She “didn’t need” a gun…

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  1. Already KNEW the complexion of these shits BEFORE I read the article and got their names.

    Gun grabbers like that pathetic old bat that (mis)represents MY state, the once “Golden” State, in the US Senate, Dianne Feinstein, should be made to spend a week behind bars with these animals, with the understanding that they’re on their own…e.g., just as the guards won’t help any weak inmate whom these animals prey upon, they won’t help them, either! Absent her bodyguards and her OWN sidearm, which she has a C&C permit for, let’s see how long this libtard hypocrite thinks that ANY citizen’s Second Amendment rights should be infringed, especially an otherwise helpless young single mother. The firm of Smith and Wesson has done more for women’s “equality” than anything these feminazi hags ever did.


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