AGWs “Make Sure” 55 Times

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AGWs in Vallejo California have just been absolved of shooting a man apparently passed out in his car 55 times.

News story is here.

The investigation into the killing of Willie McCoy found that the lead fill-up by six AGWs was “reasonable.” Watch the video and decide for yourselves.

McCoy, 20, had gone to the Taco Bell drive-thru. After getting his food, he lost consciousness for reasons not yet determined. He may have been drunk or high – but he wasn’t violent. It appeared he had the munchies.

Taco Bell employees called for a “wellness check” when they noted McCoy passed out in his car, which was still in the drive-thru lane.

AGWs appear and begin to bark orders at McCoy, who isn’t registering perhaps because he’s groggy an didn’t expect to be surrounded by armed and belligerent strangers. He has a gun and the AGWs see it. Within seconds of McCoy beginning to rouse himself they end his life in a hail of bullets from multiple directions.

Some will say – He had a gun and may have been reaching for it! – which is exactly what the AGWs did say. But McCoy wasn’t threatening anyone at the beginning of this exercise in close-range target practice.

He was passed out in his car – a passive activity.

The AGWs blew him away on the usual hair-trigger notice; McCoy had guns pointed at him before his eyes were even open and was fired upon with seconds of opening his eyes. His fate was sealed because the AGWs “saw a gun” – and at that point, any movement is often deemed “reasonable” reason to shoot the victim.

See, for instance, the Daniel Shaver case – and all-too-many others.

McCoy was one man, half-conscious, in his car vs. six AGWs who gave him almost no opportunity to show himself not suicidal – which is what he would have had to have been to get into a gunfight from inside a car with six AGWs outside the car.

Or even fully conscious.

We are often told – urgently – that AGWs are “heroes.” But real heroes are defined by two qualities lacking here: Courage – and putting one’s own safety at risk for the sake of others.

These killer clowns didn’t.

They could have backed up from the car when the saw that McCoy was armed, putting themselves out of any real danger – and given him a few seconds to wake up.

Had McCoy then pointed his gun at them, it would have been reasonable for them to fire in necessary self-defense.

But this was something else.

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  1. hey, come on now folks. these hero’s are the first line of defense against the marauding hordes of stoned guys passed out in cars, people prone and pleading for their lives, persons refusing to wear seatbelts, minivan moms blowing down the roads at breakneck speeds exceeding 60mph, suburban moms who forgot to put their reg stickers on, teenagers taking their friends to the beach….SOMEONE HAS TO PROTECT US FROM THESE DANGERS. thank god we have red light cameras so they can do gods work by driving through parking lots finding expired registrations!

    shootings might draw outrage but they rarely draw convictions…i can see a day when more cops get shot as a self preservation measure. of course they will miss the point…

    no more ex military in cop ranks…they all claim PTSD anyway…let’s get ’em a labrador and send ’em home on the “disability” they all claim

    • God, I hated that song…….specifically meant for the American Retard. All it makes me think of is the film Wag the Dog. My 1st ex wife fell for all that shit, of course, she also danced around singing the “Virginia Lottery” song too. I just wanted a virgin wife; I didn’t know I was marrying a social retard as punishment!

  2. I bet all 5 AGW’s had either a “High and Tight” or shaved head, and fashion themselves as warriors on the front lines. I would also bet that 4 hours later they all had to go to the Dr. to get rid of their erections.

    • Amen, Guerrero –

      The almost-immediate resort to gunfire is indicative of both the poltroonery and the savage cruelty of these exceptionally dangerous government-badged psychopaths. These characters are bullies by nature, but worse because they’re looking for an excuse to kill people. Biff – the bully in Back to the future – just beat up people. Always weaker people.

      It is extremely alarming that this sort of thing occurs but far more so that there is no real outrage over it. I often feel like the proverbial stranger in a strange land.

