California Hero Murders Unarmed 73-Year-Old Man

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A Bakersfield Hero fatally shot a 73-year-old-man to death yesterday, based on a phone call made by a neighbor about a man with a revolver acting strangely.

Francisco Serna was shot after police said he failed to respond to orders to stop approaching and remove his hands from his jacket.
One of the seven officers at the call, Reagan Selman, fired seven shots at Serna, who died at the scene.
Police didn’t find a gun. A police statement said a dark-colored simulated wood crucifix was found on Serna.
“BDP murdered my father for no reason,” daughter Laura Serna told CNN affiliate KERO.
Eight detectives are looking into the shooting, Martin said.
The people who called the police Monday morning lived across the street from Serna. A woman told detectives she was dropped off at home about 12:35 a.m when a man approached her in her driveway and asked about where she lived.
She thought she saw a dark brown or black handle of a gun, went inside and told her husband to call police. He told a 911 operator the man had a revolver.
Police arrived six minutes later and when the woman saw Serna come out of his house, she said, “That’s him,” according to the police statement.
Serna came across the street and Selman, who has been with the department since July 2015, fired as Serna was about 15 to 20 feet from him.
No other officer fired and no lower levels of force were attempted, said Martin, who becomes chief on Wednesday.


  1. For when the ObozoCare death panels just aren’t fast enough…..

    I guess a crucifix would be scarier than a gun to a blood-sucking pig.

    No doubt the pig will get to go on paid vacation while his comrades do an “investigation” to exonerate him.

    • Hi Nunzio,

      Isn’t it striking what pussies these guys are? Pussy being the other side of bully. They are eager to beat up (and kill) anyone they can; but when presented with a “threat” almost literally piss their pants.

      These are the creep we’ve been hectored since at least the Ronald RRRRRRRRRReagan era to venerate as “heroes.”

  2. Hopefully hoplophobia goes away under the new MAGA paradigm as promised.

    ITIC the OPEC of Silicon Valley boards the Trump Train today.

    ITIC will kiss the ring today of course

    Even Bill Gates leaves the vanquished Sith order


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