Jogger Arrested for Jaywalking, ‘Failure to identify’

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  1. Austin’s police chief apologizes for bizarre defense of officers who arrested jaywalker

    Chief Art Acevedo apologizes for press conference remarks, says it’s been “an emotional week”

  2. Does anyone have anything positive to post? What am I supposed to say about things like this?

    Austin TX mugshot: Shana Marie Listander.
    Booking Charges: COM/OBSTRUCT HWY

    Austin TX mugshot:: Cara Rachelle Delcamp
    Booking Charges: PUBLIC INTOXICATION

    This comes to mind:

    5 Tine Manure Pitchforks For Sale

    – Have “we” really allowed these porcine estrogenic waddling nightmares to assault the good people of Austin TX and compile 608,843 arrest records??!!

    Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?

    – – Not me. This child is not grown. This dream is not gone. I Will Not Become comfortably numb.

    • Tor, good for you. I get shouted at every day because I’m “angry” as my wife says. I need to take a chill pill like she does(an SSRI, Paxil) so I’m not so angry. Hell, I AM angry and as I see it, I need to be angry. It’s the clueless who aren’t angry. It’s agonizing for me to say that “anger” is the only thing that’s keeping me alive. Let me put it another way, I’m a mad mofo cause I don’t like what’s going on. This ain’t MY country, ain’t my way of life, not even anything approaching the way I grew up. And to all those people who’d say Bush is no longer prez, I tell them that president’s policies live long after they’re gone. He was and is a POS, the same as BO but they’re only mouthpieces for their controllers. If you wanta get really mad, consider those a-holes who would say they represent you in congress but do everything they can to simply take everybody for everything they can. Why in hell would I not be mad? I realize it’s not just Texans who don’t like to be bullied but we were brought up to hate bullies and yankees too. Now here we are, eaten up with yankees, bullies and a system that’s anti-male. Now why is it I shouldn’t be mad? BO says “you didn’t build it”. Fuck you I say. I did build it, have been building it all my life with no help from feminists, yankees, or the federal govt., banksters, politicians or bureaucrats. I built it in spite of these a-holes. My family’s been building it since we took it from Santa Anna and the pope,. And you can point out we took it from Comanches. That’s not exactly true, we weren’t the ones to make war on them and could have kept on living “with” them if it weren’t for yankee soldiers and Lincoln’s union. We could still be trading with Comanches. While we never owned slaves, we were still drug into the war of aggression against the confederates of which I am proudly descended. We only asked to be left alone but that’s never been good enough for European elite and their banksters of the NE. Come and take it.

      • 8S,

        Your anger was and is RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION; even the Bible (i.e. The Word of God) says that’s okay! The fact that you have anger over a jogger getting arrested for jaywalking says that you have a moral compass…

  3. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says officers did no wrong in arrest of jaywalking suspect

    13 year old Chicago boy arrested, charged with felony, and suspended from school for 5 days for allegedly throwing a snowball at cop,0,6134985.story

    Is Ethanol on its way out?

    – 69% of goal reached/75% of month completed

    • Hauptsturmführer Acevedo has always allowed and even encouraged the most outrageous abuses of power among his band of thugs. I truly do not understand why any of my enlightened friends would remain in that cesspool of collectivist thuggery. OtoH, I remain thankful that I enjoyed Austin when it was a mostly pleasant smaller city with a low hassle factor and a large freedom factor….not perfect but damn fine. Now, Austin like many other cities of similar size and ambition has been taken over by collectivists who fully support the violent suppression of any individual seeking to protect his or her own liberties. Sadly, I think Austin stands as a model for the rest of the country….oh well….flee to the sticks while you can…..the low-hanging fruit are in the ant-heaps….

      • Dear J,

        Yeah, whassamaddayou?

        Ainchew got no respect for da law?

        You cruisin’ fer a bruisin or sumptin?

        On a more serious note, I attended university in Houston. Many of my classmates went to or returned to Austin after graduating.

        I only visited. Never lived there. But it was a very nice place indeed. Scenic. Used to watch an old show called “Austin City Limits” on TV. I wasn’t even really a C&W fan, but still I liked it.

        Sad. As I’ve reiterated ad nauseum, I was among those who predicted our current police state, yet even I sometimes can’t believe it has actually materialized.

        Sic transit gloria mundi.

        • bevin, Austin City Limits, a tear rolls down my cheek and many more for no more Armadillo World HQ’s. I have a bit of a joke when I say I once cut an album with Asleep at the Wheel……it was called “Asleep at the Wheel, Live from the Armadillo World Headquarters. You might not hear my voice in a solo but there were 1,000 others singing that night. Oh, to go back….and we saw miles and miles of Texas. All the stars up in the sky!!!

          A funny thing happened not once but a few times. City friends would be to our house and we’d sit outside in the evening and watch the stars(The Milky Way is killer in west Texas). A child piped up and asked “Mom, why don’t we have the Milky Way in town?”

