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Here’s video coverage of an AGW who threatens to “put a bullet” in another driver in the course of a traffic altercation; the AGW – “off duty” – leaps out of his truck wearing cut-off shorts and (appropriately) a wife-beater T shirt and runs toward a car that he felt had made an improper turn. He screams and threatens to murder the driver.

This a detective AGW.

It turns out he’s done similar to several other people – including an old lady he screamed at in a parking lot.

The AGW’s boss says he is “troubled” but the AGW was never fired for any of this – much less charged criminally, as any ordinary person would have been, especially for the threatening to execute someone in the middle of the road.

Keep in mind this psychopath is an official – and armed – agent of the government. This is the sort of person who is hired – and kept – to perform the “job.”

We swim in waters filled with sharks. Be careful out there.

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  1. They put the parasitic AGW on “paid administrative leave”…in other words, bonus vacation.

    And they wonder why people have no respect for cops…

  2. Hi Eric,

    I just discovered that the last book by the late, great William Norman Grigg has been completed and is available at the Libertarian Institute.

    To those who do not know his work, a treasure trove awaits you. He was a tireless foe of all attacks on liberty, but in his later years concentrated mostly on police issues, which he covered with a depth and fearlessness unmatched by any other. He wrote brilliantly and poignantly, displaying equal measure of rage, compassion and wit. All proceeds from the book will go to the Grigg family, which they sorely need. Grigg’s talent was immense and had he been willing to compromise he could easily have been very financially successful. But, like our gracious host, integrity was more important to him than financial gain.

    I hope it is not inappropriate to use EPAutos to bring attention to this man. However, I know that Eric greatly admired WNG and often uses the term “mere mundanes”, coined by Mr. Grigg. There have been a lot of newcomers here in the last 6 months or so and I suspect many are unaware of his work, you will not be disappointed if you change that.

    Kind Regards,

    • Jeremy,

      I was a faithful reader of WNG’s site; I spent HOURS over there. I’m serious! WNG was my first taste of libertarian thought…


      • Hi Mark,

        “WNG was my first taste of libertarian thought…”

        Wow, that speaks well for you. Many “newbies” would have a hard time getting past his uncompromising radicalism. Of course, the sheer joy of his prose, his wit and mastery of the language are valuable in themselves. WNG is the only modern writer who rivals Eric’s enormous vocabulary.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      I regret that I never met Will; but he was friends with friends of mine – and of course, I know his work. The man was brilliant – and honorable. Two things in sore need today. I encourage everyone who doesn’t know his work to look him up – and also to buy his book, which I will tout and amen to the heavens, here and everywhere!

      • HI Eric,

        Yes, I assumed you would be fine with me plugging WNG on your site. I never met him either but his death provoked an unexpected reaction in me. I knew he was in poor health and began to fear that he was going to die. That morning, when I read of his death, I openly wept. I’ve never experienced such a strong emotion over someone I did not know personally.

        Kind Regards,

        • I had a similar reaction…Had been a fan and contributor for years prior to his untimely death.

          We lose a Will Grigg or a Harry Browne (or a Shem Kellogg in New Hampshire)…and the likes of Soros and Kissinger and all the rest, live on, seemingly forever, I’m assuming on fetal grindings and Satan.

          There is no justice in this world…I suppose I should be thankful for Ron Paul’s good genetics and clean living.

    • I’ve always heard great things about Grigg…but am not really familiar with his work. I will have to look into it now! Thanks, Jeremy, and all. Sounds like this will be right up my alley.

    • They definitely do, Mark!

      Recent court case in NY, they admitted that they will not hire anyone with an IQ above 103 !! -You thought those exams they take to get hired were to weed-out the dumb ones? Quite the opposite!

      One of my nephews- a total loser, idiot and psycho- [who at 50 years old, can not even keep a minimum-wage job; has three kids, but has never owned a home; always puts the touch on everyone to ‘borrow’ money (Can’t support himself, but manages to drink at the bar every night!) and has been in trouble for DWI’s and impersonating a cop]- has, on 3 separate occasions in Eric’s state, been given a gun and a badge [Sheriff’s De-Putty; Bailiff; and armed DMV guard]- a guy who I literally wouldn’t trust to walk my dog! – The kind of guy who, when he’s around, something bad will happen- because he enjoys seeing accidents and tragedies….and being their to direct traffic of some other non-risk ‘act of heroism’ that has nothing to do with helping the victim, but just makes him look like he’s part of the solution…even though in many cases, he is the one who caused the problem….

      Truly scary…..

      • Nunzio,

        I remember hearing about that court case or one similar to it. They don’t want anyone who can THINK, because then they’d have the mental capacity to question unlawful, unconstitutional, and/or immoral orders. Can’t have that now!


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