  3. Eric, do you think that if the driver had been white, he would have been less likely to have been executed? I am curious because you once asked me why on earth would I think Orange guy was racist. LOL

    • Hi Reef,

      It’s a good question. All I can say for certain is that the AGWs immediately hyper-escalated when it wasn’t necessary – which is why this is murder, in plain view. Not self-defense.

      Or would be, had I done the same thing.

      I am not an AGW – but I do carry a gun and have a CWP in my state. But my state will prosecute me for murder if I shoot someone when I could have retreated – as here. If I cannot demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that my life was in imminent danger. As wasn’t the case here.

      This isn’t a “racism” issue, in my opinion. It is an issue of double standards. AGWs ought to have to abide by at least the same “rules of engagement” that any other person is bound to abide by. Especially given that they are – as we are constantly told – “trained” and so should be capable of dealing with situations such as this one more calmly and cooly.

      Instead, AGWs have been given what amounts to a license to kill – since all they need to do is claim they felt their “safety” was “threatened.” This is a standard far lower than my life was in imminent danger and I could not retreat.

      Heck, using the AGW Standard, I ought to be able to screech that I felt my “safety” was “threatened” the next I am confronted with one…

      • I agree that this is not a racism issue. Your analysis is entirely correct and well written.

        Having said that, I think you go out of your way not to offend a certain segment of your audience who “are tired of hearing about it”. That’s fine it’s your blog. Perhaps that is a good thing as you get a wider audience of people who need to hear what you are saying. Thanks for your efforts.

        • Hi Anonymous,

          I don’t go out of my way to avoid offending anyone. How people feel about what I write – or say – is of no interest to me. I am interested in their substantive, factual responses to what I have to say – agree or disagree.

          Certainly, AGWs are more likely in the grand scheme of things to abuse certain categories of people. This includes blacks but is by no means limited to blacks. The point is that AGWs routinely abuse all categories of people. To paint this as a problem of “racist” AGWs is to miss the point. Which point is that AGWs – and the laws they enforce as well as the ones they make up and enforce – are the problem.

          If there were no AGWs – and if law enforcing were limited to crimes (defined as harms caused to persons or property) then “racism” would be largely immaterial or at least, illegal.

          Take away the legal power to bully anyone – black or white – and you take away the power of “racism.”

          • eric, I regret not having a dash cam and saving the countless racial/economic class profiling I’ve seen over the years.

            You can often see what a certain person’s crime is by their skin color or their economic appearance. Most of what I saw was by state troopers although there’s plenty of poleez and sheriff deputies doing their worst.

            It certainly depends on where you are as to who is going to mess with you. A friend lives near a small town near Seguin. There is no interstate so the county sheriff’s office is collecting all the money they can. When I’m with somone or vice versa, we always have a discussion of what the crime was for the person(s) stopped. I can promise you on the big interstates, esp. the east/west I 10 and I 20, put an obvious Mexican/Chicano male in a pickup with a topper on it and no telling how many times he’ll be stopped. If he’s headed east, he’s no doubt hauling pot or some other drug. They’re so sure of it, he’s going to be raw by the time he can get from EP to Abilene.

            I used to have to go around an impound lot at the Midland, Tx. airport. Back in the middle 90’s it was full of ext cab pickups, often with Benevides on the top of the windshield or back window or just really offset wheels with wide tires, both will be owned by Hispanics. There were other vehicles, small, front drive cars with custom “rims” and tires, more than likely Hispanic drivers but not necessarily. Then there were the big older luxury cars, and I’m not kidding here, often with curb feelers preferred by blacks.

            I used to discuss this with the freight employees of SW Airlines and we all agreed as to what their identities were. No telling how many had drugs planted on them, probably more than less if you know what I mean.

            Of course there were plenty “customized” SUV’s there, and you can tell the skin color of the owner by the customization. The badged crowd can tell you, esp. since they see them as they go by….not speeding or doing anything illegal except being a minority or poor.

