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Here’s a video of a CA AGW demonstrating IDF Submission Tactics.

The AGW has stopped a motorcycle rider for a traffic violation; the rider is stopped in a driveway; hands in the air – not trying to “flee” and certainly no “threat” to the “safety” of the AGW.

But the AGW has his gun out… Hut! Hut! Hut!

Another man is filming this as it happens. He isn’t “obstructing” the AGW – but he is annoying the AGW by filming his murderous escalation of the situation. So the AGW Hut! Hut! Huts! the man taking video – ordering him to “stop resisting” (which he isn’t) and then hurling him to the ground for not resisting.

The immediate and hyper-violent escalation displayed here is becoming routine practice; Americans are growing numb to it be sheer repetition.

It’s just the way things are nowadays.

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  1. Eric,

    You say, “The immediate and hyper-violent escalation displayed here is becoming routine practice”

    “But these weren’t the kind of monsters that had tentacles and rotting skin, the kind a seven-year-old might be able to wrap his mind around—they were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for what they are until it’s too late.” — Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

  2. Remember when they used to behave better when the camera was pointed at them? My how brazen these heroes are becoming. Stay tuned, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Anyone who grew up before all of this became routine practice – which is anyone who can remember what the country was like before the early 2000s, is probably as shell-shocked by all of this as I am.

      We literally live in East Germany now, just with the appearance of greater affluence.

      • No shit eric, and I want to give a special shout-out and high five to all those who supported the evil Bush, Cheney regime…..without question. Esp. all you people who think huge buildings can fall in their footprint without being wired with explosives.

        Go find some old concrete pier left in the ground from some long gone structure then rent a D6 and go to work on it. It’s it’s 8 feet deep in the ground, expect to work on it for a while. Now compare that to the type of concrete and steel beams of any of the Silverstein buildings and tell me how long you’d estimate it to take to “pull” building 7 down. Idiots, the whole damn country. They’d rather hear a lie than the truth since they believe the old B/C moniker “If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth”.

        • Morning, Eight!

          Yup. There is a clinical term in psychiatry for this; I can’t recall it at the moment. Basically, it is the (understandable) reaction/coping mechanism of the mind to an external stress that’s unbearable to deal with. Many people can’t face the reality that an evil nexus runs the country; that it’s all a dog-and-pony show. That we are regarded as feed lot cattle by this nexus – and our fate is largely the same.

        • Eight,

          Cut us some slack, please! We were trying to keep the evil Al Gore out of office, so we voted for the lesser of two evils, i.e. The Chimp.

          BTW, the Twin Towers were designed to absorb the impact of an airliner hitting it. The Twin Towers were designed to stand after a 707 hit them. I could never find out whether or not they were designed for a full speed vs. slow speed impact. Newark Airport is literally across the river from the WTC, while LGA & JFK are also nearby. Therefore, it was conceivable that an airliner could hit the Twin Towers at landing speed, i.e. slow and low with flaps and gear down. I could never find out if they were designed for a FULL SPEED impact though. This is crucial, because the difference in kinetic energy is huge.

          Kinetic energy is the energy of impact, basically. KE=1/2mv^2. If you double speed, kinetic energy increases four times; if speed triples, KE increases by nine times; and on it goes. If you ever played baseball or golf, you probably wondered WHY you were instructed to snap your wrists at the moment of impact with the ball; the reason why is that it gives an extra bit of velocity at the moment of contact, thus imparting extra KE to the ball, thus driving it farther.

          For grins and giggles, I calculated the KE of both the B767 and the B707, the plane’s impact for which the WTC was designed. Now, even though the 767 is a heavier airplane, the 707 is faster, so the overall kinetic energy of either one hitting the Twin Towers would be about the same. Again, I could never find out conclusively if the WTC was designed to ABSORB a full speed impact. I could see a slower speed impact (250 kts, or 287 mph indicated airspeed, the aircraft speed limit below 10,000 feet) being accounted for, because you have three major airports in the vicinity of the WTC; one could see an airplane losing its way and hitting the buildings by accident. In fact, that had happened to the Empire State Building; a B-25 hit the building after getting lost in bad weather. Now, back in 1962, could the architects and designers have foreseen an airplane DELIBERATELY HITTING the buildings at the towers at full speed? That’s the million dollar question.

          • I guess you also didin’t notice streams of molten steel coming out the sides. The ability for fuel and what’s in a building to reach the melting point of steel is 1,000 degrees less, at least.

            But a building hit and then being structurally weakened and sagging (we see this a lot in west Tx. with tornadoes) is one thing but the whole damned thing vaporizing and falling into nothingness in it’s own footprint can only be done with properly planted explosives.

            Did anyone ever think why all air monitors were taken from every building in town? How about the 80 someodd CCTV recording collected from businesses having a view of the Pentagon. And the fact that the missile hit right exactly in the spot where the computers that held a $2T deficit…..that Cheney himself had pointed out the day before, are all gone, confiscated and never shown.

            I didn’t vote for Bush. I already knew his family history and I remembered him speaking of creating a “New Word Order”. Geez, was I one of the few people away when this happened? I saw the Israeli film crew dancing and then the FBI picked them up for question but somehow they were whisked back to Israel.

