Maybe There is Hope!

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During the peak of sickness psychosis, it was not easy to imagine the end of it. Especially when almost everywhere you went, there was visual affirmation of it, in the form of the grotesque “mask” wearing that became the symbol of this weaponization of hypochondria.

It is similarly difficult to imagine the end of this push to replace everything that has an engine with something that has a battery.

But there are signs of a change in direction – as there were during the latter-stages of the “pandemic,” by which time it had become very obvious to a large number of people that the whole thing had been pushed – and that it was based largely on deliberately manufactured, well-orchestrated mass hysteria.

Many refused to continue going along with the Kabuki – and that is what ended the Kabuki.

Maybe – hopefully – the same is happening right now with regard to this push to force us all into battery-powered appliances.

Mercedes is bringing back the V8 – in its high-performance AMG C 63 S. The 2024 model is powered by a very powerful (671 horsepower) four cylinder-hybrid/electric drivetrain. But power – and performance – isn’t everything. Though the AMG C 63 S can jump to 60 in just over three seconds – comparable to the performance of a Tesla S Plaid – there is something lacking. Something that a four cylinder-hybrid/electric drivetrain cannot deliver, no matter how powerful it is.

So, Mercedes is reportedly walking it back – and will bring back the V8 for 2026. It will still apparently be paired with a hybrid system of some sort, but that’s ok. Because it’s got what’s lacking. That being something more than you get when you buy an economy car and something more interesting than you get when you buy an electric car.

These AMG Benzes are expensive, top-of-the-line cars. When one pays more than most families earn in two years for a car, one understandably expects to get more than what’s under the hood of a $20,000 economy car. Yes, yes – the current AMG 63’s 2.0 liter four (goosed by a hybrid-electric supplementary drivetrain) makes more power than most V8s.

But it is still a 2.0 liter four.

Civics also have 2.0 liter fours.

Not that there’s anything wrong with them. But that isn’t the point – as regards having the same size engine in your Mercedes as the guy in the next lane has in his Civic. You could concentrate all the protein, nutrition – and even maybe the taste – of a ribeye steak into a hamburger patty and it would still be a hamburger patty. And people who pay ribeye money won’t abide being fed hamburger – however tasty.

Car & Driver says the “AMG community” is “not amused” by the hamburger Mercedes slipped them in lieu of the steak they’d been accustomed to. It is why the just-introduced 2024 AMG C63 with the 2.0 liter four will be supplanted before it is even two years old by a 4.0 liter V8.

Because that is something you cannot get in a Civic.

It is also something more – and something less.

More – in the literal sense, of course – because it amounts to a repudiation of less, especially when you’re paying top dollar for it. The people who can pay top dollar have made their preferences known and Mercedes – which depends on the business of people who have wallets fat enough to pay top dollar – had to listen.

But the rest of us will get to watch.

While it is happy news to see a V8 revival, it is also kind of like seeing people eating steak through a plate glass window, in a restaurant you can’t afford to enter. It’s not that you’re resentful of those who can afford to eat there. It’s that it’s depressing to know you can’t eat there and – more – that you probably will never.

V8s were as common as hamburgers as recently as about a decade ago – and almost as affordable. You could get one in a full-size sedan such as a Ford Crown Victoria for about what it costs to buy a four cylinder powered, mid-sized Camry today. You could still get one this year, in a mid-sized sedan like the ’23 Charger for about a third what it costs to buy an AMG Benz equipped with one.

But not for much longer. The Charger’s V8 is on its way out. The rest are already gone.

And that’s just the point.

In the future – which is almost tomorrow – the very few who are very affluent will still be able to buy the very V8s that will still be available. The rest of us will perhaps be allowed to buy 2.0 liter fours, paired with a hybrid/electric drivetrain. These won’t make AMG horsepower, either. But they will probably cost a third as much an AMG Benz.

Assuming we’re allowed to buy them at all.

. . .

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  1. Not surprising at all! The WEALTHY will always live Their life’s with whatever they desire. If They desire ICE V8’s the modern moron slaves (MMS) will manufacture them.

    After all in our Current Civilization – – it can’t be any other way… At least while we keep being cowards and meek MMS!

  2. “V8 for me, EVs for thee.”

    I’m reminded of an old Top Gear episode where they took old European boats into central London. Hilarity insued as Clarkson and May tried to get through rush hour congestion (and quite likely caused some too).

