Hero Cops Taser (and Kill) Unarmed Old Man

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In re my rant the other day (here) about “Blue Lives” being elevated uber alles, see this video (and news story). A 62-year-old man fired three shots into his lawn (apparently, he was upset about something) but was unarmed and unthreatening when Hero Cops arrived at his house. The video shows the old man standing in a non-confrontational manner on his driveway pad when the Heroes show up and demand he get on the ground. The man replies that he can’t because he’s disabled. The Heroes then Tazer the old man, who falls, hits his head on the concrete and subsequently dies from the injuries he sustained.

This is a textbook case of egregious (because unnecessary) use of force. Can’t two “trained” Heroes handle one unarmed old man? Who wasn’t beign combative or threatening? Yeah, he shot his gun – into his lawn. But he wasn’t threatening to shoot the Heroes or anyone else.

When America was a sane country – and cops weren’t “Heroes” who used “safety” as an excuse to hurt people – the cops would have handled it without resorting to weapons.

Watch this and you tell me:


March 6, 2015, 62 year old James Sizer called 911 and stated that he had fired 3 shots into the ground in his backyard. While he admitted to this, he said he would not be armed while waiting for the police in his front yard. While on the phone with 911, Cpl. Salvator Reale showed up on the scene with his gun drawn, and demanded Sizer get on the ground.

Sizer stated that he couldn’t get on the ground, and when Reale asked why, Sizer exclaimed that he was disabled. About that time, Officer Martha Cameron showed up on the scene with her taser drawn. She too demanded that Sizer get on the ground. Sizer again exclaimed that he could not.

With a senior citizen before them shoeless, wearing jeans and a tshirt, and holding nothing but a phone in one of his clearly visible hands, Sizer was tased by Officer Cameron in short order. 62 year old Sizer fell backward, hitting his head on the cement, requiring a trip to the hospital. Days later, he died from apparent complications from the injury.

Fast forward one year, and Officer Martha Cameron is cleared by a grand jury of any wrong doing.hero worship

This wasn’t a person on the front lawn waving a firearm around. This wasn’t a response to someone making a sudden movement for his waistband.

Hell, this doesn’t appear to be a man capable of making any sudden movements.

It would appear that the police are buying their own hyperbole about anyone that comes into contact with the police is a cop killer. It appears that they have consolidated all citizenry to be exactly the same, and no variation of procedure can ever be given. Babies and senior citizens get treated exactly the same as crazed terrorists wearing a bomb vest and multiple AK47s.

Ask yourself, was this “reasonable and necessary” force? This man didn’t appear to pose any real threat. Was it completely out of the realm of human decency to try to work something out before risking his life after such a short time? Was enough time given to comply with an order to do something that may not be all that simple for a senior citizen before being tased?

Why was it necessary to Taze the old man? Tazsers are considered lethal force. Just because it doesn’t always kill, even the manufacturer has admitted the risk.

At what point does the “officer safety” line not hold water? It doesn’t look like we’ll find out any time soon. Even the police trainers support them no matter what.


  1. Hi Tor,

    Could I ask a favor? If you have a really long post that’s a copy/paste of something especially, please just post an excerpt and then a link to the original. Thanks!

  2. “At what point does the “officer safety” line not hold water? ”

    From the jump. Officer safety isn’t a valid consideration at all, because said officers are held up as “heroes”. Heroes must function with no regard to their own personal safety or they are not heroes at all.

    Fuck heroes; all heroes, everywhere.

    • Yes, I’ve said this before, but still bears repeating. The pheroes demand high salaries because they have dangerous jobs. Then they insist on mitigating the danger. Therefore they are no longer deserving of ‘hazardous duty pay.’ Pay them fish heads.

  3. I just carefully rescinded a dozen friend requests on Oberfläche
    Papiere Zuckerbergen like a was performing a life and death surgery. Childhood Friends and Family and Inlaws. Lot of emotive power there. I go on it maybe 3 times a year.

    Then I casually deposit all manner of halfbaked feces here, though I go on here 3 times or more a day. Go figger. Guess I’m not really my own man, but rather am a prisoner of mainstream matrices just like everyone else. Even so, it feels good to “be free” whatever that is. Besides being a blow hard I’m a blow aimless in a lot of ways. It’s all false bravado, I’m a bookworm loner to the core. Unlike Trump, I wouldn’t use violence against another. Who knows what dirty shit he’s given the okay to as a major amerKin bidness man.

    I may lie cheat and steal if there’s no chance of violence, but taking that gun out of my spare tire area and waving it around in someone else’s face, I’d like to hope I would never be able to do that, except in a defensive manner of course.

    Equis Hombres Apocalypto

  4. Doesn’t it feel good to have a refuge that helps shake off the false matrix of Marschstiefelfreude? Danke Freund Eric. können Sie jemals gedeihen.

    Want out of the time/space matrix that constrains you?

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    Q: Okay. And?
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    Q: I’d have to think about that.
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    Q: So you’re saying—
    A: That time is just what I said it was. And that time can be overthrown like any
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    Q: So this is what happens to a propagandist who really looks at his own
    Now, what if only part of what was said is true? Could a propagandist, convince you all is a lie, until you mind is so mixed up you can not tell you head from a hole in the ground.

    A: Propagandists are professional liars, they are hire to convince you to believe them, just like a salesmen hawking their wares, come over hear man, women bring you children with you they will be want to see these amazing products I have found, why you can call on the phone it answer for you, the thing does not need cords, I called and apple don’t you want to talk bite?

    Your child will need these thing in this dangerous world, see how bright and shiny it is, take a bite, not much right now, it will last a long time.

    That was an example there is many because those war kill people and people died and they are real, just like sacrifices to a war machine that lines the pockets of the ruling class with bloodmoney.

    • Tor, sounds like Jon Rappaport. By my perception, it is truth or at least the way I see reality or whatever passes for it. There was a time those not made just like everyone else were revered in their differentness. The Kiwash had no name for schizophrenia. The schizoid was considered special, a far seeing person, able to think differently from the “rest of the tribe” and so, was looked upon as someone with something extra, not less.

      And Johnny Walker was as much a construct of evil men using another, someone who may have had no evil in mind, someone who was manipulated into becoming another Manchurian candidate.

      Johnny Walker sat at a table in a bar, minding his own affairs, drinking his namesake over the rocks…..and drunk, too drunk to care……..

  5. That the police trainer considered the officers actions to be “pretty much textbook” should appall and terrify all decent people. No sane person could construe this sickly old man to be a threat. That a self-selected group of people, who constantly claim to “risk their lives” for us, is trained to employ potentially lethal force, in a non-dangerous situation, merely for the purpose of establishing control, should be enough to convince everyone that their job is not to “protect and serve”. Sickening


    • If the pheroes ‘primary responsibility’ is their own and each others’ saaaaaaafety, then there is no reason to pay them high salaries because of the ‘danger’ involved.
      Pay them fish heads. And if they don’t like that, find a different job.

  6. Unless your a victim of police misconduct, or know someone who has, or have witnessed it, most people don’t believe cops can commit crimes in uniform. Therefore they get way too much leeway.

    • Hi Rich,

      Every time a cop “busts” someone for committing a victimless “crime” he has just committed a real crime!

      Most cops commit real crimes several times every day. It’s what they do.


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