            And the Saudi families that left in a panic and were on the only planes allowed to fly that day in the US and took them back to Saudi Arabia.

            As for Al Gore, I dind’t fear him nearly as much as anything with a Bush last name. Once again, the Fugs said it best with Wide, Wide River, when they said ” how is it in a supposedly democratic country we end up voting for the lesser of two evils? Was George Washington the lessor of two evils? Sometimes I wonder”.

            Of course those of us who hadn’t drunk the coolaid in the 60’s knew the Vietnam war was a big lie. Everything that came after that, including the war on Grenada was also a big lie. It’s what the deep state does…..lies. And when it lies the sheeple go baaa, baaa, baaa! Feed me some more shit, I love the taste big brother.

            • 8S,

              I noticed the molten metal going down the side of the South Tower. That said, the major problem I have with the controlled demolition theory is this: how can anyone GET AWAY with planting the explosives without being seen? To do a job like that (i.e. implode a large building) takes WEEKS of preparation; just to plant all the explosives, route the det cord, etc. will take a few weeks. How could they do that and not be seen in all that time? Even if they did this at night, there are still security guards and maintenance personnel present.

              There’s a more intriguing theory I heard, but I can’t remember the female scientist who proffered it. She has a video on YouTube, but I can’t remember her name right now. Anyway, her theory was that directed energy weapons of some kind were used on the towers. How else to explain the fact that some nearby cars were totally incinerated, while others within feet of them were more or less intact?

              I knew SOMETHING was fugazy with the destruction of the Twin Towers when they RUSHED to get all the old beams out of there. They were whisked away to be scrapped before any scientists could examine them, so as to do a proper forensic analysis as to WHY the Buildings 1, 2, and 7 came down. Why the rush to cart off all the structural steel?

              I don’t think that the jet fuel fires would have been sufficient to weaken the structural steel of the towers though. Exhibit A is the fact that the Soviets used steel to make the Tumansky turbojets that powered the MiG-25 interceptor. The thing about a jet engine is that it’ll have fire (in the form of combustion) going on a lot longer than it did in the WTC-in some cases, for hours at a time. Ergo, fire didn’t bring down the WTC.

              As for the Bush family history, I only learned that recently. Roger Stone wrote an EXCELLENT book, entitled Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family. I read that a year or so ago. Until then, I had NO IDEA that the Bushes were so evil. I had no idea that Bush Sr. and Bubba Clinton helped one another with the coke smuggling operation @ Mena, AR. I had no idea of any of that stuff; I had NO IDEA that the Bush family was so wicked, so evil. Better late than never, as my late mother used to say.

              • I’ve been working with steel all my life. You can’t do shit to it with a propane torch. Up until a couple decades ago Acetylene was the only way to go but now we have plasma cutters.

                No #1 fuel fire can even get close to melting metal and the metal coming out of the towers was white hot at its source you can often see.

                The metal continue burning for weeks. Why would all the air monitors be confiscated and not every one was with the some showing thermate/mite. No one was allowed to possess even a brad and the metal was whisked off to unknown foreign locations very quickly.

                Someone posited the theory of natgas causing the basement metal melting fires. Nope, not natgas, just doesn’t burn hot enough.

                As for how it was installed, Silverstein had contracted an Israeli firm(nod nod wink wink Mossad)to remove offending asbestos. They’d been working for months. You don’t see building workers since there are maintenance areas over an entire building who go about their work unseen.

                Practically every emergency responder(mainly fire dept)reported the sound of floor by floor explosions that sounded just like a controlled demolition. Those guys had been on site for countless of these things since having emergency personnel on site for them is SOP.

                But who can believe concrete, massive amounts of the stuff, and steel can simply vaporize? Clueless people obviously which takes in at least 90% of the public.

                Is it really coincidence good old Larry had recently insured those buildings for more than they were worth? And why would he say “pull it” about building 7 and then say “I meant pull it, pull it over”. Oh, yeah, he has some new way to pulling over a huge building with piers a couple hundred feet into the ground. Did anyone see anything pulling it over? No? Normally, when something is pulled over, it doesn’t fall into its own footprint in a pile of vaporized concrete and steel.

                When I was young the idiots in power in town decided to build a new courthouse and did so with a really badly built POS but lots of pockets got stuffed. The problem being with the old one dating from the 1800’s is the contractor had hell getting it down. This was before controlled demolition so it was bang and bang and bang with a big concrete ball and guys trying to cut the structure….which was wood.

                This is agricultural country so people are aware of what a dozer can and can’t do. No fleet of dozers showed up to “pull it over”. The entire idea is ridiculous. It is an affront to anyone with knowledge of construction and large equipment.

                Hell, there was a pic, one pic I saw with these tiny cables going away from 2 excavators. It could have been 2,000 excavators and cables many times those size and would have taken months to accomplish if such a thing could be done. If you wonder why architects and engineers who know this stuff have been trying to get at the NIST bs for so long there’s a good reason. They know it’s bullshit.

