Reader Question: Why Don’t “Terrorists” Fly Private?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Matteo asks: I fly private, mostly with family, because of no TSA. It is something I budget for and sacrifice other endeavors for because I will not subject my young children to exactly what you pointed out; “we are all terrorists because we need to fly somewhere”.

My children are sheltered and I do not want to expose them to a literal Nazi checkpoint! Your charter carrier runs the passenger manifest long before you board and it cross references the TSA no fly list (presumably) and you simply walk onto your plane. Again, your comments are spot on! If we should all shutter in fear, than why has not one terrorist organization done this in the world? Because the USA is the terrorists. I fly all over the world and the John Perkins book of “Confessions of an Economic Hit man” always are circling in my mind. Also, of note, all the globalists and elitists fly private and they could not be subjected to what us plebeians must deal with of course; when they are the masters of crime and terror.

All my best and thanks for your great work- Would love to have a cocktail and dinner with you and chat more. I am a huge car guy and have a small collection. Cars are that one thing that allows one to disconnect and gives a visceral feeling when behind the wheel.

My reply: Many people have no idea that this “loophole” exists; when I point it out to them to prove that the Heimatsicherheitsdeinst (literally, Homeland Security) and TSA have nothing to do with “catching terrorists” and everything to do with habituating people to arbitrary authority and routine degradation by government goons – so as to make them feel the same way that prisoners feel – I get the deer-in-the-headlights face from most of them.

I then go on to ask them whether they think it is beyond the means and capabilities of real “terrorists” to charter a plane.

The whole thing is absurd – and evil almost beyond words. Perhaps the worst part is the willing complicity of so many people – from the TSA geeks themselves (no one puts a gun to their head; they could seek honest work that didn’t involve treating their fellow Americans like cattle on the way to Treblinka – and that’s no coincidence, either) to the people who don’t have to fly to keep their jobs/feed their families – but do it anyhow. If even 10 percent of “optional” flyers had refused to fly until the TSA was abolished, the TSA would be abolished. But most people will not inconvenience themselves in the least to take a stand for the right thing.

I am gratified to hear that you have – and that your children won’t grow up used to being treated like cattle on the way to Treblinka.

Thank you also for the kind words – and offer! If you’re ever in my neck of the Woods, stop in. I maintain an open door policy – the heterodox and politically incorrect are always welcome!

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  1. I had a friend who was a cop who quit and worked for the TSA as a part time job. They pretty much take anyone and spend a ton of money flying you around america to training centers to make you “qualified”. It’s a big money grab and way to sell xray scanners. I personally want a private pilot license and join a flying club so that i can fly myself anywhere i want.

      • Learning to fly myself so I can go exactly where I want without all the questions is totally on my list of things to do….

    • Mooing – x Ray scanners and metal detectors are my favourite bits of useful kit at airports. In a world where you can get composite knifes or guns made of plastic in parts that can easily be dis assembled, easily on the internet.

      But x Ray scanners or metal detectors are as much about our safety as bombing far away countries is about keeping us free.

      Interestingly I think metal detectors were mandated in the USA in 73 or 74 – the same year the dollar went off gold (and gold subsequently soared). Maybe it wasn’t noticed as much in the US – but interestingly back in Pakistan our dear leader at the time had an experiment in socialism. Long story short he nationalised all the leading industry and scared away all the industrialist. Pakistan went from an “Asian tiger” where every American company had manufacturing plants to almost Venezuela in about 5 years. Capital controls were brought in, while many of the wealthy industrialist were trying to get their money out. So people figured out interesting ways to get money out of the country – using gold !! One famous way was woman having gold bars bent into hair clips and hidden in their hair or in clothing……

      But along came metal detectors putting an end to it ! If you ask most people there – they don’t think for a moment it’s for our safety, and that it’s only for making sure you don’t take gold out! Don’t see why people in the west don’t get it !!

  2. There are equally oppressive security fatwas regarding maritime operations.

    For 1/100 of the cost of a private plane, a small vessel laden with explosives could be brought right up alongside a 1000 foot cruise ship with 5000 people onboard…think USS Cole.

    Meanwhile, while idiot AmeriKunts and their children get gate raped at the airport going to visit the grandparents in Florida, the border remains wide open as anybody who feels like it waltzes right in, from MS13 gangbangers, to Ebola refugees, to God knows who from the Middle East.

    The whole thing is a sick joke.

