Hero Demands ID…

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Of a woman loading her kids in her van… on her own property…

Hero  sees “unattended” kids in the van, parked in the driveway. The mother was going back and forth from the van, into the house, getting snacks and such fora trip to the zoo. Suburbia.

Bullet-headed Hero marches up to the front door and demands the mom show ID to prove the house and van are hers.

And will not go away…

High pressure hoses would be a start.

But then, “officer safety” would be affronted – and the Hero would have the excuse he needed to summarily execute the soccer mom for challenging his “authoritah.”


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  1. You could try hooking a fence charger to the doorbell button. Would take care of salesmen, JWs, and cloverific neighbors also. Just be sure to let your friends know not to use the bell.


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