                I suppose it could have been some directed beam weapon or tactical nukes but it was thermite strategically placed and lots of it. BTW, you don’t need a fuse as such. The better way is to use RF controllers.

                As far as the Bush family goes, you have to remember how it got it’s fortune to begin with. Old Preston made huge sums of money supplying the Nazi’s in WW11. He had lots of help not getting hung since his crimes became known right at the end. Can you say “international bankers”….or Rothschilds. Rothschilds supplied both side of many wars including the Napoleonic one long ago.

                • 8S,

                  I’ve seen the firemen’s comments about how the building collapse sounded like a series of explosions. In fact, if you watch the Naudet brothers documentary (they actually have footage from INSIDE the South Tower as it collapsed!), you can hear the pancaking sounds.

                  Roger Stone details how Prescott Bush, Bush 41’s father and Bush 43’s grandfather, helped the Nazis. He also tells how Prescott Bush helped with the founding of Planned Parenthood. The Bush family has committed MANY evil acts over the years, yet they were never punished for them.

                  I forgot about the asbestos removal from the WTC. That was being done before 9/11. Since asbestos was everywhere in those buildings, the workers removing it would have perfect cover to go anywhere in the buildings at any time.

                  WRT the asbestos removal, why did they wait so LONG to do it? When I was in the Navy back in the early 1980s, there was a big drive to remove it from all our ships; I know, because we had ours removed during our yard period back then. Why wasn’t it removed from the WTC long before 2000-2001?

                  I don’t know which alternative 9/11 theory I buy into, but rest assured, it’s not the ‘official version’ proffered by NIST! After seeing the gov’t lie their asses off about TWA 800, I never quite took their explanations at face value again…

                  • In buildings asbestos containing materials are usually just fine so long as they are not disturbed. Most uses can go decades without being touched. On a military ship that will need repairs, damage control in combat, etc that’s not possible.

                    • Our local school system was in a frenzy to remove asbestos back in the 1970s though; they too had fixed buildings. A lot of people thought it was much ado about nothing, but the school system insisted on removing and replacing the asbestos insulation.

                      What you say about Navy ships makes a lot of sense though. Since I was part of that environment, I didn’t think of those things because I lived with them on a daily basis.

          • The towers successfully absorbed the impacts, so being designed for it or not is irrelevant. Even the government theory says they did. Our eyes says they did.

            The government theory is that the impact knocked the fire protection off the floor trusses and the fire then weakened the floor trusses causing them to sag which in turn pulled on the structure of the core and the outer ‘tube’ of the towers. There’s just a couple huge problems with that. The floor trusses were weak to begin with because they were only designed for floor loads. You could pull on a brand new one with a semi truck either it or the connection to the core or tube would fail. It couldn’t pull the structure down. The second problem is that the theory says the trusses were hot and yielding. Stretching, necking. Basic tensile loading of materials. It’s constant load so there’s no additional load at the joints. Maybe some change in direction, but the trusses can’t transfer it to the joints because they are deforming plastically.

            Secure clay to something. Pull. You can’t put more load on the joint than what causes the clay to stretch.

            As the material necks it takes less and load to stretch it.

            The change in direction is all the government theory has, but that’s limited because the bolts in the joints were relatively small. Even if we have floors falling on each other increasing the loads it’s cascade failure of floors inside the inner and outer tower structures. A heavily damaged building would remain standing.

            Nothing about the NIST story was convincing to me. It’s as if they kept changing boundary conditions until they got the answer they wanted.

      • Eric,

        “Anyone who grew up before all of this became routine practice…before the early 2000s, is probably as shell-shocked by all of this as I am.”


        You’re shell shocked?

        You wrote this about almost a decade ago.

        I’m not at all shocked. In fact, when it was officially announced that the wall was to be dismantled, my friends and I said “We literally live in East Germany now”.

        The very next day, when it was announced that checkpoints were constitutional, we said, “that didn’t take long.”

        That day, Flag Day 1990, was the official end of freedom in the US. That WAS the apocalypse Eric.

        Even Stevens wrote in the dissent that it was “the hallmark of regimes far different from ours“.

        But today, in the post apocalyptic world in which we live in, you’re shell shocked.

        You might want to remember the words of that once great libertarian philosopher, Eric Peters, who said, “It’s just the way things are nowadays.“


        • What’s even more of a joke is how the checkpoints were permitted. Police could set up DUI checkpoints PROVIDED they gave the public notice of where and when it would be. Have YOU ever seen such notice? Have you ever heard such a notice on the radio or TV? If the police give notice about these checkpoints, they’re buried somewhere obscure where we will not look or find them. Sooo, the AGWs satisfy the letter of the law, while circumventing the spirit thereof. IOW, they can set up an ambush and get away with it!

          • Public notice is the classified section of the local newspaper. I vaguely recall seeing such a notice back in the 1990s. Today if you look hard enough you can find ‘notice’ in obscure corners of police department websites. But not all checkpoints are announced. For instance the truck scales checkpoint that is run on my way to work now and then is not announced anywhere I can find. Now only commercial trucks need stop but it screws up traffic.


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