            One day I recall seeing a buttload of people getting stopped and searched, the pissed off black guy, who’s nicely dressed and you can tell is seething, the Mexican in the pickup who looks like he’s got to be hauling drugs OR the one who looks “too” Mexican. Then there are people, obviously not rolling in dough who have a box truck they bought cheap from some company….maybe a faint “Fritos” showing through the present paint. A man and woman, not necessarily young but not in their 50’s or 60’s, getting searched for looking like they don’t have plenty money.

            I see this and if I’m coming back by that place in the next hour hauling short loads, the vehicles are rarely being towed but are simply gone. A sure sign they couldn’t jail them for anything. The nearly hilarious part is the DPS goes out of their way to tell the public they don’t profile…..when that’s exactly what they do the entire time they’re out there.

            The DOT definitely profile and I used to complain frequently of having a nasty truck when the weather was fair. The cleaner the truck, the less chance it will get stopped…..except for out of state plates. I can drive along a couple hundred miles of I 20 and get stopped by a DOT and they’ll look at me and greet me by my first name and ask when I started driving that rig. I would be stopped because of the sign on the door…..period. And more often than not, I’d have to endure “another” Level 2 inspection.

            They may not be able to say what the problem is. I’ve had them admit that but quite often it’s a glaring thing. Some of the worst crap I’ve driven I’d never get stopped, because of the company name and the owner who had some buddies in the system protecting him. He needed it. I could have red-tagged every truck he had every day….and they could have too. Profiling, racial, economic, and just a certain style of look is alive and making money hand over fist.

      • well this guy was white. it was murder plain and simple. He was no threat to these morons. All they had to do was back away if they thought he we was—slowly— trying to reach for something. Cops in this country are pathetic. thy give an F about real crimes but are happy to splatter your brains over make believe ones. Ive often said if all the chicago police disappeared tomorrow no one would notice. Thats true for all police departments. They do nothing,

    • No. I think the video of a cop executing a white teenager for verbally challenging authority would have ended the myth but it did not. The media makes it so we only see a particular sampling and as such what doesn’t fit the narrative sees very limited play and becomes a word of mouth thing on the internet among those who see things differently anyway.

  4. I’d seen it already. It’s sickening to say the least. They weren’t scared, they were and still are, psychopaths… uniform. It’s rapidly spreading through the country.

    I’d say it’s a toss-up between cops doing their thing and the lies being told every day in DC that will ignite a civil war. I suspect the latter actually. Pompeo said Iran had attacked a Swedish tanker killing 23 sailors yesterday. Sweden said there had been no attack and then Pompeo not only said it was an attack… the future. Sweden PM ended up speaking with Bolton and said Yes, they had been attacked… the future. This is absolute insanity.

  5. Well, I guess it’s their word against the word of a corpse. We know who will win that debate. I never once saw this man threaten these costumed thugs. These trigger-happy sociopaths need prison time & they damn sure aren’t heroes!

  6. From Eric’s OP:

    “Taco Bell employees called for a “wellness check” when they noted McCoy passed out in his car, which was still in the drive-thru lane.”

    I’ve said this so many times, I’ve lost my voice…if you are truly concerned about somebody’s well being: a friend, a relative, a stranger…somebody who is ill, intoxicated, mentally unwell, depressed…whatever…

    For the love of all that’s holy DO NOT CALL COPS!

    They are not there to “help”, they are not there to “counsel”, they are not there to “de-escalate” a situation.

    Cases where this HAS happened are anomalies, flukes, exceptions to the rule…even IF they happen more often than not.

    The prime directive is not to help.

    The prime directive is to neutralize all threats or “hostiles”.

    That’s YOU, your family, your parents, your children, your pets…YOU are the “hostiles”.

    Never forget that when dealing with cops.

    • I don’t think that the Taco Bell employees knew that this was going to happen. All they knew was that this car was still in their drive-through; it hadn’t moved out. That’s all they were thinking about.

