Hero Cop Demands Bra Shake

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Cop forces woman to raise her shirt and shake out her bra; you never know, might be something in there:



  1. Full video of Dustin Fetz’s Sexual Assault

    Protection ordered for officer in Lakeland (Florida) ‘bra-shaking’ case (UPDATE) BayNews 9

    The Lakeland police officer put on leave after a “bra shaking” case had to be protected by the agency after his personal information was released to the public.

    According to the agency, Officer Dustin Fetz, who pulled a woman over May 21 and asked her to shake her bra during a drug search, was put on paid leave for four days. After the incident, authorities provided protection for the officer because someone released Fetz’s personal information to the public said Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack.

    According to reports, the Fetz asked Zoe Brugger and her boyfriend for permission to search the vehicle when he pulled them over.

    When they denied his request, Fetz escorted Brugger behind the car, where he asked her to lift her shirt above her stomach, pull her bra away from her chest and shake it out. Unsatisfied with her first attempt, he made her shake her bra a second time.

    No drugs were found on Brugger, but the officer persisted in searching the car – even after she withdrew her consent.

    When the vehicle search turned up no drugs, he gave her a ticket. Brugger told the state attorney’s office that Fetz told her, “I’m done scaring you, and now you can go home.”

    Fetz told investigators that the bra-shaking search is a known technique that is used by some Lakeland officers, but he could not recall ever formally being trained to do this.

    State Attorney Jerry Hill wrote the Department saying Officer Dustin Fetz’s request for Zoe Brugger to shake her bra to free any hidden drugs was “demeaning.”

    Hill went on to say the method used on the May 21 traffic stop was also ineffective and dangerous.

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    TX Roadside search of 2 vaginas with 1 glove settled for $185,000


    Trooper Kelly Helleson was fired and still faces two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.

    Trooper David Farrell (who confiscated a prescription drug bottle) was charged of theft by a public servant and is currently suspended.

    -Texas law specifically addresses acts violating a citizens rights “under color of authority.”
    -Unlike most other states, wrongful behavior, even unwarranted discourtesy, by Texas Highway Patrol troopers is less common, due to Texas law.

  2. From what I know of DPS troopers, I’d say it’s 50/50 these days. I won’t reveal my sources but they are accurate(sorta)since they come from those hallowed halls of DPSdom. DPS are highly selective though and wouldn’t let most cops now work for them for free so no telling what the deal is with city cops/deputy sheriffs(and we’ve had some real weiners in my county, as in, deserved to be served and arrested.

  3. Gentle persons, in the words of that great character actor: Strother Martin, “What we got here is failure to communicate!”
    The sheriff of this county is female. Her force is know far and wide for committing theft, assault, and more recently forcing females of a particular socio-economic class to expose themselves as an approved part of department policy so that deputies “feel safe”. A tyrannical terminal sickness has grabbed the state. The question becomes how will this cancerous tumor be removed?

      • I’ve disagreed with you on that before, Jean–I’m all for winning the infowar, getting a critical mass to withdraw consent.

        After that, any violence is just a mopping-up operation.

        But on a personal level, if any human–pig or not–had done something like this to my wife or daughter, there would be serious physical repercussions…infowar be damned.

        The most rapid form of education is high-velocity lead.

    • Well, this retired pedophile cop’s neighbors thought they were “safer” living next door to a cop.

      Took ’em 10 years to catch-up with this pedophile. Makes you wonder how many others have joined the ranks of the donut-fueled to continue their illicit activities under all the extra protections of “sovereign immunity” granted to the ranks of the tax parasites. (They’d jail or kill anyone who attacked such a “pervert in costume”)

      Note the presstitutes are careful to say “former cop” instead of “retired cop”. Bet he retired quickly when he caught a whiff of an investigation. Gotta secure that parasite’s pension just in case.

  4. Is asking a shake a new type of work perk?

    I wonder if weirdos, sycophants, and bullies are now gravitating towards LE or were they always there only now it is easier to document proof of there existence.

    • Government jobs have always been a haven for the pedophiles of the world. No better place to be to nip any investigation in the bud. So why wouldn’t the other weirdos of the world want to work where they have a legal advantage over their victims??

      It’s my opinion we are seeing the bitter fruits of the dismantling of the “rule of law” since there is one set of “rules” for the tax parasites, and a much stricter set of “rules” for the tax slaves. So, the crooks are gravitating to government work en-mass as they can then live on the fruits of other people’s labors and as a bonus the laws don’t really apply to them and they can’t be sued for their actions as a government employee. Can you say sovereign immunity??

      There is also the “occupation troops” effect, where the troops returning home are gravitating towards law enforcement since there is precious little else their training qualifies them for. The habits of brutalizing the civilian population in an occupied country do not just go away. Thus, we are seeing the countless examples of abusive cops. Plus it’s easier to document as you said.

      These abusive cop problems would go away quickly if the investigations of abuses were handled outside the closed walls of the police department. Internal investigations almost always exonerate the guilty party. If an independent civilian review board (no government employees allowed) were to investigate police abuse cases, I would suspect there would be few findings that “Officer Donut-Breath followed accepted departmental procedures and has been re-instated to duty”. I could be wrong, but there can’t be that many clovers outside of government, can there?

    • I’m no fan of Rachel Madcow erm, Maddow. Yet her piece about the FBI exonerating itself in 150 of 150 shooting incidents was decent.

      Let the foxes investigate all incidents at the chicken coop an of course they’ll never find anything amiss.


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