Hero Cop Arrested for Coercing Sex

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From CopBlock:

A federal judge sentenced a former Alabama State Trooper to one year in prison for depriving a woman of her civil rights by coercing her to perform sex acts. (Yes, you read that right. That’s just one year. For pretty much being a rapist. See how the law works differently for the police?).

U.S. District Judge Virginia E. Hopkins sentenced Keith Wilson Kelley, 51, to the maximum prison term under the misdemeanor charge of depriving a person’s civil rights under the color of law/ while acting in the official capacity of a police officer. Kelley was a captain with the State Troopers. The incident occurred in Shelby County. He pleaded guilty to the charge in federal court in December.

According to the available evidence, Kelley was behind a young woman in line at a self-service check-out at a store. He noticed the woman did not scan and pay for all the items. Kelley thus followed her to her car, displayed his badge, and obtained her name and phone number. Kelley advised her that he would see how the store wanted to deal with the situation and that he would contact her later. He later called her and asked her to meet him at a gas station.

Kelley then told the woman she would be convicted of a felony, but that he could make the case go away. He then coerced her into performing sex acts. According to the government’s sentencing memorandum to the court, the incident was not an isolated act by Kelley, “who during a two-year period brazenly propositioned at least four other women after issuing them traffic tickets in his capacity as a public official.”

Everyone knows that in the private world, when a creeper at a bar asks for a woman’s name and demands sex acts, she can tell him to get lost. If he attempts to force her, she has a right to resist, even with lethal force if appropriate and necessary. If he succeeds in sexually assaulting her and is prosecuted, he would receive harsh penalties and be labeled a sex offender, possibly for life. However, if he happens to be a cop, the scenario is quite different. She is expected to submit to sex acts, he can do as he pleases, and he faces only 1 year in prison.

While many people find the instances of women being forced to perform sex acts on police officers in exchange for leniency to be horrific, few stop to consider what this actually means. It means the women who committed “crimes” – usually petty offenses like drug possession, petty theft, or prostitution – actually prefer being forced to perform sex acts, rather than be subject to the humiliation, entanglements, expenses, and prosecution entailed in the justice system.


  1. What this boils down to is the brass in that department were either fed up with some aspect of this guy’s job performance or he pissed off someone higher up the food chain. With the way police unions operate, in many cases, the easiest way to actually fire a cop and have them stay fired is to just stop protecting him (or her). I wouldn’t find it surprising if that is the reason someone like that could get away with several similar incidents that went unreported.

    • I don’t think he pissed off anyone he works for. In fact, I think he made the government very happy. This is clear in his sentencing to prison for *gasp* one whole year for raping at least one woman. If any normal white person, let alone a black person, did what this piece of shit cop did, they’d be looking at least 5 years behind bars with a felony sex offense.

      After this piece of shit cop gets this misdemeanor offense cleared off his record (or most likely before even that) he’ll be getting nice paychecks at some private security company where he’ll continue being a rapist, but this time he’ll be smarter about how he rapes.

      • Yup – and also, he’ll be able to legally carry a gun.

        Had he been convicted of a felony – as he surely deserved – he’d never again have the legal right to own a gun.

        But wait, it gets worse.

        In some states (Virginia is one) any ex-cop can conceal carry in places – such as bars or restaurants where alcohol is served – where a mere mundane cannot. Even if the mundane has a CC permit.

        Even though he never raped anyone.

        • Philosophical dilemma that I have. Assuming that rapists are eventually released, and not executed (Honestly I think they should be in some cases, but that’s neither here nor there) is it in some way immoral to say they can no longer carry any weapons? I generally believe in restitution based legal systems, but I’ll admit I have a hard time with the idea of letting a rapist carry a gun, even as an ancap.

          • In the old 1970’s Western films, Bruce Dern was the best at portraying the bad guy, imho. When his character got out of jail, when he got his hands freed, when he met up with his old gang, I suspect that no one in the audience wanted him to get his hands on a gun. At the same time, I suspect there were not a whole lot of people in the audience who felt his character should have been denied anything which any other person, not in jail, had the rights to.
            The bad guys always had plenty of opportunity to stop going down the path of wrongness they were dead set on going down. In the movies the bad guy never stops, I suspect in real life a great many bad guys do.

            Anyway, once a group of deciders decide which other groups should have this right, or that right, when criminals are set free, well, you got yourself a ruler over everybody and pretty soon the idea that some animals are more equal than others becomes the way of The People and then the law of the land.That’s how you wind up with busybody snoops and cops looking into everybody’s business, “Just to make sure” and everybody becomes a suspect and guilty until proven innocent, and maybe not even then.
            I think they call all that a slippery slope.

            If you generally believe in restitution based legal systems, that means you favor Private Justice and private courts, because what we have now is in no way, form or shape, a restitution based legal system. It’s currently an immoral system. See also:

            Judge Napolitano on the Virtues of Private Justice

            Doug Casey on Juries and Justice

            Biblical Anarchism

          • Hi David,

            I do, too.

            Rape is arguably a crime like murder that has permanent consequences that cannot be vitiated by restitution. Yes, the rape victim still has her life. But her life is forever changed. She will never be the same. How to punish a person who is responsible for that?

            If the raped woman or her husband/father/brother extinguished the life of the rapist it would strike me as a clear case of self defense and thus, justifiable.

      • private security? It’s just a misdemeanor… he’ll be a cop again in 6 months. It’s not like they’ll keep him in jail for the full year. He’ll be out in three months with good behavior. Maybe he’ll have to wait the full year before being a cop again, maybe. He’ll probably have to move to another county or state, but that’s not a problem for many a cop who gets caught.

  2. This kind of shit goes on all the time. When one story goes public, you can bet your ass there are at least 10 other people who are too humiliated or scared to come out about it. AND YET THE MASSES STAY ASLEEP!

  3. U.S. District Judge Virginia E. Hopkins sentenced Keith Wilson Kelley, 51, to the maximum prison term under the misdemeanor charge of depriving a person’s civil rights under the color of law/ while acting in the official capacity of a police officer. Kelley was a captain with the State Troopers.

    So a female judge slaps an admitted rapist on the wrist just because he wears a state costume and carries a badge?

    I wouldn’t normally entertain a thought of wishing such a thing on anyone, but I find myself hoping that this bitchtard judge gets GANG RAPED by a precinct full of rogue cops. Maybe a taste of the bitter medicine that the Mere Mundane woman (and, I must imagine, MANY other like her) suffered at the hands of a member of the Enforcer Class will change her outlook on letting badgethug rapists off lightly.

    • I know there’s a word for this, but I’d bet top dollar that this female judge is a woman who HATES and ENVIES other women. To become a judge, she had to reject her real feminism to “act like a man” to get to where she’s at. Therefore, she loves knowing that her fellow corrupt men are out there terrorizing those “sluts in mini skirts” that she is insanely jealous of. So slap him on the wrist with a one year sentence so that she can prove to TPTB that she is on their side as long as they only terrorize those “sluts” who were “asking for it” by dressing “hotter than me because I’m an ugly government employee”.


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