    • There are several thousand people in line BEFORE the TSA gates at every airport. One completely unchecked pre-TSA gate suicide bomber with a suitcase in line to be checked could kill hundreds. No need to get on plane to cause severe mayhem.

      That it has not happened means either the terrorists are too stupid to figure this out or there is no real outside threat and that the government is the real threat. Which seems more likely?

      • Anon,

        Probably both.

        I, sadly, have to fly as part of my job…I hate every second of it, and trust me, I have thought of this many times, all hemmed up like cattle and while all the rest of the sheeple are moving along doing the compliance shuffle, heads down and finger fucking their nuisance phones, I’m looking the other way.

        Wouldn’t even take explosives, just a couple men with rifles.

        False flag or “organic”…I’m not quite ready to check out just yet…not that stupidly anyway.

      • Exactly, Anon! That’s what I’ve always said- just like right after 9/11 when they were screening people in the NYC subway- lines out the wazoo in a confined underground space…… Find someone carrying a ‘bomb’- BOOM!

        Look what they do in Israel- despite all the checkpoints and police-state apparatus- even the ones that can’t get explosives- just get themselves some gasoline; Molotov cocktails; etc.

        If real ‘terrorists’ were really looking to terrorize us, they’d be doing it with no problem whatsoever.

  3. I go a bit further – I think the TSA has a genuine purpose – and thats to keep us plebs from taking any of our own hard earned wealth over borders without approval of the government. I mean think about it – what does the TSA (or other western border agencies) catch the MOST of…. CASH (or other alternatives such as gold). Once they do catch it – its up to you to prove it wasn’t gotten by ill means, and that the mob got its cut (i.e. you paid your taxes). Even more shockingly – though the amount for this reporting is actually 10K usd in cash, you have to “report” anything over 1.5k USD. And if you DO report it – from what I hear, many get the amount of questioning on sources, etc that is really only meant for those carrying over 10k…. As Im originally from Pakistan, which (thankfully) is still mostly cash – I hear a lot of stories…. a lot of times its people taking left over cash back home – they get caught!!! It happens a lot here in the UK with the Chinese just returning home with leftover cash….

    This I suspect is what the real purpose of the TSA is. Id go even further to say that this is also the purpose of the “Wall” people are being conditioned to accept. Once stuff gets bad – the only way for one to leave with whatever wealth they have is just drive over the border with it…. but that wont be a problem were there to be a “wall” (and as the TSA wont, a wall wont stop a terrorist, drug dealer or someone desperate to migrate for economic reasons, again being a brown guy have heard a lot of the loopholes – a walls not stoping anyone the way I see it)….

    • Nasir, as someone who is planning on leaving here myself, I concur about “the wall”. When in modern history has a wall NOT been used to keep people IN?

      It’s so utterly ludicrous how people buy into this nonsense- that we need a wall to keep out illlegal immigrants- while we give free everything to the immigrants and give them special privileges and treat them better then people who have been here for generations. Are people so daft that they think a wall will stop them, when our politicans clearly want them, and offer all sorts of enticements for them to come? Can they not see what has happened in Britain? Or do they think that those immigrants swan across the channel?!

      And in countries where population replenishment to replace the dying, and the compensate for the low birthrate is so desired by the powers that be, do they really believe that such a wall will not be used to keep their ‘human assets” in?

      Were fences and walls around cotton plantations to keep people out, or to keep the slaves in? Damn, people are so blind today! If it weren’t for people like yourself on this forum, I think I’d go nutz!

      • Nunzio, glad there are others who see this. The only use I can see for the wall is trolling the CNN/Progressive crowd…. beyond that it wont solve any issue – will just cause issues to Americans in the future. A future thats becoming more and more obvious. You are very right about the UK and the channel – you cant imagine how many cross despite all the risks. Hundreds get caught on a weekly basis in the summer- the number who crossover is probably many multiples of that.

        I think the issues in the west are not just for people who have been here for generations – its basically anyone who bothers to do the right thing. If I bother to fill in the right visa form and provide all the documents to prove whatever I need to be in the country – they will just look for more loopholes (i know because I have worked in a number of countries over the years). On the other hand, many who come in with knowledge of and intention to play the system – well it really is the land of milk and honey….. And its not just immigrating, if you are here and do the right thing….. its always more and more grief. Simple and obvious things now attract penalties – like looking after your family and kids or running a small business…..

        The solution if you ask me – is something people like Eric talk about all the time – ie less regulation, less tax, less welfare…. but again that will never sell at an election…. so it will never happen

        • You are so right, Nasir- on all counts.

