Closed for Ssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaafety

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All it takes is a few flurries for the armed government workers who own (because they control) the Blue Ridge Parkway to close it… for sssssssssaaaafety, they say.

But not really!

The AGWs who control the Parkway use the pretext of sssssssssssssaaaaaaaafety to shut down the Parkway. It happens all the time. As you can see, there’s hardly any snow on the ground – and none on the road. Yet the gates are down – closing the road to us, but not to them.

The AGWs now have the Parkway entirely to themselves, which is just how they like it.

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  1. Eric,

    MotoManTV has an interview with Bob Lutz on youtube that just went up wherein Bob predicts within 30 years human-driven cars will be banned completely from all urban areas and all car “brands” and brand loyalty will be dead. Instead, autonomous, interchangeable “mobility pods” will be supplied by “white label” makers to leasing services and on-demand services.

    It’s a chilling prediction.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup; I met Lutz a couple of times back in the ’90s. He’s a smart guy and I don’t disagree with his depressing prediction. The only way this will not happen, I think, is if the United (by force) States decentralizes, as the old Soviet Union did.

      I have my fingers crossed.

  2. Regardless of how much frozen crap there is on Texas roads they don’t shut them down because there’s no way to do it. They issue advisories but you are free to kill yourself.

  3. One of the reasons I immediately dismissed VA. as an option when I was seeking to get out of NY was due to their militant traffic laws and enforcement. You live in VA, they’re gonna get ya when you drive….the end. VA. is as bad as CA.- maybe even worse; and now-a-days, that state seems to be going the way of CA. in many other respects too….and it’s going to get much worse, real soon.

    VA. was quite tyrannical for a long time even as a “red” stronghold; and now that it’s going heavily left, it’s only gonna get worse.

  4. A little more sane here in South Dakota… they don’t close highways or roads unless it has a couple feet of snow on them and white out conditions. If we had to worry about safety, we would never be allowed on the roads and we die like real men, cuz, we are willing to take some risk.

  5. Dovetails nicely with your rant about the automation having a s*** fit when it gets too much FOD on the front camera. When automation becomes mandatory, so will road closures for any little thing. And think of the money “saved” by not plowing the roads.

    • They won’t need to close the roads if they can just shut down or send home all the cars.

      Imagine getting half way to your destination and then having a ‘snow alert’ or the like require ‘your’ car to return home, or wherever those in control say it should go.


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