-so cops that will be needed to satisfy the “officer safety” ratio.

    Then again, the roadside tax collectors are going to have to extort many times the normal amount from passing motorists in order to pay the overtime costs of deploying troops to such an event.

  3. About 45minutes of aggravation for people exercising their 1st and 2nd amendment rights and not harming others. I guess someone was scared at seeing a gun. If some one is scared at seeing a gun, they should avoid most airports and banks.

    The ironic part is that if these people were actually dangerous (as Sgt. Stoner indicated), I doubt they would be protesting on the side of the road asking for people to honk for liberty .


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