          There’s no fixing this mess, because the majority of people have bought into it’s mentality, hook, line, and sinker. America, Britain, Europe, Australia, etc. will collapse under the weight of their own dysfunctionality and corruption.

          As for the “wall”, I’m sure that the only real motive there is to funnel billions of dollars to favored corporations- it is the most retarded thing I have ever heard pushed in my lifetime, and I can not believe that so many people are so infantile that they would buy into it.

          Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Cubans used to float over here on rafts….amazingly, no one proposed a sea-wall then!

          • Hey Nunzio,

            “Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Cubans used to float over here on rafts….amazingly, no one proposed a sea-wall then!”

            I’ve heard rumors that Trump has secretly hired top scientists to genetically engineer a Magalodon, a frenzy of which will prevent unauthorized ocean access.


            • Hey Jer,

              Don’t give him ideas! In the absurdity that is modern America today….he could propose it; and people would cheer for it!

              Speaking of that Orange Mother-F’er, did you hear the latest? To garner support from the collectivist farmers, he has now stipulated that gasoline can now contain 15% freaking ETHANOL!

              • Hey Nunz,

                More new on this topic:

                According to an internally leaked memo, President Trump has called upon top scientists to engineer a new breed of shark, to be called the Magalodon. It will be similar to the Megalodon but, per the President’s specifications, “much huger, and way more awesome”. In addition, the underside of the giant fish will have a slight orange hue. The most controversial specification is that the fish be engineered to display a strong preference for dark meat. The purpose of the program is to protect our shores from unauthorized ocean access.

                The President is hoping to keep the project secret until it is unveiled shortly before the 2020 election. Engineers are currently designing a tank large and strong enough in the hope that the Magalodon will travel the country with the President during the upcoming campaign season. The most promising design is based around “transparent aluminum” first discovered through a freak time travel incident involving a benevolent alien named, “Scotty”. However, some engineers worry about the corrosive effect of salt water on aluminum and are trying to develop “transparent titanium”.

                In a related leaked memo, Elon Musk has secretly petitioned the Trump administration to grant towing services exclusively to Tesla corp claiming,” my new pick-up will tow that thing easy”. If not awarded the contract, he promises to sue for damages.


                • “Musk will harvest the current produced by electric eels to power his new ocean-going tow-vehicles (Expected delivery date: Next Tuesday).

                  While some Trump supporters are enthusiastic about the Magalodon Shark; others expressed concerns that it would not be powerful enough for it’s intended use, as a prototype was recently seen cowering in a corner after being exposed to some clips of HRC and AOC speeches.”

              • Nunz, the EPA mandated 15% a couple years ago. Even as greedy as corporate subsidy farmers are, they fessed up and said they couldn’t produce that much.

                No doubt they’re working on it. Don’t know why I don’t send my SS and part-time work checks to the OJ in the WH. After all, he’s bleeding money….haha hahahahahaha….

                • 8, this is something new though- in addition to what was mandated a few years ago.


                  Speaking of mandates, I’d like to send all of these pols on a man-date with a big jig named Bubba!

                  Just flushing more of money down the terlit and ruining our cars….

                  First they mandate what kind of MPGs our cars must get- so that we’re forced to buy ridiculously expensive overly complex disposable ultra-high-tech vehicles…then they use our money to ensure that the gasoline we buy will deliver less MPGs!!!!!!

                  Someone PLEASE nuke this damn country!

          • I think I might be able to explain some of this. People accepted the Cubans for three reasons:

            -First, they were fleeing from communism, the bogeyman du jour of the day.

            -Second, to the best of my knowledge, they did genuinely try to do right once they were here (note that Little Havana is still a very decent area of Miami).

            -Third and perhaps most importantly, Cuba makes it very difficult to leave “the right way”. People can get banged up or probably worse for trying to leave, and even if they do give the opportunity, it can be revoked at any moment, so your best bet is to SPRINT toward the ship or airplane, then beg the crew for asylum so the commie goons can’t drag you off without risking an international incident. It was Obama that ended the wet foot/dry foot policy, only a week before he left office, no doubt to put Trump in a bind as a final middle finger.

            The Mexicans, well… their government is not the current bogeyman du jour and is not openly in bed with the current bogeyman du jour, and they don’t seem to fit in to our society nearly as well. Thus, while it was easy to pass off the Cubans as struggling victims looking for a second chance, that same idea is a much harder sell with the Mexicans.

