Armed Government Worker Lies – on Camera!

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Here’s video of an armed government worker lying on camera – the camera in his own armed government worker-mobile – about a pursuit he said he didn’t engage in:

The armed government worker is seen on the video driving recklessly, in traffic – putting the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety of the public (which he swore to “serve and protect”) at risk, at speeds as high as 82 MPH.

The armed government worker wasn’t fired – of course. Instead he received a “written reprimand” (from the “colonel” who is his boss; see the video).

Couple of things to consider:

First, 82 MPH on secondary roads (PSL 45) would have resulted in arrest and a reckless driving charge for anyone else.

Second, this “officer of the court” was caught lying on camera. What does this tell us about the evidentiary value of this “officer’s” testimony in court?

The “colonel,” of course, doesn’t care.

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  1. The lying of cops if the reason Texas changed it’s rules for cops who kill giving them 72 hours before making a statement. The criminals can all get together so they can tell the same story. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the lying goes all the way to the judge(s).

    The Just Us system is simply there for self-serving it’s occupants. They’re all criminals who, for almost every instant, can’t be charged for anything including murder. It’s rare for one to ever face charges and nearly unheard of for one to be convicted of anything much less of the crime they actually did commit.