Buzz Cut “Hero” Gets Upset at Comedian

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Steve Hofstetter was doing a show at the Mohegan Sun and one of his jokes was about bad cops. However on this night a Hero was present in the audience. He was extremely rude and talked throughout the show and after hearing the joke – which I will not ruin, so make sure to watch the video – told Hofstetter to “stop disrespecting” him and proceeded to leave the establishment.

His actions were probably the best thing for the comic performing and the audience in attendance. Anyone who has a been to a comedy shows knows that there is nothing worse than someone talking throughout the performance and ruining all of the punch lines.

However instead of just peacefully leaving the comedy room and going elsewhere, the Hero proceeded to shoot his mouth off, steal a drink off someone’s table before trying to start a fight. The bouncers started to escort him out but he broke free of their grasp and charged back into the comedy room and started mouthing off to someone else present in the audience.

Steve isn’t entirely anti-cop and he still believes there are “good police officers” working in the system but it bothers him that they usually “keep quiet.”



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