            • Yeah, I got no beef with the Cubans Chuck (Well, except for all of the felonious ones Castro released when Jimmeh Carter said “Come on over!”)- just was using them as an example of how ridiculous a “wall” or any other barrier is. Noi problem with the Mexicans either…..for the most part- but somehow uncivilized stone-age Africans, and El Salvadorans and Nicaraguans etc. are “walking” over.

              I dealt with enough of them to know that the problems they were escaping in their own countries were of their own makings, because when they come here, they turn their new locales into carbon copies of the shit-holes they fled from (Just like exNYers do!).

              Hey Chuck, if you were Japanese, you could be Shogun Chuck! 😀

          • Ahhh Nunz, corruption runs rampant in Australia. Just a different corruption from the third world. And practiced at all levels of government and industry.

  4. It’s never noted that the TSA has never caught a terrorist (and likely never will), but hundreds of TSA agents have been arrested for various crimes against passengers. That’s just the ones that got caught, I doubt they do much to stop these people from committing crimes to begin with.

  5. Hello Matteo [Turkish?]

    I am greatly encouraged when I read sentiments such as those which you’ve expressed- to know that some people still value their own and their family’s liberty, privacy and dignity enough to care; and will not compromise those things just for the sake of saving a few bucks or for a little convenience.

    Would that moist Americans were still as you are…..we would not be in this mess. Unfortunately, most do not even care enough about their own children to avoid having them groped and humiliated and subjected to Soviet-style tactics (Which teach them to tolerate such abuses and infringements)- and if that is what they are willing to subject their own children to, it is no surprise when they vote for tyrants who destroy their neighbors liberty and rob them, and even extend their tyranny to other nations around the world.

    I greatly enjoyed reading your words- if oinly such sentiments weren’t so rare these days.

  6. I still want to see the countless CCTV videos from the Pentagon. You have to wonder, if you have half a brain, what happened to that plane that supposedly hit there and the passengers aboard. That entire 911 bs stinks worse every year. It was ALL about money…..including the $2T lost in the computers of the Pentagram.

    • Amen, Eight.

      As I’ve said/written many times – as someone who was there (in DC) and who lived there for years – it is simply incredible (not believable) that there are no videos or even pictures of the “airplane” that supposedly flew into the Pentagon.

      Not even one? Really?

      It beggars belief.

      Literally thousands of cameras in that area – and people with cameras – on a sunny fall day, with prior knowledge that airplanes had been flown into the WTC towers. Everyone in the area would have been looking for an airplane in the sky and any airplane flying low/erratically coming in to the area would have had countless cameras on it as it made its approach.

      The only explanation for no videos is an airplane – or missile – flying so fast (supersonic) it wasn’t possible to hear it or see it – or film it – before it hit.

      But 757s do not fly at supersonic speeds – especially at low altitude.

      The whole thing reeks.

      • I was on the computer day and night right after 911 and saw a lot of stuff that has since been classified or just disappeared, such as the 80 some odd CCTV tapes confiscated from every place anywhere near the Pentagram by the FBI and some other cops of various agencies(desperation brings rivals together).

        I recall in detail the Israeli film crew dancing in the street watching the towers burn. It was obvious they knew everything about it. They got arrested and then quickly disappeared back to Israel. Whew, that was a close one Mossad said.

        And the missile that went through several walls to hit the computers in the Pentagram where the missing $2T was stored is just too damn much to stomach. Cheney had mentioned those missing funds on 9-10…..hmmmmm

        • The biggest questions I have about 9/11 and the Pentagon are: where are the engines? Unless an airliner crashes over the deep ocean, the engines are always recovered. Secondly, where are the wings? Why were there no holes left from the wings, a la Tower One of the WTC that morning?

          • Better yet; where are the black boxes???[flight data recorders]. The boxes hase been recovered from virtually every crash over land, and most even over water…yet in ONE DAY we have four crashes in which the black boxes ‘can’t be found’….but of course, paper passports survived the WTC inferno….

            It’d be downright comical that anyone would take the ‘official story’ seriously, if it weren’t so tragic and scary. (Just as scary though, is that even many of those who question the official BS still believe the same gang of criminals and liars when it comes to their claims of having put ‘ man on the moon’- despite the equally absurd problems with that story- such as ‘having lost all of the data’, etc……)

            [Sorry Eric- don’t mean to start that up again….but the comparison is just so appropriate I couldn’t resist!]