    On first view of Clarkson pulling up in his 1963 Mercedes 600 Grosser, May commented “Here comes Reich marshal Goering,” and even Clarkson made reference to clearing traffic by calling in an airstrike.

    This vehicle isn’t for you and me, or anyone who doesn’t own a dress uniform covered in medals.

    • Hi RK,

      Those old “grossers” were everything new luxury sedans are not. It was impressive. It was built with the finest materials, to the highest possible standard. It wasn’t trashy or flashy. It was elegant and stately. A car for adults. Not 50-year-olds with the minds of 14 year olds.

      • Old money. “Dignified class” fell out of favor after World War II and the rise of the everyman as hero. To avoid the threat of head loss in a communist uprising, blue bloods rebranded as just plain folks.

        But the main reason for the Grosser, the Rolls Royce and the other coach builds were to show off the production line. In the days of River Rouge’s “Iron ore to finished car” manufacturing, the best master craftsmen who had been at the factory for decades got bumped up to the luxury lines where they were basically out on display. They even signed the cars. Notably, the Corvette is pretty close to this tradition but never really shook its working class roots (and King Charles would look like an idiot driving one). But now that everything is sourced from subassembly contractors that’s not possible. And with regulators requiring an offering up of examples to sacrifice at the alter of saaaaaaaaafey, that means extremely limited production runs aren’t even possible if the build takes 20 man years to produce one example. No one can ever make that payback.

        • It reminds me of how Cadillac’s Fleetwood 75 series, Lincoln’s first and second generation Continentals, and Chrysler’s Imperial LeBaron and Crown Ghias were on separate assembly lines (and even built in separate plants with a lot of hand crafted components). In fact, Cadillac had “commercial chassis” that you could take to Hess & Eisenhardt for custom limousine coach work, and Chrysler sent Imperial chassis to Ghia in Italy for the same thing.

          But at that time, it was less about custom coach building and more about the gizmos and gadgets.

      • Sometimes I get nostalgic for an era I did not experience, but there is much better-built stuff these days. Putting aside the intrusive safety nanny stuff and the spying telemetry, a car like a $26k base model Camry is a significantly better vehicle in all aspects (save elegance and mechanicalness maybe).

  3. The Epoch Times reports that Joe Biden says he “practically” declared a climate emergency by signing the Inflation Reduction Act & rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. I’m sure there are people BEGGING him to actually DECLARE a climate emergency “NOW!” and implement climate lockdowns accordingly, which would likely make the COVID lockdowns of 2020 look like nothing by comparison.

    • I read that article, John. I mean, why stop there? Why not just declare Martial Law and be done with it? Then that way the demented, diapered fool we call a “president” can cancel the 2024 elections altogether, and can stay in power until the Uni-Party decides who they are going to replace him with. The entire Bill of Rights and Constitution will be suspended in one fell swoop with such a declaration, as well. All for the climate and the earth, of course. And for our saaaaafety, too, I am sure. They just need to cook something up to get stupid Americans to bend over and take more of their crap, and I am sure it will not take much.

      • Shadow,

        People really need to stop watching “mainstream media” and living in constant fear, which is what government tends to take advantage of to justify massive power grabs like we saw with COVID. They’re largely using the same tools now with talk of “Global Boiling”. However, the people behind the “Global Boiling” narrative are from elite or globalist organizations like the UN, WEF, The Club of Rome, etc. They won’t give up THEIR private jets; they want US to give up OUR gas powered vehicles, gas stoves, eating meat, etc.

        • I’ve given this some thought. I think part of the problem lies with people not realizing the source of their “knowledge.” I just don’t think they ever consider that it comes from a sea of propaganda in which they swim 24/7/365.

          I always try to ask myself why I believe something and how I developed the information to come to that conclusion. I then try to question my conclusions periodically given the new info I’ve developed and also by applying my general knowledge about how things operate and human nature. If I don’t have enough info on a certain matter, I try to hold those conclusions in abeyance until I get the necessary info. My level of scrutiny also is highly dependent on the potential consequences of getting thing wrong.

          I don’t see most people around me doing this. They tend to want to outsource their learning and opinions. I find this frustrating and sad.