  4. The Austin Police Facebook page is a real bloodbath for those heroes. The pigs are really getting slaughtered there.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the PTB are worried about how their current puppets are perceived. That is why I advocate going further than mere education and awareness.

    I advocate agitating your fellow Americans into contemplating going into SHTF mode actively, instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop and having to do it defensively. Start smashing things until They relent.

    Maybe it’s desperate and wrong-headed, I’m unsure. But American men have been playing this nice guy, I don’t mind finishing last routine for a long time now.

    I think that should be rescinded, assuming this new Affordable Care Act Soviet medicine is going to continue forward plundering millions and administering the coup de grâce to the remnant of the American Middle Class. Piss of Soccer Moms and Soccer Dads. Your games have been canceled.

    The existence of a large middle class indicates a merit based system, where large number of people raise themselves out of the lower classes by their own effort. Many of these continue to becoming rich, and part of the moneyed class, that attains true financial freedom, and can’t be plundered by something like the Affordable Care Act.

    TPTB are gambling that they’ll be able to install new puppets when the revolution comes, and to grab all the gold and set a new baseline of cruelty as well. They’re gambling that you won’t revolt when the middle class disappears(if it actually does). They’re gambling you’ll accept their new paradigm of having the right to bankrupt, cage, or kill anyone they want.

    I am willing to put up with all manner of limitations on my freedom, if a true merit system exists. I don’t know much about Switzerland, but from the outside it seems to have a functioning merit system.

    If that is indeed true, then I am less concerned about how free its form of government is. If a Swiss works hard enough, and he can become individually wealthy enough that his government is unable to impede his freedom. Then that is about as free as it gets, nowadays.

    It also appears to me that Japan is a great government, for most of those of Japanese ancestry. So I have no problems with them, other than that they’re infested with Idiot Americans, who have forced them to the brink of collapse with their the scenes puppetry and institutional manipulation.

    Stormcloudsgathering says it far better than I can. I probably come off as just an angry older man, well down the road of dementia, cursing the younger generation and demanding a harkening back to the good old days.
    Get off my lawn, or else!

    Obama’s Next Assassination Target Is You

    How will the new Soviet ameriKa be for women, if my anti-nice-guy pogrom is adopted:

    Olya Povlatsky on Sochi Olympics

    Olya Povlatsky on Metor Crash in Russia

    – American men might be the nicest, easiest going guys on the planet. Should that be continued, or at some point, does a man not threaten to revoke that when forced to buy Soviet Health Care at gunpoint, forced to be an unwilling Webcam performer for NSA drone murderers and their be in their 24/7 surveillance reality show, and all the other indignities?

    – “I’m surprised anyone come to Russia. I spend my life praying, take me away from this horrible place.”

    – I’m just one guy, I don’t mean to make foolish idle threats, but do American women really believe American men are going to keep bending over and submitting to all of this. It’s getting hard to respect the nice enclaves, when those “Family Men” encroach further and further into my urban hinterland refuge.

    And are those new metrosexual generations really going to carry the women and suburban dandies on their back the way we have thus far?
    If they’re smart, they’ll stop gambling and enjoy the equality and ease they already have. Just stop now. You don’t want to take this to its logical conclusion. You’re not up for the shitstorm that awaits.

    I for one don’t begrudge the plunder system we had even a few decades ago. Merely being robbed of 50-70% of your production isn’t the end of the world. The UK/Commonwealth system of even a few years ago was liveable even.

    But the insult to injury of being mindraped and gangraped at every turn, and in every nook and cranny of life, that’s too much. I’ll help raze this civilization back down to Native American huts and villages, before I’ll endure what they seem to have in mind much longer.

    – I learned how to defeat my old man in a fight at the age of 2. He can dominate and beat me physically, but I can start defiantly breaking his shit in response. Corporal wounds heal, but drywall doesn’t reassemble itself. Heck, I’ll even patch up the pieces that remain. Checkmate pops, what’s for dinner?

    If the people of this country can’t manage a decent social system, then I have no qualms shattering every stupid knickknack and technobauble there is. It won’t take much to topple and raze all the McMansions to the ground. And the support systems and production facilities to replace them as well.

    Your move Professor Falken, maybe you’d like to try a nice game of chess?

  5. Vegas hero visits comatose Vegas girl in hospital.

    Takara Davis was jaywalking when she got hit. So a police officer showed up at the hospital and gave the ticket to her mother, Kellie Obong. Why did they hand the ticket to the mother? Because Takara was busy being rushed to the operating room as the doctors tried to stop the bleeding in her head.

    Missing PA mom found dead in car issued 7 parking tickets

    Cancer patient lost home when son sold $20 in weed – Sarah Stillman

  6. WTF is going on over in your country?
    That’s never supposed to happen in the U.S.A, you are supposed to be the land of the free, home of the brave and the bastion of individual liberty.
    What went wrong?
    When did it go wrong?

    • September 11, 2001, and the “endless war on terrorisim” promoted by the new and wonderful “Department of War on tax paying Citizen Cows”. Oops, no….. that’s not right. Must be “Department of Homeland Security”.


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