      • I’m sure they didn’t.

        Most people don’t. They are trained to “call the authorities”.

        That’s why I keep preaching it.

        • I think Taco Bell “employees” says enough. We’re not speaking of Nobel laureate’s. Wild Bill wanted to eat at his fav joint one day and since we didn’t eat but once, at the end of the day, you could say we were sorta hungry. I didn’t care although I’d rather eat at Taco Bueno if you gotta go that direction. To be honest, I’d rather pick up something at the Wally deli and see what I’m getting and know what it will be like.

          Anyway, we have to wait in line and finally get our Merde meal or whatever they call it. We drive about 10 miles back to the RV and open the sack and the boxes. It was someone else’s order so WB ate one thing, I munched on some various munchies and we slammed back a few beers, job done. I mean you have 3 pickups in the drive and can’t sort out the correct order. Wish they’d have handed the J out to us a time or two while we waited, then I’d feel better about it.

  7. Ken wrote,
    “In the 70s Officer Callahan (Dirty Harry) was condemned but every one of his shoots were good.”

    The very best of the Dirty Harry series was Magnum Force.

    Which is, of course, where the cops are the bad guys.

    I can’t even imagine a film like that being made today.

    • The Magnum Force film made it clear that the three young cops Davis, Sweet, and Grimes, and their “mentor”, Lt. Briggs, were cops gone ROGUE. Had they all not failed to “know their limitations”, whose to say what the film would have depicted the SFPD and the mayor doing about them. At least Callahan admits that the “system” isn’t perfect but he’ll uphold the law the best he knows how until something better comes along.

      The scary part is that while I don’t know of cops actually offing hoods that should have been sent “up the river”, they do seem to get away not only with abusive behavior, including infliction of gratuitous beatings, theft of private property, and sexual assault, but that planting of evidence to either make a bogus “bust” or to cover up incompetence or outright murder does happen all too often. It’s not unlike in the ‘Dirty Dozen” where Charles Bronson’s character Wladislaw, whom was given a field commission to 1LT and held it…for “three lousy days”, until, in a desperate firefight, he shoots a deserting soldier whom has all the platoon’s medical supplies in his backpack. Major Reisman (Lee Marvin), interviewing Wladislaw as a candidate for the “Dozen”, agrees with him, but advises him that his predicament is due to making ONE mistake – “Ya let someone see ya do it!”. As it’s not considered wrong for an officer to summarily execute a soldier for desertion under fire, the back story must have been that the solider had “friends” whom were unhappy that he’d been shot, else Wladislaw wouldn’t be in that military prison awaiting the gallows. Much the same paradigm exists, IMO, in most LE agencies…they’ll “hang” someone they don’t like, for seemingly the most trivial or contrived offenses, and yet cover up outright criminal behavior for the “favored”. Hence why, by default, I do NOT consider LEOs automatically to be “heroes”, and I could care less how many eyebrows get raised.

  8. Eric,

    He opened his eyes. His eyes man! His fucking eyes?!?

    That has to be a threat. At least along the lines of a blind man swinging a cane. Or sending a seeing eye dog to attack.

    I don’t know about you people, but when I’m pointing a gun at someone and they open their eyes, it’s keep shooting time.

    You people need to look at things from the perspective of Officer Safety and his commander General Nuisance. What if the departed had an eye lash trigger on his gun?

    This is beyond a good shoot. Even the Taco Bell chihuahua made it home safe because of our heroes.

  9. The lack of concern by the general populace is defacto and tacit agreement to be treated the same.

    A country of fucking cowards who would line up for the trains to the camps in an orderly fashion. Y’all get the government and police you allow.


  10. Yeah,,, saw that. Incredible!,,, only thing I know of even close to that was when those brave fbi and police ambushed Bonnie and Clyde. They’ve always been this way Eric. In the 70s Officer Callahan (Dirty Harry) was condemned but every one of his shoots were good.