            • They showed pics of the crash with a bit here and there. We have all seen too many airliner crashes to believe there aren’t bodies, a veritable junkyard of detritus as well as all sorts of pieces of the plane. Wings don’t disappear and as eric said, the engines would certainly be visible.

              When an airliner goes down we all know it’s like an instant junkyard and quite literally looks like a bomb went off.

              • We could raise many of the same questions about Flight 93 that day too.

                We know that plane hit Tower One, because it was caught on film. The Naudet brothers were doing a documentary; one of them went on a call to check a gas leak. While they were checking for the gas leak, you can hear the unmistakable sound of jet engines nearby. The cameraman swung around just in time to catch the plane slamming into the North Tower.

                • Hey youse gice, hold it down. My NE friends used to make fun of Texas talk till we turned the tables on them. Then we all had a laugh about each other’s language such as “Dees tree yutes”. And that was a damn funny movie.

                  • When I was a teen, in a Reader’s Digest [Yes, I was a barrel of laughs!] they published this thing about how people speak in Baltimore…… :

                    Iggle- National Bird
                    Farst far – Smokey the Bear fights them.
                    Farn Gin – Used to put out farst fars.
                    Yerp – Continent that includes Germany and France.
                    Jeet? -Did you have something to eat.
                    (Usual reply: “No, Jew?”)
                    And so forth.

                    Of course today, TODAY the typical person from Baltimore says things like : “Ahmo kick yo azz” and “Obama goan pay all muh bills, sucka!”.

              • These things are possible…. like just a couple days ago – how an Iranian mine hit an oil tanker and caused damage above the water line !! The sheep will believe anything !!

                • There’s a better one than that today. Pompeo threatened Iran for attacking a Swedish tanker with 23 fatalities….in the future. Sweden said they had had no tankers attacked so they were diverted to Bolton. After that they said indeed, a tanker has been hit….in the goddamn future. Pompeo made other accusations about tankers and other things being attacked with specifics… the future.

                  If Americans will believe this shit there is literally no hope.

                  Please, please don’t take my word for this. Do a search and I promise you will find out these same things.

                  Like Will Ferrel said in Zoolander 2 “I feel like I’m in crazy world”. No shit, I do too.

                • Isn’t it funny? Every time the US wants to attack any country, that country miraculously obliges by ‘taking the first shot’!-Or so the government-media-military-industrial [and Joo!] complex would have us believe!

                  And it’s always some little third-world nation, that ‘provokes’ the big, rich, Beast who has enough weapons to destroy the world 20 times over. My, my….isn’t it convenient that every other nation in the world is ‘so stupid’?! [I’ll bet the overlords find it real convenient that 90% of Americans are stupid enough to believe their nonsense!]

                    • And not only not interfere in how a Swiss citizen ARMS himself, but hell, upon completion of mandated military service, GIVES him a select-fire weapon to TAKE HOME, with which he drills with as a reservist!

                    • Doug- those are the only ones who can keep a gun in Switzerland- those who have been in their military- as if one has a choice there….. And they’re very limited as to how they can store and use their rifles [note: Not handguns]- It’s pretty much like CA. -only even CA. doesn’t YET conscript all citizens to be mercenary enforcers……

            • Nunzio,

              “where are the black boxes???”

              Nunzio, Nunzio, Nunzio.

              A crowd killer is purportedly crashed into a building and you want to know where the coon coochie ended up.

              But to answer your question, they are at the welfare office looking at the ad for Durex Condoms. It reads, “If your baby daddy used one, you wouldn’t be here right now.”

              The CRV, like the hair of our Glorious Leader, is orange.

    • $2T?

      And the gold in the WTC7 vault? Few seem to be aware.

      Funny how gold can get hammered down every few Fridays bu a big cheap dump.

      • What should have raised eyebrows was the transcript of what to do with WTC 7, wherein the decision was made to “pull it” (down), that is, demolish the damaged building with explosives. Considering that the 47-story tower would be the tallest building in all but a handful of USA cities, it’s demolition wouldn’t likely be accomplished only a few hours after all hell broke loose that day, as it takes an experienced demolition team at least a few DAYS to set the charges (usually thermite), including extensive testing of the detonation circuits, as the timing of the detonations is critical to get the building to safely “pancake” down and collapse on itself…which I recall myself seeing happen to WTC 2 and in turn, WTC 1, and note even then that something was amiss as both appeared to be the result of a controlled demolition and NOT being struck by a large airplane!

  7. A few years ago someone flew a small private plane into an IRS building in Texas. It caused $36 million in damages. What changes to civilian aviation happened to prevent this from happening again? Nothing that I can see.

