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Our 1999 Honda CRV periodically shows a check engine light. When we check, the engine is fine and runs well. Our mechanic says this may be related to emission controls and fueling, and to wait a bit before bringing it in. It is showing now.

Is it probably safe to drive a day or two before taking it in?


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    • Hi Jeff,

      No, I’ve never tried them.

      Iridium plugs will usually last longer, but they real key is maintaining the engine in proper tune – especially if it’s an older vehicle without the ability to automatically maintain the ideal A-F ratio.

  1. Hi Bob,

    The “check engine” light comes on when the system registers a fault with the car’s emissions control system. It’s still safe to drive the car, but I would have it looked it when you can because although it’s usually something minor there is always the possibility that by driving it for an extended period of time, you might cause damage to something expensive like the catalytic converter.


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