    In the last 30 years the police, now a national government militia, has been armed to the teeth, In the beginning it was to equalize their firepower with the criminals…. remember the LA bank robbery where the police were outgunned? The crooks even had bullet proof vests. This was one of the main launching point of arming corpgovs goons. Now the police are massively armed,,, an internal army if you will. Corpgov will never put these goons behind bars,,, they are exactly the type wanted, like hired gunslingers in the old West. Interestingly they were called “Peace Officers” in the video I watched….. lol.

    The indoctrination in our skools,,, from media and Religion have these goons elevated to hero status,,, much like the military. It’s a natural part of the Republic to Demockracy, to Dictatorship we are traversing. These Stasi troopers are deemed necessary in the dictatorship stage to fight off “radical groups”.

    It will get much, much worse,,, you can already see the censorship on the Internet social sites. Soon it will trickle down to sites like yours and comments like mine AND may end up a threat to our lives or worse. That is the next stage. Unfortunately, History does repeat….

    • Bonnie and Clyde had a two-year run prior to their being ambushed in Louisiana on May 23, 1934. They went from being the stuff of legend, with a chancy find of Bonnie with a cigar in her mouth, as a “cigar-smoking ‘gun moll’ “, to public enemies, liable to being shot on sight. In effect, they’d been convicted in the court of public opinion, though certainly had they been apprehended alive both would have been convicted and sent to the electric chair (the methods used in Texas and/or Louisiana at the time, if Kansas and/or Missouri had wanted them for the murders committed there, they’d have faced death by hanging). It wasn’t the FBI that ‘got’ the infamous couple, it was a posse of freelancing Texas Rangers.

      Contrary to what many so-called “documentaries” report on the North Hollywood Shoot-Out, the cops didn’t have to solely resort to commandeering arms from a local gun shop to supplement their sidearms and shotguns which proved inadequate against the select-fire weapons and body armor of the perps. In fact, the LAPD SWAT team, already on an exercise, did respond in 18 minutes after the initial call. This was simply a robbery which had been planned in detail which had gone wrong, and the robbers had almost shot their way past the bank’s security and the first few officers that responded. The entire sordid tale has been mis-used to justify further unconstitutional infringements on Second Amendment rights of LAW-ABIDING citizens. One of the big lies is that one of the robbers purchases two AR-15s legally and converted them to select-fire mode. In fact, there’s no evidence that the Norinco Type 56s used by the perps had been anything but the original types commonly issued to PLA personnel and sold world wide, moreover, as both the perps had felony raps, neither could have legally bought so much as a starter pistol! But yet this incident was used to outlaw several weapons REPUTED to be easily convertible to “full auto” mode, like the Soviet/Russian SKS carbine, simply because it uses the same 7.62 x 39 mm cartridge as the AK-47 and its clones (like the Norinco Type 56). Also, within a few months, President Clinton, whom himself had ram-rodded a ten-year ban on “assault” weapons at the Federal level in 1994, which in part led to the so-called “Republican Revolution” in the ’94 Congressional elections, authorized the give-away of some 600 M-16s (the DoD was changing over to the M4 carbine for most non-infantry, with the infantry being issued the M16A2 with it’s “burst mode”, limited to three rounds, instead of full-auto.

      This is interesting since President Clinton, as the then Commander-in-Chief, felt that servicemen did not require their personal arms, presumably in combat against an ENEMY, to have full-auto capability, but the POLICE, in dealing with we “mundanes”, would have such a capability…gee, was “Bubba” rendered so senseless by the tender attention of Monica (Lewinsky) that he FORGOT about the POSSE COMITATUS Act?

    • The whole point of the second amendment was for the everyman citizen to be armed on par or better than the military, the cops are SUPPOSED to be outgunned, so the state remains respectful and compliant.

      Obviously that didn’t work. Mass brainwashing/indoctrination was the last step in the destruction of the republic.


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