  4. Here’s some hope that a lot more people are gonna get redpilled on EVs:

    “Family ditches electric truck on drive from Winnipeg to Chicago after charging troubles”

    “The owner of a 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat with an extended range battery regrets his purchase after attempting a road trip with the electric truck, only to abandon it and finish the drive with a gas-powered rental vehicle.”

  5. Mercedes is still in the auto business so by offering what people want, especially what they couldn’t get for a while, is good business. When convertibles were phased out suddenly a large demand there was for convertibles. This wasn’t mandated but the auto industry learned a lesson. Dodge would be smart to have the hemi in the wings to offer in a year or two, but they have decided they are not in the auto business. They are a player in crony capitalism, and they are doing what the master tells them to do.

    • Thanks for that link John,
      The editor’s note was great, pointing out that all of this one world government crap leads straight to the WEF in Switzerland, home base of Klaus & company.

  6. I believe that the disappointment of the delivered Cybertruck pricing combined with the ongoing range issues for all of the EVs will result in a Waterloo of sorts for the vehicles before the end of the year.

    For things to change, something has to shake the masses’ belief that they will all cruise to work at Ludicrous Speed in EVs priced at around $30,000 after tax credits, just on the edge of affordability if a clever F&I room really works at the deal.

    Plus, the Biden thing and Mayor Pete will have to go, preferably without Orange Man.

    Orange Man vacated CAFE last time around, but the manufacturers knew it wouldn’t stick after the 2018 elections.

    • Orange Man lifted the threat of *onerous* CAFE last time around, but 38 MPG stayed as well as the backup camera and other saaaafety diktats.

    • ‘the Biden thing and Mayor Pete will have to go’ — Roscoe

      And the Obama thing as well, if he’s still pulling the strings behind Sleepy Joe.

      Historian David Garrow calls Obama “hollow.” He paraphrases an intermediary who claimed “Barack once said to him that the only two things he wanted were a valet and an airplane.”

      Well, three actually: a valet, an airplane, and a rent boy.

        • Hi Eric,

          Someone else that I dread running for President next year is California Governor Gavin Newsom. He instituted some of the most draconian COVID measures in the country at the height of COVID hysteria. And considering that he seems to be ALL IN with the climate change agenda and the agenda of the WEF, should he become President, Newsom might make Justin Trudeau look like a benevolent dictator.

            • He started as a restaurant manager in SF. But he is related to Pelosi and is sponsored by one of the families that run CA: Getty. And as some from CA, I am frustrated how the rest of the country will want to vote for this guy. Not that the vote matters: people are selected, not elected. We do not have a country anymore.

              • Hi Greg,

                Yup. Newsome is the incarnation of the grift that is modern Leftism. A rich, entitled, arrogant prick who pretends to “care” while he enserfs and controls.

                • “A rich, entitled, arrogant prick who pretends to “care” while he enserfs and controls.”

                  But to complete the equation,
                  Those that allow him to enserf and control owns a majority chunk of that…

                  And now he is backing a ‘law’ that forces a Judge to consider race when sentencing because of systemic racism.

                  As California goes,,, so goes the nation. Like a cancer that eventually spreads to all parts of the body. Those fleeing California are the individual cancerous cells.

                  • We wife and I are fleeing CA but not as cancer cells. Migration from the rest of the country and from abroad changed things from Reagan to Newsom country. We will affirm small communities and self-reliance.

                    We tried to get the LA DA who wrecked SF but 1/3 of the recall petition votes were questionably disqualified. just enough to keep the measure off the ballot. What is going on has been planned by the elites long ago, it is global, not just CA. There will be a good vs evil fight, all vs all, to settle things once and for all.

                • Unfortunately he’s the next US President. Got the looks, the hair, and isn’t 80 years old. Between the women vote (uuuhh that hair!) and the counting shenanigans I’ll lay money that he’s “it” for 2024. If somehow Israel boot licker Desantis is the R nominee the press will eviscerate him as a gay bashing book banning fascist dictator.

        • It almost doesn’t matter. The election gaming that took place beginning in 2017 through today (with the exception of 2021), It doesn’t matter which hollow, vacant zombie they run. Big Mike, Gavin Greusome, or some other piece of crap. They will likely win through gaslighting, deception, fraud, ballots.

        • Like the Hillbilly Horndog, I actually felt some sympathy for Barack if Michael, er, I mean, “Michelle”, is whom he shared his bedchamber with. I mean, the guy could’ve wooed Halley Berry “back in the day”, right?