    Meanwhile a massive set of new rules for drone pilots, including compulsory licensing and requiring clearance for all flights in class B, C, D and E for hobby fliers, is on the horizon. Because maybe some idiot might fly a drone on the glide path. And if someone intends to do that, they’re going to do it, rules or no. In fact I’d bet the new rules will actually make it easier to do something stupid, since airports will let their guard down.

    • Hi RK!

      Thought exercise: What would prevent someone like Travolta – who owns a 707 – from flying it into a building? Are we supposed to believe that “international terrorists” lack the means of a Travolta? If so, they are penny ante operations.

      • Acquiring an airworthy surplus airliner like a 707, 727, or even a 747 isn’t really a big deal, and even many 757s and 767s, now some 35 years old, and well beyond their intended design life, are headed for the “boneyard”. Through an “Front”, if a terrorist organization wanted to get an airliner and use it as a cruise missile against a ground target, they could readily do so. It’d be a matter of actually forging a flight plan and getting the aircraft to the point without drawing attention from the FAA and/or NORAD until it could make its attack run. Of course, one would have to either have indoctrinated or otherwise induced the pilot(s) to do it, or, somehow reliably remote control the plane, which is no small feat of itself! This, BTW, was also how, in “Red Dawn” (the 1984 movie), the Soviets manage to pull off dropping their VDV troops well into the USA, including the fictional town of Calumet, CO, which was actually filmed in Los Vegas, NM, not far from the Colorado border, by disguising their transport aircraft as commercial charters. This ruse is pulled off so well that enough Cuban/Soviet paratroopers are landed, along with, rather quickly, BTR-60 and BMP-1 IFVs and, by nightfall, a ZSU-23 “Shilka” anti-aircraft AFV. Of course, somehow, the good folk of Calumet are unaware of the well-coordinated selective nuclear attacks by the Soviets upon Omaha (Offutt AFB), Kansas City (perhaps the writers meant McConnell AFB in Wichita, some 200 miles to the SW), and Washington DC (and we’re supposed to be MAD at the “Russkies”?), as well as attacks on SAC bases by Cuban and Nicaraguan commando teams, disguised as illegal aliens/farm workers that “wreaked a helluva lot of havoc, I’m here to tell ya”.

        I suspect that any terrorist organization that uses an airliner to attack a target is doing so more to make a point or spread fear and panic, as the actual destruction of the target can likely be accomplished with less expensive means and chancy methods. In the case of 9/11, that FOUR airliners were successfully hijacked, with three reaching their targets (if indeed one believes that Flight 77 actually did impact the Pentagon), belies the notion that a gaggle of extremists, all doing the “Allah Aka-Bar” routine and hoping to be screwing the 72 virgins in Muslim Heaven, could actually have pulled it off. WHOM do I think at least sponsored and/or TRAINED these terrorists, if indeed the Saudi young men identified were indeed the perps that actually carried the attacks out? The question I ask is simply, “Cui Bono”…and it leads squarely to that Kosher Cabal whom our politicians, both Dummycrat and Republicunt, are in thrall to.

      • RE: “penny ante operations”

        The thing that got me about 9/11 was that the spy state was all geared up for the wrong threat. And that Bin Laden looked nothing like Blofeld, or a Soviet general military mastermind. Epic fail of epic proportions.

        And they still have no way to stop a useful idiot with a rental truck…

  8. Eric,

    I don’t think most people know about private aviation. It’s beyond the means of most people. If I hadn’t gotten my pilot’s license and spent lots of time at the airport, I wouldn’t have known about it, either. I wanted to be a professional pilot, but it didn’t happen. Anyway, one of the jobs pilots try to get is a nice corporate or charter gig, so I knew about that facet of aviation.

    Oh, and if a well heeled terrorist wanted to fly private, he could. Better yet, they could just outright PURCHASE their own airplane! Used jets can be had at reasonable prices, especially if it’s an older model (e.g. a Sabre Liner) that’ll soon be out of noise and/or pollution compliance. For an operator, this would be an issue, because the aircraft has to be brought into compliance (Uncle’s fatwas) and it may not be cost effective to do so. However, for someone intending to use the aircraft one time (like a terrorist), it wouldn’t be; he wouldn’t care! So yeah, if a terrorist wanted to use an aircraft as a weapon, he wouldn’t need to board a commercial flight at all; all he’d need to do is buy an old corporate jet or an old airliner, and he’s good to go.


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