  7. ‘Car & Driver says the “AMG community” is “not amused” ‘ — eric

    Likewise, the much larger ICE community is bordering on apoplectic — we’s fed UP, ain’t gon’ TAKE it no mo!

    If endangered-species V8s can be sold at a sufficient premium, an auto maker can pay the fine for failing to meet its CAFE fleet average, and pass on the fedgov’s gas-guzzler levy to the well-heeled AMG community. It’s just another sumptuary tax for folks in the top bracket.

    Like bar-hopping through Manhattan’s extensive network of speakeasies in the free-wheeling 1920s — or microdosing LSD in today’s tech community — driving a big-bruiser V8 makes a statement: yeah, I’m a little edgy, but not likely to actually get busted for livin’ in the gray zone.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the ICE community impotently revs their two-liter fours — VROOM, VROOM — as they seethe in frustration and envy. FJB, my brothers … and the V8 he rode in on.

  8. It’s great that the market has “spoken” twice in a short time – once for the Mercedes AMG and once for Bud Light. I’m doing my part – not buying any EVs, hybrids, 4-cycilinders, CVTs, direct injection, turbos, etc. Meaning I’m not buying ANY vehicles. In today’s environment it’s unfortunate to have guess what Big Brother future is bringing, including inflation.

    • I have a V-8, needs 7 quarts of oil to be at the full mark. Don’t really need much more, maybe a welder, that’s later. It’s already in the Ford F-150, everything is just fine. If I have to drill for oil on the 320 acres, I suppose that is possible.

      There is oil down there, no problem. Just getting to it is the problem. Be happy it is just 80 dollars for a barrel. About 3.50 per barrel in silver dollars, not that bad.

      Drilling for oil is a piece of cake these days, just have continuous motion rig and computers with all of the hardware. You’ll strike oil. Set up costs are in the millions, so the oil has value, i.e. demand. Be glad you can buy some at any time.

      It could be worse, might not be any at all.

      After all modes of machine transportation are eliminated, EV, ICE, horses and horse racing will be a popular means of getting around to doing things and having some fun to boot.

      Lots of horse lovers out there. Of course, they all have 3/4 ton new and newer pickup trucks to tow the horse trailer to various spots, county fairs, state fairs, competitions, if you want to rodeo, you have to be at the rodeo.

      30 years ago, a local rancher was gored by one of his bulls. All of a sudden, something is all wrong. You’ll be in the hospital recovering and hope you make it.

      Ford fools, GM fools, Chrysler fools don’t know that their ox is being gored.

      The EV craze will fizzle out and be gone. There it was, gone.

      A kitten started hanging out in the yard, so you have to place some food outside so the poor thing can have something to eat. Sooner than not, the little kitten is in the house eating more of the cat food.

      The summer weather for the middle of June to the first week of August was hot and dry, no rain for more than 60 days. Finally, the rain is here.

      In four months, winter will be here. Time to prepare is now.

      The last thing you’ll need then is a useless EV, they don’t work that well.

      • drumphish pointed out: “Lots of horse lovers out there.”

        Jennifer Gates, for example…

        From the 2012 article:
        Bill Gates has indulged his teenage daughter’s love of horse riding by spending $1million on a rented mansion close to an equestrian festival.
        Jennifer Gates, 15, was pictured showing off her horse jumping skills at the weekend during an equestrian show in Palm Beach, Florida.
        The billionaire Microsoft founder was said to have signed a six-month lease on a palatial premises so that his daughter can compete in the event over spring break.

        “It’s not a favor to kids to have them have huge sums of wealth. It distorts anything they might do, creating their own path.” – Bill Gates in an interview with CBS This Morning, date unknown

        I’ll bet they’ll have no problem getting an interview with the Gates Foundation, just like the Rockefeller kids. Then they can go about destroying the society their father benefited from.

        • The disease called horses. I went thru that with both the wife and one daughter, you might as well pile thousand dollar bills in the front yard and set it on fire. And it’s an obsession with them. And you have to watch them like a hawk, the married neighbor gal got slinky with the burly horse shoe-er and he ended up nailing more than horse shoes. Fortunately The Commander showed Arabians and that crowd is gay beyond gay.

          So for any of you single guys – your love interest shows ANY interest in horses, run away. Run away now!


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